What to do when your hamster has babies? 10 Do & Dont’s

Hamsters can have 2 or 3 pups in their entire life. This motherhood can be pre-planned or accidental. And so far the pre-planned pregnancy is the best way to sustain the species.

Yet, this planned breeding does not work for all. Parents face accidental pregnancy most of the time. It happens for not having a proper buying guide.

Let me share two quick buying tips:

  • Buy the separate hamster.
  • If this is not possible, make sure the male hamsters are neutered.

Done! Now it’s time to share the 10 do’s & don’ts when your hamster has babies. Before sharing that, let me clear out two important things within 2 minutes.

How to know if your Hamster is Pregnant?

To make your preparation robust, you need to know the signs. Pregnancy signs are not easy to get. Sometimes it is not noticeable in bare eyes. Check these symptoms of mother hamster.

  • Changes of behavior ( weird behavior)
  • Abdomen and girth get fluffy.
  • Increased appetite for protein food.
  • Nipples will be evident.
  • Vaginal bleeding.

These are the common symptoms of a pregnant hamster. Start to devise everything when those are visible.

6 Don’ts You Should Follow When Your Hamster Has Babies:

A pregnant hamster goes through a tough time from her gestation period -both physically and mentally. Vets suggest avoiding these 6 things at that time.

6. Don’t clean the cage for a week:

You are supposed to clean the cage once a week. Don’t do this after the baby’s birth; cleaning the bedding material may threaten the baby’s life.

Instead, you can place nutritious food, kitchen rolls, and toilet paper for soft bedding. The mother hamster will make the cage comfortable. She will create a unique baby bed with toilet paper and food. Don’t be stressed for the soft bed.

5. Don’t try to look at the babies:

Never ever look at the baby hamsters. If you do this, the mom will kill her baby. Really! Yes, Hamsters sense this behavior as a threat to their baby. They can even hide their newborn. So, stay away from this activity.

4. Don’t make a loud noise:

Keep the hamster cage out of the noise. Newborn needs a pin drop silence. Make sure of this. Failure to avoid noise can cause danger; babies may get a stroke, or the mom can kill the baby for insecurity. To ensure this, it’s wise to use a separate hamster cage.

3. Don’t get close with the mom:

Stay away from the mom. Don’t touch her for three weeks. Wondering why? Here is what the major expert believes. Your scent can confuse the hamster pup. As a result, the little guy will stop weaning. This will cause death to them. Be aware of it.

2. Never touch the babies:

Teen parents used to take photographs with their newborns. Don’t do this for at least a week. If the mom can detect your scent, she will promptly kill the baby. So, stay from the cuties for at least 7 days.

1. Stop intruder to let in the cage:

It’s very crucial for the mom hamster to stay away from a male. Don’t allow any male or female hamster in her cage for a couple of days or even a week. Male one can mate with her once again; it will put the mom at severe health risks. The female one can eat the baby. Be careful.

(To avoid the risk, you can check the best hamster cage from here)

4 Does You Should Follow When Your Hamster Has Babies?

Follow these guidelines when your pet needs your attention. This will make sure a healthy future for both mom and hamster pup.

4. Take care of the young mom:

Some hamsters get pregnant very early. They abandon their babies in most of the case. You will notice this by the following behaviors:

  • She does not stay in the nest.
  • Does not take care of her babies.
  • Try to kill -even she gets all the facilities.
  • Maybe she is messing up the nesting materials

This is really tough for the baby. So, you should rescue the baby and feed the proper food.

3. Serve the right food

Before and after the pregnancy, your pet needs a nutritious diet chart. Try to serve it. Here are the food lists for pre and post-pregnancy:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Protein (Hard-boiled egg, tofu, wheat germ, cooked chicken bit, millet spray, and sunflower seeds)
  • Flaked maize, barley, peas can also be served.
  • Change the water bottle thrice in a day.
  • Ensure clean water and quality diet

These are the ideal Hamster foods so far. You can consult with your vet for further requirements. Don’t forget to change foods.

2. Separate the babies:

You can separate the babies after 3 weeks of age. This is the ideal time to grow. For ensuring growth, start to nurture at the beginning with a seperate cage. Serve the right food and accommodation.

1. Make sure the comfort and privacy:

When you confirm the pregnancy, focus on these two things: comfort and privacy.

Comfort: clean the cage and store all the necessary foods.

Privacy: hamsters need “Me time” during their pregnancy. Keeping them in a calm place can make their mommy life better. Do this before she delivers the best part.

Bonus: Avoid these foods during pregnancy

Some parents tend to give Almonds and Citrus food. Don’t give during pregnancy or after. This will harm their digestive system. I know almonds have rich protein, but please pick the alternative.

Final Words

Hamsters are social and easy to maintain. Maybe in some cases, it becomes critical for the parents. For example, accidental pregnancy. This is common: you cannot avoid it. It’s better to prepare for the future baby hamsters. Your simple steps and my guide can make better hamster care. So, follow the 10 does and don’ts and be the best parent for your “Cute little guy.”


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