What is the Best Litter for Rabbits?

Having a bunny is fun, but it also takes great responsibility to take care of them. When you’re a rabbit owner, the mommy role is for you. So looking for what your bunny feels comfortable with now and then is a must. And so that your bunny can live safe and sound, offering it the best litter is also a prior you should consider. Finding the most environment-friendly bedding is important as well as to look for the litter with high-absorbency is mandatory. There are lots of litters in the market available that do not serve its purpose.

Well, if you are looking for the perfect litter for your beloved bunny, then you’re in the right place. We’ll give you a tour where you can choose the best litter for rabbits. So, without further ado, let’s hit the topic.

Reviews on Best Litter for Rabbits

1. So Phresh Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter

This top quality litter is safe for use in all small animal habitats and effectively controls your rabbit’s odors. It’s famous for its environment-friendly quality with its biodegradable feature. The product can lock the moistures in successfully and is made with 100% recyclable paper that won’t break into bits if it becomes wet. This means that when you’re cleaning up your rabbits’ litter, you are not getting any mess.

2. Carefresh Litter For Rabbits 

You’ll love this product for it stays fresh for a bulk amount of time. Now, rabbits do smell a lot when they poo, and the stinky smell is always an issue, right? Well, this awesome litter for rabbit can control odors for up to 10 days. This means your litter-box for rabbits will stay fresh and cool for much longer. 

Most litters got problems with absorbencies that can make you regret buying them. Get yourself the Carefresh litter as it holds a very high absorbency power. It is also 3x as absorbent as the good quality shaving based rabbit litter you’ll find in the market.

As for a bonus feature, you’ll get the Carefresh litter as a 99% dust-free product. This means you’ll need to clean only the litter when necessary with no extra amount of dust.

3. Fresh News Paper Small Animal Litter

You’ll be impressed how quickly this litter eliminates all the stinky smell your bunny produces. Remember the clay-based litters? Well, the Fresh Newspaper small animal litter comes in a huge volume which is almost as twice as much in clay-based litters.

Made with recycled papers, the product is quite biodegradable and can be composted or incinerated safely. Say goodbye to the wetness as the litter comes with great absorbency feature which is more powerful than wood as well as clay-based litters.

The litter is safe and effective not only for rabbits but also for ferrets and many other small animals that can get space in your house as pets.

4. Oxbow Ecostraw Bedding for Pets

One of the most impressive features about this product is that it is made from straw pelleted wheat. This feature makes the litter an ultimate product because we know how much you care about your bunny’s safety.

One of the key-features this litter has is its technology that allows the wheat straw to be compressed into a pallet. This is also twice as absorbent as the newspaper-based liter. Do you know what this means? It means the product can absorb up to 300% of its weight in liquid.

The Oxbow Ecostraw Bedding comes with a dust-free feature as well that will take all the stress and the hard time the extra amount of dust gives you while cleaning the litter box.

5. Kaytee Wood Pellets for Pet

As the name says it, the Kaytee Wood pellet is actually based on natural wood and it is highly recommended for all types of different small pets including birds. You’ll love it and the most important thing is, your pets will love it.

Its environment-friendly feature makes the product completely safe to use in every place and situation you want.

This product can control the odor your pets will produce with their poo. Besides, it can hold the maximum amount of moisture, giving your bunny the ultimate comfort zone it needs.

Removing the pellets from the litter box can give you a hard time sometimes, as most of the pellets stick to the litter box. It can be quite stressful to remove them. Well, the Kaytee Wood Pellets for Pet comes as an exception here. The pellets do not stick to the litter box at all and you can remove them quite easily.

6. Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter

The natural aspect of the Kaytee small animal potty training litter is what it makes the product great. It comes with a non-toxic 100% bentonite that is suitable for your bunny. Besides, the natural mineral it possesses makes it safe and comfortable for your bunny to use.

The product has the proper absorbent power that your bunny needs. It can absorb up water that is 10 times its own weight. You don’t need to worry about your rabbit’s waste odor at all as it takes complete control of it.

When it comes to cage cleaning, the manufacturer informed us that the Kaytee small animal potty training litter can reduce up to 30% of cage cleaning which is obviously a huge plus for both you and your bunny.

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Final Words

Finding the best litter for rabbits is hard; however, if you do find one, it can make your life and your bunny’s life much better and comfortable. We’ve provided here the reviews of the six best litters that are available and running hot in the market. We believe that if you buy one of these products, no matter which one it is, it wills always the best suitable litter for your bunny. So without any more thinking, just get your hands on one of these amazing litters.

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