What Do Guinea Pigs Eat & Drink?

I know you love your guinea pigs and since they little bit behave likes human, but you cannot feed them foods from your table. No! Guinea pigs are veg animals; they don’t eat meat, milk, egg, etc. Only hay and leafy vegetables are what they love to fill their tummy with!

However, if you are new to guinea pigs, stay tuned here to know what exactly guinea pigs eat and how that benefits them!

Here we will write about guniea pig food.

What Fruits Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Fresh fruits can be very healthy for your guinea pigs but only when it is given in the right amount! Anything extra can be poisonous to the small critters! You got to be very careful about the sugar content and err. However, let’s take a look on some of the nutritous food for your guniea pig. Place this food inside the guinea pig cage.

1.    Orange

We all know that orange is a great source of Vitamin C and guinea pigs need this vitamin as well! You can feed a small slice of orange to your guinea pig occasionally but you have to pay very high attention to your guinea pigs activities.

If you notice that they are having a sore mouth then never feed them such citrus fruits such as lemon, lime, orange, etc. since they are highly acidic! And when you feed such fruits make sure to peel them off!

2.    Apples

Apples are full off fibers and it is a great way to add some fiber to your small critters diet as well. Cut apples to very small sizes and serve them in front of your guinea pigs and see their response to it. If you notice that they are enjoying eating it, then you can feed them apple once in every week!

3.    Blueberries

These are another excellent source of vitamin C. That being said, they contain a high level of sugar as well. You can feed blueberries once in a week to your guinea pigs, they might love it. But make sure your blueberries should not become a daily part of your guinea pigs diet.

4.    Banana

Banana works amazing as treat, guinea pigs seem to like banana so much! However, you can only feed banana to your critters once or twice in a month! Bananas contain a good amount of vitamin C and this fruit will add flavor variety to your guinea pigs diet as well.

However, banana can also cause digestive issues and constipation. So you got to be very careful. Keep the critters in close monitoring after feeding them a banana!

5.    Melon

All kind of melons are suitable for feeding to guinea pigs and you should feed melon once in every week. Cantaloupe pips contain the highest vitamin c and calcium. Watermelons will be best for feeding in summer days, that will be refreshing for your guinea pigs.

6.    Apricot

These fruits are suitable and safe for guinea pigs and rabbits. But since they contain high sugar they are not for daily feeding. Just feed small one or two slices apricots once in a week.

7.    Strawberry

Like apricots, they also contain a high level of sugar. But carries a good amount of vitamin C as well. But before feeding strawberries to your guinea pigs make sure they are washed thoroughly and also slice them into small parts. Guinea pigs also love the leafy green part of the strawberry, so try to save them when you prepare strawberries for your family members.

8.    Pears

They are only good when you provide a small amount. Pears are healthy snacks for the guinea pigs. They are acidic and can cause mouth soreness and digestive problems. Give small bites of pears to your critters once in every week.

9.    Cherry

Guinea pigs and rabbits eat cherry with full joy, they love this fruit very much! But you will provide a small amount of cherry once in every month. They are very sweet and contains Vitamin C as well. Before feeding remove the stem of the cherries and cut into little cubes.

10.    Cranberries

These fruits work great in preventing urinary tract infection and are a great source of vitamin C. You can feed cranberries two or three times a week.

Can Guinea Pig Eat Spinach?

Yes, they can! But you have to be careful about the amount you give them to eat. Spinach contains oxalic acid and that’s why you should not give much. Guinea pigs love these leafy green and they are healthy as well when given in moderate amount.

Spinach contains a low amount of sugar which is a good thing. And also contains a high level of vitamin C and other needed minerals. However, do not overfeed spinach, it can form stones in the kidney. It is recommended to give spinach only one or twice in a week.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Yams?

Guinea pigs can eat Yams only in raw condition. Yams are full of vitamin C and you cannot feed cooked yam not only yam, but guinea pigs also are not interested in cooked foods. Before you feed the yams make sure they are thoroughly washed and then cut them into small pieces. Big pieces can cause choking so be very careful.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Squash?

Actually, guinea pigs love squash! Rabbits also love to eat squash. Both the summer and squash is suitable for guinea pigs. Squash comes with full of needed nutrients and guinea pigs love the same part of squash we humans do. That edible fleshy inside part is the favorite of both human and guinea pigs. Though they are healthy for guinea pigs, they should be offered moderately!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Walnuts?

Walnuts are not suitable for guinea pigs. They can’t eat it because it causes an allergic reaction. Not only that, walnuts sharp parts can make small cuts to guinea pigs digestive system that might cause your guinea pigs to die.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

They can but in very low amount, not even a full grape. You can feed your guinea pigs grape occasionally as a special treat. You can mix a very small amount of grape with other vegetable and fruits.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Kale?

Yes, it is recommended by every veterinarian to feeding guinea pigs kale. Like human’s guinea pigs cannot create or store vitamin C and which is why they require a good amount of Vitamin C. A daily moderate dose of vitamin C will help them to grow healthy. Before feeding them make sure the kales are washed properly.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apple?

Guinea pigs can eat apple and they enjoy eating it. Since apple comes with a good amount of needed fiber, they are very healthy for guinea pigs. Before serving apple, make sure to clean them properly and make very little pieces so that the pieces don’t create a choking hazard. And do not make Apple a part of guinea pigs regular diet, feed them once or twice in a week.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery?

We know leafy green vegetables are healthy for guinea pigs but not all of them are suitable. Celery contains a good amount of oxalates which is not healthy for guinea pigs. On the other hand, they are not toxic to these small critters. Veterinarians recommend feeding celery once in every month.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Tomatoes?

All kind of tomatoes are suitable for guinea pigs but an excessive amount can make it dangerous. There are different types of tomatoes such as cherry, beef, plum, etc. And you should always feed tomatoes to guinea pigs without the leaves and stalks since they are poisonous for small critters like rabbits and guinea pigs. Slice tomatoes very thinly and cut them into small cubes!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Banana?

Guinea pigs love bananas and according to veterinarians, you should feed banana to guinea pigs once or twice every month. They contain a high amount of vitamin C and also adds flavor to your critters diet. However, you have to be very careful when feeding banana to guinea pigs. Overfeeding can cause constipation and problem the digestive system.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage?

Yes, guinea pigs and rabbits both can eat cabbage. They are a great source of nutrition and also contains phytochemicals. Not only that, cabbage comes with a lot of healthy vitamin and minerals as well. Cabbage contains 44% vitamin C, 44% vitamin K which will save your little critters from a lot of diseases.

Can Guinea Pigs Eats Carrots?

Rabbits love carrots and so do guinea pigs. Carrots are a great source of a lot of nutrients. They offer a high level of vitamin A, offers a good amount of vitamin C as well. They also contain, fiber, beta-carotene, dietary fiber, and other essential ingredients. Having that said, carrot comes with sugar as well which is not suitable for guinea pigs. However, feed your critters carrot once or twice in a week!


So these are what do guinea pigs eat! However, every vegetable and fruit comes with both healthy and unhealthy ingredients which is why it is highly important that you feed them moderately!


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