Single Critter Nation Review- Best Pet Cage In 2021

single critter nation

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If you own a pet, you might be looking for the best pet cage. And if you are reading this article, I believe, your search will come to an end.

Firstly, give me an answer. What unique characteristic needs to be present in the cage of your pet?

Security for the pet, standard in size, mobility, and warranty.

Well, without any doubt, choose single critter nation pet cage.

Yes, this cage has all the characters which you are looking for.

In this review article, I will discuss every point of single critter nation cage to quench all your thirst regarding the best pet cage.

So, let’s begin the review.

Personally, I love every aspect of this cage. The cage is large enough and comes with adequate space so that you can keep a few toys for your pet.

You will find another version of this cage also, which is 2 storied. But in this review section, I will share the review of the single-storied cage only.

Please note that this cage has been designed to use as an indoor cage only. And as an indoor cage, the size of this cage is suitable enough to use it as a guinea pig cage.


The dimension of the cage is,

Length= 36”, Width= 25” and Height= 38.5”

So, don’t you think Single critter nation is usable as a rabbit cage? If the answer is yes, then how many? Indeed, this size is perfect for 2 pets. Since a sufficient bedding option is available, remember, having a large pet cage doesn’t mean you need to interact less with your pet.

Ensure you have placed fewer toys inside the cage, and your pet is getting enough space to roam around.

Believe me; your pet will love the cage as single critter nation is designed to keep your pet healthy and happy.


You can’t resist yourself to love the mobility feature of this chinchilla cage. This feature is significantly essential simply because of its large size.

4 little wheels at the bottom of the cage will allow you to transport it anywhere without any hassle. After placing the cage in your desired area, you can lock the wheels so that it can’t move unnecessarily.

Even after cleaning the cage, if you need to place it under the sun, carrying it will be much more comfortable as you expect.

Leak Proof Pans

The cage is entirely leak proof. You will get the benefit of this feature if you have 2 pets.

Due to this feature, the pee will not leak from the top pan onto another pet. By making an insignificant dent of the layer/pan, the leak-proof feature is designed. The dent generates a thin surface, which then blocks any fluids from falling.


In the pet industry, you will hardly find a pet cage offering manufacturer warranty.

The good news is; you will get a 1-year manufacturer warranty with the rabbit age.

If you find issues like broken bolts or split pans, the warranty will be received under these types of problems.

Full Dual Width Door

The full-width dual door is impressively a lifesaver. The dimension of the door will allow you to place any pet toys, bedding, or other things without creating any problem into the single critter nation cage.

Moving your hands to all directions or angles is unnecessary due to the dual width door.

Ramp Cover

The ramp is placed between the levels so that your pet can easily move around from one level to another. A beautifully designed ramp cover is placed on the surface of the ramp.

Responsibility of the ramp cover is to take care of your pet feet. Also, while roaming between levels, it is ensuring your pet can grip properly.

So, the ramp cover is helping out with the pet’s movement along with health.

Water Bottle Installation

While the water bottle is unavailable with this cage, but with its wire framing, you can effortlessly install a water bottle. Any side of the cage the installation can take place.

Even placing hay for the food distributor is also hassle-free with the cage.


  • Top-notch quality.
  • Easy cleaning and removable level.
  • Small pet-friendly ramp cover.
  • Perfect size to use as an indoor pet cage.
  • Casters can be locked.
  • It comes with 1-year of manufacturer warranty.


  • Assembling is a bit tricky.
  • Bit pricey.

All in all, single critter nation is an exclusive indoor cage for all types of a small pet.

Purchasing the best cage for your pet is necessary because, in the end, your pet needs to feel comfortable in the habitat.

Buying Guide – How to Pick the Best Pet Cage

Size: In general, small pets require adequate space to move in their cage. And small pets would be happy if you provide them a large cage.

The standard size of a cage should be 30” X 22 X 36” (L X W X H).

Before purchasing, make sure you have enough free space to put your cage in your required area.

A well-sized cage will make your pet more active and healthy, undoubtedly. The size of the single critter nation is perfectly designed with a standard size.

Construction: Small pets' cages are made of different materials like wood, plastic, wire, or a combination of these materials.

Some small pets tend to chew their cage material. So, keep your close eye, whether your small pet is chewing the cage material or not.

Chewing the material is significantly harmful to the health of your small pet.

So, choose a cage that is made of non-chewable materials and durable enough.

Easy Cleaning: Cleaning a small pet cage is ominously necessary. So, if you feel any problem while cleaning the cage, you will end up with an unclean cage.

So, make sure your selected cage is easily cleanable.


Don’t go for the cheaply priced and poorly constructed pet cage. They will let you cost more after purchasing instead of saving money.