The Rabbit Cage Accessory Ideas to Keep Your Rabbit Happy

If you have a rabbit, or any pet for that matter, making sure they are well-taken care of is very important. And frankly, it’s a duty you agreed to the moment you bought them into your home.

Without the right rabbit cage accessories, your bunny can get bored, overweight and worse, may even be depressed. Here are some must-have accessories and cool toys you can give your little buddy.

What you need to remember is to double-check they are all rabbit-safe and made from natural materials. The last thing you want is the accessories themselves to be harmful to your pet.

Must-Have Accessories to Make Your Rabbit Happy

Confused about what accessories you can use to make the cage for your rabbit just that little much better? There are some essentials you can include in the cage. The great thing is these accessories are easy to put and can be widely found as well. Here are some accessories and essential items to have in your rabbit’s cage.

1. Bedding

Making the cage as cozy as possible is the best thing you can do for your pets. Get lots of dry and absorbent material like newspapers or even dust-free straws. These are great to make them feel right at home.

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2. A Food Bowl

Speaking of must-have rabbit cage accessories, a food bowl is another essential one. This will make sure your rabbits are well fed and that they can access food when they want to.

You can also get a food dispenser for different kinds of foods. There are some available on the market that will dispense food after solving a puzzle. Puzzle feeders like this release food slowly. This helps ensure that your rabbit doesn’t eat too much too quickly.

3. Litter Trays

Litter trays are very important to have in your rabbit’s cage to make sure their cage is as clean as possible. Of course, make sure to place the tray far from the rabbit’s bed area.

You can use different fillings like wood-based paper, straw or newspaper as filling. Also, don’t forget to clean and change the filling daily.

4. Water Bowl  

Rabbits get thirsty too! In fact, a constant supply of water is crucial for their survival. So, a water bottle or a water bowl is a must-have. We recommend getting a water bottle.

They are convenient for the little critters to use and look pretty cute as well. You can clip the bottles to the side of their cage. Just make sure you give them fresh water daily and check it during very warm or cold weather. Also, make sure you install the water bottle in a place where they can easily reach it.

5. A Hide Away

Rabbits are prey animals. So, naturally, it’s their instinct to hide. Having a small hideaway in the cage where they can physically hide from humans and other pets is very important for their mental health.

The hideaway should be made from natural and safe material so that it doesn’t harm the animal if they happen to chew on it. An upside-down cardboard box works wonders. But you can also find cool hideaways online made from willow tree branches or other safe materials.

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6. Toys, Toys and Toys

You can’t have a complete rabbit cage without a couple of playful accessories and toys. There are some very cool and effective toys you can get your bunny. Although the number of toys you can put inside the cage depends on the size. Having a few is essential.

  • A Chew Toy

Some kind of chew toy in the cage will make sure that their always growing teeth are healthy. You will need a chew toy that’s made from cardboard or any other rabbit-friendly soft material to keep the front teeth under control.

There are ones available with different surfaces, textures and flavors. Get them one of these and your rabbit will love you for it. They may not be able to say it, but you will know.

  • Willow Ball

A willow ball or basically any kind of small ball that’s made from natural materials is a great little toy to keep your rabbit engaged and happy. Plus, they also work as a make-shift chew toy.

  • Foraging Mats

Getting a foraging mat is a great way to give your bunny some mental stimulation without the risk of it being dangerous. Some toys can have harmful materials. And when your rabbit will chew on them, the pieces can go inside and possibly cause intestinal blockage.

A healthy rabbit-safe foraging mat will have fibers that can not only hide food pellets but be edible as well.

  • Digging Box

Wild rabbits are prolific diggers. You will see domesticated rabbits who have this behavior too. It’s an instinct they have that’s best satisfied. So, how do you do it? No, you don’t need to take them outside to satisfy their digging crave.

A cardboard box with some shredding material like newspapers or toilet paper rolls is enough to satisfy that need for digging. Get a cardboard box that large and deep enough to fit both your rabbit and some digging material.

7. An Activity Table

Last but surely not least, you can get your bunny an activity table. These are sort of like a jack of all trades kinds of accessories that can be a hideout, chew toy and climbing toy all at once.

When looking for an activity toy, make sure it’s tall enough for the bunny to crawl underneath it and feel safe. That’s the hideout part. And also get one that isn’t too tall.

Your rabbit should be able to climb over it. That’s the climbing toy part sorted. Finally, you can have some hanging materials which the rabbit can chew on. These toys really are a fantastic way to keep your rabbit engaged.

Benefits of Having Toys

Having toys your rabbit can play and interact with has lots of benefits for your precious pet. That’s why you will want to get all the essential accessories and toys.

  • Mental Stimulation: Accessories and toys keep your rabbit from getting bored. This is important so that they don’t get depressed.
  • Exercise: Digging and climbing toys will give your bunny some much-needed exercise too. Not having any physical activity in their lives can make them overweight and depressed.

Wrapping UP

There you have it, now that you know what rabbit cage accessories you can get your precious companion, you should be able to easily make their lives much more interesting.

Make sure you get ones that are rabbit-safe. Natural materials are the best bet since they pose no harm in case your pet chews on them or eats them.


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