Kaytee Hamster Cage Review- Pick The Best One

Kaytee hamster cage

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Hamsters are one of the loveliest small animals as well as popular among the peoples. Luckily, they are pretty easy to keep, so you don't have to face any issues to pet a hamster at all. In many households, it is counted as a favorite pet since it is used to staying alone.

To keep it safe, the only thing that you need is to have to nice set of hamster cage for your hamster, mice, or gerbil. This is why we are here with the Kaytee hamster cage that could be much effective for your pet. If you have any kind of doubt regarding this brand, you can check yourself by reading the reviews!

Key Features:

  • It weighs only 5.90 pounds.
  • Equipped with a petting zone, exercise wheel, food dish, and a tiny water bottle.
  • The cage offers a bubble wave.
  • ¼” bar spacing.
  • A front wire door for easy access.
  • Provides an exterior wheel and a spiral ramp.
  • It is compatible with each and every critterTrail accessories.

For those who are in search of a portable, compact, and bright coloring hamster cage, Kaytee 100079217 might be your first choice. This particular item includes a petting zone, exercise wheel, water bottle, and a food dish for your convenience.

Features with Benefits:

Color and Weight

The delightful color makes it stand out from the rest. It fits in decor with ease because of the adorable color. And the weight is only 5.90 pounds, which you can hold with your single hand. As a result, you can always keep it with you, even if you are going on a trip.


The bubble wave design enhances user comfort as well as ensures better gripping. Because of this benefit, it will be a piece of cake to move this stuff from one place to another.


If you need a small item to keep your hamster, mice, or gerbils in a particular place, then it might be more than enough for you. The size is pretty small, yet efficient to pet a small animal. Bear in mind, Kaytee 100079217 is not a better option for those people who are going to pet a Syrian hamster. The bar spacing range is pretty average, which is around 1/4″.

Easy to Clean

You don't have to spend hours and hours to clean this particular tool, why? It includes a plastic bottom that assures better comfort when it comes to cleaning your hamster cage.

While cleaning, make sure to use regular detergent with some warm water. Always try to avoid using harmful substances during the cleaning period if you want to keep your hamster safe forever.


Kaytee 100079217 provides you the chance of using all critterTrail accessories, which could be another plus for you. As we have mentioned before, you can’t pick up a pet that is a bit large in size. It will be compatible with your tiny pets only, such as a hamster, gerbil, or mice.

Additional Things

To provide your pet hours of entertainment, it comes with a spiral ramp and an exterior wheel. Thanks to the front wire door, for which your hamster can enter into the cage in a simple way.


  • Pretty easy to hold it.
  • Packed with a couple of necessary ingredients.
  • Enhances portability.
  • Exquisite color.
  • A better option for tiny pets.


  • Not much sturdy!
  • Too small choice if you have a Syrian hamster!

Key Features:

  • Total living area is around 540 square inches.
  • Nearly 12 pounds of weight.
  • Made of plastic.
  • It is highly compatible with all critterTrail accessories.
  • Equipped with a bubble plug, safety ramp, and a shelf.
  • ¼-inch narrow bar spacing.
  • A large-sized door on the peak.

If the size is your top priority, then this particular model from Kaytee might be your only choice. Alongside the large-size, it has got a lot more things to provide you. Let us show you the features with the benefits of Kaytee 100533441.

Features with Benefits:


The living space is around 540 square inches. It could be enough for your gerbils or hamsters, even if they are pretty big. In addition, it features a second level of living area that ensures more space, allows your pet to stay in a comfort zone!

Weight and Color

The color is quite different from our previous model, which is entirely designed with blue color along with a weight of nearly 12 pounds.

Compare with our previous model, it is a bit weighty. However, most users consider it as a lightweight hamster cage.

Hassle-free Cleaning

It is made of high-quality plastic, allows you to clean it with ease. You don't have to maintain a lot of rules to clean this stuff, just ensure not to use the water which is too hot. Otherwise, your cage might lose its appearance!


Like our previous item, it is compatible with each and every accessory of critterTrail. You will get an expandable port to make a better connection with those things. 

Additional things

By getting this tool, you will get plenty of space for your hamsters, mice, or other small pets. Besides, it includes a safety ramp, bubble plug, shelf, and many more things. It comes with fast release clips in case you need to remove the wire top.


  • Offers adequate amounts of space for hamsters, mice, or gerbils.
  • Quite simple to clean.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Fast release clips to remove the top with ease. 


  • The base is not much durable!

Which One Should I Purchase?

It depends. If you are somebody who wants to have a large-sized hamster cage for your pet, then Kaytee 100533441 might be the best option between them. It comes with a living area of around 540 square inches that is not only efficient for tiny pets, but for Syrian hamsters also.

On the other side, if you want to get a lightweight, adorable, and portable option, then you consider choosing Kaytee 100079217. This particular item is loaded with a weight of only 5.90 pounds that will be pretty simple to carry compare with Kaytee 100533441. Furthermore, it comes with a bubble wave design for which any user can get a better and comfortable grip.

Long story short: you have to know the purpose of buying a hamster cage so that you can get the one that suits your needs.


Our write-up regarding the Kaytee hamster cage was helpful to you, hopefully. It is always better to fix a particular place for your pets in order to ensure better safety and security. If you somehow choose the wrong one, you won't get the maximum benefit from it. Alongside the safety, you should also create a special bond with your pet by providing adequate amounts of time outside the cage, bear in mind!