Is Rabbit Urine Harmful to Humans?

Rabbits are cute and adorable. Seeing pet rabbits roaming and playing around is probably one of the best scenes for any pet owner. But coping with the stinky urine of them is the real deal. This is where the big question comes in, is rabbit urine harmful to humans?

Though rabbit is urine is not that harmful to humans, exceptions may occur in the cases where your rabbits have a microorganism called E. cuniculi in their urine. But infections might only happen in humans who don’t have a good immune system.

Let’s get into the detail without any further due.

How Harmful Is Rabbit Urine?

If your pet is healthy, the urine should be sterile and of almost no risk to humans. But there are exceptions to this. When your pet is suffering from diseases, its urine will turn into risks for you and your family members, especially those with weak immune systems.

A very common bug in rabbits is Encephalitozoon cuniculi, which we have mentioned earlier. This microorganism mostly lives in the kidneys of your rabbits. Once the brain of your pet is infected with these microorganisms, there can be spores of E. cuniculi in the urine of the rabbit.

Though this organism is not so threatening for people with healthy immune systems, it can be harmful to a certain group like those who are suffering from HIV, taking steroids for a longer period, or cancer patients who are taking chemotherapy.

Does Rabbit Urine Cause Allergic Reactions?

Though rabbit urine isn’t that harmful to normal humans, some can be allergic to rabbit urines. Allergens can come from rabbits’ saliva, fur, or urine. As a result, allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, pruritus, or asthma can occur.

If you have faced such allergic reactions after cleaning litter of your rabbit or touching it, consult with your physician to handle issues.

Does Rabbit Urine Contain Ammonia?

Ammonia can be instantly recognized by its odor. And talking about the rabbit urine, yes, there is ammonia in rabbit urine. The odor of the urine is caused by this chemical. It is also one of the reasons for rabbit urine being alkaline.

The average amount of urine an adult rabbit produces daily is 130 ml/kg. This number can vary depending on several other factors. Usually, the pH of rabbit urine remains between 8 and 9, which indicates that it is alkaline.

Why Is My Rabbit Urine Clouded?

This is because rabbits excrete more calcium through their urine than many other mammals. As a result, the urine often gets clouded more than usual. The chemical properties of the urine can also change due to the diet of your rabbits.

If your pet is having higher protein than usual, there will be more nitrogen in its urine, which will be turned into ammonia.

Is Ammonia in Rabbit Urine Harmful?

If your rabbits stay exposed to ammonia for a longer period, there can be respiratory infections and inflammations. The same goes for humans. Though ammonia isn’t that harmful from a distance, if you are constantly exposed to ammonia, be it while cleaning litter or something else, you can face the same consequences.

How Harmful Is Rabbit Urine for Pregnant Women?

Though there is no great risk at handling rabbits even if you are pregnant, one notable infection called toxoplasmosis can happen due to a protozoal parasite. But this is more likely to be spread by cat feces. So, rabbit urine won’t impose much of a threat for pregnant women.

But it is suggested to maintain proper hygiene after handling rabbis or cleaning litter trays. If any complications happen, promptly consult with your physician.

How To Clean Rabbit Urine?

Rabbit urine can create stains when dried. If the urine is concentrated, the risk of infections can increase. So, you must clean rabbit urine to get rid of unnecessary risks and odor. Here is how you can do that.

  • Vinegar or baking soda can be great cleaners. These are commonly available in households.
  • Take a spray bottle. Mix vinegar with water to make a cleaning solution. This can also be done by mixing baking soda with water.
  • Spray the mixture wherever you see the stains of rabbit urine. Let it remain for some time and then use a clean cloth to remove the stain.
  • You can also spray the mixture inside the rabbit enclosure. Follow the same procedure and make the house clean for your pets.

How to Keep Rabbit Urine from Human Contamination?

The best way to keep your rabbit urine less harmful for humans is to keep your rabbit healthy all the way through. To do that, make sure your rabbit is getting a healthy diet.

If your rabbits get good quality hay and enough clean water all the time, their digestive system will work fine. As a result, there will be no infections in the urinary tract and the urine color will be normal.

They will also need a good amount of vegetables in their diet. Providing enough exercise is crucial to ensure a healthy life for your rabbits. If you are doing all these correctly, there won’t be much problem with rabbit urine.

And finally, cleaning litter trays regularly should be a priority to keep the household free from rabbit urine contaminations. Keep a close eye on this.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about rabbit urines. Take a quick look at them.

Why is my rabbit urine brown?

If your rabbit is dehydrated, urine color can turn darker. This can also be caused by bladder sludge (where there is more calcium salt than usual in the urine).

Can I get sick from rabbit urine?

If you don’t have any special medical conditions, you are less likely to get sick from rabbit urine.

Can rabbits transmit diseases?

Yes, they can. Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted by rabbits through bites and scratches.

Final Thoughts

As long as your rabbit’s health is in a good condition, there will be no risk of getting sick from rabbit urine. But if still, you ask, is rabbit urine harmful to humans, we would like to assure you that there won’t be much of a problem unless you are suffering from other issues with skin or immune system.

Keep the surroundings clean and maintain hygiene properly to keep yourself and your family from the risks of getting harmed by rabbit urine.


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