How to tame a hamster? 5 Proven Hacks for the New Moms

Hamsters are both social and lonesome animals. These habits made them the first choice for petting. Many teenage moms confessed the facts in surveys.

To extend this study, last year, I conducted a study on hamster taming. Most of the young moms expressed hesitation on how to tame their hamster in that.

So, I decided to give a bulletproof solution. In this article, you will read 5 proven taming hacks. This will ease up your parenting better. By the way, don’t miss the FAQ. It is full of knowledge.

5 Proven Steps for the New Moms

1. Taming Bootcamp for Aggressive Hamsters:

I am starting with the hardest one. Campbell Rusian dwarf and Roborovski dwarf hamsters are tough to tame. Their nature is wild. For example, a Roborovski dwarf makes noise and runs faster.

They are hard to control, but not impossible. Here are some essential tips for handling this type of aggressive hamster.

Prepare yourself first:

  • Make sure a thin layered bed with sand and wheels.
  • Enough water access and food
  • Set a fixed time.

Application Time:

Closely monitor the hamster’s behavior first. Then interact with your pet at a fixed time; it can be every 9.00 Am and 8.00 Pm. At that time, try to feed or clean the cage.

Let it become accustomed to your scent. If it bites during the time, just keep the water and stop foods and treats. Do this for 2 or 3 days.

During this time, you will rub your dry hand with toilet tissue. Keep that inside the cage. Let him/her used to be with it. You are supposed to see the result on the 4th day.

2. Taming With Hamster Treats:

This is one of the common ways of taming. Grab some treats, and gently feed it your little furry. It might hide at that time. Try to be relaxed; let it feel comfortable.

You can sprinkle the treats in front of the cage. The pet will come and grab it. One more thing never forces them to eat. They can understand your body language. If they feel something fishy, hamsters will assume you as the threat.

So, the technique is to feed them and let them come to you slowly. Give some time; maybe one week is enough for them. During this time, don’t stop feeding your hamster unless they are bothered.

3. The Coffee Mug Strategy:

The next one is a very effective strategy for all hamster breeds -the coffee mug strategy. You can apply it every day for 20 minutes. Here is how:

  • Clean up your hands and wear gloves.
  • Put some lure (treats or vege) inside the coffee mug.
  • Tilt that mug in the hamster cage.
  • Wait for it to come inside.
  • When he gets in, straight up the coffee mug.
  • Then take it to a cozy place.
  • Once again, sprinkle some lure and let the hamster out.
  • Let it stroll around you.
  • Do it for 20 minutes, and reverse the said process.

The goal of this strategy is to make the pet familiar with your scent. 8 out 10 parents said that this is so far the successful strategy.

4. Hamster Exercise Ball Strategy

The exercise ball can be an effective way to tame your furry. First, you need to check the safety measures. Means is the hamster toy safe or not? If it’s safe, follow these processes:

  • Place an exercise ball inside the hamster cage.
  • Lure the pet inside the ball.
  • When it gets in, take out the ball.
  • Then leave it on your abdomen.
  • Sprinkle some treats.
  • Let the hamster stroll on your belly.
  • Do it every day for 5 minutes.

(Remember: wear scratch-protected clothes. Hamsters nails are sharp)

Applying the following strategy will accustom your pet to your touch. Hamsters are always frightened of unwanted touch. This strategy will ease up your pet environment…

5. Outside the Cage: Playpen Time!

I hacked this strategy from some famous forum. Many parents used this technique for their hamsters. Here is the taming process.

  • Make a playpen area for the pet.
  • Put some toys there.
  • Let your hamster stroll there.

Simple! Do it every night. Since they are active at night, the playpen strategy will work better at that time. If you cannot afford a playpen, fix a suitable area for your hamster. Let it play!

Frequently Asked Question

What food is poisonous to hamsters?

Some parents get mad at their pets. As a result, they serve some poisonous food. This later led to the death of their pets. So, avoid the following foods.

  • Sugar and salty foods
  • Junk foods.
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Citrus food
  • Almond.
  • Raw beans and potatoes.
  • Apple seeds.
  • chocolates

How long does it take to tame a hamster?

It takes a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of 2 months. This is depending on the time you spend. Usually, 3 to 4 weeks is the ideal time to see the result.

How do you tame a Syrian hamster?

Syrian breeds are a kind of prey hamster. They are very wild, but not as extreme as the Campbell Rusian dwarf and Roborovski dwarf hamsters. You can easily tame them by applying a coffee mug, exercise ball, and playpen strategies.

What is the fastest way to tame a hamster?

There is no fastest way to tame a hamster. It all depends on the hamster’s nature and time. Aggressive hamsters take a couple of months to tame. Others take 2 or 3 weeks to tame.

Final Words

I shared the 5 proven hacks for the moms. It will help you to tame your hamster. Trust me! Thousands of parents applied the techniques. They are successful. It’s your time to share your success story. I am eagerly waiting to hear that. Leave your story down in the comment section.


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