How to take care of the rabbit when you are on holiday?

Summer has just knocked at our door, the enchantment of vacation also touched the citizens too. But the magic brings some stress for the rabbit owners because a rabbit cannot live more than two days alone.

If the vacation is above two days, will you leave the innocent alone? I am sure; it’s against morality. Then, what is the next step? Don’t worry; my title might have assured you to take a deep breath.

So take a deep breath and roll over the article cause I am going to tell: how to take care of a bunny when you are on holiday. Before jumping over detail, let me give you some hints over which the feature will be followed:

  • Hiring Pet or rabbit Sitter
  • Boarding For Rabbit
  • Rabbit Cage Option

1. Hiring Pet Sitter:

In my list, put this pet sitter option in the first rank, because this is one of the growing jobs at present in the USA. A large number of people are also supporting their livelihood through this job, for performing this job they are training up themselves.

As a result, people can keep their faith in that pet sitter group during the time of their holiday. This group has some subgroup again, who works on specific pet such as Dog, Cat, Rabbit and other. 

Those subgroups are best in my opinion, in fact, a better alternative in the owner’s absence; to make my notion clearer a recent story will help you to keep trust in that group. And here is the scenario:

Being a Private International Law related solicitor, I need to go abroad or to another state for above three days in a month. On that time, my first concern is to ensure ultimate care for my Netherland Dwarf.

Thus, one day I had to go outside of the city for a week and unfortunately at that time was Myxomatosis vaccine pushing the time of my small piece. Literally sunk into frustration, and then called to my friend for asking a bit of assistance.

But he could not fulfill my expectation after that me decided to Google for a rabbit sitter, fortunately, got someone to pull me up from that scary situation. Seriously, it became a trauma for me.

Since the little champ is half of my heart, therefore I don’t want to see him dying for the lack of extra care. Yes, extra attention he needs for having a sensitive digestive system and comparatively weak body structure.

Finally, a well-trained rabbit sitter I had fetched to look after the champ till I move back and when I stepped back, had found a healthy bunny indeed. For doing the entire tough job, the rabbit sitter asked only $20 for a day.

Eventually, those subgroups were able to prove that they could be a better option in the absence of the bunny owner.

2. Boarding For Rabbit:

In this second phase, I will show you a better option than rabbit sitter, where bunnies will get extreme level care, including 24 hours of rabbit vet assistance. And the choice is none other than boarding. Basically, this was introduced by the rabbit sitter who looked after my Dwarf,

In fact, the guy was a part-time job holder of a boarding. To understand in-depth about the place, I had asked him to explain in short. Therefore, he said, “Rabbit boarding places like a firm where expert rabbit enthusiasts are continuously looking after the various type of rabbit breed.

The place also has support teams who are professionally trained and certified veterinarians, so owners can confidently depend on them for passing a fantastic holiday. For this sort of facility, it charges slightly more than rabbit sitter.

With that charge, the rabbit owner gets a free checkup and future doe’s and don’t advise for the betterment of rabbit health. Moreover, some boarding offers monthly free checkups and medicine for regular-based consumers.

This initiative from the boarding community respects the value of pet owners’ time and affection; that’s why they try to serve better service to the holidaymakers. And in recent times, the boarding types of rabbit care centers are getting popularity for having experts inside their hub. As a result, people think them more trustworthy.

3. Rabbit Cage Option:

After evaluating all above the options, if owners think that taking the rabbit with them on holiday is a better choice, then carrying a rabbit cage is definitely a wise alternative. For that: the user needs a proper sized cage which is 14 X 5 (height and space). As well as, the litter box must be leakproof.

Besides the facilities, you have to check the durability, the water bottle facilities, and the hay feeder option. By considering all those factors, one will be able to choose the ideal cage, except that, still there is one major thing left, which is: rabbit comfort.

Different breed rabbit has its definition of comfort; for example, My tiny rabbit needs only a little amount of playing zone with food and water facility while traveling. That’s enough for my rabbit luxury. But it will not go with you unless the breed is the same as mine. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a proper one during the time of traveling.

Throughout this writing period, I tried to show a particular path for assisting you in choosing the best rabbit betterment option during the holiday. On that broadcasting still, some of you have an inquiry regarding some common issues. And here I give a try to solve the problems:


Ques: Which options are best for the traveler-type rabbit owner?

Ans: Boarding type rabbit caring center is best, in my opinion.

Ques: Does the pet sitter possess basic medical knowledge?

Ans: I would say. Pet sitters are well trained.

Wrap Up

Through that “How To” tour, I wanted to share my experience and show some best ways according to my research. If any of the dibs above helps you, then that will be the ultimate achievement of this “How to take care of rabbit when you are on holiday.” 


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