How To Stop A Hamster From Biting? Train Your Hamster

Your new and cutest member of the family just arrived, a pretty hamster. You are playing with it with full of joy and trying to be its best friend. Suddenly your cute hamster bites on your hand, and you start to bleed.

All your efforts went wrong. What about facing such a problem regularly? It is not just about bleeding; we are also concerned about the kids in the house. Now, you need to stop it from biting. As animals don’t understand what you say, the only way you can follow is, train your hamster. So, in this piece, I will be shedding light on how to stop a hamster from biting.

Why Do Hamsters Bite?

Why this pretty hamster gets furious when you try to touch it? The simple answer is self-defense. Let me elaborate on the fact. Hamster is an animal that always gets haunted by other animals. So when you go around it for the first time, it feels scared and doesn’t feel like you are a friend.

One mistake we also make is that we try to hug and hold it from the floor. But what it thinks about you is that you will eat him. Seems terrible and funny, I know, but that’s what it feels. So it gets so frightened, and its natural self-defense system activates.

Then, naturally, he takes two types of decisions, runs back or bites. The hamster has not the option of the run back, as you have put it in a cage already. So the only option left for it is to attack you back. So, it uses its teeth and bites you as hard as it can. And you instantly bleed. Now, you cannot teach it. But you can train it, like any other pet.

Step By Step: How to train your hamster?

Training is a step by step process, and you cannot do it in a day. First, you have to patient and be kind to it. The long process needs effort, patience, and, most importantly, tolerance for handling this little hamster. After you follow the steps soon, the hamster will not buy two anymore and start loving you as his friend. And once he understands that you are his best friend, you will feel how adorable the little creature is. So, the first step of training.

Gain its trust:

The first thing you have to do is gaining its trust. You have to go around it and roam around it. You can stay away but still do some friendly movements. If you are willing to touch it, you must use a pair of hand gloves because it may bite you. So first you should not touch it for a week. After a week, you can slowly start touching it without the gloves.

Don’t hold it up:

Now the missing step we do is picking it up. Picking it up sims threatening to eat. So you should not pick it up. Just try to add or eat slowly and try to touch it without making any noise because they are so much sense. 

Strict to schedule, Strict to place:

Try to train it at a regular time. Such as you can play with it in the evening are in the morning. And always try to play it in a particular place to stop moving it here and there will make it confused about you and your house. And different schedules make it confused about your presence also.

Let it hear you:

Like other animals, they also have sensitive hearing power. They can understand every type of little sound. So OK, it roams around you, tries to speak in malt boys, and try to sing in a musical sound.

Let it smell you:

Like the sensitive ears and hearing power, the hamster also has sensitive smelling power. They can smell you from far away. So you need to understand your smell. You should use any kind of freshener to make you smell good to him.

Give it some treats:

You, me, we all love to treat. Not only humans but extra foods also make any animal happy.  And the hamster is no exception. Give him some extra food when it comes to you to be more attracted to come to you regularly.

Pick up and adore it: 

Now the time has come to hold it. After all these efforts, now your hamster won’t bite you while picking it up. Gradually try to take him to another place with you. Then you will understand you and be friendly with you soon. And give it a regular treat and full of your attention. That’s all, and the training is done!

Love it always:

Not only the training days, but you should also give attention to it always. Because if you forget it for a long time,  it may forget you. So regular connectivity is a crucial issue to develop the relationship between you and your hamster.

Final Words

Some basic things are essential. My experience of having a bite when I first brought the pet inspired me to share my idea about how to stop a hamster from biting. After it becomes friendly with you, you can do everything with it, except for biting. Even if it bites, you should see a vet as it may be sick or feeling unwell.

But before it becomes friendly with you, don’t try to touch it without using gloves. That will ensure your safety measures. And if you have a kid in your house, try to keep him away for the first two weeks. After some days it will know every one of your family gradually. So, hurry up and start training your hamster.     

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