How to set up a Rabbit Cage | 9 Easy Step by Expert

Who doesn’t love bugs the bunny? Our favorite TV show gave us a lot of entertainment in our childhood. Without a doubt, rabbits are great for keeping as pets. But before doing so, you need to make sure they get a warm and cozy home.

Notably, they need a warm bed in winter. To fulfill their unique needs, you need to know how to set up a rabbit cage. In this content, we will help you solve this problem, and we hope after reading this, you will be able to set up your rabbit cage without facing any difficulty.

Rabbit hutch or cage, which is better? 

Well, there is not a single doubt that a rabbit hutch is much better than a rabbit cage. A rabbit cage may be the best choice for a temporary homing solution for your rabbits. If you want to place your bunnies outside areas, you should go for a rabbit hutch. But if you’re going to keep your bunnies indoors, you will need a rabbit cage.

There’s plenty of difference between a rabbit cage and a rabbit hutch — notably, the size and space both offer. A rabbit cage is relatively smaller than a hutch, and it offers relatively tiny space too. A rabbit hutch is mainly made using wood or plastic.

On the other hand, rabbit cages are made using plastic or wires. They are more convenient than a rabbit hutch. If you are traveling a lot, you can choose the rabbit carrier because these are portable. So you can place them indoors without facing any problems. Now the question is; which one should I buy? It is better to get a thorough knowledge regarding indoor rabbit cages and rabbit hutch; for that, you can read our articles.

Rabbit cage setup ideas

Everybody loves bunnies because they are cuddly and cute. They also like to stay comfy all the time. So, providing a comfortable home is a must before you keep one at home. Well, everybody wants their bunnies to feel comfortable or at least wants to give them a home where they will feel comfortable and safe. Some people like to keep 4-5 bunnies. So you can easily assume that a rabbit hutch is not enough. 

That’s where rabbit cage setup ideas barge in. You can find these services online. Mainly, these ideas include plenty of indoor and outdoor rabbit cage housing ideas. They also provide insights and services to fill up the cage with toys or accessories. These ideas are concerned with entertainment and safe housing for the rabbit.

How to set up a rabbit cage?

As we have said earlier, everybody wants their bunny to stay comfortable and feel safe on their cage. That is why it is essential to set up the rabbit cage in a perfect manner. But many people are a little confused on how to set up a bunny cage. This may seem a bit of a problem for most people, but we have a solution. Just follow these simple steps, and you can set up your rabbit cage with ease.

First step: Choose the perfect cage

First of all, you need to choose a suitable cage for your rabbit. Bunny’s size differs from one another depending on their breed. So, you need to check out their breed and size before you go on purchasing a cage. This is important to check out the volume. Otherwise, the rabbit will feel uncomfortable.

In this case, the size and weight matter the most. The cage needs to be tall so that your bunny can stand upright. The cage local pet store sells are relatively smaller in size. So, you can ask for help from online and get a lot of rabbit cage setup ideas. Or you can make one yourself.

Second step: Ensure solid flooring on the cage

The rabbit cage needs to have solid flooring; Otherwise, it may suffer from a condition called pododermatitis. This condition is mainly developed if the rabbit sits under a tough floor or wet bedding. The wire bottom on the rabbit cage floor is unsuitable. If you find wire mash on the rabbit cage floor, you can use a piece of plywood and cover the plywood using a bedsheet. So, after choosing the cage make sure you ensure a stable, comfortable rabbit cage floor covering.

Third step: Check the cage’s sides

You need to choose a cage that has wires on the sides. We discussed earlier, the rabbit cage needs to be comfortable and needs a lot of air and light. As you can see, airflow is very important in this regard. But keep a close eye that the floor is not made using wires. Otherwise, your bunny may suffer from pododermatitis.

Fourth step: Place the urine guard

You need to place a urine guard on the bottom of the rabbit cage. But make sure the urine guard has high and stable sides. The reason is when rabbits urinate they tend to spray. So it is essential to keep a urine guard under the cage. This will also stop the rabbit from spreading straws all over the area. If your cage does not have a urine guard, you can always make one using cardboard. But you have to change the tray regularly.

Fifth step: Purchase a rabbit litter box

Many people find it a little confusing. If you have a urine guard on your cage why would you need a rabbit litter? The answer is easy. A rabbit cage is a temporary housing solution for your rabbit. 

If you want your bunny to roam free indoors, you will need to let loose the rabbit. So, you can assume that a rabbit litter is significant.  You may face some trouble in the first few days. But after a few days, they will start to urinate on the bedding.

Sixth step: Purchase food bowls and water drinkers

You need to feed your rabbits on a regular basis. They also need water for nourishment. You should purchase bowls that have heavy flat-bottom. So, the bowls will not tip over. For the water, you can use water drinkers. Providing water on the bowls is not a good idea.

Seventh step: Choosing the cages location

Now, you need to choose a suitable area for your cage. The cage needs to be in a perfect position. Avoid placing the cage in a dusty or dirty room. The room should be well ventilated which means not too hot nor too cold. The room should be free from loud noise. 

You need to ensure the rabbit’s safety also. Rabbits get a little agitated when they see cats or dogs. So, keep them away from predator pets. You should choose a room where the rabbit can roam freely without any worries. The place should be free from electric wires, sharp objects or edges and any other objects that harm the rabbit.

Eighth Step: Rabbit Cage Bedding

We talked about pododermatitis earlier. So, it is crucial for you to provide bedding on the rabbit cage. Providing a deep cushion for the rabbit is mandatory. This cushion will protect the rabbits free from any sores. A regularly sized bunny needs at least 5 to 6 inches of bedding. You can use straw, sawdust or hay to make bedding. Avoid using a carpet.

As you can see, the rabbit tends to chew anything that is soft. So, avoiding the rug is the right decision. You need to change the bedding on a regular basis. Changing the bedding daily is important for your rabbit’s health. You should also fill the litter box using a layer of newspaper or hay. Avoid using a cat litter.

Ninth step: Provide your rabbit with food and water

You need to provide food and water for your rabbit for nourishment. You can give them grass. The grass is an ideal food for the rabbit. You can also use hay as a substitute. Feeding rabbits on hay alone can improve their teeth. You can provide them with vegetables or fruits. If you have more than one rabbit, you need to feed them separately. Otherwise, they will compete over their food.

Provide a single bowl for a single rabbit. For several bunnies, keep the bowls separated to maintain a great deal of distance. To provide water, using a bowl is not a good idea.

The chances are that the bowl will tip over. Therefore, purchasing water drinkers can solve the problem. You need to change the water daily and provide fresh water. Place the drinkers at the end corner of the cage. For this, you can bring a guinea pig water bottle instead of a regular feeding bottle. 

Tenth step: Can put some toys

If you want your bunnies to stay entertained, you can put some toys in the cage. You can provide some sturdy branches as they love to chew a lot. You can also get rabbit chews from your local pet store. Toys made of cardboard can be a good choice.

What Do Rabbits Need in Their Cage?

If your love your rabbits, I’m sure you do care about their happiness and healthy life. And when talking about a healthy and safe environment for your rabbits, the first thing you need to take under consideration is their cage. To ensure a healthy and friendly environment in your rabbit cage, you got to place the right equipment there. In this section, we will have a clear discussion about those:

Adequate Space

Would you love living in a place like some Japanese capsule house? I’m sure it would feel suffocating. Your rabbits will feel the same if you keep them in such a place. Therefore, ensuring enough space inside their cage is very important. Rabbits would thrive in a spacious place; where they can move and hope freely.


Don’t ever even think about placing a hard or wire floor. It will be torture to your rabbit. Putting an abundant amount of hay in the cage for your rabbits’ bedding will be great. But keep that in mind your rabbits will eat up all the hay by the end of the day so, store enough hay to put back on the cage the next day. You can also use vinyl for your rabbits’ bedding as they are pretty comfortable.

Food & Water

The most essential thing for your rabbit is to have a sufficient supply of food and water all the time. Never let your rabbits miss a meal. They will thrive with proper nourishment. Fresh fruits and vegetables, pellets, and hay are great options.

A Tray or A Little Box

You can put a large litter box in the cage, and your rabbits will love to stretch out there. There’s nothing wrong with it as long as you don’t notice any evidence of urine scalding. Place fresh hay in the box and add some litter with it. We would suggest you put a little more hay in the box. It may sound odd that rabbits love to eat while they are popping.

An Exclusive Sleeping Place

Just like you, the rabbits also need a bedroom. You got to provide them with a separate sleeping zone inside the cage. Make sure the place is quiet, and put some bedding so that your rabbits will realize it’s their sleeping zone. A cardboard box is an excellent option for rabbits’ bedding.

Toys for Entertainment

Who doesn’t require entertainment? Rabbits are playful animals and, they need proper entertainment to grow healthy. They will become as happy as Larry if you give them the right toys. Rabbits love to chew and, this helps them to keep their teeth in shape. So, you can start with giving them chew toys. Also, they would love to play with toys such as balls, toys that make a rustling sound, plastic baby toys, etc.

Some relevance FAQ for you 

Can a rabbit live in a small cage?

If you won a single rabbit, a small cage is good enough for your rabbit. But if you have one more rabbit, you will need a large cage.  

Can a rabbit survive in a dark environment?

Yes, they can. The rabbit is a crepuscular pet. Therefore, they can stay in a light or dark environment. And they are more active in dawn and dusk. 

Do rabbits able to tolerate more sun heat?

12-24 Celsius temperature is suitable for rabbits, which is tolerable to the wild or domestic rabbit. Excessive hot can cause a rabbit’s heatstroke. 

Read more about rabbit temperature tolerance.

Final Verdict 

So, we have just reached a conclusion. It is essential for you to ensure a safe and comfortable home for your rabbit. So, when you ask how to set up a rabbit cage, you just need to follow some simple instructions. You can say it is not of a big deal. But you need to follow the right steps. Anyway, we hope that after reading this content, you will be able to set up your rabbit cage with ease.


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