How to Set Up a Playful Environment in a Rabbits Cage?

Rabbits are one of the most adorable pet animals out there. Their hoppy legs, twitchy nose, and cute ears will melt any pet lover’s heart. It would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t love to have them as their pet.

However, just like any other pet, when you choose to have a rabbit as your pet, you need to have the basic knowledge of taking care of it. Most people are familiar with pets such as dogs and cats, but when it comes to a rabbit, it’s quite different.

They require some special attention compare to dogs and cats. Rabbits are quite playful animals. So, when it comes to the matter of their well-being, you need to keep them in an environment where they can feel comfortable and joyous. Giving them toys and other playing materials inside their cage will make them happy.

In our today’s article, you will discuss some useful rabbit cage ideas and learn how to set up a playful environment in a rabbit’s cage. Let’s get started.

Setting Up A Playful Environment In The Rabbit Cage

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make your rabbit’s cage a playful and enjoyable place for your bunny. Follow the steps carefully and make sure you are presenting your pet with a wonderful place to live!

Finding the Ideal Cage:

The first thing is finding the perfect cage for your rabbit. It’s very important to find a cage where your rabbit will be well suited before you make a plan of making it playful. You should be focusing on making a creative rabbit cage where they can go surfing around, sleeping, eating comfortably.

To make sure that you will need a cage that is at least 4 times bigger than the size of your rabbit. In this case, the bigger, the better. Most of the pet owners end up buying the wrong cage as they buy it comparing to the current size of their rabbits. As with any other living being, they grow as they go so.

So, it would be wise to buy a cage that will be able to keep your rabbit even after your rabbit reaches its maximum growth. It would be great if you can find a multilevel cage that has ramps. Suppose you have an introverted rabbit who doesn’t like to go out and socialize much. Then you would want to get the larger cage you can manage to get. So, your rabbit can play and exercise comfortably while staying inside.

The cage should have sufficient space with individual compartments for your rabbit’s different types of activities. If possible, get an enclosure with high celling from your local pet store so your rabbits can jump at times and have fun.

Perfect Flooring of the Cage:

Find a cage-like Aivituvin 47″ Two Story Rabbit Hutch that comes with solid flooring because if the floor is soft, your rabbit might get injured. It might get sore hocks if the type of wire is not ideal or no backup surface available. The flooring also depends on the size and breed of your rabbit so, keep that in mind.

Ideal Ventilation of the Cage:

In this section, we will discuss rabbit enclosure ideas. Most importantly, you should get an enclosure that comes with glass sidings, for example, an aquarium, which won’t give proper ventilation for your loving rabbits. To make sure that your rabbit can be able to move around comfortably, you need to confirm that the wire spacing is wide enough.

Otherwise, your rabbits might end up getting stuck in their body parts stuck in it. Also, avoid those wire sidings that are coated using plastic because rabbits can damage those coating easily by chewing to get a pass.

Creating a Playful Environment:

Your rabbits will survive a lot longer if you can maintain their well-being. And providing them with a playful environment where they can be themselves is the best option you have. Here are some tips for you:

The cage must have enough space and facilities for your rabbits to running, foraging and hoping. You can offer them toys and other playing materials that are able to keep them physically and mentally engaged. You know, animals also get bored and depressed like us when they don’t have enough fun and unique activities to do. If you can manage a playful environment for them, they will be happy and fit, which will boost their immune.

So, they won’t get affected by a disease that easily, which will increase the possibility of a longer lifespan. But be careful with choosing the toys for your rabbits. They must be round-edged and non-toxic.

Keeping Your Rabbits Engaged:

You can offer your rabbits something that it can chew on. Chewing things is one of their favorite hobbies. Chewing will keep its teeth healthy also; it will be fun. This will keep him engaged and entertained for a long time.

Hay is another good option. It’s an important part of your rabbit’s diet. They will also keep your rabbit busy for a while. You may also offer branches of fruit trees, but they must be non-chemically treated.

There’s another good choice you have wooden chew sticks; your rabbit will love it. Just make sure that you are giving different types of materials; otherwise, they might get bored easily.

Placing Platform in Rabbits Cage:

You can place platforms in your rabbit’s cage. Especially wild rabbits will love it as they will be missing their wildlife, so this is a good option to keep them happy. Besides, jumping and climbing on these platforms will keep them physically active, which will ensure their physical fitness.

Rabbits Love to Do Forage:

Make them do forage. This is one of their natural activities, so they will love it. Instead of giving them food directly, you can make it a bit tricky for them, for instance, hiding it under a box or spread it around his cage. Your rabbits will have a lot of fun in finding then eating their food.

Final Words

Keeping your rabbit safe and secure inside his cage is not that difficult as you can see. Just make sure you are providing enough space for its comfortable movements and make it as playful as possible.

Keep their health and behavior under proper monitoring. If you are planning to give him anything to play, which we haven’t mentioned above, please be sure to take experts to advise first. Some items can make them scared instead of making them happy.

We hope our article helped you to know how to set up a playful environment in a rabbit cage, and you have got some useful rabbit cage ideas. Thanks for reading.


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