How to Put a Water Bottle On a Rabbit Cage?

A good old rabbit may require up to 300 ml of clean drinking water per day. And most pet owners provide this water in a water bowl made of plastic, metal, or ceramic just to make the drinking process easier for their pets.

Providing them with the drinking water in a water bottle will be much more convenient. But how to put a water bottle on a rabbit cage? The most common way is to buy a bottle holder with wire hooks to keep it attached to the sidebars of the cage.

Let’s know more on this down the lane.

Importance of Fresh Water for Rabbits

Depending on the size, age, and health conditions, rabbits can drink 50-300ml water per day. When they are in their wild habitats, they usually get a good amount of water from the food they eat, like grass or something.

If your pet rabbits also have enough fresh food every day, they will require less water than usual. But if they depend only on dry food, they might need more drinking water. And that water should come from the same source you drink.

Weather conditions can affect the amount of water your rabbits will drink. If the water is left in a bowl, it can quickly change the temperature according to the ambience. And, your rabbits will drink less than usual if the water is too hot or cold.

What Is Better Between Water Bowl and Water Bottle for Rabbits?

You will probably see at least a water bowl, or more commonly known as a crock, in the home of every rabbit owner. Feeding water to rabbits in a water bowl is convenient, less expensive, and straightforward.

Simply put the drinking water in the bowl and place the bowl inside the rabbit cage. It is close to how rabbits drink water naturally. But, water in such bowls gets contaminated too quickly with food, bedding, litter, etc.

But if you put drinking water in a crock, it will evaporate quicker than in a bottle. If the bowl isn’t placed securely inside the cage, it can tip over when rabbits play inside the cage.

It would help to keep an eye on the water bowl and change the water regularly to ensure no health issues occur with your pet. Also, thoroughly clean the water bowl regularly.

On the other hand, water bottles are a smarter solution for feeding water to your pet rabbits. Though rabbits usually don’t drink by tilting their head up, it will be convenient for you not to sit there the whole day and check whether the water has been contaminated.

With such water bottles made of plastic or metal, the wastage of water will be reduced. Water temperature will also be consistent inside a water bottle rather than a crock.

But, cleaning water bottles are tougher than cleaning water bowls. So, you need to be more careful regarding this. Once your rabbit has been familiar with water bottles, it will be a convenient option for you.

How to Put a Water Bottle On a Rabbit Cage?

Putting a water bottle on a rabbit cage is pretty simple. We have broken it down into simpler steps for you to follow. Here you go.

Choose The Bottle That Matches Your Rabbit Cage

Cages come in different designs. If you have a wired cage, it will be easy to place water bottles on bottle holders. But if the cage has solid sides, you might need a different type of bottle holder to fit there.

Choose The Right Sized Bottle

Depending on how many rabbits you have inside the cage, the size of the water bottle can vary. In general, a 600ml water bottle will be fine for two average rabbits.

Attach The Bottle Holder to The Cage

If you have a wired cage, you can easily attach the bottle holder to the sidebars using the wire hooks of the holder. Once it is in place, you can secure it with extra wire.

Place The Water Bottle at The Right Height

Select the height of the water bottle carefully. If the nozzle is too high, rabbits won’t be able to reach it for drinking water. On the other hand, if the nozzle is too low, almost touches the bedding, it will also be tough for your pets to get water properly.

Clean The Bottle Regularly

Cleaning water bottles are a bit tougher than cleaning water bowls. Still, you should thoroughly clean the bottle regularly so that no bacteria or algae can grow inside the bottle. It is crucial for the well-being of your rabbits.

How to Train Rabbits to Use Water Bottle?

If your rabbits are used to drinking water traditional style, they will probably fear drinking from water bottles at first. You need to go one step further and make them familiar with drinking from a water bottle. Here is how you can do that.

Make Them Familiar with Water Bottles

Put the water bottle alongside the water bowls on the cage. Once the bottle is there, your rabbits will try to reach it out of curiosity. Putting the bottle above the water bowl will allow them to get closer to the bottle.

Hand-feed Water from The Bottle

You can simply hold the water bottle to your rabbit’s mouth so that they can tough and lick the nozzle to get the sign of water. Once they get used to it, they will surely drink from the bottle themselves.

Use Their Favorite Scents

The smell of the newly-made bottle can sometimes be repelling to your rabbits. So, you can rub some sweet fruits on the nozzle and get the bottle tip close to your bunny’s face.

Once they get the scent of their favorite fruits, they will be interested in drinking water from the bottle.

Final Thoughts

Though it takes a bit of a learning curve for your rabbits to start drinking from water bottles, you will get rid of the unnecessary hassle of changing the bedding frequently because your bunnies have tipped the water bowl.

If you know how to put a water bottle on a rabbit cage and clean it regularly, it will be the most suitable and convenient option for you to ensure your pet rabbits remain hydrated always.


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