How to Make Sure Your Rabbit Has The Best Life?

Rabbit could be a great choice as your pet. But before getting one as a pet, you need to make sure you know how to take care of them. The first and foremost things you need to confirm is their comfortable housing, healthy diet, and adequate exercise.When you have got long-haired rabbits, you will have to ensure their daily grooming. Before you get your rabbits, it’s important that you make sure of their basic needs. In general, a healthy rabbit can live around 5-8 years; however, that entirely depends on its breed. There are some breeds of rabbits that last around 12 years! We human beings require healthy food, friendly accommodation, and good entertainment to function properly. So does your rabbit. In our today’s article, we will be focusing on how to make your rabbit happy!

How to Make Sure Your Rabbit Has The Best Life

There’s no magic pill that you feed your pet to make it happy. The process of making it happy is a stiff one. You need to ensure a number of things that work together to make your rabbit a happy animal. Here’re some of the things you should do.

Selecting the Right Rabbit:

Rabbits are quite soft and sensitive animals, so it won’t be the best decision to leave them alone with your kids or other pets, especially dogs. Rabbits are not able to cry out for help like your dogs or cats. When they feel uncomfortable or unsafe, they will express that by doing nibbling or scratching.

As a result, it would be difficult for you to understand their emotions. If somehow they get dropped on a hard surface, they could get hurt pretty badly, such as breaking bones or spines. Though rabbits are quite a popular pet among the pet lovers out there, they are not really the best pet you could get for your children.

Making Sure of You Can Manage Their Cost:

Rabbits are not like stray dogs or cats that you may just find on some roadside. You will have to purchase them from the store.

Besides that, they also require good food, bedding, medication, and a veterinarian when necessary. Plus, you need enough materials for their entertainment. Managing all of these may cost you around a 100$ in a year, excluding some other hidden costs.

So, before you get one as a pet, make sure that you can handle their needs.

Ensuring Enough Space for Their Living

It’s essential to place your rabbit’s cage in an exclusive place. It wouldn’t be wise to put two rabbits in one cage unless they know each other well.

Ensuring Their Comfortable Playing Environment

It doesn’t matter whether this area is indoor or outdoor. You need to manage enough space where they can run around and play comfortably. You can give them toys to play with.

Your rabbits need at least 1-2 hours per day to hop and run around. You should not let them go out of your sight as they might get attacked by predators. If you place them in an outdoor area, make sure their surfing area is well-fenced so that no predators can get inside.

The fence should be at least 2-3 feet under the ground and 4-5 feet higher than the above. On the inside, you should make sure of a safe environment for your rabbit hiding any materials that might reach harm them.

Making Sure of a Good Living Place:

You should have a good hutch for your rabbit’s shelter. You can get them in-store, or you can make them on your own; it’s not rocket science. The hutch should be large enough to fit in a small box, water bowls, food, and enough room for bunnies to stretch out.

Make sure that the cage is 4x longer than the size of your bunnies. If you are going to make it on your own, make a wire box. The box should be easily removable, and ensure you can put a wooden box around it. You will find it a lot easier to clean. 

Proper Food for Your Rabbit:

Timothy hay is a great option for your rabbit’s healthy diet. You should provide them with a rich amount of hay. But avoid giving them alfalfa hay as it is injurious to their health. While feeding pellet food, give them in a small amount, not more than 30 grams per round.

Besides that, you can also offer them leafy greens. Plus, you can offer them some fruits at times. Just don’t let them get used to it. Otherwise, later on, they wouldn’t want to eat those hay.

Regular Clinical Checkup:

Just like your dogs, cats, or other pet animal bunnies also require a regular visit at the vet. You have to make sure that it’s getting the necessary vaccination. Also, when you visit the vet, he can give you the required tips to ensure its best health. He will know if your rabbits need medical attention.

However, rabbits tend to hide their illness like some other pets. So, if you are not a vet, it would be difficult for you to understand if your rabbits need help. The vet will be able to understand that only.

Making Sure of Its Good Life:

You should manage a bit of time from your daily schedule to play with your rabbit. It’s highly essential for their well-being. Rabbits usually love to play any game where there’s a ball included.

They enjoy knocking stuff down. Stealing things from you is one of their favorite hobbies. But don’t let them touch any kinds of stuff that are unsafe to them. There are some rabbits who also love to play fetch.

Make an exclusive entertaining area for your bunnies. You can use a multi-level structure. Be sure of the proper fencing and open shelving.

Adding a box to your rabbit’s playing area is a good option. Rabbits enjoy playing hide and seek. The box must be larger than your bunnies and have at least 2 holes for their enter and exit.

Final Words

Rabbits require care just like a toddler. If you provide them with enough care and love, they will thrive and may live to their maximum age. Be careful with their food and living place and make sure they are getting the required vaccine in time.It’s very important to make their living place as playful as possible. As long as they are getting proper nutrition and entertainment, you don’t have to be concerned with their well-being.We hope after reading our article; now you understand how to make your rabbit happy.


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