How To Make Hamster Bedding? Do It Yourself

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Hamsters are adorable animals and a heavenly blessing for pet lovers. You can bring a hamster as a new member of your family if you are attached to pet animals. When you decide to rear a hamster, you have to make a better plan to offer it all the facilities which keep it healthy and strong.

Clean and comfortable bedding is the most important thing that you can set up for your lovely pet in its cage. The bedding will be the safest place for it and you must keep the bed absorbent and dust-free. There are a lot of online pet stores where you can buy suitable bedding for your hamster. However, you can also make good bedding by yourself. It will be cost-saving for you. Many widely accepted methods are used by hamster lovers.

Here, in this article, we are going to show you some of the suitable ways to make DIY hamster bedding at home by using simple materials that you will find easily. Let’s have a look.

Method 1: How to Make Hamster Bedding With White Paper or Tissue Paper

It is a time-consuming method that is ideal for hamster bedding for several reasons.

First of all, you have to make sure that the paper or tissue you choose is colorless, dry, and unscented. Colour, Scented, or wet paper can be harmful to your pet. By chopping the papers into small pieces, you can make comfortable bedding for your hamster.

The white color of the paper would help you to notice the health condition of your pet. If your pet has a serious health issue, such as diarrhea or bleeding from an injury, you can understand easily and take necessary precautions to recover its health.

You can use scissors to cut the papers into small pieces. Toilet paper can also be a good option as it is very soft.

For big hamsters, such as Syrian Hamsters, the paper cutting should be bigger and smaller for the small hamsters such as Roborovski hamsters. Don’t forget to change the bedding after a regular interval because dirty and dumpy bedding can cause serious illness to your hamster.

Method 2: How to Make Hamster Bedding With Paper Pulp

hamster. You have to turn soft white papers into molded paper balls by using water. It is an easy process. Let’s have a look:

  • At first, tear the papers into pieces and dissolve them by hot water of warm temperature
  • Blend the mixture until it becomes mushy and turn them into a small ball. Then keep the blending for at least 10 hours
  • After making them dry, break them apart according to your need and lay them on a flat place to air dry. When the pieces become completely dry, you can use it for the bedding for your hamster. This paper pulp will be a comfortable bed for your pet because they will absorb the urine of your pet and give it a warm feeling like pampers.

Method 3: Hamster Bedding With Cardboard or Aspen Wood Shavings

These two types are recommended because aspen wood shavings and cardboard are comparatively soft and comfortable to sleep than many other wood shavings. You should not compromise with the decent quality of cardboard or aspen wood shavings. Here you must avoid the rough and dusty shavings as they can be harmful to hamsters’ breathing. Focus on the odor control ability and absorbance capacity of the materials.

Method 4: Hamster Bedding With Cellulose Fiber

If you want to focus on the longevity of the bed, cellulose fiber can be the best option. But, it will cost higher than the previous methods. Because of its incredible soft quality, cellulose fiber gives your pet a luxurious feeling.

Method 5: Hamster Bedding With Plant-based Paper Fiber

Plant-based paper fiber bedding is allergy-friendly. This kind of paper also contains little to no dust or other particles. Plant-based paper hamster bedding has high absorbing quality than wood shavings.

DIY Hamster Bedding: Important Things to Remember

Hope that the discussed methods will encourage you to make bedding for your loving hamsters at home by yourself. Before going to start the job you have to be clear on certain factors, do’s, and don’ts while working to make DIY hamster bedding.

  • Don’t use any colorful or dirty paper. The ink or chemicals of the color paper can be harmful to your pet. Always try to stick with plain paper so that your hamster is not affected by harmful chemicals.
  • You have to focus on the dryness of the bedding because wet bedding will make your pet ill. To make sure that the bedding is dry, don’t put your bedding in a wet place or expose it under rain or water of any kind.
  • Keep your bedding away from the food. Place food in a place of the cage that is almost near the opposite end of the bedding. If the food you provide gets attached to the bedding, your bedding will get dirty very often.
  • Be careful that wooden bedding can make your pet uncomfortable because of its roughness and hardness.
  • Make sure that you clean the cage and bedding regularly. Keeping your cage clean will help to keep your bedding clean. 
  • Cat litter is a dangerous Hamster bedding choice. So, avoid it.


Can I use coconut fiber for bedding of the hamsters?

Ans: Coconut fiber might be ok if these are dry and dust-free, but we would recommend the discussed materials.

Is it okay if I use a blank paper for hamster bedding?

Ans: Yes, we encourage you to use it. Blank or plain papers are more suitable because they are fresh and ink-free.

Do Hamsters need bedding?

Ans: Yes, a cage is not enough. All hamsters need bedding because it absorbs bodily fluids and hamsters like the bedding to sleep and feel safe.

Can hamsters eat their bedding?

Ans: They don’t eat the bedding rather they may chew their bedding to maintain healthy teeth.

What should be the depth of bedding for hamsters?

Ans: The average depth for hamster bedding is 12″.

Are wood shavings good for hamster bedding?

Ans: Pine and cedar wood shavings can be harmful to their delicate respiratory systems.

Is it safe to use shredded paper for hamster bedding?

Ans: Shredded paper is OK, but be sure to scoop out soiled patches twice a day and only use it while you source a more absorbent bedding material.

Can I put a blanket in my hamster’s cage?

Ans: Yes! You can layer the underside of your hamster’s enclosure with a thick blanket. It will give your hamster warmth. However, you can take the blanket away during summer.

What materials can you use as bedding for a hamster?

Ans: The ideal bedding is soft, warm, and absorbent. Follow the methods given above to get an idea about the safe bedding materials for your hamsters.

Final Thoughts

Rearing a hamster is a responsibility and a pleasure as well that gives you a motherly feeling. When you will find that your pet is satisfied and happily playing in its cage, it will give you satisfaction. So perfect bedding is important for your pet’s health. You can easily buy bedding from an online pet store or local pet store.

But when you will make it by yourself, self-satisfied happiness will blow your mind with love and affection. By following the instructions of this article, you can make a perfect bed for your hamster.

Now that you know how to make hamster bedding, don’t hesitate to make bedding that is comfortable, effective, and affordable!


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