How To Litter Train A Guinea Pig? Train Them As A Baby

If you are a pet owner, you need to know how to litter train a guinea pig. These animals are fun and adorable that tend to enjoy time outside and inside their cages. To help keep your piggy’s play areas and cage more hygienic, you should litter train your animal. Like some other animals, it is possible to litter train guinea pigs, or else they will be doing their business and peeing all over their place.

However, litter training in guinea pigs is not like walking in the park; you need to be consistent, patient because the pets tend to urinate after a few minutes. Now let us look at a comprehensive guide to help you litter train your guinea pig.

Step by steps guide on how to litter train a guinea pig

Step 1: Find your piggy’s urination area

This step is effortless but tricky because you will have to spend a lot of time monitoring your little friend to determine the favorite easing place. After a long observation, you will realize your piggy pees at one corner every time. So when you set up a litter box in this place, the guinea pig is more like to utilize it.

Remember, you can also notice your piggy’s urinating place when you clean its cage. You will see a lot of urine and droppings in one place around the cage.

Step 2: Choose a high-quality litter

It would help if you were careful when making a choke on the litter box material. Organic paper-based models are considered as the best over woods. Wood litters may lead to respiratory complications.

Under this step, you should also remove to ensure the area is left clean. Your pig’ should remain clean and smell normal.

Step 3: Spread multiple litter boxes in your guinea pig’s house

This step is only necessary when the animal has more than one easing place. It is hard for the piggy to start using one litter box. To curb such issues, you will have to set up litter boxes on all corners.

Step 4: Closely monitor and see if the pet utilizes the litter tray

Since guinea pig litter training is not an easy task, some of these pets will use the litter while others will not. Don’t worry; it takes time. Try some tricks like placing a urine-soaked straw small piece in the tray. These animals have incredible smelling capability so, and they are attracted to the area.

Step 5: Place back the animals in their cage after the cleanliness

After you are through tricks and cleanliness, it is now time to return your guinea pig to the cage. These animals will realize that the place is clean and conducive; next time, they will follow the urine smell, which is in the litter box. Lock the animal in the cage for some hours and provide it with some hay feed and toys to don’t grudge.

Step 6: Place urine-soaked hay in the litter tray

Guinea pigs like to eat hay while peeing.  So it would help if you placed some grass soaked in urine in their place. Remember, your animal might get confused and still urinate outside the tray. Continue tricking them with some dry hay, for some of the pets will follow the smell and urinate in the feeding litter tray.

Step 7: Immediately clean the place when the piggy urinates outside the place

It is not guaranteed that your little friends will pee in the litter box. So, if it happens, clean the place again. Their urine has some smell, and therefore, if you don’t clean the area, your guinea pigs will continue doing their business in the dirty space.

Don’t cease to remove poop or clean urine from the cage when your little friends do their business outside the tray.

Step 8: Void using clumping cat litter

Guinea pigs are different from cats, and therefore, clumping cat litter might not be suitable for them. These animals may end up eating cat litter, which may result in choking. More so, clumping cat litter has chemicals responsible for reducing scent; it may be harmful to your piggy. Ask for help from your vet to recommend a perfect waste for your pet.

Step 9: Don’t scold your piggy

I know you may feel upset when the animal eases itself outside the cage; don’t be mad over it. Your guinea pig will never understand its mistake but only to stress it. Generally, don’t expose your little friend to any punishment after messing up.

Step 10: Don’t clean the litter immediately

Leave urine to stay in the place for about 24 hours. Doing so will make your piggy understand that the litter tray is suitable to urinate. Repeat these steps until your pet gets used to urinate in a litter box. When the animals learn to ease themselves in these areas, cleaning the cage will be simple.

After 24 hours, wait for the animals to eliminate again and clean the litter box. Remember, these animals are hygienic and would wish to spend some time in a litter tray. Some may fall into a sleep and end up peeing in the place.


How can I find my guinea pig’s elimination place?

You can only determine your piggy’s easing place through observation; you will realize your piggy pees at one corner every time. Furthermore, you can also notice your piggy’s urinating spot when clean its cage. You will see a lot of urine and droppings in one place around the cage.

Can my guinea pig learn to use a litter tray?

Yes, this animal is not that different from other small animals like cats. They can learn some tricks and take some lessons into action.


How to litter train a guinea pig is not a 24 hours-process; it needs time and patience. Training your pet on how to use a litter tray is advantageous to make the cleaning process easy. This article provides you with a complete guide on how you can teach your piggy how to use the litter tray.

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