How to Keep Rabbit Inside Your Garden?

Rabbit is one of the cutest pets. But due to the fact that it is a prey animal, you need to take some extra care of your pet rabbit. To keep your rabbit outside your home, it must raise a question – how to keep a rabbit inside your garden?

To keep a rabbit inside your garden safe and sound, you will need to make a hutch for them. It is a must to ensure proper food supply for the rabbit. Make sure that the rabbit is safe from the other predator animals as well. To ensure safety, sometimes, you will need to take your rabbit indoors.

To know about taking care of your rabbit, so that it can survive in your garden, you will need to know some necessary points. In this article, you will learn about the ins and outs of taking care of a rabbit while it lives in your garden.

Where to Keep Rabbits?

No matter where you are keeping your rabbits, you will need to provide them with a proper habitat with the supplies they need to survive.

While you are keeping your rabbit in your garden, you can provide it with different types of hutches. You can build it as an outdoor cage. These cages can be bought online, or you can have your own DIY coop.

Also, remember to have an indoor rabbit cage so that you can put it inside your home in a time of necessity.

Types of Hutch You Will Need

Depending on the garden, you can decide what type of hutch you want. If you have a small garden, you will want your outdoor rabbit cage to be more accessible for the rabbit. You might lean toward a tiered hutch. This kind of cabinet provides the rabbit a bit more space inside. It can even hop a bit inside the coop if it feels like it.

On the other hand, if you have a more extensive garden, you can go for a single-tiered hutch. It will have enough space, length and height-wise, but it will still not be much big as your rabbit will have more space outside.

If you want your rabbit to have access to grass all the time, you can eliminate the hutch base.

No matter what type of hutch you want, always remember to make it safe. The wood or the metal you are using for your cage or hutch must be safe and smooth.

Features of A Rabbit Hutch

A rabbit hutch doesn’t have extravagant features. But you will need to remember to ensure that some basic features are added to your rabbit hutch. These are:

  • It should have large doors so that it is easily accessible for the rabbit.
  • The inside area should be big enough for the rabbit to roam around a bit.
  • The cabinet must have enough protection so that it is not accessible to predator animals.
  • As hiding is essential for rabbits, the hutch should have a small hidden area.
  • The inner space should be accessible to you so that you can keep it clean when necessary.

These are some of the basic features that a rabbit hutch should have. You can customize, decorate and rearrange your rabbit hutch as per your convenience.

Making Garden Safe for Rabbit

Keeping your pet rabbit in your garden comes with some concerns. The first concern that arises is making your garden safe for rabbits. Providing a hutch or a cage will ensure a living place, but that doesn’t give rabbits enough protection to survive in your garden.

Some necessary steps you should take to make your garden habitable for a rabbit are mentioned below.

Protection from Harsh Weather

A rabbit can indeed stay outside all year long. But still, when the weather is pretty harsh, like thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, and excess hot temperature, the rabbit will need shelter.

You can provide a particular shelter area where the rabbit can hide when the weather is not favorable.

Keeping Safe from Predators

The most challenging part of keeping your rabbit safe in your garden is keeping the predators away. You have to protect your garden with the help of a fence or net, so that wild cats, fox or any kind of predator stays away from your garden.

Not only this, you have to provide proper hiding space for your rabbit so that they can skip any kind of predator attack. This will enable your rabbit to have self-protection.

Also, you can have an indoor cage for your rabbit so that you can put it there when the weather is harsh outside.


Make sure to remove any hazard from the garden that can harm your rabbit. Remove any sort of toxic plants or plants with thorns. Do not keep any glass piece or any shape metal that can cut your rabbit inside the garden.


A rabbit is a kind of animal that tends to escape from a place after a while. You have to make sure it has enough access to the surroundings of the garden.

The garden should be provided with enough plants and toys so that the rabbit doesn’t get bored quickly. Try to ensure that the rabbit can’t dig a hole near the fence to escape from the garden.

Have Enough Food

While the rabbit will roam around the garden, it will try to self-feed. To do so, it will need to have access to safe and healthy foods in the garden. Having enough food available will also keep it away from harming your plants.

Deprivation of food can lean the rabbit towards escaping.

Final Words

Hopefully, this post will help you to know how to keep rabbit inside your garden. Make sure to clean your garden. It should not have any kinds of hazards that can disrupt the rabbit’s comfort while living in your garden. Before letting your rabbit into the garden, make the garden safe for the rabbit’s life.


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