How to Clean Pet Urine from Carpets? – 5 Easiest Steps with a List Of Cleaning Tip

Parenting your pet is like taking care of your baby. Yes! You cannot deny it. No matter how trained your pet is, they can still be a troublemaker.

This trouble sometimes frustrates the parents; as a result, parenting becomes tough -right? I can feel the pain. Here is the story of mine:

I am a single mom with two rabbits. And these cute fluffies are my life; I can’t breathe without them. A few years back, these two became a pain in my ass. They used to pee here and there -sometimes even in my carpet.

Their behaviour irritated my friends; it’s not anyone’s fault. I prefer to take that blame on my head because I was not a conscious mom at all.

They were trained and well-mannered; still, these babies are innocent. And that’s what I realized later.

So, I decided to accept their behaviour as a part of my life and focused on solving their regular troubles with a smile.

Do you want to know how? Let me solve one common problem that is; peeing on the carpet. It’s usual for every pet like dogs, cats, rabbits and more.

No more irritating smell and life. Just read my solution and apply it at your home; life will be amazing with your pet.

5 Easiest Steps for a Better Result:

5. Using a towel: 

Shedding a clean towel over the moist area can be a basic solution. For that, it’s recommended to use a dry and clean towel. It will soak the moist faster. One thing to remember: apply this method as fast as possible.

4. Apply the Vinegar solution:

Pet urine creates odour; it’s because of the existence of ammonia. It also has bacteria and viruses which are harmful to products.

This situation can be worse if you don’t take early precaution. A vinegar solution can get you rid of this problem.

The solution is as follows:

  • Take a 250ml—spray bottle.
  • Then fill it half with vinegar.
  • Fill the rest with water.
  • Shake it for mixing.
  • Next, spray the solution over your carpet.
  • Let it sit for 2 minutes.
  • Then rinse that with a clean cloth.

(Note: before spray, please wipe up the carpet with dry clothes)

3. Baking soda and Vinegar solution:

Baking soda and Vinegar can be another effective solution. This will work two-way: it will remove stubborn viruses; plus, your carpet will get a fast odour solution. Here is how you can apply the solution:

  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • 1 cup of water
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • Add three of this in a spray bottle.
  • Mix it up and spray over the stain.
  • Set it for 2 minutes.
  • Then sprinkle some baking soda over there.
  • Let it dry for a while.
  • Sweep the carpet gently.

(Note: spray some cold water and wipe it up with a clean cloth before applying the solution)

2. Super Solutions:

Why am I calling this super solution? It works best for permanent odour and removes viruses and bacteria faster. I would recommend this for those who already applied the previous two.

So, read the ultimate solution.

  • ⅔ hydrogen peroxide
  • One tsp vinegar
  • One tsp dish soap
  • One tsp baking soda
  • Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the solution over the strain.
  • Let it dry for at least 5 minutes.
  • Rinse and wash the place after the decided time.

(Note: Please avoid water for this special solution)

1. Ethanol solution:

The final solution is simple and effective; I would say, it’s a time saver. Why? Ethanol can react fast to remove odour and viruses. So, where do you find this?

It’s inside your home; VODKA. Really! Yes? Vodka has 40% of ethanol; fill up the vodka in a spray bottle. You can add Baking soda with it.

Next, you will mix up baking soda and vodka. Done! Spray it over the stain. Let it dry for a minute and dry up the place with a clean cloth. Now, you have removed the permanent odour and viruses successfully.

4 Cleaning Tips -It Works Fast:

You have got natural solutions. Its time to take the solution session even better. I designed a list of 5 guaranteed tips for you; this will help you to maintain the beauty of your carpet.

4. Preparation comes before success – even in the dictionary: 

It means; ensure the essentials. Since pets are used to stain the places, it’s better to stay prepared. Enzyme treatments can help you to get prepared always. It has oxygen booster and bacteria-killing objects: your carpet will get the proper care.

3. Take immediate action:

When your baby spoils your carpet, don’t be late. I suggest you act fast: it will save your carpet from solid attack. You know! Solid stains take time to remove.

2. Use proper cleaning process:

It’s wise to follow the instructions properly. For example, oxygen enzymes need 45 minutes to act properly. If you start your cleaning before the time, you will not get the proper result.

1. Discourage your pet:

One of the best solutions is discouraging. You can discourage it in two ways: one, using foil paper or noise materials can be a solution.

Just cover the area with foil paper: this will irritate your pet to avoid the place. Another way to discourage is Vacuuming the carpet. Three to four-time vacuum will make your carpet unattractive for pets. These are the two effective ways to distract your pet.


Being a pet-parent is a tough job; I know how it feels. That’s why I tried to support your generous duty. My cleaning tips will help you to take better preparation, and the cleaning steps will help you to fix the odour and viruses.

I used to apply all the mentioned tips and cleaning processes. So, if you like the support, don’t forget to help the other parents like you.

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