How to build a bird cage? A Proper Guide For Beginner

Constructing a bird cage can be not only satisfying, but also provides a vital chance to save resources and enjoy fun. Most bird lovers are not aware of the best practices maintained when building a cage for their bird. An ideal bird cage that offers your pet with appropriate space to move around can be intriguing but sometimes costly. However, building your own cage can be rewarding and easy than you thought, cause we are gonna guide you about how to build a bird cage? Read on to know what it takes to build a bird cage.

What you need to know before building your bird cage?

The first step in this process involves considering the design and size of your cage. Some bird lovers may like highly aesthetic or spacious cages, but you must be careful about the size because you do not want it to look restricting or prominent within the compound. An excellent recommendation would be identifying and writing the accurate measurement before procuring the building material.

Secondly, you will need to evaluate other aspects of the bird cage you wish to construct. Some cages may restrict designs to cubes only, while others can have attached legs or allowed to hung on the ceiling. It is essential to decide the way you want your cage to be positioned to avoid wasting resources. 

If you have selected a cubed shape, you might need to consider using two wires of same length and molding them into thirds. The resulting pieces will combine from bottom, sides, and top. You can also use electric ties or cage clips to fasten and join the two pieces. You can also create a small opening on each side of the cube and utilize a piece of wire to open the door.

Individuals with the knowledge to build a bird cage will measure the weight of their birds first. This will help decide on the type of wire to use. Using a heavy and robust gauge wire is often recommended. Light wires are discouraged because they are prone to breaking, which may harm your birds.

You can also build a wood frame to support the cage if you feel the wires are not adequately strong. However, do not furnish the surface of wood facing the bird because furnishings contain intoxicating chemicals. You can also include swings, mirrors, bells, tug ropes, perches and other accessories.  

Despite the cage design you intend to build, one of the most critical aspects to consider is the bottom base. Additionally, you will need to place a solid tray at the bottom of the cage to allow bird droppings to pass and enable easy removing and cage cleaning. The bird wastes will not pollute the cage, which will keep the pet safe and clean all the time. Another hygienic step involves coating the tray with a layer of wax paper or newspaper.

Step by Step to How to Make a Bird Cage?

Step 1

Develop a sketch for your pet. You should consider the size of your bird and its movement needs before deciding the way you want your cage to appear. For instance, a cage for a small pet should be approximately 18-by-18-by-18 inches. Ensure you indicate these dimensions on paper.

Step 2

Choose a wire mesh that will suit your bird’s needs. Ensure the wire does not have any toxic material such as zinc, which can intoxicate your bird. Also make sure the wire is small to prevent the pet from sticking its head between the wires or slipping.  

Purchase the wire in sufficient width to accommodate the shorter of the two dimensions of the café, including the width and height. For example, if each dimension of the intended cage is 20 inches by 20 inches, the wire should not be less than 20 inches wide. Ensure that the total length of the wire is adequate to accommodate the combined length of all six dimensions as described in your design.

Step 3

Put the wire on a flat surface. Ensure you indicate the total length of the right, left, bottom, and top sides of the café. Utilize snips to cut a single piece of the wire of equal length to the total measurement.

Step 4

Mark the measurement of the right, bottom, left, and right sides of the cage using a measuring tape to create the exact positions to bend the cage into a desirable shape. A measuring tape should be utilized to make marks of the required measurements of the bottom, right, top and finally left side. This will provide the spots where the cage will be bent to create its desired shape.

Step 5

Create various 90-degree bends on the indicated points by placing a 2-by-4 piece of wood across the wire’s entire width. Next, you should fold or bend the marked wire against the wood piece with a harmer or your hands or a hammer. Make these bends at each of the three marks using the wood as a guide.

Step 6

Tighten the seam of the folded wire then connect where it ends using pliers and J-clips. Attach the connected clips after every 4 inches.

Step 7

Build the back and front of the pet cage from the wire. Establish the exact measurement of the length of each piece using the open end of the folded cage frame as a guide. Use tin snips to cut the two pieces from the wire.  

Step 8

Use J-clips to attach the back and front pieces. Put the clips every 4 inches across the seam. The result is a well-sealed bird cage.

Step 9

Create a hole in the bird cage utilizing tin snips to establish a clear exit. A door of approximately 9 inches high and 6 inches wide is ideal form most bird cages.

Step 10

Snip another piece of wire that is larger than the door hole you developed in the last step. Attach this wire to connect the right side with J-clips. Moreover, secure a spring-loaded latch on the left side to allow you to open and close the door easily.


Your bird, be it is a parakeet, cockatoo, or a finch can be a lovely friend and companion. As a bird owner, it is your responsibility to give your pet everything they need to enjoy a healthy and safe life. You can achieve this by providing a contamination free-environment, food, perches, water and most importantly a good cage to mention a few. Keenly follow the procedure above and you will be surprised that building a cage is easier than you ever thought.

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