How Often Should Rabbits Be Out Of Their Cage?

Bunnies are adorable. But does it look exactly the same when you keep it in the cage and break them free? Well, most rabbit owners will definitely nod their heads left and right, as the furry buddy doesn’t look and act the same when it’s caged and when it’s free.

Being a domestic pet, it must be caged for a larger portion of the day and night, that’s for the benefit of the pet itself. However, does it have to be in the cage all the time? How often should rabbits be out of their cage?

Generally, you should let it loose once a day for an hour or so. Don’t put it in the cage for more than 24 hours at a stretch. It’s healthy for it to run free out there on the lawn and adjust to nature. In this piece, we’re going to look at some of the key factors of keeping your bunny outside.

Should Bunnies Be Kept in A Cage?

This is a dilemma that most new bunny owners find themselves in. It doesn’t really feel ‘okay’ to keep these furry friends behind bars. But is it really that bad to keep these little buddies in the cage?

The answer to this question is not an easy one. Being a vulnerable animal, it’s safe for the pet to be in the cage. But, what’s safe for the pet, may not be enjoyable to it. That’s why the pet may show some level of frustration inside, which may make you feel pity.

However, if you need to make sure that the bunny is secured from dogs and other prey animals that may harm the rabbit. Plus, as these are domesticated pets, there are chances that these bunnies may move out of their residential territory and put themselves in trouble.

Considering all these odds, it’s actually safe for a bunny to be caged. On the contrary, it’s not healthy at all to keep it confined in the cage for a long time in a day. As we’ve mentioned earlier, keeping it outside the cage once a day will give it space to breathe in the fresh air.

How Long Should I Keep My Bunny in The Cage?

Ideally, the length of your rabbit spending its time in the cage depends on the size of the cage it is in. If you have a single rabbit in a cage designed for multiple pets, it won’t suffocate like the one kept in a single-pet cage. So, if you have kept your furry friend in a small-sized cage that’s designed for just one rabbit, you may need to let it loose at least twice a day.

The idea is, you don’t want to keep the bunny inside the cage for more than 20 hours in a row. For a single pet in a single-pet cage, you may want it to move around in the open air every 12 hours.

Where Should I Place the Cage – Inside or Outside?

Even if you are keeping the pet inside a cage, you need to be very careful and choosy while placing it. Keeping the cage inside comes as less harmful for the pet as it won’t be bothered by other pets or stray animals around. Plus, keeping the cage outside may cause it to get sick if the weather is bad or it gets wet during rain. As for the winter season, it’s absolutely a ‘Big No’ to keep it outside.  

But that doesn’t mean that keeping the cage inside is an ideal choice. If you have allergy issues from animals living inside the house, you better arrange a safer place for it outside. Make sure that the place you are keeping your buddy in has enough shade and it’s not in close proximity to other animals that may pose a danger to your little buddy.

Should I Let Lose My Pet Rabbit in the House Out of The Cage?

Now, while it’s a good idea to allow your bunny a free trip outside the cage, you better be planning well before giving it a free pass in your entire house. If it’s not trained enough, things are going to be messy enough for you to regret later. Before you allow the pet to invade your house, follow these simple rules.

  • You can set up a specific room that your rabbit can play around. Keep vulnerable things out of the room.
  • Train your pet to use the litterbox and poop box to avoid making a mess with its waste.
  • Keep all the wires and cable well above the ground so that it may not accidentally chew on those.
  • Keep the pet away from larger pets like dogs and cats
  • Carefully put all the harmful chemicals like pest-control items, glue, etc., out of reach of the rabbit.
  • Train the children to behave well with the pet so that they don’t get scared.

Should I Allow My Rabbit to Run Around in The Lawn?

It’s a great idea to allow your rabbit to run around on the lawn at least once a day. However, it must be under your proper supervision. You have to watch it over from a safe distance to avoid being attacked by any prey or stray animals around.

Then again, keep the doors to the street shut; otherwise, it may accidentally step outside and fall into trouble. So, yes, you should allow your bunny to run around on the lawn once in a while.

Should I Keep My Rabbit in the Cage When I Am Out for a Long Time?

Rabbits are fun-loving animals, and they do love the companionship of humans. But it is used to loneliness, too. However, keeping it alone for a long time can cause multiple problems for it, both mentally and physically. It’s a great idea to hand it over to a friend or family member if you are moving somewhere else for a few days.

Final Words

So, that answers the question – how often should rabbits be out of their cage! If you have a healthy pet, you must let it out at least once a day to give it a chance to breathe in the fresh air. In the case you are keeping it in a cage inside the house, you can increase the frequency, given that the situation is under control in your home!

Best of luck with your furry friend!


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