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Many of a rabbit maniac wants to know the lifespan of rabbit which reflects on the internet search terms, the terms were like: “How long do rabbits live” “how long do pet rabbits live” “how long do rabbits live as pets” or “ how long do rabbits live as a pet”

See, every term is relatively the same and their queries are collectively the same, right? But the sad thing is: they did not find any organized idea about that. Yet, we have decided to create an organized idea about the above search term. Therefore, we would like to borrow some minutes from you for that.

Would you give us? Wow!! Thanks for reading this sentence cause you have put faith on us. Let’s see how far we are able to respect that valuable faith:

Rabbit’s life span:

We all know there are two types of rabbits namely Wild and Domestic. But how many of us know the exact domestic breed? Don’t worry, we did not know also. Then why don’t we up for some quick general knowledge?  Let’s learn together then:

Breed facts:

There are almost 305 rabbit breeds around the world and all of them are domestic which are also scientifically called “Oryctolagus Cuniculus” Is that enough? No, some more information is waiting, such as there are only 13 type wild rabbit breeds around the world, among those 13 types 7 are cottontail breed.

Can you imagine how widespread these mammals are? Great knowledge, give a short clap for us. Just kidding! Now, let get back to our main topic “rabbit lifespan” To organize our writing properly we went to take an interview from a local rabbit expert.

Expert opinion:

When we asked her the same question, replied that: The rabbit lifespan has huge variation according to breed, type and the way of taking care. To explain that in briefly showed some examples according to type, for instance: wild rabbit lives not more than 2 years.

Because of predators, lack of food and take care. On the other hand, domestic rabbits can live about 8 to 12 years due to properly take care and ample of the food supply. At the time of sharing the information she said- earlier 15 to 10 years the lifespan of a rabbit was 5 to 7 years then it raises gradually- just because of updated technology and proper concern.

Since she was emphasizing in “proper take care” over and over, we requested her to explain more about that term. So the answer came with a guideline and we named that:

Proper take care of a rabbit

Keep your rabbit clean:

It’s important to keep clear the surrounding of rabbits so that your little friend is safe from various parasites which may cause serious disease. This can lead to death.

Give vaccine:

To keep your rabbit safe from Myxomatosis and Hemorrhagic disease, make sure that the specific vaccine for that disease is given.

Brush your rabbit regularly:

Furry rabbit breeds like Angoras, Lionhead, Lops, Belgian hare, etc. These types of breeds need extra care since they are furry, and it must be cleared regularly otherwise they can be attacked by fur allergies.


Rabbit needs entertainment since they are social and affection loving animal. In a statistic, it has been found that many rabbits had died for the lack of entertainment. How? When they don’t get a proper companion they become depressed for depression it starts to stop eating food then it dies. So the solution is to provide them with some toys or the owner can make DIY bunny toys for them.

Take them outside for a while:

At least 3 hours a day rabbit needs to stroll outdoor, this will help them to fit because at this 3 hours time it completes the exercise part.

Provide nutritious food and fresh water:

To increase the lifespan, there is no alternative to nutritious food. Here is some nutritious food that has vitamins, minerals, and another healthy ingredient:

Fresh hay-like Timothy, alfalfa hay, grass, oats

Fresh vegetables like broccoli, Bok Choy, basil, carrot top, clover, cilantro, celery, dill, collard green,  Lettuce, mint, parsley, watercress, mustard greens.

These are the common nutritious food you can provide to your rabbit for increasing its life span.

Spay the rabbit:

Most of the doctors said that spaying can increase the lifespan of a rabbit because there is some aggressive behavior owner sees when a rabbit is unneutered, It not like that, spaying can reduce that behavior but also it will save your female rabbit from urinal infection and safe from a dangerous disease.

During the time of expounding that guideline, she mentioned: every rabbit breed has its own individual life span which cannot be compared with other rabbit breeds. That seemed interesting for us. So we urged her again to clear the cough.

Then she showed a list where details of different types of rabbit breed life span are described in brief. For your convenience, here we provide the lifespan and other information of popular rabbit breed: 

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Popular Rabbit Breed

Mini Rex Breeds:

This quiet and calm personality-based rabbit can live 5 to 7 years if it is properly taken care off.

Holland lops breeds:

 Most of the Holland lops live 7 to 14 years because they are very friendly and youthful also easily taken care off

Dutch lop breeds:

Highly social rabbit they are and can live 5 to 8 years with good care

Dwarf Hotot breeds:

If you want to create quick bonding then these breeds are best for that and live 7 to 10 years.

Mini lop breeds:

The cuddle freak lifespan is around 5 to 10 years.

Mini satin breed:

They can live 5 to 8 years with good and they are equipped with versatile characteristics.

Netherland Dwarf breeds:

A giddy breed rabbit who has 10 to 12 years lifespan with adequate look after.

Polish Rabbit:

They live 5 to 6 years and very cute and adorable they are

Lionhead breed:

The furry king has 7 to 10 years lifespan, be careful before adopting this, cause they want to play all the time.

Jersey Wooly breeds:

This wooly gentleman can live 7 to 10 years. To maintain him you must groom regularly.

Californian breed:

They can live 5 to 10 years. A most interesting fact is that they are social

Harlequin breed:

The jolly minded rabbit breeds lifespan are 5 to 8 years

Standard Chinchilla breed:

A most docile breed they are but their lifespan are 5 to 8 years

Himalayan Rabbit breed:

A very patient breed they are and live for almost 5 to 8 years.

We are able to provide only 15 popular breeds from her hundred lists, for the shortage of time. As she is a local expert there were many other rabbit owners waiting for showing their rabbit’s problem.

So we have decided not to bother her. For this reason, had to make our interview short but we had 3 minutes left to end our conversation. To utilize that time we asked a few questions to her. Let’s see the questions then:

Some Question

Q. What is the name of the oldest rabbit?

– Flopsy and it died at 19 years old.

Q. What is the best way of taking care of a rabbit for long lifespan?

– For having long life span rabbit you need to take care of the bunny at an early age.

Q. Can a rabbit see what is behind them?

– Yes, even without turning their head.


As our intention was to produce an organized idea about the search term “how long do rabbits live” and yes, can say that we are successful to provide a mature idea about that terms. Now the next step is yours to judge our effort.


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