How Big Should A Guinea Pig Cage Be?

If there were to list for small rodents that love to be in touch with humans, guinea pigs would top the rank for sure. If you can take proper care, a guinea pig can become one of the members of your house and a favorite playmate for your kids.

Apart from giving proper food and care, guinea pigs need a large house to be healthy and happy. Unlike gerbils and chinchillas, these little dudes need more of a palace to live in than a hutch. So, what exactly are we looking for? How big should a guinea pig cage be?

This the very question we’re going to answer today!

What Size Cage Do Guinea Pigs Need?

Although we consider guinea pigs as small mammals, these are actually not that tiny either. Compared to some other little pets, a guinea may be considered a big boy. Weighing around more than 1 kilogram and being about 25 centimeters tall, this little dude is quite big for regular cages.

Talking about regular cages, most of these crates are designed for commercial purposes rather than thinking about the actual usage. So, sad but true, most cages don’t seem to be a fun haven for a guinea pig.

The little guy needs to run to and fro, roam around here and there. It will nest, eat, drink, and above all – play! All these activities are hard to support if there’s not enough room for it.

If you’re looking for the numbers, here’s a rough idea of how you should measure a cage before you put the little guy inside.

First of all, it all depends on how many guineas you are housing. The more the number, the larger the cage should be.

For one guinea pig, the cage may measure around 7.5 square feet. For two, it’s going to be 10.5 square feet. For three to four, it’s 13 square feet. In all cases, the height should be more than 65 inches.

So, if you can manage the largest one, it’s better for your pet. But if there’s limited availability in the stores, make sure you check these measurements before purchasing one.

Does Size Actually Matter? 

As a pet lover, you know how important it is to have a wide area to roam and play. When it comes to guinea pigs, the demand is even more.

They love to dig around, play, and run to and fro. Being one of the largest among the little pet category, a guinea pig needs the largest of spaces to live. So, it is evident that you can’t confine it to a narrow crate in any way.

One more thing for your kind information – do not confine the animal inside the cage for a long time. Let the little guy play outside once in a while on a regular basis. It will improve its mind and health and will also compensate if you don’t have a large guinea pig cage.

What Benefit Does A Large Cage Have?

A large crate comes with a lot of perks for a guinea pig. Here’s some of the advantage you would definitely want to trade for,

  • More Space for Exercise

Guinea pigs do love and want to exercise. But you have to make sure it gets the opportunity and options. On the other hand, it’s really important for a guinea to be working out. This is because this little pal does have a grazing habit.

And grazing leads to gaining weight, which later causes diabetes, respiratory, and coronal problems. All of these risks can be mitigated if the little buddy is having a good run every day. This can be made sure by simply allowing more space for it.

  • Allows More Stimulation

If the crate is a small one and the guinea doesn’t have enough space to move around, it would get bored. So extending the area would mean more space to explore and more toys and activity items to play with.

This will ensure the proper stimulation for your pet and will keep it healthy, as well.

  • Allows ‘Me Time’ 

Although guinea pigs are social animals, they also need some alone time too. Once in a while, the little guy may want a time off from its regular activity and simply pass lazy time around in the corner.

A small and confined crate won’t allow it for such a ‘Me Time.’ Only if it is living in a larger cage it will find its own ‘alone time’ space somewhere out there.

  • Makes Cleaning Easier

This is something you can get right away. It’s evident that the smaller the cage is, the thicker and denser the poop and other waste will be. So it becomes a pain in the neck to clean up the cage every now and then. Plus, every time, it’s an awkward job, too!

But a larger crate will give the little buddy to poop around in a decent way that will make it easier to manage.

  • Looks Good 

Even if you think that a small crate is enough for your guinea pig or pigs, it’s simply just not going to look good in your house. It will look like a personalized zoo that went horribly wrong.

A good looking large cage can add to the beauty of your house, as well. If you’re placing the cage in the forefront of your house – that will be even better!

  • Ensures a Happy Guinea

Above all, the more space the pet gets to play and explore, the happier it becomes. A wide crate will help widen the outlook of your pet, and it will feel less convicted and more satisfied.

Final Words

It’s not about how big should a guinea pig cage be. It’s about how much do you care for your pet. The more you allow your little friend to explore and play, the better response it will show to your affection and care. And to allow it to wander around freely, there’s no alternative to a big house. So take your time to assess the need of your dear pet, and keep our measurement options in mind. You’re surely going to make your pet even happier!


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