Everything About Chinchillas- A Definite Detail For The New Owner

Within short writing, it is tough to tell everything about chinchilla. To make the complicated thing easier, we have taken a challenging initiative, in order to guide the upcoming chinchilla owner. And pretty much sure that, this step will serve everything they need to know.

So what will the step cover? Well, it will cover:

  • What actually looks like chinchilla?
  • How the name of chinchilla came?
  • How many breeds of chinchilla are there?
  • How many types of chinchilla are there?
  • What is the Characteristic of a chinchilla?
  • How long a Chinchilla lives?
  • Why you should choose chinchilla as a pet?
  • How to care chinchilla?
  • Summary

Above said topics will be discussed in upcoming steps in detail and will help newbies to make the right decision. Therefore, the first step a newbie should know is:

What actually looks like chinchilla?

A chinchilla looks like a squirrel but has huge fur. In fact, it has the most fur in small mammal community. To know more about the animal lets jump into the next section.

How the name of chinchilla came?

This name has come from a place in South America and the name represents a community called “Chincha” who used to live in the Andes, by wearing furry velvet cloth made from an animal. From that, time the animal was named as Chinchilla. There are a lot more things to know about the animal such as

How many breeds of chinchilla are there?

There are two different breeds of chinchilla such as a long-tail chinchilla, short tail chinchilla. Short-tailed chinchilla is known as wild species. And mostly found in Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. Scientists said, “These species are rare” Conversely, long-tailed chinchilla is known as pet chinchilla and available in Peru & Chile, in different types. To know more about the types, here we have structured another question below:

How many types of chinchilla are there?

There are three different type chinchilla such as Raton, Costina, La Plata and Raton is the strongest type of Chinchilla among three of those type. However, three types of chinchilla have different features; their character is almost the same. Like:

What are the characteristics of a chinchilla?

The characteristics of chinchilla are as follows:

  • The fur of the chinchilla is huge, has also variety like, brown, white, gray and black.
  • The weight of this animal depends. For example, a male chinchilla can be 17-ounce maximum.
  • On the other hand, a female chinchilla can be 15 ounce.
  • 10-inch length of a chinchilla.
  • Gray and black colored tail are most commonly seen.
  • Moreover, their ears are round.

Therefore, those above are the basic characteristics of a chinchilla. Apart from that, people also ask about the lifespan of this small mammal. To answer that, here is a special branch:

How Long a Chinchilla Lives?

If a chinchilla is taken care of properly, then it can live at least 10 years. And, the take care means proper food and well maintenance, which are very easy. This why we prefer them to choose as a pet. To know more about the reason for that preference. Read the next sections:

Why you should choose chinchilla as a pet?

Alright, we have tons of reasons to keep the animal as pet. From that list, some common rational are giving below:

  • The price of chinchilla diet is lower than any animal.
  • The owner can easily train them.
  • They are soft and adorable.
  • One can easily foster in a small place.
  • Once they have tied with the owner, started to entertain him/her.
  • For kids and teens, they are a very good companion.
  • The owner can carry them easily.
  • This animal always stays calm.
  • If the owner gives a toy to its chinchilla, then the entire travel will calm and quiet.

Thus, we can say, “chinchilla can be comfortable pet, after evaluating above-said reason. And one can adopt one of these animals to recover loneliness. As the animal recover lonely times, needs proper care, to keep it fit. Right? Then let’s look on some fantastic chinchilla caring tips below:

How to care Chinchilla?

To take very good care of a chinchilla, the owner needs to concentrate on these essential facts, such as:


In diet, always try to provide fresh water, timothy hay, pellets, vegetable, and fruits. With this balanced food, it will be easier to keep them healthy.

Feeding warning:

During the time of feeding earlier said things, we suggest the owner serve nonstop fresh water and hay. Also advised to remove vegetable and fruit after 24 hours.

House for chinchilla:

This animal can easily adapt to every environment, but cannot tolerate 80-degree Fahrenheit temperature at all. As well as, above the 2-inch bed creates discomfort with the animals. The size of the house should not be bigger than its body.

Grooming, maintenance, and behavior:

This small mammal needs to be cleared regularly with a soft brush as well as keep the house clean. And don’t forget to contact a Vet. With that, we recommend giving enough time playing and cuddling. This way, it will stay fit.

Through, the way new owner can easily foster a chinchilla.


Everything about chinchillas has detailed precisely at previous stages and the motto is to assist the new owner so that they can take a wise decision in choosing chinchilla.

However, we want to share some queries below before wrapping up the piece because without the questions. We could not make this content. So the inquiries are:


Ques: Are the fostering of chinchilla easy?

- Yes.

Ques: Can anyone have chinchilla as a pet?

- Of course.

Ques: Is it expensive to foster a chinchilla?

- Not at all, rather easier than any other small mammal.

Wrap up

The aim of this definite guide is to provide basic knowledge about chinchilla, so that new owner can take a further step for bringing a new guest to its family. If this article helps them to bring a chinchilla at their home, then our hard works are successful. Take care.

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