10 DIY rabbit hutch Plans | Complete Guideline by Expert

Well, you can always buy a rabbit hutch from your local pet store. Or you can just do it yourself. There are lots of rabbit hutch models available on the market. But they might not always fulfill your needs. Building your own rabbit hutch can always be the best solution in terms of these problems. 

But the problem is that many of us don’t know how to build one. In this tutorial content, we are going to talk about DIY rabbit hutch. We hope this helps you and you find suitable accommodation for your rabbits.

DIY: Build your own rabbit hutch

As you can see, building a rabbit hutch is not that tough at all. You just need to follow some simple steps. You need to collect your desired plan, collect the necessary materials and many more. Now in this part of the content, we will guide you with these simple steps. So, read carefully.

First DIY: Select A Place

First, choosing a suitable place is very much important. Generally, a rabbit hutch is a stable outdoor accommodation. But you can install a rabbit hutch indoors if you have enough space. You can build the hutch on the corner of your rooms, or in the extra space under the stairway.

So, you need to choose a perfect space for your rabbit hutch. You need to check out all the facilities of the space you choose.

Second DIY: Make A Rabbit Hutch Plan

Now you need to make a rabbit hutch plan. Whenever you are under a project, you need a blueprint. This blueprint will guide you all the way through. So, finding a good plan is very important.

You will find rabbit hutch plans online. Just pick one plan and try to collect all the materials. A blueprint will always give you a crystal-clear view on the number of materials you need and you will also be able to sort out the measurement. You can look for DIY indoor rabbit hutch plans if you want the hutch to stay indoors or you need to find a DIY outdoor rabbit hutch plan if you want to accommodate rabbits outdoors. 

Third DIY: Collect All The Necessary Materials

Now you need to collect all the important materials according to your blueprint or rabbit hutch plan. First of all, you need to get yourself a toolbox. The toolbox will keep all the important tools you need to assemble the rabbit hutch. So, you need to make sure you have a toolbox at hand. You need sturdy wood such as maple wood for the frame and support.

The amount of wood mainly depends on the size of your rabbit hutch. You can search for everything online to get a good idea on this matter. You will also need plywood for the roof and the floor. You can also use plastic sheets if you want. Many people like to use plastic sheets. But try to use materials that will not harm the rabbit at all. Try to gather plywood with a slight golden or reddish color.

Fifth DIY: Select And Cut Your Wire Mesh Pieces

Selecting the wire mesh piece is one of the most important parts of building a DIY rabbit hutch. Try selecting 14- or 16-gauge galvanized wire mesh pieces because the piece will not break if a rabbit tries to chew the wires. You can also use 1 by 2 inches rabbit mesh for the sideways doors. 

You will also need a half by 1-inch weave for the flooring. Try to avoid chicken wire. They are not good for rabbits or may harm them. So, avoiding chicken wire is important. 

After collecting the wire mesh, you need to cut the mesh using a wire cutter. You will need 4 pieces of mesh for your sides. If you want to get a wooden doorway, you can cut an extra piece. You will find rabbit hutch wire mesh on your local pet store or in online pet stores. Making a wire mesh own your own may consume a lot of time and you will always not get the best of supports.

Sixth DIY: Setting Up The Structure

Now you need to set up the basic structure of your rabbit hutch. After making the basic structure, you need to assemble other parts. First, attach two of the width pieces along with the other 2 height pieces. Attaching all the pieces will help you get a rectangular shape. This will form the shape of the basic structure.

Seventh DIY: Attach The Wire Mesh From Top To Bottom And Create The Doorway

Attach the mesh using a stapler. Attach the wire mesh from top to bottom. To do that, rotate your rabbit hutch frame until it is positioned the right way. Use an industrial staple gun. Do it gently and after attaching the mesh, check if there are any sharp edges around the frame.

Now create a doorway. Use a wire cutter to create a doorway on the cage. But after doing to trim the edges around with plastic trims. If you want to use a wooden doorway frame, you will need to cut the mesh into the right order. 

Eighth DIY: Attach Wooden Supports

Now attach the wooden supports on your rabbit hutch. Use L brackets and attach them using screws. You need support posts. Attach them altogether.

Ninth DIY: Finishing Up

Now to finish the job. You can add shingles and drainage for your rabbit hutch. You can make a DIY rabbit run. Place the hutch on your desired location. If you are keeping your rabbit hutch outdoors, secure the support post using concrete or cement.

Tenth DIY: Setup Your Rabbit Hutch

After building your rabbit hutch, you need to set up the rabbit hutch. Rabbits are fragile and peace-loving creatures. All this time we talked about the structure. Now we need to talk about the setup. It is important to set up the rabbit hutch. You need to provide good flooring for the rabbits. 

Food and water supply are a must in this case. Providing extra care, DIY rabbit run, and many other important facilities is a must. Setting up the hutch is all part of building it.

Some important FAQ

Can I build a rabbit hutch?

Sure, you can build a rabbit hutch yourself. You just need to collect the important materials and assemble them in the right order.

What is a rabbit hutch?

A rabbit hutch is a permanent accommodation for multiple rabbits. Generally, if people have just one rabbit and want to keep the rabbit indoors, he purchases a rabbit cage. On the other hand, if you have multiple rabbits, you will need a rabbit hutch for yourself. Generally, people purchase a rabbit hutch just for an outdoor accommodation solution. But if you have a wide space indoors, you can also build one inside.

Rabbit cage or rabbit hutch – which is better?  

In my opinion, a rabbit hutch is better. Yes, if you have just one rabbit, you can go for a rabbit cage. The rabbit cage is small and portable. If you travel a lot or shift place a lot, you can go for a rabbit cage. If you want your rabbit to roam around freely indoors, a rabbit cage is perfect. You just need the rabbit to sleep at night. They will sleep inside the cage.

But if you have multiple rabbits, the thing gets a little messy. You need a rabbit hutch. A rabbit hutch is a perfect and settling accommodation solution for your rabbits. Usually, people like to use rabbit hutch outdoors, but if you can make a plan for yourself, you can make a rabbit hutch indoors.

Do indoor bunnies really require a hutch?  

Rabbit hutch act as a permanent housing solution for your baby and adult rabbits. Mainly you use a rabbit hutch outdoors. But there is a specific hutch mainly made for indoor. You can surely check them out. If you have an unoccupied place in your house then you can set the hutch there. For further information, you can check online.

What type of bedding I should use for my rabbits in my rabbit hutch?

The traditional bedding set up for rabbits in any rabbit hutch is wood shavings or sawdust. But our experience tells us that wood shavings or sawdust may affect the health of your bunny. Instead of these materials, you should go for paper pulp, wood pallet cat litter or special rabbit litter. You can also use hay or straw if you want. The choice is all yours to begin with.

Why should I avoid chicken wire mesh on my rabbit hutch?  

Rabbits like to chew on stuff, and we believe you know this little information. Chicken wire mesh is not that durable. So, it is easy for a bunny to cut the chicken wire mesh easily. Chicken wire mesh also creates a lot of problems for the rabbits. So, avoiding chicken wire mesh on the rabbit hutch is a must.


Rabbits are great for pets. But they need a great home for themselves. Whether they roam around freely on indoors or just stay inside the cage, you need to provide them the extra care and supplies they need. A rabbit hutch is a permanent accommodation solution for rabbits. But there is a time you cannot rely on a ready-made rabbit hutch.

So why not make one for yourself? Today we tried to give you some ideas on a DIY rabbit hutch. We believe that after reading the whole content, you will be able to make your own rabbit hutch and provide all the extra care your rabbits need. We talked about the plans and also answered some important questions you ask before making a rabbit hutch.


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