Healthy DIY Rabbit Bedding Ideas From Expert

Being ahead of the game of rabbit parenting, Mrs. Ruth has an outstanding rep. With that authentic mark, she has been serving a lot of newbie and experienced parents still. At the end of that service, her best efforts payoffs through the victim’s smile.

To bring that heavenly symptom on my lip, I took an appointment from her. Because, it’s getting tougher for me to set an invariable rabbit bedding, even could not detect the right bedding for my Prince William.

If you are surprised for calling my bunny as Prince William, then it’s okay, because Ruth also felt the same. But trust me!! The name was able to bring a great voice from the consultant, and that is: “DIY Rabbit Bedding.”

Through that grotesque idea, I have become one of the most fortunate rabbits, indeed. Then, I decided to share some significant sparks by blending expert consultancy and my experience, for your ultimate convenience. So here we go:

Healthy Rabbit bedding ideas:

Usually, Rabbit bedding depends on the nature of bunnies, by analyzing the quality; a parent should choose the ideal bedding for them. But some basic things the owner should consider, for example, chewing habit which is 120 per minute with 17,000 taste buds.

Can you imagine? 7,000 taste buds which are more than a human being! With that, it tears down all the surrounding things for keeping away overgrowing teeth disease. Yet, this caution brings immense sorrow for the rabbit in some cases, due to swallowing unhealthy objects.

Therefore, the early requisite afore installing bed for the tiny prince is selecting material according to their health demand. And the healthy bedding ideas are throwing below:

1. Cardboard Bed:

Clasping the first throw with cardboard idea, and it is packed with colossal Cellulose. As a result, the parent doesn’t need to think about digestion issues because it can be considered as an alternative to vegetables & Leaves.

Thus, the idea of making a bed from cardboard is very good and cost-efficient, for executing the concept, the guardian needs mid-size cardboard, after collecting the material, tear the whole board off into little pieces, soak it with water and dry it quarterly. Then, spread it on the indoor rabbit cage or outdoor rabbit cage, that’s it, you are done.

2. Paper Bed:

The next catch is the Paper bed idea, straightforward to generate and perfect for rabbit health, but it depends on the paper you use. To execute the concept, I prefer white paper. So the process of making the bed is:

Take some white paper and put that into an old clothed pillow cover then soak it into water. After that, dry up the paper pole and rip off by rubbing your both hand, until the hand feels comfortable. Put that inside the rabbit cage afterward; monitor the comfort of your rabbit.

With those two ideas, parents can easily fosterage a healthy rabbit; in fact, the best options one can utilize for a rabbit bed. As the experience of my past rabbit bedding was not that much good, those Paper bed and Cardboard bed ideas pulled the trigger finally for me as a blessing.

For achieving that anoint, had to go through a heartbreaking curse phase which traded my two adorable rabbits for the wrong bedding decision. And I don’t want you to face the same stage, that’s why detailing a “Things should not use” for rabbit bedding are describing below:

Things should not use

  • Never use Pine or Cedar shaving, because it will infect the small prince with liver damage and respiratory problem, and it does not cure; as a result, you have to prepare to see your price die.
  • Another dangerous thing is clay type bedding; when rabbit swallows the clay, it starts to disturb the digestive system since their digestion power is too weak.
  • Lastly, don’t use scented form wood chip, paper, or material because the chemical may cause cancer and leads to your rabbit into death.

By maintaining that detailed bulleted point rabbit owners can reduce the risk of heartbreaking by choosing the right rabbit bed. Though the earlier pointed facts are not enough to select a proper bed, still those are the best points at least for saving a small animal’s life.

However, it’s essential to evaluate further elements to choose proper bedding, and it becomes complicated and tight in some cases. For relieving, the parent from that maze Do It Yourself in little DIY is the optimum choice. And obviously, you should know why DIY is bedding is best:

The reason behind choosing DIY bedding as best:

1. The first reason for choosing DIY is to reduce cost and make budget-friendly bedding for bunny

2. The second reason is healthy because the parent knows the habit of their little one so that they can create according to their tiny prince requirement.

3. The third reason is the proper use of waste material by which a new idea can be generated and utilized

4. The final aim is a rabbit health concern, with that DIY technique; guardians can make a good bed for their rabbit.

After knowing why DIY is the best, you might have decided to switch the DIY option or are still in hesitation to choose, right? Don’t worry; the Next questions will assist you in taking a wise decision which I had placed to Ruth at the time of our DIY discussion. Let’s take a look then:

Ques: Does DIY absorb like the ready-made bed?

Ans: Yes, it. 

Ques: After how many times should I change the bed?

Ans: Well, every day is fair enough. 

Ques: Can I use the rabbit droppings as fertilizer?

Ans: Yes, In fact, this is the best thing you are giving to your garden, which is full of Protein, Mineral, and Vitamin.

Happy Ending…

Maybe the question-answer session and the blend of my experience, as well as consultant tour, will help you to choose the right DIY rabbit bedding idea. If it so, then it is my pleasure to make you smile. And the request is to you to share this article with other rabbit enthusiasts so that they can make something for their little prince’s welfare.


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