7 Best DIY Bunny Toys Idea| Homemade Bunny Toys

Looking after a human baby and a bunny are similar to me, perhaps my past experience says that at least. Having been through this for years, I know how tough to raise a bunny properly since they are social and affection-seeking animals.

Even the lack of decent entertainment for your rabbit can lead to death. To avoid that uncertain death, you need to provide them enough amusement, maybe it can be your precious time or some toys.

Since we are a human being, have to go outside for daily bread or for some other reason, as a result, the mammals become lonely, for avoiding the loneliness it is wise to provide them some toys.

As the rabbit toys are expensive and tough to get, then why don’t you create some “DIY Bunny Toys” for them?  Trust me these DIY rabbit toys can help you to furnish superb entertainment for your friend. And it’s also easy to make like the DIY hutch of the rabbit.  

To make the DIY experience easier, I have decided to share some DIY toys idea with you so that you can create a few excellent toys for your rabbit. So let’s dig that out:

DIY bunny toy

Homemade rabbit toys ideas

At the time of thinking about “how to make bunny toys” I decided to check what my rabbit loves, in fact, what basic things every rabbit wants for entertainment, therefore, started to observe my rabbit then found:

Rabbits love to chew, scrutinize, dig, jump, climb; even they have an instinct feature of playing hide and seek. After revealing the feature, I start to create some toys from my existing wastage. Remember not all wastage is good for rabbit health.

There is some wastage that can be used for homemade bunny toys, from that specific wastage I created few toys, yet are very easy to make. You can try that by the following method:

1. Paper lunch bag toy

One of the easiest DIY toys you can make, just collect a paper bag and fill that with dried hay, and timothy hay together, then make some holes, wherein they are being encouraged to dig their favorite hay, It will also help your bunny to play some mind game.

2. Slinky Toy:

Another easiest toy you can make from slinky, to make that toy all you need one minute time. So the process is like: take a slinky and hang that with a chair or lower part of the table then put some veg inside the slinky. Then left the toy to your friend and let him take the challenge. A great toy!! Right?

3. Setting up a mirror:

Setting up a mirror on the floor is another great way to bring a fake friend for your rabbit, through this way the mammal will be surprised to see by thinking “how he does the exact thing like me, even he looks like” Very intelligent way to keep your bunny entertained.

4. Provide Tissue –Box:

If your house has a leftover tissue box then toss that to the rabbit, since they love to dig and rip, these tissue boxes can be a great way of playing.

5. Old baby toys:

Another good option is: give them your babies old toys, seriously it worked for me cause my 1-year-old baby had some ward plastic toys, and I gave that to them, after getting the toys those little bunnies were so happy that they started to jump by chewing them. Oh! One thing should remember before giving old toys, that is: keep those toys germ-free as they will chew that.

6. Cardboard DIY:

This is the most used material for creating DIY toys for rabbits, as it is safe and danger-free owners love to provide cardboard-made toys to their rabbits. With this material, one can make various toys. Here I am showing one of my favorite cardboard toy ideas:

7. The tunnel made with cardboard:

As I earlier mentioned that the rabbit loves to play hide and seek, for playing that game you can make a tunnel with two medium-sized cardboard boxes. To understand the process I am giving you a guideline below:

Tunnel Guideline

At first, take one cardboard box and create two doors, one in front of the box another is behind the box. Then create two rooms inside that box and don’t forget to do some holes over the board. With that hole, your rabbit’s playing zone will be more adventurous. Then create the second box like the first one.

Now it’s time to create a bridge between the two boxes, for making the bridge you can use a leftover paper towel tube or can make it with broken cardboard by using a stapler and tape, it’s your choice. After creating the bridge then fill the two boxes with paper, tissue, ribbed towel.

That’s it. At last, let your bunny to enjoy hide and seek.

Create a puzzle with an old paper towel roll:

This type of puzzle-based DIY toy making is easier, how? Here is the guideline: take an old paper towel roll and create some holes in it then put some carrot, lettuce, and vegetables in it.

Then turn off both sides with cardboard pieces and intrude a fastener inside that roll and hang that with the chair. At the time of hanging on a chair remember the height and range of your rabbit.

Thus you have successfully made a puzzle with an old paper towel roll.

With those 7 methods, one can easily create DIY rabbit toys. Which will make your bunny busy in your absence also they will get enough entertainment from that.

As the content is concerning about rabbit entertainment, there might raise some questions in rabbit owners’ minds and I will try to answer that questions which have been picked at the time of surfing various blog reading rabbit entertainment. Therefore, let us take a look.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can a rabbit die for not having proper entertainment?

Yes, they can die for not having proper entertainment, in some cases, it has been seen that, for depression, rabbits start to stop eating; as a result, they become weak and then die.

Does willow ball a good toy?

Obviously, rabbits love to play with a willow ball.

Can I consider a Cereal box and plastic bottles as a DIY toy?

Of course, you can. 

Wrap Up

The aim of sharing my experience is to reduce your toil so that the owner can easily create some excellent DIY bunny toys by using their wastage. If it helps any of you, do share and support us to assist you more.


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