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While all the teammates are on the ball to create betterment for the rabbit devotee community then Mrs. Jenny fuels up their process by generating a luscious writing idea about “types of rabbit hutches”.

To spice up her concept, she also added some very exceptional flavor. In effect, the smell sweeps all over the rabbit neighborhood, as they were searching for a root level of view regarding the idea, like a freak.

Even Google wants to satisfy this large rabbit community by providing an exact search result. Maybe that’s the reason behind thanking Jenny in advance, before throwing the concept to you.

For the purpose of sharing the idea, we offer her to take the floor so that she can yell over that conveniently. And there she starts with:

Different type of hutches:

There are three different types of rabbit hutches around the world according to its variation. And each hutch has its own individuality and uniqueness. For realizing the air and exclusiveness, three types are briefed in depth below.

Indoor rabbit hutch:

To kick off the brief regarding individuality and uniqueness, first, we need to see the features, of what reasons it is ideal for indoor? Basically, an indoor hutch is used inside the home cause many users love to keep their bunny beside them.

For that reason, the owner prioritizes waste drainage system, bunnies comfort, the safety of bunny, enough space, hay feeder option and water supplying option, most importantly the adaptability with the indoor environment.

Specifically, these cages are not suitable for outdoor use and better perform indoor. Overall those options are considered to choose an indoor rabbit cage by the owner.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch:

In this second phase, there will also be a short brief regarding the outdoor rabbit cages but a bit of exception will be there. Cause most of the owners foster rabbits for economic purposes.

Consequently, they observe few things at the time of purchasing, for instance, atmosphere enduring power, security from the predator, waste drainage facilities, in some cases may want a large rabbit hutch to ensure the flexibility of their pet.

Not only large but also extra large rabbit hutch people search especially for the rabbits like Flemish Giant. Cause this type of rabbit grows almost 2.5 feet and produces 20 to 22-pound meat. Thereupon, the consumer needs either a large indoor rabbit hutch for settling this giant or a large outdoor rabbit hutch. Ultimately there is a slight difference between the indoor and outdoor cage, even the large indoor rabbit cage, and outdoor cage remain the same except size.

Single story rabbit hutch

Primarily, the hutch size is 13 x 22 x 18 for a single rabbit in-habitation but for a double pet, the size will increase beside. This means two or more rabbits can stay together by side to side. And this is what experts recommend for keeping multiple rabbits.

Two-story rabbit hutch

Most of the owners used to get bent out of shape, to accommodate multiple rabbits. For them, two stories are the best choice, before choosing one must keep in mind about space and comfort. Otherwise, the result will not good enough.

Notably, the two-story rabbit cage is similar to the duplex house, as a result, it’s tough to buy a ready-made cage but expert recommends to create DIY multiple rabbit cage so that one can easily employ ample space for their pet, and it’s a very wise decision too.

Overall, it’s good to have multiple rabbit cages, if you own more than two pets. Moreover, there is a very crucial factor, over which pet squire struggles for. And the factor is planning outdoor multiple cages. To make the owner struggle easier, the following short instructions may guide:

Outdoor rabbit hutch plans for multiple rabbits

First of all, determine the budget then move for materials, since the concern of the cage is rabbit comfort, therefore, no compromise in choosing the material. After that select the measurement and facilities you want to provide inside and outside the cage.

Through that preceding process, 70% of problems are solved; again move for the second step where the pet processor will decide either wants to buy a hackneyed hutch or create by its own which is now calls DIY. For DIY, it will time consuming yet YouTube can assist to make that “Do It Yourself”.

Finally, the execution time has come for the owner, to perform the plan smoothly, just stick to the plan. Another thing bears in mind when you will up for measurement; always consider the space of the backyard or the place you want to install the hutch.

To pull a conclusion after briefing the concept, Jenny brings an amazing fact reference about rabbit hutch size where she said that- a rabbit hutch size highly depends on the breed because each genus has its individual instinct, such as Flemish giant, it needs huge space since its almost look like a goat when it comes into a mature age.

Also, the rabbit-like Mini Rex is very boisterous in nature nevertheless of being a small creature; it needs ample space to practice its genetic behavior.

After knowing the fact reference, some of our teammates asked her a few questions for discovering the more interesting cases, so the questions are:

Frequently Ask Questions & Answers

 What type of rabbit hutch is popular?

There is no specific type of cause, it depends on the owner’s intention. 

What thing should use to wash a rabbit cage?

Water and dish soap but some prefer antiseptics. 

What soap can I use to clean my bunny up?

No soap, just offer a dry bath, if it is very necessary to use then use baby shampoo mildly.

End of the line

When we offered Jenny to share the “types of rabbit hutches” concept, thought that she would be fed up for using the word “Yell” but thank god, the response was overwhelming. In one word, an amazing woman comes with a fantastic concept. what do you think?


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