Do you know the learning of a chinchilla cage set up can reduce your mental stress?

In research; the experts have found a tremendous stress recovery tonic, in pet fostering. Moreover, we believe, it could bring a positive sign in human life.

Now; you can ask: how? Well; when a person passes his/her tedious or stressful time by looking after a pet, the mental pressure starts to reduce gradually.

For example, if you have a chinchilla, then the duties are to ensure a proper chinchilla cage set up, medicine and spending enough time with the small pet.

So while you begin to concentrate over those earlier said options, then the distraction starts. As a result, stress becomes lower.

Therefore, we can say that raising a pet can not only recover the stress but also develops a new skill.

With that saying; we want to fire up a new step by step guideline, to prove the earlier statement called “develop a new skill.”

That’s why our team has structured a chinchilla cage building guide below:    

Steps for making a perfect chinchilla housing: 

Also, this portion has adorned with eight individual sub-sections. Inside these sections, you will find the proper way to build a healthy chinchilla cage.

So, the steps are as follows:

Align a proper cage according to your pet health:

The first step of building a coop measures an adequate size and the size must be (16 x 18 x 16) inches. With this size, you can assure enough playing and relaxing space for the small pet. Also, it is essential to keep the pet fit and healthy. Since the term “healthy” has pronounced, let us deep dive into making the word more comprehensive.

Such as, a wire made cage is not preferable for chinchilla, because their skins are sensitive. Plus, they tend to chew the materials. Consequently, the risk of stomach disease increases. To avoid that, we recommend using a wood-based cage or plastic made-pan.

During the use of those cages, don’t forget to consider the comfort zone theory. Since this small mammal cannot endure more than 78-degree temperature, it is essential to confirm their consolation.

However, some owner prefers to give a glass made-cage for their tiny friend. As a result, this leads to a respiratory problem for poor ventilation. So, we recommend you to analyze every possible factor by assessing the pet health, before choosing the chinchilla cage.

If you have done this correctly, then get ready for the next step, which is:

Select proper bedding:

As you have assured a sturdy cage for your chinchilla, it is high time to work with the interior part of that cage. So, the beginning approach is making proper bedding for the pet. For that, we recommend you to go for shredded type paper or pellet type linens.

These ingredients work in two different ways. Namely:

It makes the floor fluffy and comfy. Thereby your pet can rest peacefully, as well as, play the hide and seek game. Another is: shredded paper and pellet keep the digestion system running. Means, your pet can chew the ingredient by avoiding health risks.

Except for those things, the shredded paper has the highest absorbing power and odor control. For that reason, you need not maintain the cage regularly. Same it goes to the pellet because you will only remove those portions which are dirty. Therefore, the least amount of pellet packages can save the right amount of money.

Thus, we suggest you choose a pellet of shredded paper for bedding. After that, the cage set up becomes more comfortable. Because the rest of the things are a bit easier, also, it will be discussed in the forthcoming stage.

Better, you can choice rabbit beddding for your chinchilla. Cause, rabbit and chinchilla both of are small cherished. 

Provide a better water supply:

The next step after completing comforting bedding is to hang up a water bottle. This way, you can guarantee the on-demand water supply.

Because the chinchilla used to chew all-time for avoiding overgrowing teeth, during the chewing time, they need fresh water to keep their digestive system ok.

Eventually, the recommendation is to build a water jar keeper outside the cage. Through that, you can fill up the bottle without opening the enclosure.

Moreover, when the work is done, then follow the upcoming step.

Build a hay bar:

After confirming the water supply, we recommend you to build a hay barn. Because the chinchilla needs 85% of hay in their daily food cycle. So, creating a large spaced hay jar will be a wise decision. For that, our preference is the plastic jar. These things are chew friendly.

So, we suggest you fit that jar outside of the cage corner. As a result, you can fill the jar anytime. In this way, a pet owner can easily set up the hay jar. After that, you should prepare for the dust bath, which is:

Secure the dust bath:

When you have completed the food supply (chinchilla food), it is time to take some personal care. For that, you can buy a powder called a dust bath powder. Then, spread that inside the cage. Afterward, your pet will do the cleaning job by own because chinchillas love to stay fresh.

To maintain that, they have their signature procedure. For enjoying that; we recommend to see the pet steps, after placing some dusting powder inside the cage. When a healthy bath is ensured, then we prefer you to buy some entertainment ingredients. So the topic will be covered in the next section.

Keep some toys inside the cage:

All right, your pet needs some toys to keep them healthy. Because the lack of entertainment can throw the pet into depression. Consequently, you are going to lose your pet. To avoid that, we advise some chew friendly wooden toys.

Note: I recommend you to bring some rabbit toy for your chinchilla. 

These will not only keep your friend happy but also take care of the teeth health. Therefore, invest some good toys for the little member, though they can make the cage messy.

For that, we have a solution in the upcoming stage. Named:

Cage maintenance:

As the pet passes a significant amount of time in the cage, it is reasonable to be dirty or messy. As well as, this can grow various diseases too. To avoid that, we recommend you clean the cage two times a week. Through that way, one can keep their pet health, and keep himself/herself stress-free.

Again, you can ask: how this will keep a person stress free?

Well, the chinchilla is a social animal and loves the company. If an owner can provide that, the pet will become one of the best friends for him/her. So when the pet owner passes their stressful time by maintaining a jolly full animal. Indeed, there is no chance to feel stressed. Have a nice day! 

Final Word 

Therefore; we can say that the title of our article has not only given you a new skill but also shown the path to living a stress-free life.

With that saying, we want to place a question for you. And that is: did you enjoy the article? Alternatively, do you have any suggestions to improve our writing? Let us know.


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