Why Is My Chinchilla Losing Fur?

Why Is My Chinchilla Losing Fur

With the softest fur in the world, Chinchillas are more prone to baldness or shedding. Your favorite pet can lose large patches of fur even with the slightest mistake in handling. There are other reasons for your chinchilla losing fur too. So, if you ask, why is my chinchilla losing fur? The most common reason … Read more

How To Tame A Chinchilla? Try the best way

How To Tame A Chinchilla

As a human baby is quite tough to befriend at the first meeting, chinchillas are somewhat of the same nature. Although it’s a quite friendly pet to hang out with, the petting curve is not quite straight. Being a prey animal, chinchillas are always afraid and at continuous risk of getting attacked by predators. So … Read more