Can Rabbit Poop Be Used as Fertilizer?

How do you feel when you hear the word “poop”? Let me guess, either you are saying “Eww” with an expression of disgust, or the picture of the grossest image of poop you saw last time just popped up in your mind.

Yeah, I know poop is not such a great thing to cherish. But what if I tell you there’s something special about your rabbit poops? Now you might be saying, well, poop is just poop, certainly, they won’t turn gold. You are absolutely right. No, they won’t turn into gold or diamond, but there’s a catch!

Rabbit poop can be used as fertilizer, and they are one of the best organic fertilizers you can get out there. Let’s get to know the process in detail.

Is It Really Possible to Use Rabbit Poop as Fertilizer?

Rabbit is an amazing pet animal. Not only they are adorable and fun to be around, but efficient as well. One or two rabbits can supply you with enough fertilizer for your small garden. Fresh rabbit poop has approx. 2% nitrogen, 1% potassium and 1% phosphorous. Use it fresh with no worries at all, they won’t burn your plants.

What’s so Special about Rabbit Poop Fertilizer?

You might be wondering what’s so special about this rabbit poop fertilizer. I get it, it’s actually a good question, and I would be more than happy to answer. So, here it is; compared to the regular fertilizer, rabbit manure has more nitrogen and phosphorus. You don’t have to worry about ending up your plants burnt as they get broken quickly.

As they are dry, so, don’t carry much uric acid and ammonia-like other manures, for instance, pigs or cows. Rabbit poop has about four times the nutrients as horse poops and twice the nutrients as chicken poop. Also, rabbit poop contains a lot of macro and micronutrients, and, those are essential for your plant’s healthy growth.

The most necessary nutrients for plants are calcium, sulfur, boron, copper, magnesium, zinc, and cobalt, and you would be surprised to know rabbit poop has got all of those. Using rabbit poop as fertilizer for your plants will give them not only a healthy growing boost but also a fresh glow. Your plants will look full of life!

How Do I Apply Rabbit Poop in My Garden?

First and foremost, you need to fix the source of your rabbit poop. You can collect instantly if you raise them on a homestead. Don’t worry even if you don’t own a rabbit; you can just collect the waste from rabbit farmers nearby.

And in today’s world of the internet, you can find almost anything online, right? Yeah, prepackaged rabbit poops are available in many online shops. You can just get them delivered to your doorstep.

The simplest method of getting rabbit poop is just putting a tub under your rabbit hutch. But don’t forget to empty the bins on regular basis otherwise, you will just end up wasting the valuable fertilization power of the poop.

The Next Step (Let’s go to the Garden)

Do you know what’s the most amazing thing about using rabbit poop as fertilizer? Well, you can just apply them straight out of the cage in your garden without having to compose.

After collecting the poop from your rabbit cage, you can put those directly onto the soil. Rabbits poop will release their nutrients slowly into the soil, and make them more fertile. Don’t worry about any bad smell, as rabbit poop is almost odorless.

How Do I Make Compost of Rabbit Poop?

I know many people who don’t prefer to apply rabbit poop directly into their garden. If you are one of those, no worries, you can also add the rabbit poop to your compost bin or pile however, you got to add the same amount of wood shavings and straw.

Besides those, you may also add grass clippings or kitchen wastes but make sure they are non-toxic and non-citrus. Mix all of those ingredients using a pitchfork or something like that. Try not to saturate the compost pile and ensure its dry enough to use.

Use a tarp to cover up the compost pile and keep it like that. Open up the cover at least once in two weeks and water it enough then again cover it up to adjust the heat and humidity. The entire process may take a few months to a year. So, you got to be a bit patient here.

Is Rabbit Poop Harmful to Grass?

I have had this question, does rabbit poop kill grass? from a reader recently and decided to make it clear today here in this article. We believe you are already aware that rabbit poop is an excellent fertilizer. So, it’s common sense that they won’t kill the grass instead of helping them to thrive.

However, a rabbit can eat up the grasses in your lawn pretty quickly. So, if you are really into keeping them well, then be aware of wild rabbits. One or two pet rabbits can’t do much harm, but don’t let them make it a habit to consume grass from your lawn.

We have also had some complaints about rabbits damaging lawns. Well, the thing is, rabbits are not as sensible as humans; therefore, those beautiful grass in your lawn are nothing but a source of nutrients to them. So, you cannot just leave them there and expect not to enjoy them, right? Isn’t it like lending your chicken to a fox?

If you are really so serious about those grass in your lawn, then just keep your rabbit away from them, simple!

Final Verdict

Having a pet and plants is one of the best ways to spend your time. It’s scientifically proven that nurturing plants and pets is a great method of keeping your mental health good. And if you can sync these two amazing things together, that would be excellent, right?

Using rabbit poop as fertilizer in your garden can also help you to save your hard-earned money as you don’t have to spend it on buying any. Besides, they are 100% non-toxic so, your plants are totally safe. So, can rabbit poop be used as fertilizer? Oh, hell yeah! Sure, you can.


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