8 Best Water Bottle for Guinea Pig – Tips, Suggestions, and FAQs

Best Water Bottle for Guinea Pig

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Your pets are as sensitive as your kids and you need to be equally cautious while choosing what to give and what not to them. However, here we are not talking about all pets but specifically about Guinea Pigs. We have found that Guinea Pigs have been seen as prone to catching diarrhea.

This is the reason, in this article, we will tell you about all the possibilities, by using which you can keep your piggy out of danger.  So, in this article, we tell why you need to use Patented No Drip Small Best Water Bottle for Guinea Pig H128 by Choco Nose, how to choose Best guinea pig water bottle and some FAQs that occur in your mind regarding this.

So, without wasting time, let’s start the discussion. So, let’s start with things to consider while choosing the best Water Bottle for your guinea pigs:

List of top seven best Guinea pig water bottles

Below are the top 7 guinea pig water bottles that have been running super-hot in the marketplace right now. Functionality, durability, comfort, you name it, it has got everything you need.

So, give these reviews a read and pick the one that suits you.


Some best features of the product are:


This Guinea Pig H128 water bottle by Choco Nose has made with the patent technology of the USA that offers leak-proof material for your pets. It means, no teeth or nails of your pet can damage this lasting Guinea pig water bottle.

Small Pet-Friendly Nozzle:

The second best feature of this Guinea pig water bottle is its small and cute nozzle that fits in the mouth of your pets quite easily. They would find no problem in taking liquids through it and will quench the thirst satisfyingly.

Comes with the nail on bracket:

This bracket allows users to nail the bottle with any wooden stuff. You don’t need to hold the bottle and this Guinea pig water bottle will feed your pet conveniently.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can feed your pets with all types of liquids.
  • It doesn't break or tear with sharp nails or teeth of your pet.
  • One bottle for all pets such as rats, hamsters, bunnies, and of course Guinea pigs.


  • You need to train your pet for using this bottle.


Some best features of the product are:

Convenient to use:

Choosing a bottle for your pets takes finding a product that doesn’t involve dripping and hurting your pets and this is what this best water bottle for guinea pig will do as it is made with leak-proof plastic and stainless steel.

Springy Ballpoint Tube Nozzle:

The nozzle fits best in your mouth as per the size and its shape made like a ballpoint that springs in and out. It makes your pets to drink water independently and keeps you tension free.

Hooks for Hanging:

The design of the bottle is amazing because it not only have the best nozzle and material but a hook is also attached so you can easily hang the bottle around furniture. You don't need to find furniture to nail the bottle by using this Guinea pig water bottle.


  • Flammi Water Bottle lets your pets to drink water independently.
  • It comes in a very catchy color for your pets.
  • It is a good-sized bottle.


  • It can do a problem when you fill a bottle with other liquids like milk.


Some best features of this Guinea pig water bottle are:

Perfect Size to Fill Your Pet Tummies:

This one bottle is made for all animals with small mouths and tiny tummies. You can put enough liquid in this bottle to feed your Guinea pigs, rats, rabbits, and hamsters.

Temperature proof technology:

No outer temperature is going to change the temperature of the liquid in bottles. It means you can carry it with you in outdoor places with your pets and give it mildly tempted water every time it feels thirsty.

Easy to clean:

It comes with a wide mouth that makes it extremely easy to clean. You can do the cleaning regularly and give your pets the hygienic and cleaned water to keep them from diarrhea and other stomach issues.


  • It is made with BPA free plastic that makes it safe to use.
  • Lixit 16oz comes with a nozzle so that your pets can drink water easily.
  • This bottle comes with a big mouth so that you can clean it easily.


  • You need to take care of pets that are extra active and touch the bottle too much while drinking water to keep it from leaking.


Some best features of the product are:

Unable to break material:

It comes with a stainless steel body that makes it strong against the scratches and grazes that your pets make on the surface while drinking water.

Perfectly Fits in Tiny Mouth:

It is a perfect Guinea pig water bottle as its nozzle is made of a ballpoint tube. Hence, it fits in the mouth of your pets easily and never hurt their mouth while drinking water.

Never Leaks or drips:

Design is robust and ideal and never let the tiny drops of water pouring out when your guinea pig drinks water. It makes it dirt free and never damps the cage.


  • It comes with opaque plastic design so your pet can enjoy drinking water.
  • This bottle keeps the cage dry and never let your pet get dirty and catch germs of the diseases.
  • This guinea pig water bottle keeps your pets from diarrhea and other stomach issues.


  • You are unable to put more than four ounces of water in it.


Some best features related to this product are:

Extremely convenient to use:

It is the best guinea pig water bottle that comes in such a lush and stylish body. It comes with a complete kid that involves a bottle and a hold guard. It makes it extremely convenient to use.

One bottle for the whole herd:

This one bottle comes with an ideal nozzle mouth that makes it perfect not just for guinea pigs but for the herd of all small-mouthed animals like rats, hamsters, gerbils, and hedgehogs, etc.

Chew-less bottle top:

Your bottle is going to remain as new as it is now because the round shaped nozzle makes it hard to chew. At the same time, your pet can drink water without dripping.


  • Rather than hooks, it comes with a strap that you can use to hang it around anything to feed your guinea pigs conveniently.
  • A separate hold guard makes it extremely convenient to use.
  • It is the only bottle in such a stylish body.


  • Has round mouth so guinea pig offspring can find the problem in drinking water through it.
  • Downward direction placement of the bottle can empty it within minutes.


Here are some best features of the product:

Easy to place:

The body is ideal and comes with a bottle holder having specified holes. You can place the bottle anywhere without being worried about hooks and straps.

No leakage:

The body is too strong against chewing and nails scratching and never gets damaged. It means, no leakage will happen no matter how chewy your pet is.

Huge size:

It is different than other guinea pet water bottles because its size is larger than all of them. You can put 80 ml of water without a problem.

One bottle for all animals:

This bottle fits in the mouth of small animals and their kids. Hence one bottle will be enough for all the guinea pig families.


  • It is extremely easy to clean.
  • It comes with odor-free features.
  • It comes with a ceramic bottle holder in exotic colors to keep the bottle anywhere easily.


  • The size is appropriate for gerbils and a little less for guinea pets.


Some best features of the product are:

Never Leaks:

This another bottle by Choco Nose with model H125. It also comes with patent breakage proof technology of the USA. No matter how hard your pet sucks, it will never leak.

The Nozzle Is Great to Fit in Mouth:

You don't need to worry when your pet drinks water through it as the nozzle perfectly fits in the mouth. No dripping of water happens and never makes you cage dirty.

Comes with a nail on bracket:

This bracket allows users to nail the bottle with any wooden stuff. You don’t need to hold the bottle and this Guinea pig water bottle will feed your pet conveniently.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • You can feed your pets in all types of liquids.
  • It doesn't break or tear with sharp nails or teeth of your pet.
  • One bottle for all pets such as rats, hamsters, bunnies, and of course Guinea pigs.


  • You need to train your pet for using this bottle.

I don’t want to close the discussion if there are still questions remained in your mind regarding using Best guinea pig water bottle or buying them. So, I have made a list of some questions that will help to ease your concerns regarding guinea pig water bottle:

Best Water Bottle for Guinea Pig Buying Guide

As there are different and many companies offering guinea pigs water bottles hence selecting the best one can be hassling. You must be aware of judging certain things to select the best one from the given products. This is the reason, I have made some points regarding things to consider when you go for buying the best water bottles for guinea pigs.

Here are the points:

Look for Size:

First of all, the size of your bottle matters a lot and when it comes to figuring the size of the bottle you will have to consider two things: first is the tube size and another one is the nozzle size. The tube is where you put liquids for the pets and nozzle is the instrument that goes in the mouth of your guinea pig for drinking water. Here, you need to see that tube size should be bigger enough to carry water that will quench the thirst of your pet many times while the size of the nozzle should be ideal enough to fit the mouth of your little animal.

Look for Resistance Features:

Now, it comes to searching and figuring the features related to robustness and proofing. For example, the body of the bottle should be scratch proof. It is necessary because guinea pigs usually have long nails and they love scratching in the surfaces. So, these should be scratch proof. Moreover, when it comes to the nozzle, it should chewing proof because your guinea pig is going to try hard to chew it up and it should start leaking and not hurt the pet too.

Look for Convenience of Use:

Now, another thing you need to consider here is the convenience of use. Make sure that the guinea pig water bottle you select comes with a hook, strap, or stand so that you can tie or attach it on the cage, with some wood, or anything else to use. By doing so, you can give water that your guinea pig can easily drink without you holding it. Also, make sure that the bottle is good to use for all the tiny animals including hamsters, rats, squirrels, and rabbits, etc.

Look for Water Temperature Maintenance:

Furthermore, when it comes to maintaining the temperature of your bottle, it should temperature proof. It means, either you use it inside your home or outside when you go somewhere accompanying your hamster, you can give that little soul with water that’s not affected by the temperature outside. Either it is freezing cold or burning hot, the water should maintain the temperature that you want to.

Look for Easy to Caring Features:

All with this, you also have to see that the bottle you select is easy to clean and easy to use. Easy to clean bottles have larger mouths that you can open and put the detergent or dishwashing soap for cleaning. Also, it should come with odor-proof technology so that you can use it easily and your pet also doesn't feel bad while using it.

Now, I am here updating about the top seven Best Water Bottles for Guinea Pig that fulfill the above-mentioned criterion. By using this list, you can easily choose one of the best guinea pig water bottle.

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Frequently Asked Question & Answer

Question 1: Could I Use Guinea Pig Water Bottle for Other Animals and Birds?

Well, the best thing about the water bottle that comes for tiny animals like guinea pigs is that you can easily use for other small animals and even birds like Quaker parrots. Besides, if you choose the best water bottle for a guinea pig, you can replace it with any other plastic bottle to enhance the size.

Question 2: Do some Bottles Come with Batteries as I have seen sellers showing guinea pig water bottle along with a battery?

No, these are just water bottles like any other bottle however better in quality and robust in strength. The reason, sellers showcase guinea pig water bottle along with a battery because they want to tell you about the size by comparing the size of both things. So, it doesn’t come with a battery.

Question 3: How to Put Water in the Best Water Bottle for Guinea Pig?

To put water in the bottle, you simply have to unscrew the lid, remove, pour water into it, and screw the lid back. By using these four steps, you can fill the bottle up with water or any other liquid. However, don’t forget to check the nozzle that water is passing through it. For checking, you don’t need to suck it but simply pinch it a bit.


Now, I hope that all the confusion has moved away from your mind regarding the guinea pig water bottle. I also hope that it would have become easier for you to choose a product that suits best for your needs. However, if you have still got questions in your mind, let us know in the comments below and we would love to help you further.