10 Best Rabbit Food Guide From A Rabbit Vet [What food kills Rabbits]

When we see the audience are uploading their healthy bunny pictures on Instagram inbox, feel really happy. Because they applied our recommended diet chart on their pet -for example Timothy Hay Pet Food and then they knock us to share experience about pet behavior. 

Or sometimes for taking consultancy to prevent unwanted change right off the bat. We appreciate that, for trusting us and want to provide them better support, to solve the problem. For that reason, we decided to create the best rabbit food guide in order to update a better diet for their bunny.

To make that guide, we went to consult with a professional rabbit vet who has ten years above experience on the rabbit diet and believed he could bring some good changes to our valuable audience.

Now, what “good changes” do we mean? Well, the term means a lot of things, for example: improving rabbit health, introducing the products which reflect the expert point of view to improve rabbit health and protecting the rabbit from the disease. 

To break the examples in-depth, we offered the consultant to write something for our audience and he willed to do that. Later, our editor designed the writing in a structured way in order to comprehend easily. So, here are the things, over which the rabbit vet discussed.

  • Best food for rabbits.
  • Diet guideline for different age rabbit.
  • Top 10 doctor advised food for the rabbit.
  • Why the doctors chooses those brands.
  • Nutrition knowledge from the doctor.

Best food for rabbits | Our Editor List

The first phase of his expert guideline wanted to portray the necessary diets that all kind of rabbit needs; to survive. So let’s see what is waiting for us.


His research found that 80 to 90% of rabbit nutrition lies inside the hay, because of having a good amount of fiber. The fiber keeps the rabbit digestive system working as well as prevent overgrowing teeth disease. It also prevents fatal stomach disease like GI stasis. 

Therefore, continuous fresh hay supply can save your bunny from all sort of stomach and fatal disease; but remember, never overfeed your bunny, cause overfeeding cause stomach problem, and if, somehow your rabbit face the problem, it will be tough to recover since they have a complex digestive system.


Another important food to gain your rabbit weight, but this must be given in a balanced way during younger an earlier since it increases the growth power. Otherwise, the rabbit will get ill. Most commercial rabbit owners use this for early harvest yet they forget that the lifespan of the rabbit reduces because of fleshiness and other serious digestive problems.

So, the solution from our consultant is to provide fewer pellets when the rabbit grows. The ratio should be reduced based on regular rabbit growth and that’s how one can easily keep the rabbit healthy and fit.


If you want to keep the pet digestive system on the ball, serve freshwater 24 hours. Now, how much water a rabbit needs?

An average, rabbit needs 50-400 ml water per day, and it depends on their weight, for example, a four pounds rabbit needs a cup of water per day. This amount of water helps their stomach to digest Hay, pellet, vegetable, and fruit. This is what MR Jimmy told in the third segment.

He also added that, most of the rabbit cage has the maximum water supply support.


The consultant also recommended providing enough fresh vegetables to your rabbit, as it is a great source of vitamin and mineral, for growing immunity, though every vegetable is not good for the rabbit’s stomach.

For example, potato, cauliflower, and tomatoes are harmful to rabbit health, avoiding these vegetables will cause a healthy rabbit. It’s wise to keep 10% of vegetable in a regular food diet.


It’s the final thing Jimmy preferred to keep your rabbit fit, in fact, a proper practice to ensure enough calories, which lies inside treats comprising fruits like the apple, blackberries, pineapple, blueberry, melon, papaya, and peach, etc.

However, the rabbit cannot digest every fruit, so, to find the digestive point. You need to detect which one suits perfect to your rabbit. And that’s the way to set fruit menu for the rabbit.

Diet guideline for different age rabbit:

After pointing out the essential foods, the consultant moved on to explain diet guidelines for different aged rabbit, for showing the application of essential foods. And here is the glimpse:

Guideline for a baby to an adult rabbit:

From birth to three weeks, mother's milk is the best diet for baby rabbits, after that period start to introduce with nibbled pellets and alfalfa.

Within this period baby rabbit becomes mature, at that time give access to alfalfa and pellet directly and don’t forget to feed mothers milk too. Usually, this stage assumes from four to seven weeks.

When the stage will finish, and then give unlimited hay, pellets till 7 months.

The next stage is to give vegetables and it will start after seven months.

Guideline for seven to one year older rabbit:

  • Feed timothy hay, oat hay, and alfalfa including pellets.
  • Before serving those things, consider rabbit weight, for example, ¼ cup pellets are perfect for 6 lbs bunny.
  • Vegetables and fruits can also be introduced at this stage, the portion of those things are 2 cups of chopped veg, 2 tablespoon fruits.
  • Guideline for one to six years old rabbit:
  • If your rabbit is performing well after applying all the foods, then don't need to change food chart.
  • Yet, the rabbit is underweight then serving pellets may help to gain some weight.
  • Besides all the above things, one thing may face all the senior rabbit owner is: body weakening problem. It can be happened for various reasons, to prevent that; consulting a rabbit vet is a better option.

That’s all Mr. Jimmy explained in diet application guideline, after that, showed us ten products from his inventory, which had to met his medical requirements, then recommended us to give, to our audience so you can raise the rabbit, in a healthy way. Thus the products are:

Top 10 doctor advised product for rabbit

In this section, we will share the top ten products which had reviewed by an experienced team of the doctor. The reason behind employing an experienced team was to serve you a stronger overview. So let’s look of, what they brought:

They kept fingers first on this product pulse, found a well-balanced food value for improving muscle and dental health. In addition, this product has more features like:

  • 14% protein, 25% fiber, and 2% fat encourages a healthy diet for a long day.
  • It also provides a balanced carbohydrate to nourish your rabbit.
  • Since it is based on timothy hay, you can start weaning with it.
  • The taste of oxbow adult food is great, according to professional rabbit vet.
  • Moreover, a balanced vitamin and mineral of this 10 lbs product can fulfill your bunny needs.
  • Perfect for the adult rabbit but not for baby and teenage.
  • Being prepared with the natural component, a major portion of rabbits have liked from the first day.

Professional opinion:

One of the teammates had found a secret ingredient change-related complain; to justify the complaint, gone to jimmy, and he said that. Oxbow recovered that 3 years ago. So it’s safe to feed the rabbit and highly recommended developing rabbit health. 

You know what? Second cutting timothy has the most balanced grass, fiber, and seed than the first and third cut. Even the rabbit prefers second cut timothy. To find this fact, the team had to research a lot on their pets. 

From that research, had able to reveal Small Pet second cutting timothy as the best product, which, later they took to the consultant for ensuring “OK” for us.

So, why they keep this product in the second? Let’s see:

  • It has a balanced seed, leaf, and stem.
  • And the ingredients are fresh and handmade.
  • As well as, Fiber, protein, and fat are divided equally.
  • This timothy also helps to improve the digestion of rabbit.
  • Even, the rabbits' dental health care is ensured by the product.
  • Another important thing is; the manufacturer has maintained freshness and quality inside the box.

Professional opinion:

Yet some people complained about low quantity, mites, and major change, from that point, you can ask: why our professional said OK? Alright, jimmy worked with the company to recover the objection back in 2017 to 2018 then able to recover. So, you can give it to your pet.

In the third step, teammates brought a fantastic alternative of timothy hay which doctor explained as the best replacement, because of having rich nutrition, calorie, calcium, and phosphorus. It also has a well-balanced protein and fiber. 

Now, what is the name of that alternative? It’s none other than an Orchard grass bale though the name is on the title: p again, why we choose this? Then take a look:

  • Totally dust-free product, as a result, the owner doesn’t need to bother for waste issues.
  • For having mini bale option, you can keep in the hay feeder.
  • It has made from organic grassland.
  • Processed with the hand that’s why quality stays in uncompromised.
  • Rabbit gut and health-friendly said by a professional vet.
  • Packaged in such a way so that UV light or other stuff could not harm the quality.
  • Since product owner feed the product to their pet so certainly, we can say it’s good for your rabbit.

Professional opinion:

Some pet owners had complained about feather inside the grass on amazon, apart from that, everything was fine. on that note, want to include a professional view regarding timothy hay vs orchard hay buying, Because, people confused about that. To solve the turmoil here, we give some simple explanation:

Timothy hay vs orchard grass

If you ask which one is best then we will prefer to go for orchard grass because it has 10 to 15% higher protein than timothy hay, also, the orchard grass is sweeter, finer than timothy hay. We hope this short doctor explanation can help you.

For this fourth position; team filtered an excellent supplement, to give your rabbit 360-degree security which is no other than a pellet, containing a mix of nutrition, carbohydrate, oil, and fat, the natural protein, and fiber. Besides, it has more features, for example. 
  • As it is made of various natural whit and seed, it helps to develop rabbit health better.
  • Rabbit starts to like it at first glance.
  • Veterinarian has found that this assist bunny to gain weight.
  • Moreover, it keeps online the digestive system.
  • Also prevent fur falling by improving quality fur, since this pellet has Omega 3
  • Not only that but also prevent the slow bowling system of your pet.
  • ½ cup per day is enough to boost up the health.

Professional opinion:

While working with this supplement there was a huge complaint such as low-quality food, lack of proper packaging, lots more. By analyzing user complain; later, the manufacturer worked hard to recover that and served the user free delivery for testing present condition. As a result, everything became fine after that.

And this brand is the most detailed brand so far, our team found, because the manufacturer researched well before, to serve the best food to small pet owner community. So what it contains? It has 30 up natural ingredients full of nutrition. 

But there is one thing to remember which is: use this product as treat not food, as you know treats positioned last at the food pyramid.

Therefore, this food is best for occasional eating though it can be used regularly, if the ingredients are separated. Apart from that what else this offer? Let’s see:

  • All the dietary essentials are inside this 10 lb box.
  • Omega, fatty acid, vitamin and mineral from this product, can help your bunny to sustain a good digestive system.
  • Since all the elements are farm fresh, rabbits immune system improves with that.
  • A biscuit named Zoo-Vital has included here for improving dental and gum health.
  • 16 individual needs have injected inside the product for rabbit health improvement.
  • The taste of the product is very delicious.
  • As it is dry food and packed in a plastic container, the chance of quality loss is less.

Professional opinion:

Most of the users could not get: why and how to give this to their rabbit? As a consequence, their rabbit got diarrhea and some other digestive system. For them, our professional advice is: please, use this gourmet twice a week or you can separate essential ingredients, such as raisin, papaya, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds from the jar.

Basically, three important things of this product lured the doctor’s team to choose the product, and those are high fiber for improving digestion, Omega 3 and 6 for improving bunny skin to develop fur and for encouraging bacteria to improve the immune system. Moreover, there is something more according to teammates. What are they? Let’s see then:

  • A proper fiber alternative because it has 25% fiber to improve rabbit digestion power
  • Vitamin D3, E, can fight with dental and muscle disease.
  • Different type of crude protein, fat, and fiber helps to develop rabbit health.
  • Since pet has less chance to stroll outside, it becomes tough for them to take natural nutrition; as a result, this supplement fulfills the requirement.
  • The taste of this product is quite good because of no added sugar.
  • Also, it packed up in a natural way to keep the quality uncompromised.
  • In addition, the freshness smell encourages the rabbit to like at the beginning.
  • Natural biotic helps to fight with foe bacteria.

Professional opinion:

A consumer complained that his rabbit died after eating this pellet, with no delay Mr. Jimmy took this product to his lab and found no toxic thing rather it’s better for rabbit health. So how the rabbit died? Well, if you don’t give your rabbit enough hay, water, vegetables then certainly the pet going to die. Because there is no such pellet that can be a replacement of hay, water, vegetable.

What if, you get 47 important handmade ingredients which are preferred by professional rabbit vet, in a 10 lbs bag? Sounds great. Not only has this product offered such kind of thing but also something more, for example only 500 goods this product owner create for sale. And inject all the quality of their professionals inside it, during production time. 

That is the reason behind people choice even our doctor too. By analyzing the reason of choice, here, the team has pointed out some essential elements: 

  • This pellet is made from timothy hay gist.
  • Rabbits like it within a short time.
  • Inside of the pellet, has vitamins A, D, E, B to improve the rabbit’s muscle.
  • It has a great source of fiber to keep your pet digestive system up
  • Since the owner produces a limited amount of product for maintaining quality, chances of losing quality are less.
  • As soon as production is done they sent the product for a lab test by the professional vet, to ensure better quality.

Professional opinion:

A few pet owner complained about the ingredient which is written on the product package. For them, our rabbit vet instructed that: everything is rabbit health-friendly if you still have confusion then go to rabbit vet hope it will work.

In the eighth position, the doctor’s team revealed a fantastic product containing all the favorite food gist of an adult rabbit. However, you may know above six month age is considered as an adult for a rabbit. From that age, pet owners should update the food chart, consisting of unlimited hay, vegetable, and enough water. With that food, they can offer this supplement which contains:

  • Vitamin A, B12, D3, E, K and minerals to improve body muscle, digestion power, and teeth health.
  • That high nutrition fact builds a strong immune system to fight disease.
  • Since pet rabbit has less chance to stroll outside, it becomes tough for them to gather essentials needs, for that reason this product has developed.
  • Various dried vegetables are inside this product.
  • Different type of dried fruits and seeds are also inside this product.
  • Comes in a container and preserved natural way.
  • For that preservation, quality of product still fresh.

Professional opinion:

Experts of doctor team recommended best within budget though some owner marked some negative essentials. Later, they satisfied with good customer support. Wait! Have you noticed, why our doctor's opinion not included yet? Because, while experts placed their opinion, Mr. Jimmy was busy to find a comparison between Oxbow and Wild Harvest. And preferred to buy Oxbow, since his experiment reflected better on Oxbow rather than Wild harvest.

Up next we observed another gourmet food, assumed best bunny food for balanced nutrition. Even the doctor advised it to give regularly at minimum portion, to improve rabbit skin and muscle. So, what is inside the large-sized nutrition box?

  • Omega fatty acid of this product protects the heart and liver from unwanted attack.
  • It also improves the digestive system of the rabbit.
  • To create a strong immune system this product helps a lot.
  • Since there is no preservative and artificial color, easily adapt with rabbit help.
  • Moreover, ingredients like the pumpkin seed, dried fruit, dried vegetable, fill up the essential food gaps.
  • The taste of the product is great, that’s why the rabbit likes from the beginning.

Professional opinion:

A complaint regarding sugar placed to our doctor by his team, then the rabbit vet replied with an instruction: provide gourmet twice or once a week, that’s enough. Apart from that, there were misleading information related issues, for that, the expert suggested to knock the manufacturer directly.

In the final stage, our doctor preferred to review this adult food solely, for sharing his personal experience. Because he has been using this for 3 months and noticed a huge improvement to his pet. 

Since the product helping the bunny to fight against slow digestion and urinary problem, with some supplementary tablets. However, there is still more thing to know regarding the product, Here are some of that:

  • First, the smell of this 4.5 pounds bag is fresh.
  • And it is free from soya and grain.
  • The pamphlet inside the product, guides: how to use the tablet which comes in the product.
  • While he applied this product first time over his two rabbits, they started to like from the first bite.
  • Moreover, the ingredient of this product solely meets the rabbit needs.
  • The reason is, manufacturer balanced it with: crude protein, fat, fiber, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, salt.
  • Which means well-balanced nutrition for an adult rabbit.
  • However, the quality of the product according to him is uncompromised.

Professional opinion:

From his 3 month experience, he has found a foamy and pungent urinary issue, to solve that issue, worked on product and sent a review to the owner for recovering the problem. Eventually they did. Therefore, you can use it with no hesitation.

During writing the top 10 pieces of advises, Mr. Jimmy was noting some words about the product, in a different diary. And he handed over the diary to us after completing the advice. Now, what was inside that advice? A detailed reason for choosing the product and the editor structured that as follows:

Why The Doctor Chooses Those Products? The Doctor Guide

Proper nutrition:

Being a pet rabbit, they have less chance of roaming outside of hutch, as a result, they don’t get enough nutrition according to their needs. Consequently, the risk of malnutrition increases higher, to solve that problem: doctor advised to check the nutritional lacking of the rabbit from the rabbit food pyramid.

Where nicely illustrated, what foods rabbit needs? If an owner can fulfill that then, it’s okay to get a healthy bunny. So it’s important to decide what sort of nutrition your rabbit needs, after that, you go to buy proper food.

Check user review:

Next important fact is to check what people said about the product, though it's normal to see negative comments. But as an owner, you need to analyses according to your rabbit health. For example, Oxbow Animal Health Bunny Basics Essentials Adult Rabbit Pet Food has got huge client acceptance.

Ingredient check:

While Jimmy advising the product had checked each and every ingredient so that all sort of rabbit can easily take it. From that point, we want to recommend that check the ingredient wisely. For your convenience, Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting "Perfect Blend" Timothy Hay Pet Food has a proper combination of all ingredients.

Instruction check:

A very important thing to check the food instruction written over the package, as a result, the owner can assure: if the products suit their rabbit health. One important thing from that instruction you can learn is an in-depth knowledge about rabbit nutrition. Like we learned from Grandpa's Best Orchard Grass Bale. This product educated us on some crucial facts about rabbit health.

Consult with a rabbit vet before buying:

Never forget to do this before choosing a product for your rabbit because they can advise you what best brand can help the pet, to improve health.


Usually, food products of rabbits are not much expensive but the doctor recommends to considering this since you would use it randomly. Especially those who have rabbit farms for commercial selling, considering budget, are essential.

Based on that guideline, when we requested once again to Jimmy, for some tips to help our audience, he promptly said “I am about to ask you, if I add some nutrition knowledge, would you mind?” such a coincidence we must say, and one thing want to add that: jimmy was one of the best guys who never bored to help us. So, dear jimmy, if you are reading this article, remember, our team is thankful to you. Now, let’s get back to the point regarding doctor nutrition knowledge below:

Nutrition knowledge from a doctor:

RESEARCH has proved that the rabbit needs 50 different types of nutrition and if it ensured in a balanced way, anyone could expect a healthy rabbit. Yet, there is a question: How could you and I know the 50 nutrition fact? Well, It’s tough for a random owner to detect each of them, this is why earlier advised food manufacture take care of all. Nevertheless, the owner should know some basic nutrition knowledge so that they can raise the pet smoothly. And the knowledge is:

Protein that different aged rabbit needs:

  • Domestic bunny needs 12 to 16 percent protein.
  • A different haired rabbit requires 17 to 20 percent protein.
  • Pregnant rabbit needs 16 to 20 percent protein.
  • A lactating rabbit requires 19 to 22 percent protein.
  • A rabbit whose age is between 3 to 9 weeks, they need 12 to 14 percent protein.


The about of carbohydrates for a rabbit should be lower otherwise bacterial infection can lead to death. However, carbohydrate is usually given to improve the immune system and energy level of the rabbit.


Maximum 25% fat in rabbit food is enough, it will not bring any effect to the rabbit body. Fat plays a crucial role to improve rabbit coat and lactating mother milk production. Moreover, in pellets and other supplements, you will get proper fat for your rabbit.


Vitamin A, E, D, B, B12 are usually injecting in pellets but vegetables and fruits instead supplement can be a good replacement for the rabbit. 


Foods like alfalfa, legumes, and pellet have a good amount of minerals like phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur, iron, copper, cobalt, manganese, iodine, selenium and zinc. These will help to grow a strong immune system and keeps your rabbit fit.

That’s all the doctors’ part. So, do you think, we have able to provide a better update? Write the answer after reading the reason behind this update. Well, we got tons of questions regarding pet food then aimed for a meeting, to make a beautiful solution. For that reason, picked some question and answered that, simple way so that more information we could gather for us. And what are those questions? Here they are:


Is it really essential for alternative pet food?

How supplement recover pet rabbit needs?

Should we consult with a rabbit vet for choosing the best rabbit pellet?

Our next step:

After testing the question, we brainstorm for a rabbit vet who can break all the things, we all need. Consequently, introduced with Mr, jimmy and you have introduced with the best rabbit food.

Final Words

Nothing much to say, we just want your rabbit is okay, in return, create a beautiful bridge with our valuable audience stronger than it was. Thanks and keep uploading the happy bunny photos.