Best Rabbit Cage Reviews: Top Choice For 2021

best rabbit cage

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While taming your rabbit can be fun, you need to know if you’re bunny’s getting its comfort zone. Like, you have your nice apartment; your bunny needs a nice place to stay in, right? Nodding your head to yes already? Cool.

To make sure your little bunny stays comfy while he sleeps, you need to make sure you get it the best rabbit cage. Why the best one,  you may ask. Well, the low-end ones are nothing but junks. We’re here with the top 10 rabbit cages available in the market. Psyched? Good for you. It’s time to dive inside the reviews.

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How much space does a rabbit need?

Basically, A rabbit needs at least around 44 square feet space. If we break those 44 square feet into two parts, then it will be easier to understand. In the first part, you have to consider the living space, which must be at least 12 square feet. Next, the exercise or playing space must be a minimum of 32 square feet. So in total, at least 44 square feet space is needed for a rabbit in its cage.

Top 10 Best rabbit cage in the market today

As we promised to dive in a review session, so we are here to sink together, but as a rabbit enthusiast, you have the right to know where we will dive, right? No worries, a very special team has structured 10 best rabbit cages for you. Let's cut the chase then:

A cute cage for indoor keepers to enjoy their adorable bunnies' activity. This comfortable cage satisfied us with some crucial factors for adding on our list.

The first factor is the safety of rabbits, and it is ensured with heavy steel wire and a plastic base. The total combination made this cage a safe house. 

This safe house has enough room for fresh air. It is essential to keep the internal environment fresh.

The next factors are -built-in hay feeders and water bottles. This will confirm the regular food and water support. For water and food supply, It has rabbit-friendly storage options.

Moreover, this 46 x 22 x 24 (length, width, height) sized cage has no slippery ramp to maneuver on the dining space. The dining space is very comfy for enjoying food.

After the feeder options, it's time to write about the bedding space. The X sized floors are made for comfortable bedding. A comfy bed will not last long unless it is maintained. For that reason, the cage has two different sized doors for better access.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Enough space.
  • Feeder spaces are enough.


  • The ramp design could be better

For portability and cleaning facilities, this cage won millions of experts' hearts. That's why this cage ranked high. So let's see why it ranked high:

At first, the dimension. The cage is 32 x 21.5 x 33.5. It is enough for a small-sized rabbit's living. 

Next, the demountable tray option: It reduced the cleaning stress steadily, because of having enough space to keep the dirt. Over the tray option, there is optimal space for rabbit bedding. To go to the sleeping place, prevue attached a ramp podium.

The podium is secured. It will keep your baby safe. For this security, the designer used tubular steel with a sturdy plastic baseline. These steels and plastics are poisonless.

To boost up the security, the manufacturer also used a steel stand. This will keep the cage higher from the ground.

Besides the security, this cage has caster wheels. The owner can easily move the cage and settle it in a suitable place. 


  • Locking technology.
  • Portable .
  • Harmless materials.


  • It's heavy.

Kaytee never stopped to jolt us. Our team feels that: this signature product is better than before. Do you know why?

This is because of water, food and other facilities. These features made this cage better. Here is how:

The ventilation feature has improved for rabbit health. Like, it has enough wire space. This spacing did not cut the security either. Instead, it imported for adding an aplastic base. 

With that synthetic base ground, Kaytee ensures a huge space for a dwarf or regular size rabbit.

For all breeds, there is an extra platform like -a non-slippery ramp with a steel food keeping option.

Moreover, the food keeping option is double. Double means extra facility, right? Yes, we know that rabbits love to chew all time. That's why this cage has a moderately sized hay feeder.

This feeder includes a water jar to provide continuous fresh water supply.

For this consistent supply, this cage has one door. Single door maintenance is critical, still worthy enough. Why? 

It is because of the caster wheel. This wheel makes portability easy.


  • Easy to maintain.
  • Enough ventilation.
  • Moderate feeder.


  • Plastic base are strong but less durable.

In number four, our partners have added another small cage for the high demand. This demand is increasing for a simple look and a rabbit-friendly environment. Let's give you a detailed walkthrough. 

Ware cage has plenty of space for rabbit bedding. This is enough to make a functional sleeping space. Plus, the sleeping space is secured with powder coated wire and plastic ground.

This material will not stain for rabbit chewing. So, let them chew to sharpen the teeth. Since rabbit health is a crucial factor, maintenance is essential for that.

It is ensured by using odor resistance and regular cleaning. This maintenance is easy for two reasons: a wide front door and cage size. With that 40 x 20 x 20 small cage, you can travel with your rabbit and maintain it properly.


  • Different color options.
  • Safe cage.
  • Poison free materials.


  • The design could be better.

Another Cage from Ware Manufacture. This cage allows some unique features for a user—for example, a mesh ramp. Mesh ramps are easy for the movement. 

Like this example, this cage offers a lot more things. Here are some of them. Ware Manufacturing chew proof cage is customizable. A pet owner can design this cage according to rabbit demand.

By analyzing the rabbit demand, we have got some surprising facts. The facts are dedicated to space. Here one can attach flexible rooms for playing and sleeping.

That's not the end. It has two wired ramps for rabbit strolling. And all the materials of these wires are durable and safe. Your rabbit can chew because of powder coating.

Although the cage comes in a water bottle and hay feederthis feeder is accessible through the roof. With that roof, you can easily maintain the cleaning procedure of this 11 x 19.5 x 10.5 ( inch) sized cage.


  • Wired cage.
  • Two storied.
  • Easy to clean.


  • An average design.

The next one is a small, spaced cage. It needs low maintenance and has high durability. 

Precision is especially perfect for those who pet rabbits at their little home. But if you don't know what cage is perfect, read the review. 

This cage can be assembled within a minute. For busy moms, it can be an advantage. They can maintain it with ease. For example:

Providing food and water are easy for two-door options, namely: front doors and roof doors.

And all the doors are steady and rust-proof; in fact, the whole cage is. Since it is made from metal, it lasts longer than usual.

The metal is not only durable but also safe. For this safety, It has used an Epoxy coating. This coating is all over the cage. 

In this durable 37 x 18 x 21 (inch) sized cage, there is a portable tray to remove dirt.


  • Heavy-duty materials.
  • Two different doors.
  • Lightweight.


  • We don't prefer this for dwarf breeds.

An exceptional cage, we must say. This particular cage followed all in one theory.

Now, what is "all in one" theory? 

There is a lot of owners' petting multiple rabbits. As a result, they search for a better solution. For example, one can pet two small-sized rabbits here.

This means plenty of space savings. So, what else does this cage have? The cage has a huge womb, including -two cute platforms. These are situated with two non-slippery ramps. 

Using these ramps, rabbits can stroll, eat, and play. They can also go down to the ground space. It is enough to organize all the rabbit toys and feeders. 

Under the ground space, there is a removable tray to clear the trash. To clear the dirt, it has a urine leakage protector.

However, for rabbit protection, this cage has a robust wire. It has enough ventilation to breathe and a plastic ground for safety.

To power up the protection, the manufacturer used less chemical and toxic materials. This signals a healthy environment. Apart from that, it can be assembled and moved easily. 

For moving the cage, it has caster wheels. These wheels are easy to lock and unlock for maintenance. To perform maintenance, it has two doors.

These doors are super handy and lucrative. Especially the different color options. It allows you to choose the right one from the best lists.


  • Color variety.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Caster wheels for portability.


  • The trays are small.

For a folding facility, this cage has grabbed enough user attention. Most pet owners want to save space and hobbies. The design and size of this cage nourish the needs. Here is more info about the cage:

Aside from the folding facility, this 37 x 19 x 20 (inches) sized cage can assemble within a minute. The front and roof door facilities also provide quick access and preservation.

For example, the urine resistance and demountable pan options are handy. Plus, the wire coating removes unwanted attacks. It is free of chemicals and rust.

If the rabbit chews the wire, the cage will not get corrosion. So, it's chew-friendly. Now, let's check the sleeping space. Space is enough to play and rest.


  • Single-handed door.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It takes less space.


  • Pan tray is thin.

During the time of choosing a product, our expert discovered the highest trend of tiny sized cages. This is because of portability and risk-free. For that reason, people choose Kennel- Aire. 

The features have fulfilled the consumers' needs. Here are the features are:

This 29.5 x 16.5 x 24 (inch) sized cage is made with sturdy wire for secured protection. To enter that secured cage, it has two doors: front and rooftop door. 

These two doors are designed to provide food, water maintenance. Also, there is a tray under the wire coated ground. It has plenty of room to store dirt and urine. This facility is essential for busy moms.

Since there are caster locking wheels, moms don't need to worry about outdoor cleaning. The most important thing about that cage is its space. 

The rooms are good enough for a small-sized rabbit. Since the cage is specially made for small-sized houses and portability, Pet owners can try it.


  • Easy maintenance.
  • Dirt storage is large.
  • Easy to move.


  • The tray has room, but it is disorganized.

We reviewed a multi-rabbit cage in the previous. It has two stories, but it could not satisfy us. So, this time we bought something better.

Yes, a comfortable cage with 3 rabbits housing. Here is the information about this cage.

First, space is big for sleeping and playing. It indicates ultimate savor. To take this enjoyment to the next level, it has three platforms with a non-slippery ramp. Here three rabbits can be pet by saving space.

Next is: cleaning. One can clean this cage with ease. The traditional caster wheels with brake technology offer you to clean it outside. 

Besides the cleaning, it has three-door systems. Doors will reduce the hassle of food and water delivery. So, the parents can take care of individual rabbits.

Pawhut cage is also compatible with rabbits' health. It has no chemical and poison. This means the rabbits can chew the cage. Moreover, The ventilation space is also enough for fresh air. Ventilation is ensured through proper wire spacing.


  • Handy cage.
  • Easy to move.
  • Best for three rabbits.


  • The weight is heavy.

Some of the consideration when buying the Best rabbit cage

Rabbit comfort: Being an owner, you know the habit of your rabbit, for example, some rabbit needs huge space for playing and sleeping, or some rabbit needs not much space for playing and sleeping. So it's important to know, how much space and facilities your rabbit needs. If your rabbit need large cage, you can cosider Living World Deluxe Habitat.

Materials: This is also a part of comfort which is very crucial for rabbit health. Especially the wire, litter tray, hay feeder, water jar. If this is made with poor quality material, then your rabbit has to suffer in the long run. For your convenience here some options are given for you: 

  • Correx plastics are the best material for the rabbit cage. 
  • Weldmesh wire is good for the cage.
  • Water-based color is safe for a rabbit.
  • Overall materials are best for a robust and healthy enclosure.

Budget: A very important factor for the pet owner and so, making a proper budget for a cage is tough one according to rabbit behavior. But our recommended cages are all budget-friendly, you can choose one of them like Kaytee My First Home 2-level Pet Habitat.

Durability: After budget issues, a common thing people consider, that is the durability of a product. Since the rabbit loves to chew, there is a huge chance of getting stained which is a threat for durability. So it is essential to check the strength of the cage.

Indoor beautification: This is something unique feature, and most avoided feature but we emphasized this since you are going to keep a cage inside your home, so it's necessary to look good at your home, in fact, this could make your room more beautiful. That’s why; all the cages we have to choose are very eye-catching and can enhance indoor beauty.

Cage or Hutch, which of the two should you choose?

Well, it is a common question of every pet parent. Let me assist you to figure out the answer.

Do you own a large garden? Can you provide a large area to your rabbit to move and play around? A hutch will be the best choice if your answer is yes. You can buy a large outdoor hutch and place it to your ground. Give your rabbit the freedom to play, wherever s/he likes.

And if your living space is an apartment and your garden is occupied with other things, you have no other choice except purchasing a cage like PawHut Metal Rabbit Cage. This way, you can meet and spend time with your best companion at any time. This option is also keeping your rabbit safe from any birds of prey.


Don’t leave your rabbit hutch or cage at your balcony during the summer session. Rabbits has their own system to keep them adjusted with the outside temperature. The balcony may not be a well-ventilated area to place the hutch or cage.

What type of bedding should you use in your rabbit cage or hutch?

It is significantly essential to choose the right bedding option for your rabbit cage or hutch.

Because your rabbit needs to feel comfortable while resting or sleeping.

You can select any of the bedding options from below.

Newspaper: It is inexpensive, easy to arrange and the right choice. Even you will be able to clean your rabbit cage without taking much time if you use newspaper as a bedding option for your rabbit.

But you have to be careful at this point. Your rabbit might eat newspaper and newspaper ink will be harmful to your rabbit.

Sawdust: Most prevalent type of bedding option for a rabbit cage or hutch. If you choose to go with this option, make sure the cage or hutch area is well-ventilated. Sawdust can lead your rabbit to severe disease.

Hay: Although hay is a good meal option for rabbits, you can choose it as a bedding option too. Your fluffy friend will have a warm as well as a comfortable bed if you choose it. While purchasing hay, be sure it comes with a pleasant smell and doesn’t contain mold on it.

Shredded cardboard: Compared to the newspaper, you will find it as a better choice. They can support insulation in the cage or hutch. Besides, you will find them as sound absorbent material.


What does a rabbit need in its cage?

Answer: Rabbits are social and playful pets. They need comfortable, playing and safety accessories in their cage.

Mosquitoes or insects netting.

  • Litter box.
  • Food dish.
  • Water.
  • Toys.
  • Bedding.

Do rabbits need a large cage?

Answer: A large cage plays a vital role to keep your small pet active and playful. A big cage offers ample space so that your rabbit can roam around inside the cage easily. Also, in a big cage, you can put toys and exercise materials. By playing and frequent exercise, your rabbit will be out of obesity or muscle problems.

Should you cover a rabbit’s cage at night?

Answer: You can list rabbits as burrowing animals. If your rabbit's cage doesn’t have an enclosure, you should cover the cage at night. Your rabbit will feel secure if the surrounding remains dark at night.

Do rabbits smell if kept indoors?

Answer: Unlike a cat, a rabbit licks itself to remain clean. They have evolved their tongue to get familiar with this ability over a thousand years. Rabbits will smell if only they have hygiene problems, any infection or urinate outside the litter.

By taking a few actions like providing training to pee at a specific place or consulting with any vet, you can keep your rabbit free from any smell.


Through this best rabbit cage research process, our team has finally able to bring some best product according to your needs. If it is so, our request is to spread the content for other rabbit enthusiasts.