Best Rabbit Cage: Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

best rabbit cage

Just after we have published our best indoor and outdoor cage reviews, we have seen tremendous support from our audience. Many of the rabbit enthusiasts requested us to post about the best rabbit cage reviews. 

Our research team took enough time to figure out a few initial questions to select the best cages. One of the most important questions is -

How much space does a rabbit need in its cage?

Basically, A rabbit needs at least around 44 square feet space. If we break those 44 square feet into two parts, then it will be easier to understand. In the first part, you have to consider the living space, which must be at least 12 square feet. Next, the exercise or playing space must be a minimum of 32 square feet. So in total, at least 44 square feet space is needed for a rabbit in its cage.

Top 10 rabbit cage in the market today

As we promised to dive in a review session, so we are here to sink together, but as a rabbit enthusiast, you have the right to know where we will dive, right? No worries, a very special team has structured 10 best rabbit cages for you. Let's cut the chase then:

Starting with a cute cage where an indoor keeper can enjoy their adorable bunnies’ move cheerfully.

To make the cage cute and comfortable, the producer played with some crucial factors. And the factors satisfied us to add the cage in our list.

  • At first, the safety of the rabbit is ensured with heavy steel wire and plastic base. So that your bunny is safe and sound.
  • Inside that wired and plastic-wrapped cage has enough space for entering fresh air to keep the internal environment cool.
  • In addition, there are built-in hay feeders, water bottles to keep regular food and water flow. Especially, the water jar is programmed in such a way so that your rabbit can drink a good amount of water whenever it needs.
  • Moreover, this 46 x 22 x 24 (length, width, height) sized cage has no slippery ramp to maneuver on the dining space.
  • And the dining space is very comfy for enjoying food.
  • Most importantly, consumers are a concern on bedding space; that's why the X sized floors are made for comfy bedding.
  • A comfy bed will not be comfortable unless it is adequately maintained. For that reason, the cage has two different sized doors for better access.
Expert opinion: Apart from random litter box maintenance issue, they analyzed every factor thoroughly and recommended us to put that in the list. Because of being easy, portability tarnishes that little spot.

Probably for easy transportable and quick cleaning facility, this cage won the heart of our experts. Even the size has played another vital option too.

That's why most of the owners ranked this cage as their favorite also. So let's see what bents are waiting for us:

  • At first, the dimension of the cage is 32 x 21.5 x 33.5 and it is enough for a small-sized rabbit's living and sleeping.
  • Then, the large demountable tray option reduced the cleaning stress steadily, because of having enough space to keep the dirt.
  • Over the tray option, there is optimal space for rabbit bedding, to spice up the place, manufacturer included a ramp attached podium.
  • Moreover, the obstinate security option keeps your baby safe and insured; for that reason, the designer used tubular steel with a sturdy plastic baseline. And the steels are totally poisonless, and so the plastic is too.
  • To boost up the security, the manufacturer used a steel stand to keep the cage higher from the ground.
  • With the caster wheel, you can easily move the cage and settle it any suitable place by its locking technology.

Expert opinion: Although the cage won our expert hearts, they have a little complain about the spacing since it is perfect for small-sized rabbit breeds and also depends on the breeds' behavior. But overall efficiency has made the cage undoubtedly good.

Prevue Pet Small Animal Rabbit Cage Vs Living World Deluxe Habitat

Basically, both cages are best at their individual feature but for maintenance and transportable aptitude some cage has rated 5 out of 5, on that perspective, our team rated Prevue as just good, not better or best since there is no option for water and food supply.

Kaytee has never stopped to jolt us because our team feels that this signature product is better than before. Can you find the reason?

Maybe, yes, the water and food options are given here in a better way. In fact, there is something better, we have found and they are:

  • The ventilation option is better for rabbit health, and enough wire spacing confirms it.
  • With that wireframe, the upper portion becomes secured apart from that the plastic base ground is solid for unwanted visitors.
  • And inside that synthetic base ground, Kaytee ensures huge space for a dwarf type rabbit.
  • For that breed, there is also an extra platform, including a non-slippery ramp with a steel food keeping option.
  • The food keeping option is double. Double means extra facility, right? Truly it is. Because the mood of rabbit eating varies, that's why producer attached one small size and huge size hay feeder option.
  • In addition, of that feeding option, there is a water jar option to provide continuous fresh water supply.
  • For providing water and food supply, they placed only one door facility, as a rule, you have to perform maintenance with that.
  • Above all, the transportable option with the caster wheel creates the maintenance less stressful.
Expert opinion: After reviewing the cage, a teammate has pointed out some criticism, which is about doors and water jar options. In brief, the water jar should be mounted outside so that water could be given from there. And producers should have provided more doors to access the maintenance system.

In number four, our partners have added another small cage since the demand of small cage is high. Not only for the small but also for a simple look, people are choosing this.

Perhaps, the further description regarding the statement will make clearer:

  • Though the cage is small, the space of rabbit bedding is enough to give your bunny a good sleeping space.
  • And the sleeping space is much secured with a strong powder coated wire frame and plastic ground.
  • It will not be stained if your rabbit chew, as the rabbit has to chew to keep them alive, the wires and plastics are totally poisonless.
  • Since a rabbit health matter is crucial, the upkeep dibs is ensured by using the odor resistance element. And the wide front door helps the owner to complete the upkeep.
  • With that 40 x 20 x 20 sized small cage you can take your rabbit anywhere.
  • By the way, this cage comes in different color options too.
Expert opinion: Basically, this sort of cage is perfect for traveling and little spaced home, but there is no option for food and water preservation, apart from that, the dirt cleaning work will not give you extra stress because there is odor resistance:

Kaytee My First Home Vs Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home:

Kaytee has much dibs than Ware Manufacturing because Kaytee ensures all the health facilities within the user's budget, whereas Ware Manufacture could not.

Another Cage from Ware Manufacture, to include the cage in this rank our unit has to consider various convenient factors, of course, these considerations helped us a lot on behalf of the buyer perspective. Therefore the considerations are:

  • Easily customizable cage so far we have got, with that option owners can creatively design the cage according to their rabbit demand.
  • To analyze that owners customizable option, we have found more surprising facts and they are: the spacing beneath the cage is dedicated where one can attach an aquarium or a flexible home for playing and sleeping.
  • That's not the end; the two wire-made ramps encourage the rabbit for strolling here and there.
  • To keep their saunter secured sturdy wires are used, their wires are not only strong but also safe to chew because of using durable powder coat.
  • Although the cage comes in a water bottle and hay feeder. To provide food and water there is a door on the roof.
  • With that roof, you can easily maintain the cleaning procedure of that 11 x 19.5 x 10.5 ( inch) sized cage.
Expert opinion: Apart from all above that, our proficient has found the sophisticated cleaning option, because of obtaining customized dibs. Honestly, the modification option is best except for the cleaning procedure. With that option, a user can showcase its unique rabbit cage.

Next, the units have chosen a resort for the small spaced home, the reason behind choosing this resort for being low maintenance product.

Especially, for those who want to adopt rabbits at their little home but don't know what cage is perfect. For them, we choose this, so what specialties are there in that cage?

  • This cage can easily be assembled within a minute for that quick process user task becomes less.
  • To provide food and water, there are two door options, namely: front doors and roof doors.
  • And all the doors are steady and rust-proof, in fact, the whole cage is since it is totally made with metal to make it long-lasting.
  • The metal is not only durable but also safe and secured for embodying with Epoxy coat. 
  • With that durable 37 x 18 x 21 (inch) sized cage has a portable tray comes in to remove the dross.
Expert opinion: Apart from food and water jar facilities, its quite a good option for the small spaced homeowner.

Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage Vs Precision Rabbit Resort

The Ware Manufacturer had created two of those products for the small spaced house owner, from that point of view, we will rate better to Precision Rabbit Resort because it has added the most secured and affordable facilities within budget and limited space. On the other hand, Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof High Rise Pet Cage could not manage that even cannot go close enough but for travelers and short-time holiday-maker can choose this as their best cage.

So far, our research team has come up with something exceptional after the previous sessions. Cause this special cage covers all in one theory very smoothly. Now, what is "all in one" theory stands for? In some cases, few owners' want to fosterage multiple rabbits in a small cage. As a result, their quest never stopped in searching. For them, our experts have brought this fantastic cage: Yet it covers the following features:

  • The cage has a huge womb where two cute platforms are flexibly situated with two non-slippery ramps.
  • As a result, the rabbit can frequently stroll to eat their food or enjoy some private time.
  • Moreover, the huge ground space has stretched the living space; for that reason, two rabbits can habitat easily.
  • Under the ground space, there is a removable tray to clear the trash conveniently. To make the cleaning dibs more convenient a urine leakage protector is installed.
  • However, for rabbit protection, the creator used robust wire with enough ventilation and polished the security with the strong plastic ground.
  • To power up the protection, the manufacturer has used chemical and toxic less material so that they can absorb a healthy environment.
  • Apart from that, it can easily be assembled as well as be moved with caster lock technology-based wheel.
  • For cleaning up procedure, there are two doors.
  • Finally, the different color option gives the chance to choose the best one.
Expert opinion: This cage could be best if the manufacturer added water jar and hay feeder, except that facility, the overall cage is enough for multiple rabbit accommodation in a small place.

For folding facility, this cage has grabbed enough user attention since most of the cage users want to save the space and their hobby. The cage has also contained a unique design and size.

Besides that, it has some other common options our team considers as a buyer. And they are:

  • In spite of having a folding facility the 37 x 19 x 20 (inches) sized cage can easily assemble within a minute.
  • Moreover, the front and roof door facilities provide easy access and quick preservation support. 
  • The urine resistance and demountable pan option create the preservation support handier.
  • As the whole cage is wire coated, the chance of an unwanted attack is less; even it is free from chemical and rust.
  • If the rabbit chews the wire, the cage will not face corrosion so easily.
  • For creating enough living and sleeping space, craftsman clinched enough space inside that cage.
Expert opinion: For easy folding, this cage is good, but it could get more acceptances if there are the water jar and hay feeder attached.

Homey Pet Rabbit Cage Vs Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage

It's tough to compare between Midwest Wabbitat Folding Rabbit Cage and Homey Pet Rabbit Cage because both have unique feature according to the price. But if we point a significant fact then: Midwest is for a single rabbit, yet the Homey Pet is for multiple rabbits. So it clear that comparatively, the better cage depends on consumer needs.

During the time of choosing products, our expert has discovered surprising information and that is the highest trend of choosing small cage by the consumers as they used to travel and have a holiday so they tend to take their pet with them. For the portability convenience, most of the people go for the small-sized cage. Kennel- Aire is one of them; the features have almost resembled with the consumers' intention. So the features are:

  • The 29.5 x 16.5 x 24 (inch) sized cage is made with sturdy wire and have very secured protection.
  • To enter that secured cage, there are two doors namely: front door and rooftop door. For cleaning and providing food and water.
  • Also, there is a tray beneath the wire coated ground, which can take enough dirt and has urine resistance.
  • Since there are caster locking wheels, users don't need to worry about outdoor cleaning if it is necessary.
  • The most important thing about that cage is living and playing space, which is good enough for the small-sized rabbit. Since the cage is specially made for small-sized house and portability.
Expert opinion: For portability it's perfect, but there is an absence of water and food jar facility. So it should be introduced to get the market advantage.

Previously we have reviewed a multi rabbit cage which was two stories, but this time the research unit has found something more significant than that where you can comfortably accommodate at least 3 rabbits easily.

There are also some more dibs to make it count, for your convenience here is the dibs:

  • First of all the space of that cage is big enough for rabbit sleeping and playing.
  • To take the level of rabbit enjoying into the next level, they have added three extra platforms with non-slippery ramp.
  • However, the cage is considered large within a small-sized cage, so it normal to think about critical cleaning. But the truth is: there is no hassle like that because the wheels are very dynamic and have brake technology. For that reason, you can easily move the cage for cleaning or other purposes.
  • The three different door systems assist the cleaning process and food delivery process in three different ways. As a result, a neat and clean cage is ensured.
  • Moreover, the manufacturer has also concerned on rabbit health, that's why they added chemical and poison-free materials in that cage.
  • Inside the cage has enough ventilation space for fresh air supply. And it is possible only when there will be good quality materials.
  • The reflection of that good quality material symbolizes slightly with the demountable tray option. Cause it is very durable and leakage proof.
Expert opinion: Our experts rated these 3 out of 5 because it could be handier by adding water and hay feeder.

Kennel-Aire "A-Frame Bunny House Vs PawHut Metal Rabbit Cage

The size of Pawhut and Kennel- Aire are not the same also the facilities are. Most importantly, Kennel is for a single rabbit; on the other hand, Pawhut is for multiple rabbits. So comparatively for a single rabbit, Kennel is better.

For making this top 10 cage list our research unit has to cover several things, for that reason they had spent a good amount of time behind the project- However, As a buyer, it will be tough for you to spend that amount of time but have to buy a suitable cage for your rabbit indeed.

That's why, we structured a simple and effective buying guide for you, with that guideline, you can easily buy the proper one. so let's dive in the golden pond for catching best fish:

Some of the consideration when buying a rabbit cage

Rabbit comfort: Being an owner, you know the habit of your rabbit, for example, some rabbit needs huge space for playing and sleeping, or some rabbit needs not much space for playing and sleeping. So it's important to know, how much space and facilities your rabbit needs. 

Materials: This is also a part of comfort which is very crucial for rabbit health. Especially the wire, litter tray, hay feeder, water jar. If this is made with poor quality material, then your rabbit has to suffer in the long run. For your convenience here some options are given for you: 

  • Correx plastics are the best material for the rabbit cage. 
  • Weldmesh wire is good for the cage.
  • Water-based color is safe for a rabbit.
  • Overall materials are best for a robust and healthy enclosure.

Budget: A very important factor for the pet owner and so, making a proper budget for a cage is tough one according to rabbit behavior. But our recommended cages are all budget-friendly you can choose one of them. Even the cages are enough to give you a rough budget idea if you look at the feature consciously.

Durability: After budget issues, a common thing people consider, that is the durability of a product. Since the rabbit loves to chew, there is a huge chance of getting stained which is a threat for durability. So it is essential to check the strength of the cage.

Indoor beautification: This is something unique feature, and most avoided feature but we emphasized this since you are going to keep a cage inside your home, so it's necessary to look good at your home, in fact, this could make your room more beautiful. That’s why; all the cages we have to choose are very eye-catching and can enhance indoor beauty.

This beautification option reminds about some interesting consumer inquires that we have faced during the time of research. For your convenience, some of the portions are given below:


Que: Can I attach an extra water jar or hay feeder in my cage?
Ans: Yes, you can attach it.

Que: Which one is the best plastic or wired cage?
Ans: We will prefer wired coated cage since it is sturdy and good overall. 

Que: How to avoid the odor?
Ans: Clean the cage on a regular basis, and use odor remover.

Wrap Up

Through this best rabbit cage research process, our team has finally able to bring some best product according to your needs. If it is so, our request is to spread the content for other rabbit enthusiasts.