Best Parrot Food Review- Top Choice For 2021

Parrots are unique in terms of both their look and sporty behavior. They easily become a part of the family for their sociable characteristics. They play, they talk and amuse you most of the time.

Health is wealth and it goes the same even for the parrots. They need nutritional food providing all the essential vitamins and minerals. However, there are lots of parrot food running in the marketplace which claims to provide all the essential food elements. But, choosing the best parrot food among them make surely make you nuts.

That’s why we have assembled the best parrot food that supports the proper enhancement and growth development of your feathered bird. Bonus, we also included a buying guide so that you can make the final purchase confidently.

However, assuming that your parrot wants to fill its tummy right now and you do not have time to run over all the details; then grab the Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix for Parrots pet bird food.

Top 10 Best Parrot Food Review

We have searched for every essential element like vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, non-toxic elements, etc. And we have verified their existence before putting together the products in this best parrot food review. So, without any further delay let’s jump in.

1. LAFEBER’S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food

LAFEBER'S Gourmet Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food

Key Features

  • Round shaped Nutri-berries.
  • GMO free and human-graded.
  • Chelated minerals.
  • Abundant anti-oxidants.

Fill your pet birds’ tiny tummy with LAFEBER’S Nutri-Berries Pet Bird Food which is constituted and recommended by top veterinarians and nutritionists of avian. Plus, this pet food comes with four varieties to pick from.

Keeping your pet bird in a cheerful mood is a real big deal. For that reason, the Nutri-berries comes with round shaped food. It not only encourages the bird to beak play but also provides the foraging two times than the pellets. Thus, the food helps the pet from plunging in boredom.

Furthermore, this pet bird food is entirely made of human-grade ingredients. Plus, no harmful GMO food, additives, or color food have been added. So, feeding the Nutri-berry food to your parrot is purely safe.

Packed with ingredients and real healthy fruits, this bird food has chelated coating of minerals and vitamins to stimulate the brain of your pet. So, the parrot is getting proper nutrition with lots of delicious flavors.

The abundant anti-oxidants of LAFEBER’S Nutri-Berries shield your bird from any kind of heart disease. And above, the balanced omega 3 and omega 6 ensures undisturbed blood regulation so that the skin, immune system of your pet stays fit and strong.   

  • Healthy natural ingredients.
  • Free of harmful preservations.
  • Stimulating flavors.
  • Supports healthy skin and body.
  • Bit expensive.
  • Might be too sugary.

2. ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Pellets Bird Food For Parrots

ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Pellets Bird Food For Parrots

Key Features

  • Fancy fruit colors, shape, flavors.
  • Natural fruits blending.
  • Well sized food pellets.
  • Necessary vitamins.
  • Resealable bag.

When your feathery friend is annoying you with the choosy behave, then the ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor Pellets is here to make the parrot fancy for it.

This pellet bird food comes in fancy fruit colors, unique shape, and delicious flavor, helping your feathered friend to beak play and to engage in exciting pellets picking play.

Moreover, the food pellets have been sized precisely so that your companion bird doesn’t feel it hard to swallow.

The pet bird food from ZuPreem FruitBlend boast with abundant vitamins, minerals, and acids. These vital elements ensure the growth of the body, lift the immune system, and supply energy to your pet for having a blissful life.

Furthermore, this pet bird food comes packed in a resealable bag to retain the freshness of the food, ensuring your companion bird tastes a scrumptious and palatable food in every bite.

  • Healthy natural fruits.
  • Enjoyable food pellets.
  • Easy to devour.
  • Helps growth-development.
  • Fresh and tasty food to eat.
  • Too small pellet size.

3. Volkman Seed Avian Science Super Parrotlet.

Volkman Seed Avian Science Super Parrotlet.

Key Features

  • Nice blend of natural ingredients.
  • No chemical preservations.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Resealable bag.

The Volkman Seed Avian Science Super Parrotlet comes with a fascinating blend of ingredients that will bound your choosy parrotlet to fall in love.

All the ingredients in this food have been chosen from the mother nature like canary grass seed, brown peanuts, cantaloupe seed, cracked corn, soft millet, safflower, oat groats, colorful carrots, and peppers. Therefore, a complete package of nutritious food to feed your pet bird.

Any kind of preservation, colors, and additives have been completely ignored during the food process of the Seed Avian pet food. So, your pet bird gets a balanced diet indeed.

The Seed Avian along with the ingredients also supplies lots of vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system. Plus, the food being rich in amino acids help the parrotlet to increase endurance and burn fat acids, providing a secure healthy, and happy life.

Though all the ingredients of this food come from nature, all the dust-particles have been entirely eliminated during the formulation. In addition, it comes with flavors to enrich the taste of the food only for your pocket parrot.

Finally, to keep all these properties of the food fresh and fruity, the Seed Avian has stored this parrotlet food in a resealable pack.

  • Good dietary.
  • Boosts overall health.
  • Harmless to consume.
  • Tasty flavors to entice the parrotlet.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Inconsistent food quality.

4. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parrot Food.

Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parrot Food.

Key Features

  • Quality food blend.
  • IT contains DHA omega 3’s.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Bioavailable food ingredients.

The Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parrot Food earns the title of tops parrot food for providing a balanced diet with a blend of high diversity food ingredients.

As mention above about varieties of food blend, they have put together grains, seeds, vegetables, and tropical fruits to serve a delicious yet beneficial diet to your parrot.

The DHA omega 3’s is a demandable element of food that has been added to strengthen your pet birds’ internal anatomical function like – brain and heart function, clear vision, healthy immune system, well feathering. Plus, the additional vitamins and minerals are present to support the overall health.

Besides, this pet bird food comes with fanciful flavors enhanced by the tropical fruits, a medley of seeds. Plus, the Parrot food by Vitakraft has the bioavailability of ingredients, helping your pet to digest the food easily.

Therefore, your pet gets proper nutrition to live a playful and colorful healthy life.

  • Strengthen internal body function.
  • It helps to have a fit and healthy life.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Tasty flavors to entice.
  • Easy to store.
  • Inconsistent food quality.
  • Reportedly dusty.

5. TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets Hookbills.

TOP's Parrot Food Pellets Hookbills

Key Features

  • ¼” inch food pellets.
  • Non-GMO and USDA certified.
  • Abundant health supplements.
  • No harmful preservatives.

When talking about food for parrots, the first thing that matters the most is pellet size. The TOP’s Parrot Food Pellets Hookbills is probably the best parrot pellets running in the marketplace due to its ¼” inch pellet diameter.

They suit perfectly well for breeds like macaws, amazons, and Eclectus. Plus, they are cold-pressed to hold the natural nutrition within.

Unlike the other typical parrot foods running in the market with GMO corn, this parrot food is made of non-GMO corn. It comes with a USDA certificate to give you the content of safe feeding.

Also, the TOP’s parrot food is packed with enough vitamins and minerals to fortify your pets’ health. At the same time, the amino acids decline muscle soreness and burn fat to give an energetic and playful life.

Furthermore, no preservative or artificial colors have been added during food processing. Rather this food has been naturally preserved by the natural and anosmic preservatives like Rosemary, Lemon, and Orange peel. Therefore, no chance of developing obesity or allergies by feeding this food to your parrot.

  • Easy to digest the food pellets.
  • It provides natural nutrition.
  • Safe food to feed.
  • It provides a healthy life.
  • Protects from diseases.
  • It might smell alfalfa.

6. LAFEBER’S Premium Daily Diet Pellets.

LAFEBER'S Premium Daily Diet Pellets.

Key Features

  • ¼” inch food pellets.
  • Non-GMO and USDA certified.
  • Abundant health supplements.
  • No harmful preservatives.

Maximum time storing the food stands as an obstacle just when you are thinking about to feed. Well, say goodbye to that worry with the LAFEBER’S Premium Daily Diet Pellets. It comes in a well-designed bucket to store the food with no stress at all.

Plus, the recipe of this pet bird food revolves all around the natural ingredients namely ground corn, soybean meal, and egg, etc. They have chosen carefully and blended in a fine-tune to give your pet a healthy balanced diet.

Moreover, the daily diet pellets by the LAFEBER’S boasts with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. They both work tirelessly to provide healthy skin as well as protecting your pet from cardiovascular diseases. So, the parrot of yours is going to flourish with health and beauty by this pet bird food.

To make this food compelling and enticing, a natural coating of molasses has been given. As a result, the chances of refusing this pet bird food falls to zero.

Furthermore, the pellets come in a modest bit size for convenient feeding and easy digestion for the parrot. Finally, totally made of human-grade and non-GMO ingredients to ensure safe feeding for your pet.

  • Easy to feed.
  • Delivers a healthy life.
  • Guards from major diseases.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Harmless food ingredients.
  • Too small pellets for a macaw.


Key Features

  • Enzyme rich nutritional diet.
  • Oxygen filled packaging.
  • Rich in vitamins.
  • Human grade ingredients.

Enzymes play the key role of food digestion and the movement of the digested food molecules to the proper area of the body. That’s why the Sleek & Sassy Nutritional Diet has made their food from the ingredients that contain enzymes. As a result, the parrot not only gets a nutritional diet but also gets the full value of the food.

Again, to protect those enzymes that will ultimately reinforce your parrots’ health and life, this food is being stored in an Oxygen filled pack.

Additionally, the pet food from the Sleek & Sassy is fully packed in with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The 3 important factors that strengthen the bones, brain, bolster the immune system, help the growth of your parrots’ body.

This food has no GMO ingredients in another way it is made of human-grade ingredients.

Plus, SO2 that is sulfite which is very harmful and sometimes can be life-threatening has been completely eliminated from the food. Therefore, you can be certain that your pet bird is going to devour entirely safe food.

  • Easy to digest.
  • Works all over the body.
  • It helps to develop a healthy body.
  • Supplies appropriate nutrition.
  • Maximum small white seed.

8. Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix For Parrots.

Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix For Parrots.

Key Features

  • Natural flavors.
  • No artificial preservatives.
  • Properly shaped and sized pellets.
  • IT contains DHA omega 3 and 6 acids.
  • Digestive probiotics.

Natural nutrition is very essential for a parrots’ enhancement. The Higgins Intune Natural Food for Parrots makes the entry to enhance your pet birds’ health with purely natural food. So, flourish and nourish your parrot with proper nutrition and a balanced diet with this food.

The Intune Natural food has completely abandoned any kind of artificial preservatives and sprayed flavors in the food. Rather aromas of real fruits like banana, pineapple which are of course pure natural, have been added to provide a toxic-free food.

For undisturbed digestion, the food pellets have been given perfect shape and size. Plus, this colorful pet bird food does not rely on any artificial color or dyes rather the colors are extracted from organic turmeric root, annatto seeds.

At the same time, this pet bird food from Higgins Intune is enriched in DHA omega 3 and 6 which supports the exact function of the immune system of your pet. Plus, the added vitamin C and E distributes the nutrition all over the body. Therefore, impress your feathered buddy with the nutrition and vitamins by this food.

Most importantly, this food has been encapsulated with probiotics microorganisms. So, you do not need to feed extra supplements as the probiotics ensure proper nutrition for your parrots’ good wellbeing, which can also be time and cost-saving for you.

  • Healthy food to feed.
  • Natural colorful flavors.
  • Non-toxic food.
  • Easy to eat.
  • It helps to digest easily.
  • Most likely corn seeds in the food.

9. Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb

Harrison's Adult Lifetime Coarse 5lb

Key Features

  • Organic Seal.
  • Natural food ingredients.
  • No insecticides and preservatives.
  • High potency formula.

If you are talking about the bird pellet food that is suitable for non-molting, non-breeding parrots from medium to large size, then the Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Coarse is indeed what you need.

In fact, the food is kept in a USDA certified NOP seal which is of course organic. This seal helps to keep the food fresh and crispy through the feeding time.

It comes with natural food ingredients prepared by the top avian nutritionist. The ingredients include whole grain with no wheat, finely refined cereals so that your feathered pal gets a nutritious balanced diet.

Despite the fact that it is made of natural ingredients, there is no trace of any kind of insecticide, pesticide in the food. Plus, disease-causing pathogenic bacteria, toxic compounds like mold, etc. have been entirely eliminated to ensure the safe food consumption of your companion birds.

Furthermore, harmful preservatives or artificial colors are completely ignored during the food process. So, you can rest assured that your parrot is free from any kind of harm.

A top-class formula of the Adult Lifetime Coarse pet bird food is the high potency. This formula assures that your parrot or Macaw gets all the vitamins needed to live a healthy long life.

  • Fresh bird food.
  • A healthy nutritional diet.
  • Safe and tasty food for the pet.
  • Supply proper vitamins.
  • Ensures a healthy life.
  • Too expensive.

What To Look Before Buying Best Parrot Food

Of course, all the products mentioned above are of a high standard. But certain key elements need to be present in an ideal pet bird food depending on which kind of parrot you want to feed.

Pure Natural

We cannot deny the importance of this factor in bird food. Look for the presence of all-natural ingredients since they provide the nutrition needed for the enhancement of your parrot.

Always deselect the product that contains GMOs as they can do minor to severe injury to the bird. Plus, ignore the foods that contain artificial flavor and color coating.

Additionally, there is a trend going on with the probiotics element. Don’t get overwhelmed or nervous, because these healthy bacteria help the digestion of foods properly. All these have been put in together in the Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix for Parrots bird food.


There are manufacturers who out of greed use harmful preservatives to earn more profit. Consumption of excessive preservatives causes heart disease, cancer.

But some manufacturers use natural preservatives and aroma of real fruits like banana, pine-apple to tempt your pet bird. As a result, the parrot gets a nutritional diet without getting harmed. And when we talk about preservative-free bird food, the one that shoo-in is the Higgins Intune Natural Food Mix for Parrots.


Vitamins, minerals, and fatty acid all of them are very important for the overall body of the parrot.

Vitamins and minerals construct the bones strongly, heals bone. It also bolsters the immune system. Plus, the fatty acids support proper blood circulation, develops the brain function.

Likewise, excess supplements consumption can cause overweight and heart disease. So watch out before feeding your parrot. Try to mix vegetables and fruits with the supplements to provide nutrition along with maintaining the body weight.

If you are worried about gaining overweight, then feed the Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parrot Food to your pet. It comes with abundance vitamins and a nice blend of real fruits and vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

How often should I feed my parrot?

Answer: It recommended to feed 1 to 2 teaspoons of birdseed. ¼ pellets per for small bird and ½ for larger bird per day only in the morning.

How many calories a parrot need per day?

Answer: It depends on the breed of the parrot. For instance, 12-16 calories cover for a budgie, whereas a macaw needs 220 calories per day.

Which toxic foods should be avoided?

Answer: Be careful not to feed the parrot with chocolate, a sip of caffeine as these foods are really toxic and harmful. Plus, there are foods like avocado, salt, onion, and garlic which are very harmful and dangerous for the parrot.

Can I feed raw meat and egg to the parrot?

Answer: Don’t feed the raw egg right away instead hard boil the egg and let the parrot choose between white part and the yolk. The white part is proven to be more nutritious for the parrot. On the other hand, cook the raw meat properly before serving to the parrot. Always serve white meat rather than red meat as they tend to be hard for them.

Can I feed dairy products to my parrot?

Answer: You can feed them milk, yogurt 2 or 3 times a week but in a very short amount. Since birds are by nature lactose intolerant, you should avoid dairy products as much as possible.

Our Verdict!

We consider parrots not only as your pet but also as a friend to play, to cheer, to enjoy. So, for the wellbeing of your companion bird, we have reviewed the best parrot food that guarantees balanced nutrition for enhanced healthy life.