Best Parakeet Cages: Buying Guide & Parakeet Cage Review

Awww! The adorable eyes of your parakeet don’t fail to amaze you. You love your buddy more than anything and we know how it feels. However, do you know that parakeets can have a hard time living when their cage isn’t good enough?

You can take a look at the parakeet cage your neighbor is having. What, you feel you haven’t got the best parakeet cages reviews? You’ll end up having the low-end ones if you don’t know what you’re buying.

Leave that junk and let us borrow your attention. We’re talking about the top 10 parakeet cages.

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Best Pick
Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage
Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage
  • Durable iron construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for multiple parakeets 
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Best in design
Yaheetech 61-inch Top Large Parrot Bird Cages
Yaheetech 61-inch Top Large Parrot Bird Cages
  • Durable iron construction
  • Toy included 
  • Top playing area with a ladder
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Best Overall
Large Wrought Iron Flight Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Cage
Large Wrought Iron Flight Canary Parakeet Cockatiel Lovebird Finch Cage
  • Perfect for multiple parakeets
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy moving with 4 wheels
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Premium quality
Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Cockatiel Cage
Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Cockatiel Cage
  • Designed for Parakeets
  • Triple roof design
  • Lots of room to move
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Best in Price
Prevue Pet Products Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage
Prevue Pet Products Hampton Deluxe Divided Breeder Cage
  • Quality iron construction
  • Ideal for multiples of small birds
  • Transportable.
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Best Parakeet Cages Reviews

Below are the parakeet cages that have been running hot in the market. Get yourself one of these and your pet will love it no matter what.

1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Highlighted Features

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 19 pound 
  • Item Dimensions: 31 x 20.5 x 53 inches (LxWxH)
  • Color: Black Hammertone

If you have plenty of small birds in your home, this parakeet cage is the best size cage for 2 parakeets that you can pick. This Prevue Hendrys pet cage comes in two shapes and sizes and will house plenty of birds in its small and medium-sized options.

What makes this parakeet cage unique from most of the other cages available out there is the two large front doors and a bottom shelf. The bottom shelf is quite useful to store foods and other supplements for your parakeets that you can grab whenever necessary.

The cage also features four double cups made of plastic for your parakeets to eat and drink from. This feature makes this cage ideal for bird keepers who have a relatively large number of birds.

The three additional wood perches are high to hold multiple birds in it and look terrific to display your parakeets.

The problem with large parakeet birdcages is that you have to deal with a lot of trouble to move it from one place to another. As the cage remains large and heavy, it takes quite an effort. However, that won’t happen with this cage as it has easy-rolling casters that make it quite effortless to move from one place to another.

  • Made of heavy-duty iron.
  • It has six nest door.
  • The cage is quite easy to clean.
  • Comes with removable trays.
  • Requires regular inspection to see if it has suffered any damage.

2. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Alloy steel, Plastic
  • Weight: 12 pound 
  • Item Dimensions: 26 x 36 x 14 inches (LxWxH)
  • Color: Brown/Black

Quite similar to the Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron series, this is also a fantastic bird cage to have to house your birds in it. The only difference you will find between these two is that this cage has the birdcage stand missing from it. Due to the feature being missing, you will find it at a slightly lower price as well.

While purchasing a parakeet cage, you need to figure out where you intend to place it as the parakeet makes noise and also requires to be put in a place where they will look good inside of the cage.

Whether you intend to place them indoors or in your balcony, you will find the built-in handle quite useful for mounting.

The cage features dual front doors, making it easier for your feathered friend to enter the cage.

You won’t have to worry about the debris and seeds falling from the cage and ruining your porch as the tray is deep enough to catch them while they fall.

The cage is designed, keeping a minimalistic outlook in mind, and goes well with any household setup. Go ahead and grab it and give your parakeets an amazing place to sit and relax on.

  • Effortless to mount.
  • Comes with a big space.
  • Easy-to-access facilities.
  • Doesn’t have a bird cage stand.

3. Vision Bird Cage Model M02 – Medium

Vision Bird Cage Model M02

Highlighted Features

  • Number of Level: 4
  • Weight: 5.55 Kilograms 
  • Item Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 34.5 inches
  • Color: White
  • Assembly: Required

Suitable for canaries, finches, budgies, and lovebirds, the M02 model of Vision Bird Cage is amazing for housing parakeets as well. Your feathered buddies will find this cage quite spacious as there is enough room for them to move around freely.

Most of the bird cages out there eject waste of debris and seed outside due to the airflow caused by the bird’s movement. However, that won’t be the case with this bird cage as it is equipped with a debris guard and a deep base to ensure seed and water are placed in such a way so that it doesn’t spill out.

The entire cage is entirely detachable from the base, and it isn’t that hard to detach. Ultimately, the cage is quite effortless to clean, taking less of your time while you enjoy a great time with your parakeet friends.

The cage offers a variety of features that assist in providing the bird with an environment where it can stay cheerfully. The cage grants easy access to your parakeets and the feeders and perches inside of it create a bird-friendly habitat.

Also, you will find the cage durable enough so that it can withstand the activities of your parakeet hassle-free.

  • The base is separable and thus making the cage easy to clean.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Have plenty of space for your bird to roam freely.
  • Equipped with feeders and perches.
  • You need to assemble after purchase.

4. Yaheetech 61-Inch Wrought Iron Large Cockatiel Cages

Yaheetech 61-Inch Wrought Iron Large Cockatiel Cages

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Metal
  • Item dimensions: 61.3 x 25.79 x 25.79 inches
  • Item weight: 37.87 Pounds
  • Color: White

Great for housing big birds, the Wrought Iron Play Top by Yaheetech is an amazing cage to have for your parakeets. It is worth the purchase if you pet more than two birds. The cage offers greater durability as it is made of iron.

If you are concerned whether your birds can move freely inside the cage or not, you can kick that concern out of the list for this cage as it has a body dimension of 26.1 x 25.8 x 61.6 inches and is large enough to hold plenty of birds. Multiple birds can roam freely and naturally inside of the cage.

If you are considering putting your birds in a cage outdoor, there is always a chance of wild animals harming them. As this bird cage is made of high-grade material, there is less chance for your parakeets to receive harm from wild animals, providing them greater security.

The cage is worth the purchase due to the extra accessories that come with it -making it stand out of the crowd from other cages. Equipped with four bowls that are manufactured with stainless steel, you won’t have to worry about feeding your birds anymore.

Also, there is a ladder that will keep your birds’ engaged, giving them a playful place to live.

  • Long-lasting stainless-steel material feeding cups.
  • Removable tray makes it easy to clean.
  • Button lock maximizes the security.
  • Not appropriate to small house birds.

5. Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Lovebird Finch Cage

Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Lovebird Finch Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Wrought Iron
  • Item dimensions: 32 x 19 x 64 inches
  • Item weight: 36 Pounds
  • Color: Black Vein

This bird cage is as large as it can get and can house a pretty significant number of birds inside of it. If you have multiple parakeets, finches or canaries, you should grab this cage without giving it a second thought. The large front door is great for your parakeets to enter smoothly.

Large cages are usually kept outdoor and used for breeding and maintaining multiple birds. There is also the chance of your birds getting stolen if the cage is kept outside. However, this is not likely to happen in the case of this cage, as it is equipped with a metal safety lock.

The problem with having a large cage for your bird is the cleaning and maintenance. You won’t often find yourself cleaning or maintaining the cage, and once you do, you are worried about handling the weight of the cage.

You will be glad to know that the cage is completely detachable from the base stand, which makes cleaning and maintenance effortless. Also, the bottom tray can be slid out for routine cleaning of the seeds and debris.

  • Holds a wide number of parakeets.
  • Large in size.
  • Very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Made with durable material.
  • Not appropriate for larger birds.

6. Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item dimensions: 26 x 14 x 22.5 inches
  • Item weight: 10 Pounds
  • Color: Blue & White

For a triple roof birdcage, Prevue Hendryx is quite an affordable cage for you to have for housing your parakeets. If you save smaller birds such as finches, parakeets, and cockatiels, you will find this best hanging parakeet cage perfectly fitting for your little feathery buddies.

As the cage has ½” bar spacing, smaller birds will have a hard time getting out of the cage and wandering outside.

The cage is visually aesthetic and looks well to house your parakeets due to it being designed with a combination of blue and white. The unique design of the roof of the cage also adds up to its beauty of it.

The relatively medium cage is riddled with features to ensure your parakeets have a comfy environment to live in. The cage is equipped with two cups made of plastic that can hold enough food and water in it. Also, you can add additional perches and attach it anywhere you like inside of the cage.

The cage has only one entrance in the front and is big enough to access your parakeets. As you will be housing smaller parakeets and similar types of birds, you won’t find the entrance that small as it is quite accessible.

Cleaning and maintaining the cage won’t be that much big of a deal as the bottom grill is removable and can be slide out to regularly clean seeds and debris.

  • Affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Durable and heavy-duty built-quality.
  • The trays can be separated easily.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Appropriate for small birds only.

7. Prevue Pet Product Hampton Deluxe Bird Cage

Prevue Pet Product Hampton Deluxe Bird Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Iron
  • Item dimensions: 37.5 x 18 x 40.25 inches
  • Item weight: 37 Pounds
  • Color: Black Hammertone

If you are considering breeding parakeets and looking for a cage that provides ideal spacing for breeding birds, then you should grab this one ASAP! You will find this bird amazing to breed smaller birds similar to parakeets such as finches.

What makes this cage ideal for breeding is the heavy metal construction so that birds don’t escape or get exposed to thieves. Other convenient accessories include large doors for your parakeets to enter smoothly, iron bars, and dividers for separate housing of parakeets for breeding.

As the cage is heavy and might intimidate you into thinking about the efforts required in moving it, worry not as the cage is attached with wheels and can be effortlessly transported from one location to another.

While breeding birds, you need to ensure enough food and supplements are present, and to keep them in one place, there is a large enough tray underneath the cage where you can stock meals and snacks for your feathery best friend.

To ensure further comfort for your parakeets, the cage contains four cups made of plastic to hold food and water and four perches where your bird can sit and sleep freely, giving them a comfy environment to live in while you breed them.

  • Ideal for breeding parakeet.
  • Made of heavy-duty material.
  • Has got enough accessories for your bird.
  • Average bird owners will face trouble fitting this cage inside their homes due to it being large.

8. Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage

Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Item dimensions: 7.7 x 26.1 x 16.5 inches
  • Item weight: 3.34 Kilogram
  • Color: White
  • Number of level: 2

This cage is perfect for smaller birds such as parakeets, finches, canaries, cockatiel, and love birds. Being a single height cage, this cage has a body dimension of 24″ x 15″ x 20 1/2″ which is enough to hold multiple smaller birds inside of it.

The cage is the top pick of most of the bird lovers, as it is quite effortless to set up. The plug-and-play type feature makes this cage unique, which requires almost no tools to assemble. The cage comes with a necessary clip and a green perch for your birds to sit and sleep on.

The green perches have been arranged to imitate a natural outlook where your parakeets can feel at home. As they are not receiving the exact natural care, the best we can do is provide a similar environment where they feel natural to live and move freely.

Vision always thrives on providing maximum comfort to your parakeets, and that is why they invest heavily in research and development to come up with unique designs to maximize comfortability.

This is what makes this cage unique and popular among bird lovers.

  • Amazing blend of style and function.
  • Comes with separate doors.
  • Easy to maintain and clean.
  • A bit costly compared to similar other cages.

9. Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item dimensions: 18 x 18 x 25 inches
  • Item weight: 2 Pounds
  • Color: Black

Remember the infamous cartoon character, a yellow bird named Tweety? This best travel cage for parakeet will surely remind you of her as a similar cage was used in the cartoon to house Tweety. Classic yet sturdy, this cage is visually stunning, and a must-have if you are a bird lover.

Unlike all the cages mentioned so far, this cage is ideal and appropriate to house a single bird. Where else will you find a birdcage that has a classic design, vintage look, and enough space to house a single medium-sized bird?

The cage is equipped with two plastic cups from where your parakeets can eat and drink whenever it feels like it. To ensure comfort, two plastic perches are attached inside the cage as well, where your bird can sit and sleep.

Cleaning the cage is easier than ever as all you need to do is remove the grill located at the bottom and slide it back in once you are done cleaning the debris and seeds.

  • Boasts an antique outlook.
  • Effortless to assemble.
  • Small parakeets can even fly freely inside of it.
  • Needs regular cleaning of the bottom mess.

10. You & Me Parakeet Ranch House Cage

You & Me Parakeet Ranch House Cage

Highlighted Features 

  • Item dimensions: 16.5 x 11.8 x 22 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Number of level: 2
  • Number of door: 2

Want to have your parakeet enjoy it’s time to the fullest? Gift them this amazing ranch-like a cage where they can spend quality time relaxing. The cage has a body dimension of 16″ x 11.8″ x 22,” which is enough to hold a medium to a large-sized parakeet.

The cage is equipped with two beautifully looking plastic containers to hold food and water for your beloved parakeet and two wooden perches where your best friend can relax and sleep its heart out.

There are three separate doors present at the front of the cage from where you can slide in food and water supplies whenever you feel that a refill is necessary. The doors are big enough for a regular-sized parakeet to enter inside of it.

The cage has a wired upper body and a lower plastic body at the bottom, which is durable enough. The “roof” like the design at the top not only looks good but also functions as well.

  • The cage is quite affordable.
  • Wooden perches and plastic containers.
  • Gives your birds ease and convenience.
  • The roof adds up to the beauty of the cage.
  • Suitable for single parakeet only.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Parakeet Cages

best Parakeet Cage

Before jumping to any conclusion about what should be your pick from an enormous collection of parakeet bird cages available online, let us go through some of the prime factors that determine the quality of the best bird cage for parakeet.


Whether you want to have a large cage that goes well and makes your feathery best friend comfortable or breeding multiple parakeets will surely affect what type of cage you hunt for. For the breeding purpose, you will need a relatively bigger cage-like Prevue Hendrys pet cage that has a separate base for storing multiple parakeets.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Birdcages are likely to get dirty with the mess that a parakeet is likely to create. You will need a birdcage that is effortless to clean. Look for a durable cage that has separable trays so that all you need to do is slide the tray out, clean it, and put it back in once you are finished. Take a look at the Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage.


While shopping for the best bird cage for your pet parakeet, you need to consider the size as well. However, the choice entirely depends on the size of the bird and how many parakeets you are planning to fit inside of the cage. Your parakeet should have enough room to roam freely inside of the cage. I recommend you to buy Mcage Large Wrought Iron Flight Lovebird Finch Cage 


The entrance of your selected bird cages should be big enough for your parakeet to get in smoothly. Also, multiple entrances are plus point as you can use this entrance to refill food and water supply whenever it needs replenishment.

Extra Features

Having extra features inside of your birdcage will work as a plus point as it just makes the life of your parakeets more comfortable. Hagen Vision 2 Bird Cage is the best example ever for extra features. 

Such has had additional containers for holding food and water will only reduce the refill that is required each time your bird is finished consuming them. The perch also is a must-have feature where your bird can sit and sleep comfortably on.

Should A Parakeet Cage Be Covered at Night?

No, evil spirits out there won’t hunt your parakeet. And they are not scary kiddo like you who is afraid to face the dark night. It’s common sense, dude. Just like you need a dark room to get proper sleep as a living being they need the same. You might stave it off for a while by having a cup of black coffee, but parakeets don’t have that luxury, do they?

Therefore, you need to cover their cage so, they would get sleep in peace without being interrupted by the lights outside. You can use a cage cover to keep the lights away from them when it’s sleep time. We would recommend you, keeping the cage in a silent room, to make sure your parakeets get uninterrupted sleep.

How Big Should a Cage Be for 2 Parakeets?

If you have got one parakeet, then a 25-inch tall and 25-inch-wide cage would do just fine.

And when it comes to house 2-parakeets, you just gotta double the number. But if budget is not an issue, then go for the bigger one like Prevue Pet Product Hampton Deluxe Bird Cage. Your parakeets don’t need a castle to live, still, the quality of their living place matters as it highly impacts their mood and health.

Therefore, we would ask you to consider it carefully. Wouldn’t you love to live in a much bigger house? I’m pretty sure the answer is 100% yes. And yeah, your parakeets would answer the same.

Where Is the Best Place to Put a Parakeet Cage?

Where you place the parakeet cage matters. Look, dear, let me remind you again; your parakeet is a conscious being just like you and, they also hate that annoying noise from the refrigerator, ceiling fan, or the pet dog barking at them. Who knows, they might even hate Monday!

Anyway, so when it comes to placing the cage, select a place in the corner with two walls. I believe you are not a bucket-head who would place the parakeet cage directly facing the window. Now, don’t ask me why! Well, unless you have a dog like a bulldog from Tom & Jerry, and if you can keep a close eye on them for a while then it’s fine.

Your birds would love the fresh wind and sunlight. But if it starts to get too hot or windy then you gotta remove the cage from there as soon as possible.

YAHEETECH 54-inch Wrought Iron Standing Large Parrot Parakeet Flight Bird Cage
  • 1 cm/ 0.4’’ bar spacing is suitable and safe for pets in different sizes.
  • Excellent rust and water resistance make this parakeet’s cage a durable and safe pet cage.
  • Easy to move with 360° swivel smooth-rolling casters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What size Parakeet’s Cage Shall I get?

It completely depends on how many pets you’ve got with you. If you have a lot, you have to get yourself a large cage. For one or two, a small cage will do.

Is it hard to clean parakeet cages?

Depends. The ones that do not have a removable tray are pretty hard to clean. Get yourself a cage that comes with a removable tray and you’ll be good to go.

Do all these products have warranty offers?

Yes, but you have to talk to your seller to know all the details.

Final Words

Now that you have gained a decent amount of knowledge about the best parakeet cages and know what to look for while purchasing one, you won’t have to get overwhelmed next time. Also, we have mentioned some of the best cage for 2 parakeets that you can pick for your parakeet.