Best Oxbow Guinea Pig Food- A Healthy Guinea Pig Food

Oxbow Guinea Pig Food

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No doubt, your pet is your sweetheart. And you want all the best things to be a part of your pet.

The best bedding, the best toys, the best cage and obviously the best food is required for your small pet. And if you are a guinea pig parent, you will not disagree with me.

Since dog and cat is a common pet in most of the country, finding the best thing for these pets is quite easy.

But when it comes to guinea pigs, you have to sit straight in the chair as finding the best product is quite challenging.

However, to make your task simple, here is a review of Oxbow guinea pig food which is one of the best food items surfing in the market.

Key Feature:

  • The food item receives special guidance from veterinarians and nutrients to ensure optimum quality.
  • It is made of 100% natural products.
  • Doesn’t contain any unnecessary calories or proteins.
  • Ensures all vitamins, and nutrients are well-balanced.

This food item is specially designed for a young guinea pig that is full of nutrients for their growth. Many veterinarians recommended this food item as one of the best. Let me tell you why?

You will love to hear that this food item is created by veterinarians and nutrients specialists who are famous in their sectors. The right amount of nutrients and vitamins are required for the growth of young guinea pigs. And this oxbow young guinea pig food has all the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients in it.

Moreover, unnecessary calories, protein are also unavailable in this food item, which makes this food item unique than other guinea pig food.

Your young guinea pig will get well-balanced nutrition in every bite from this food item. All types of natural ingredients are used to manufacture the product. So, no faux chemicals or other ingredients are present, which is appreciable.

Purchase the product to make your young small pet more active than before.

Key Feature:

  • The food item comes with a resealed plastic bag for long time use.
  • Optimum protein level ensures health and mental growth.
  • It is enriched with all necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

If you are looking for a food item for your young guinea pig, here is another gift for your small pet from Oxbow. The Oxbow Animal Health Cavy Performance Essentials is an alfalfa-based food item which is also full of calcium and high fiber.

Oxbow will not let you raise any question about the quality of the food item because they never compromise on pet food items. The food item has a 25lbs bag that is also good for not only your young guinea pig but also pregnant and nursing guinea pig can eat this food item.

From customers, this food item receives all positive reviews on Amazon, till now. Customers express their guinea pig enjoyed this food item, and the packaging was also impressively high. Once you start using the product, you will never look for another food item for your young guinea pig, undoubtedly.

You will find the food item with a resealable polybag so that you can store it for an extended period. This food item will be the best solution for those pet parents who are looking for foods for their guinea pig who need additional nutrients support.

Keeping your eyes shut off, you can purchase this food item to enhance the health of your young pet.

Key Feature:

  • The most guinea pig will enjoy the mealtime.
  • Well balanced protein and calcium level to ensure proper growth of your pet.
  • Your small pet will not experience a scurvy problem due to stabilized presence of vitamin C.
  • Quality confirmed and made in the USA.

Oxbow essentials promised in providing optimum quality food items for small pets. And their manufactured food items are full of all-natural ingredients. This product is a timothy-based food item that will not only fulfil the requirement of vitamins for your young pet but also your pet will be happy after eating the meal.

You will hardly find any food items that come with well-balanced natural ingredients to keep the pet active always. This oxbow adult guinea pig food is specially formulated for adult guinea pigs.

The fact is, it is not only ensuring the optimum level of vitamins but also confirming no unnecessary proteins and nutrients are available in the food item. Even, calcium level is also less that will assist your pet from growing bladder stones.

Moreover, the right ratio of calcium and phosphorus will let your guinea pigs bone develop in the right manner. It doesn’t come with sugar and artificial ingredients as both of the items are unhealthy for any small adult pet.

Due to these all beneficial features, many veterinarians prefer this food item for an adult guinea pig.

Key Feature:

  • The product remains fresh always as it comes with a resealed plastic bag.
  • Your guinea pig will enjoy her mealtime.
  • The proper level of vitamins and minerals will prevent different health problems effectively.
  • No presence of any unusual ingredients that may make your pet unhealthy and inactive.

The last product in the list of oxbow guinea pig food. This food item is also a timothy-based food that contains a high amount of fiber in it to meet your guinea pig requirement.

To ensure the healthy body of your small pet, it contains vitamin C. All the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients will keep your pet happy, healthy and playful always.

This food item focuses on providing steadied nutrients.

It comes with a 25-pound bag that will last for a prolonged period. And your pet will never lose her appetite from this food item.

In the market, you will find many food items mix of all unnecessary ingredients which are high in carbohydrates and sugar. Oxbow confirms their food items are all well-balanced with different types of nutrients that will prevent various types of health issues.

And in the end, you will have a healthy, happy and active young pet.

Avoidable Food Items

Many foods can come deadly for your young guinea pig. Before you purchase any food item, you need to know which foods are harmful.

  • Buttercup
  • Tulips
  • Poppies
  • Daffodils
  • Rhubarb
  • Potato
  • Tomato Leaves
  • Tips and Facts

    • Guinea pigs require high-level of fiber in their food list. High-quality fresh hay should be present in the daily meal item for guinea pigs.
    • You will be surprised to know that, like humans, guinea pigs are unable to produce vitamin C of their own in their body. So, the pet parent needs to provide an adequate amount of food that contains vitamin C.
    • Also, guinea pigs need a higher level of vitamin A than other pets. Sufficient amount of vitamin A meal can fulfil her requirement.
    • You must not provide a high level of calcium-based food to your guinea pig because it may lead your pet to severe urinary tract problems.
    • You might be already aware; guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously. Improper food items will hamper the growth of teeth, and your pet will face severe, painful dental problems. If you provide plenty of hay and grass as their food item, the teeth will grow properly.
    • Don’t make any severe changes to their diet plan. Plan to add new food items gradually.

    Final Thoughts

    From plenty of food items, it is crucial to find the best product for your pet because it is all related to their health. And you will never regret purchasing oxbow guinea pig food since this brand has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality guinea pig food.