Ten Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch- Modern & Attractive Hutch (January Update)

best outdoor Rabbit Hutch

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While reviewing the best indoor rabbit hutch, our expert team found out a bit about an outdoor rabbit hutch, as well. However, it is quite a hard nut to crack to find out the best outdoor rabbit hutch from a massive amount of options out there. Despite that, our team did pick some of the options up after a series of restless analysis.

Through that researching period, the team had covered many things to consider and we are portraying two of the crucial part among that consideration list. So first comes:

Our Top Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Highlighted Features

  • 2-story Design.
  • Easy Access. 
  • Indoor & Outdoor protection. 
  • Safety. 
  • Large Cage. 

In our first choice, we have primed this two-story large outdoor rabbit hutch because of its eye-catching design that may increase the outdoor beauty, not only that but also enhance the comfort of rabbits.

To make that comfort, Pawhut ensured two different flat where one is completely for rest and sleep another is for play and it situates under the first flat.

Moreover, the fir wood made outdoor rabbit hutch ensures very good security with strong steel wire, and the wood is secured from all sorts of toxic and chemicals so that your friend gets a healthy space.

In fact the wooden hutch healthy level has risen up by casting 3 unique door systems where two of lies underneath with a removable try for cleaning and accessing; another one is over the first floor which takes care rabbit’s convenience.

As we mentioned earlier the outdoor rabbit hutch is large, so you might have the query about the size and the measurement is 40 x 22 x 39.25 (Length Width Height), which proves enough space for fresh air.


  • Durable hutch for long use.
  • Wooden ramp for easy movement.
  • Large size for playing and sleeping.
  • Suitable in any weather.
  • Easy cleaning a for removable tray.


  • Tough for movement.

Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof roof. 
  • Slid Out tray. 
  • Convenient Ramp. 
  • Large space. 
  • Enough ventilation.

After reviewing the first one in the category of large then this should be considered as larger than the first one. Even it represent itself with an attitude which seems like “A rabbit hutch outdoor should be like this“

Probably the 90.6 x 27.7 x 39.4 ranged handsome hutch deserve that attitude cause it ensured two ramps for two very special friends where they can run independently because of vast space have confirmed beneath the inner house.

And the inner houses are perfect for rabbit comfy since the roof is totally secured and safe, for that safety producer, surrounded the hutch with double wood, which is chemical and toxin-free. You can say that as a healthy hutch too for enough ventilation space and easy cleaning and durable tray.

Moreover, the galvanized wire ensures complete safety for this 4 door rabbit hutch. Especially the wooden doors above the first floor and the wired doors beneath the first floor have created a beautiful color a structural combination to enhance the beauty of the house.


  • Easy setup within a minute.
  • Quick cleaning for demountable tray.
  • Best for multiple rabbits.
  • Enhance the outdoor beauty.
  • Woods are chemical and toxic-free. 
  • Huge space for playing and sleeping.


  • Due to the large size, it becomes heavy to move.

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect for plenty of pets.
  • Secured. 
  • Logn lasted. 
  • Enough space. 
  • Great ventilation. 
  • 3 Door.

And this rabbit hutch is different from previous because it will boost your confidence level up with an amazing feature which is: protection from fungal. As well as,; the architecture of the cabinet looks like a duplex home with enough space.

On that zone bunnies can easily roam and play since the ground is natural, just closed around. To close that ground properly, the manufacturer used sturdy steel wire and waterproof furniture level wood.

That’s why; the place is secured and healthy for your friend. There is also some other reason for being healthy and that is the cleaning facility which is ensured by a demountable tray. For making the cleaning process handier they have attached three doors in a different size.

For being different sized wire and wooden door, the space of entering fresh air is enough. Especially, at the time of sleeping over the 62 x 29.5 x 24 sized special leisure hub bunnies will get unlimited natural fresh air.

The special leisure hub is created higher from the ground as result security and playing space tied up strongly.


  • Huge place for playing.
  • Ramp facility for moving here and there.
  • Perfect for two rabbit accommodation.
  • Easy cleaning with better accessibility.
  • Enough ventilation for fresh air. 
  • Long-lasting hutch with sturdy materials.


  • The wooden door could be a bit big.

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for Outdoor use.
  • 2-story design. 
  • Easy asseble. 
  • Waterproof.  

As our earlier reviews were about large outdoor hutch then decided to review a mid-size outdoor rabbit hutch and found this one, even recommending you because the story hutch ensures ultimate durability and weatherproof standard through the smudged pine wood.

To maintain the hutch users don’t need to pay huge time since the cleaning tray is demountable and convenient to wash instantly. Moreover, the 41 x 20 x 39 dimensioned hutch clinched enough space for the little champ so that it can play and sleep comfortably.

For comfortable sleeping and leisure, the room environment is essential. That’s why room above playing field is made with enough air entering space by attaching the chemical and toxin-free metal frame.

Another considerable thing for comfy is roof temperature adjustment which is perfect in this hutch cause the easy-opening roof has the power to control the heat temperature of that VIP zone.

Apart from all above thing, we checked the accessibility also cause users to need to check the hutch in some case for removing bug and upgrading facility such as ramp checking and other, though the ramp is made as non-slippery.

Nevertheless, the four-door system helps to confirm proper maintenance and entry. The most touching fact is the hutch security which is completely secured even the underground playing field is coated with wood.


  • A secured place for a rabbit.
  • The roof can be opened for cleaning.
  • Mid-range size for little outdoor space.
  • Easy to set up within a minute.
  • Durable for long time. 
  • A Weatherproof hutch.


  • The underground playing field is not enough for all breed rabbit.

Highlighted Features

  • Unique Design.
  • Easy cleaning. 
  • Suitable for small rabbit, guinea pig.

Finally, our team has come up with a cute blue colored mini outdoor home for your rabbit, during the time of choosing this rabbit hutch two tremendous ideas constrained us to reward them with this review.

And the first idea is about the built-in hay feeder other idea is green bitumen coated hinged roof to create comfortable eating and living space. In addition, the non-slippery ramp facility makes the tranquil movement of your friend.

Since the bunny will play and take rest either on the first floor or underground floor, there is a chance of getting dirt for that reason manufacturer added two moveable trays which can reserve longtime and can easily be cleared.

The cleaning option has also been extended for having 5 different door opening system, through that options users can easily access inside the hutch. As a result, proper maintenance is confirmed. Moreover, the ground door is like a stair that is specially made for rabbit outing.

Is that all? No, the offer has not ended yet because this 48 x 20 x 40 sized hutch includes 4 different color choices for you, the colors are: Grey, Pink, Natural, Red, and all the hutches are equally secured and poison-free.


  • Variety of color.
  • Huge hay feeder with comfy eating.
  • Enough space to run and sleep.
  • Double tray options for cleaning.
  • Waterproof  option for protecting heavy rainfall. 
  • Weatherproof.


  • Not proper size for all type of rabbit.

Highlighted Features

  • The design is space-saving.
  • High-quality mesh wires.
  • Hinged roof doors.
  • Removable pan for easy access.
  • Top-notch wood constructed hutch.
  • Enough doors.

This is not a big rabbit hutch but a pretty cool one. Presenting the Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch. By saying not so big, we mean that it isn’t a giant hutch where you can keep a couple of rabbits. But here in this, you can easily put two adults and one small rabbit. It is a two-story hutch. 

The lower ground is caged and that is designed so that rabbits can play there in the day time. And there is a ramp, don’t worry, your rabbits wouldn’t slip, the ramp is slip-resistant. The top story is for resting.

If you want your rabbits not to come down, you can shut the hutch door once they are inside the top hutch. The grown wire mesh is extremely durable. Made of metal and powder-coated which makes them rust-resistant.

Moreover, it comes with a hinged door that opens upward, and this makes it effortless for you to access the entire hutch, plays a big role when it comes down to cleaning the hutch thoroughly.


  • It offers a good space.
  • Two-story hutch.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It Will last long.
  • Best for three rabbits.


  • No pre-drilled hole.
  • Uneven latching.

    Highlighted Features

  • Waterproof, corrosion-resistant paint.
  • Removable bottom tray.
  • Enough doors.
  • Wide mesh cage.
  • Top-grade wood material.

This one is a pretty spacious bunny cage and not the only rabbit, but also the puppy, guinea pigs, pigeon, duck, hen, etc. could be raised in this cage. It is completely constructed with wood and is a two-story hutch. 

It has mesh wire cages lower compartment which is designed for all the day time activities of the rabbit, and the top closed hutch is for resting. To go down to up there is a ramp which is slip-resistant so that all pet can easily climb up when needed.

The manufacturer has used security waterproof non-toxic paint and the woods used in the construction is top-grade material and that’s what makes this hutch highly durable. This rabbit hutch can hold strong in extreme weather conditions, the paint it has is completely waterproof, corrosion-resistant and the paint protected from the sun heat as well.

The bottom sliding tray is removable which makes it easier for you to clean the hutch. Plus, there is good ventilation as well which will keep your pets safe.


  • It offers a good space.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Withstand heavy weather conditions.
  • Looks good.


  • The ramp is fragile.

Highlighted Features

  • Water-resistant and eco-friendly paint.
  • Two-story pet hutch.
  • High-quality mesh wire.
  • The tray is removable.
  • Four doors make access easy.

Looking for something durable? Take a look at this POTBY Wooden Rabbit Hutch Pet Cage Shelter House. Heavily constructed with natural and strong wood. The paint manufacturer has used is, water-resistant provides protection from sunray and long-lasting. The paint keeps the inside warm enough so that your pets can live comfortably. Like most models of the market, this one is also a two-story rabbit hutch and offers decent space.

The top story hutch is for resting and the below-caged one is for playing in the day time.  You can use this hutch for all kinds of small animals like Bird, guinea pigs, rabbit, duck, small puppy. 

There are four doors that enable you to access the hutch pretty easily. It also comes with a removable tray that makes it easier for you to clean the hutch and lastly, it is very simple to install.


  • Easy installation.
  • High-quality.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with a good space.
  • List Element


  • It Doesn’t last very long.

Highlighted Features

  • It offers PVC layer and Wire netting.
  • Two big front door.
  • Metal feeder and chewing toys.
  • Waterproof roof.
  • Removable pull out tray.

This is an extremely impressive rabbit hutch, it looks really amazing. If you have a high decorated garden, this would be the best suit for that. It has a bottom wire netting which is removable and there is a PVC layer as well that is super easy to clean. You also get a pull-out tray which also adds to the easy cleaning. There are metal feeders and chewing toys that will reduce the rabbit's boredom.

The roof is completely waterproof and that provides safety from the sun ray as well. There are two front doors that make accessing the hutch very easy. And lastly, this hutch is suitable for other small pets as well.


  • Installation is simple.
  • Suitable for small pets.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It offers a good space.


  • Cannot withstand extreme weather.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with four wheels.
  • Three removable trays.
  • Waterproof and eco-friendly paint.
  • It offers a good space.

This Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch and the previously reviewed Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch outdoor and indoor Bunny cage is almost the same. The only difference between these two is, this one comes with four wheels which makes it easy for the users to move the cage to different places and the previous one didn’t have it. 

Moreover, with this rabbit hutch, you get three removable trays from all of the compartments that make cleaning very easier for you. Water-resistant and eco-friendly paint makes this hutch worth investing.


  • Effortless to move.
  • Good space and protection.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It can withstand little rain.


  • Not long-lasting.

For bringing those best 10 toward you, our team had to consider a few criteria since there are huge outdoor hutches. So it’s quite tough to filter for them, but the research group never stopped to reveal new ideas.

Perhaps, this tonic assisted them finally to come up with a solution. Then, for audience convenience, structured a “How To” as if they could buy the best rabbit hutch for outdoor. So here it goes:

How to choose the best outdoor rabbit hutches?

Imperishability: The First and foremost thing a user should consider is the long-lasting power of the hutch; either you choose wood or steel must concern the durability. Since you are paying a good amount of money, it is crucial to concern about durability.

Most of the time the durability measures along with weather adaptability, therefore the suggestion for the user is to evaluate the durability.

Weatherproof: As the US weather is 4 seasoned, so the hutch should have the ability to endure the seasonal side effect. Chiefly, the health of the rabbit is like a baby so the care must be higher than any other animal.

For that reason, criteria selection is important For example if you want to buy steal based hutch then ensure the rust protection. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a wooden hutch with wire coated door, then consider the wood endurance and wire resistance. Then you will able to buy a proper hutch like Lovupet 40" Wooden Rabbit Hutch. 

Materials: Other considering facts are materials, over which, our previously explained topics are highly independent. Because the comfort, security, rabbit playing space, and relaxing area, in a nutshell, everything regarding rabbit flexibility collectively depends.

For your convenience, our team mentioned some criteria they are: Doors, wire, wood, litter tray, these must be perfect and galvanized to resist corrosion.

Security: Usually, a hutch is bought to keep the bunnies safe and secure, and so it is clear how important the safety issue is. For safeguarding rabbits from unexpected attack the hutch must be made with firmed material. It is not only about unwanted visitors but also regarding poison and chemical contamination which may lead to death. In that consequence, the healthy material should be another concern.

Size and budget: After security, an owner should check the size according to their rabbit breed and their behavior. So decide what type of hutch your rabbit needs is a precious factor before buying. Next, to the budget allocation, it depends on your capability. But our have found that wooden item is best within budget.

Maintenance and portability: Enough space of repairing and upgrading is another most crucial issue as the cleaning procedure becomes within reach. In the end you need to consider the space as well as the portability for unavoidable circumstance may create a positive advantage for rabbit welfare so this should be in consideration list.

Overall, guideline illustrates a basic recipe to win the contest between you and sellers even make you a top-rated buyer in your rabbit community. Even can answer their hutch related question after a good amount of experience. For example, we can show some question that our expert answered. Let’s take a look then:


Outdoor rabbit hutch winter:

Apart from all other seasons, winter is very sensitive for rabbits because they cannot tolerate too much cold so the owner has to be more careful in this season by ensuring warm bedding and monitoring their health on a regular basis.

At that time try to provide enough rabbit food and dry environment to your bunny and secure the hutch outside to avoid material leakage. So that cold wind or bug cannot enter the house. For that security, the owner has to plan outdoor rabbit hutch at the first time of taking the hutch buying decision.


Outdoor rabbit hutch plans:

When an owner decides to keep the rabbit outdoor, then he/she needs to structure a plan for the little one. To execute that plan, someone chooses a DIY outdoor rabbit hutch, or someone decides to buy a ready-made product.

If you go for the DIY product then it is really time worthy costly in some cases, but definitely the best one. On the other hand, there is a community who are largely depending on a ready-made quality product. For that kind of community, our team members have planned to cover the outdoor rabbit hutch review below.

What type of flooring should you choose for the hutch?

1. Linoleum/Tile

Linoleum or tile is widely used flooring for a rabbit hutch. Permanently you can place them on the ground, which is basically ideal for floor level hutches. Even you can put linoleum or tile in cage pans. It would be best if you choose a bit textured option so that your bunny can grip while jumping. Linoleum or tile is the best choice for a litter trained bunny.

2. Rugs/Mats

For grounded rabbit hutch, rugs or mats is the best option as a flooring. Many pet parents love this option because rugs or mats are creating a barrier between the floor and rabbit.

You can choose the flooring option from horse stall mats, carpet, rugs, or foam puzzle mats. Your bunny will get a great feeling on this type of flooring option. Be remindful; it is not a suitable option for destructive rabbits.

3. Plastic

If you purchase a rabbit cage, you will get a built-in plastic bottom. Pet stores sold this type of flooring and it is widely common to many first pet parents. Generally, the rabbit doesn’t feel comfortable on a slippery and smooth surface, so consider placing any mat or carpet on the plastic bottom.

Frequently Asked Question And Answer

Que: How to choose a proper rabbit hutch size?

Ans: The best way is to observe your rabbit and notice the behavior. Then you can easily determine the size.

Que: Which types of outdoor hutch are best, wooden or steel?

Ans: Well, very good question. It depends on your choice, but our recommendation is wooden because it can ensure a healthy environment. We preffered Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch. 

Que: Does custom make hutches are good?

Ans: Undoubtedly yes, because every single thing for a rabbit is ensured there, so we will recommend that for you.

And Finally...

The review plan of our members will be succeeded when you will get the best outdoor rabbit hutch for the little member of your family.

Hope you will be succeeded!