Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch- Your Pet’s Outdoor Solution

When you’re searching for the best outdoor rabbit hutch for your furry little friend, you can’t just go for something out of random. Yes, if it’s an indoor rabbit cage, you might just wave off the thought about security. However, when it’s outdoor, you should watch out for pests and predators. In such cases, going for something that confirms security is the first thing you need to take into account.

Our recommendation would be to go for something that has got elevated feet. Also, the wire of the cage has to be durable as well. That way, you’ll be able to keep your bunny safe from the attacks of predators. And don’t forget to get something that’s weather-friendly. If the cage you buy meets the mark, you’ll definitely get a perfect one.

1 Min Quick Look

In a rush and you don’t have time to read all the reviews? Well, we’ve got a quick summary that can save your time and give you a brief talk on the features of the hutches

Our Top Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

So after researching a lot along with our team, we’ve come up with our top picks.

Read the reviews and keep notes. See which one suits you best.

1. Pawhut 40″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch: Best Overall

Pawhut 40" Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Technical Features

  • Construction: Fir Wood
  • Paint type: Water-based paint
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Space: Both Sleeping and Play
  • Number of Doors: 3 Doors
  • Outdoor Run Material: Steel wire
  • Accessories: Pull-out tray (Removable)
  • Enclosure system: Wire-style
  • Overall Dimensions: 40 L x 22 W x 39.25 H (Inches)

In our first choice, we have primed this two-story large outdoor rabbit hutch because of its eye-catching design that may increase the outdoor beauty, not only that but also enhance the comfort of rabbits.

To make that comfortable, Pawhut ensured two different flats where one is completely for rest and sleep another is for play and it situates under the first flat.

Moreover, the fir wood-made outdoor rabbit hutch ensures very good security with strong steel wire, and the wood is secured from all sorts of toxic and chemicals so that your friend gets a healthy space.

In fact the wooden hutch healthy level has risen up by casting 3 unique door systems where two of lies underneath with a removable try for cleaning and accessing; another one is over the first floor which takes care of rabbit’s convenience.

As we mentioned earlier the outdoor rabbit hutch is large, so you might have the query about the size and the measurement is 40 x 22 x 39.25 (Length Width Height), which proves enough space for fresh air.

  • Durable hutch for long use.
  • Wooden ramp for easy movement.
  • Large size for playing and sleeping.
  • Suitable in any weather.
  • Easy cleaning a for removable tray.
  • Tough for movement.

2. Pawhut 91″ Deluxe: Best Value For Money

Pawhut 91" Deluxe
  • Technical Features
  • Material: Solid China Fir Wood
  • Number of Windows: 2
  • Multiple Ramps: Yes
  • Accessories: Metal Tray
  • Run Area: Yes
  • Dimensions: 90.6 L x 27.5 W x 39.4

After reviewing the first one in the category of large then this should be considered as larger than the first one. Even it represent itself with an attitude which seems like “A rabbit hutch outdoor should be like this “

Probably the 90.6 x 27.7 x 39.4 ranged handsome hutch deserves that attitude cause it ensured two ramps for two very special friends where they can run independently because of vast space have confirmed beneath the inner house.

And the inner houses are perfect for rabbit comfy since the roof is totally secured and safe, for that safety producer, surrounded the hutch with double wood, which is chemical and toxin-free. You can say that as a healthy hutch too for enough ventilation space and easy cleaning and durable tray.

Moreover, the galvanized wire ensures complete safety for this 4 door rabbit hutch. Especially the wooden doors above the first floor and the wired doors beneath the first floor have created a beautiful color a structural combination to enhance the beauty of the house.

  • Easy setup within a minute.
  • Quick cleaning for demountable tray.
  • Best for multiple rabbits.
  • Enhance the outdoor beauty.
  • Woods are chemical and toxic-free.
  • Huge space for playing and sleeping.
  • Due to the large size, it becomes heavy to move.

3. Sccurrty Rabbit Hutch: Best For Security 

Sccurrty Rabbit Hutch

Technical Features

  • Material: Wood
  • Number of Levels: 2
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Accessories: Removable Tray
  • Pre-Drilled Holes: Yes
  • Roof Type: SBS Asphalt Weather-Proof
  • Living Room: Separated
  • Sleeping Room: Separated
  • Door Type: Wire Door
  • Accessories: Removable tray
  • Overall Dimensions: 40 x 36 x 26 (Inches)

Scurrty; we wouldn’t be wrong if we said it’s the sort of ‘Security’. Yep, this bad boy is secured and it’s all about safety. However, most people prefer this hutch for its castle-like outlook. Let’s see its noticeable features.

The hutch is made of solid wood material which is not only heavy-duty but also matches great with its look. You’ll love the grey and white put-together finish as it talks richness. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to grab your bunny who’s inside or you want to get the bunny in its hatch, it’s a piece of cake. The hutch has got 2 easy entry doors which are obviously very solidly built.

Feel free to keep the hutch outdoors as well. Heavy-rain? Extreme sunlight? No problem. This beast can withstand all of them. The credit goes to the weather-proof attribute it shows off.

Besides, it has got SBS asphalt water-resistance roof as well. So, whether it’s heavy rain or a red-hot sunny day, your cage will stay secured and sound while protecting your pets as well.

When it comes to comfort, the cage is all about that.  The rabbit hutch has got a separate living room on each floor. There’s also a separate sleeping room as well. With the wire door, you can check on your pets whether they’re playing or sleeping.

  • Looks unique and rich.
  • Keeps your pets secure and safe
  • Allows your pets to have access to it easily
  • Resistance to water and sunlight
  • Comes with a separate living room and bedroom
  • Heavy to carry

4. Trixie Rabbit Hutch: Best For Durability

Trixie Rabbit Hutch

Technical Features

  • Construction: Wood
  • Finish Type: Stained pine weatherproof finish
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Ramp: Non-slip
  • Number of doors: 2
  • Roof type: Hinged
  • Lattice material: Powder-coated metal
  • Accessories: Pull-out plastic tray
  • Dimensions: 41 x 20 x 39 (inches)

As our earlier reviews were about large outdoor hutch then decided to review a mid-size outdoor rabbit hutch and found this one, even recommending you because the story hutch ensures ultimate durability and weatherproof standard through the smudged pine wood.

To maintain the hutch users don’t need to pay huge time since the cleaning tray is demountable and convenient to wash instantly. Moreover, the 41 x 20 x 39 dimensioned hutch clinched enough space for the little champ so that it can play and sleep comfortably.

For comfortable sleeping and leisure, the room environment is essential. That’s why the room above the playing field is made with enough air entering space by attaching the chemical and toxin-free metal frame.

Another considerable thing for comfy is roof temperature adjustment which is perfect in this hutch cause the easy-opening roof has the power to control the heat temperature of that VIP zone.

Apart from all above thing, we checked the accessibility also cause users to need to check the hutch in some case for removing bug and upgrading facility such as ramp checking and other, though the ramp is made as non-slippery.

Nevertheless, the four-door system helps to confirm proper maintenance and entry. The most touching fact is the hutch security which is completely secured even the underground playing field is coated with wood.

  • A secured place for a rabbit.
  • The roof can be opened for cleaning.
  • Mid-range size for little outdoor space.
  • Easy to set up within a minute.
  • Durable for long time.
  • A Weatherproof hutch.
  • The underground playing field is not enough for all breed rabbit.

5. Lovupet 48″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch: Best For Small Pets

Lovupet 48" Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Technical Features

  • Material: Solid Pine Wood, Steel Wire
  • Color: Blue
  • Coop: Waterproof
  • Ramp: Waterproof
  • Number of tiers: 2
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Height of Upper/Lower Tier: 16.3 inches
  • Accessories: Feeding Trough, Slide-Out PVC Tray
  • Dimensions: 48 x 20 x 40 (inches)

Finally, our team has come up with a cute blue-colored mini outdoor home for your rabbit, during the time of choosing this rabbit hutch two tremendous ideas constrained us to reward them with this review.

And the first idea is about the built-in hay feeder other idea is a green bitumen-coated hinged roof to create comfortable eating and living space. In addition, the non-slippery ramp facility makes the tranquil movement of your friend.

Since the bunny will play and take rest either on the first floor or underground floor, there is a chance of getting dirt for that reason manufacturer added two moveable trays which can reserve a long time and can easily be cleared.

The cleaning option has also been extended for having 5 different door opening systems, through those options users can easily access inside the hutch. As a result, proper maintenance is confirmed. Moreover, the ground door is like a stair that is specially made for rabbit outings.

Is that all? No, the offer has not ended yet because this 48 x 20 x 40 sized hutch includes 4 different color choices for you, the colors are: Grey, Pink, Natural, Red, and all the hutches are equally secured and poison-free.

  • Variety of color.
  • Huge hay feeder with comfy eating.
  • Enough space to run and sleep.
  • Double tray options for cleaning.
  • Waterproof option for protecting heavy rainfall.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Not proper size for all type of rabbit.

6. Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch: Best Peaked Roof Cage

Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch: Best Peaked Roof Cage

Technical Features

  • Material: Wood
  • Color: Glazed Fine
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Door Material: Wood & Mesh
  • Ramp: Non-slip
  • Roof Type: Hinged
  • Number of locking arms: 2
  • Accessories: Pull-out Plastic Arm
  • Dimensions: 32.5 x 28.25 x 37.25 inches

This is not a big rabbit hutch but a pretty cool one. Presenting the Trixie Pet Products Rabbit Hutch. By saying not so big, we mean that it isn’t a giant hutch where you can keep a couple of rabbits. But here in this, you can easily put two adults and one small rabbit. It is a two-story hutch. 

The lower ground is caged and that is designed so that rabbits can play there in the daytime. And there is a ramp, don’t worry, your rabbits wouldn’t slip, the ramp is slip-resistant. The top story is for resting.

If you want your rabbits not to come down, you can shut the hutch door once they are inside the top hutch. The grown wire mesh is extremely durable. Made of metal and powder-coated which makes them rust-resistant.

Moreover, it comes with a hinged door that opens upward, and this makes it effortless for you to access the entire hutch, which plays a big role when it comes down to cleaning the hutch thoroughly.

  • It offers a good space.
  • Two-story hutch.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It Will last long.
  • Best for three rabbits.
  • No pre-drilled hole.
  • Uneven latching.

7. Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor & Outdoor: Best Secure Small Hutch

Merax Rabbit Hutch Indoor & Outdoor

Technical Features

  • Material: Fir Wood
  • Paint type: Non-toxic, Anti-Corrosion and Waterproof
  • Door and Ramp type: Sliding
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Run area: Heavy-duty wire
  • Wire Fencing: Yes
  • Roof Poultry: Yes
  • Roof type: Green Asphalt Waterproof
  • Window: Ventilated
  • Galvanized Iron Net: Yes
  • Accessories: Sliding Tray (Removable)
  • Dimensions: 48.5 L x 24.8 W x 35.6 H (Inches)

This one is a pretty spacious bunny cage and not the only rabbit, but also the puppy, guinea pigs, pigeon, duck, hen, etc. could be raised in this cage. It is completely constructed with wood and is a two-story hutch. 

It has mesh wire cage lower compartment which is designed for all the daytime activities of the rabbit, and the top closed hutch is for resting. To go down to up there is a ramp which is slip-resistant so that all pet can easily climb up when needed.

The manufacturer has used security waterproof non-toxic paint and the woods used in the construction is top-grade material and that’s what makes this hutch highly durable. This rabbit hutch can hold strong in extreme weather conditions, the paint it has is completely waterproof, corrosion-resistant and the paint protected from the sun heat as well.

The bottom sliding tray is removable which makes it easier for you to clean the hutch. Plus, there is good ventilation as well which will keep your pets safe.

  • It offers a good space.
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Withstand heavy weather conditions.
  • Looks good.
  • The ramp is fragile.

8. POTBY Wooden Rabbit Hutch: Best For Outdoor

POTBY Wooden Rabbit Hutch

Technical Features

  • Material: Natural Fir Wood
  • Number of Levels: 2
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Paint: Waterproof
  • Number of doors: 3
  • Roof type: Asphalt Waterproof and Moisture Resistant
  • Sunlight- Protected: Yes
  • Accessories: Removable Tray
  • Dimensions: 42.12 x 19.5 x 39.39 (inches)

Looking for something durable? Take a look at this POTBY Wooden Rabbit Hutch Pet Cage Shelter House. Heavily constructed with natural and strong wood. The paint manufacturer has used is, water-resistant provides protection from sunray, and is long-lasting. The paint keeps the inside warm enough so that your pets can live comfortably. Like most models of the market, this one is also a two-story rabbit hutch and offers decent space.

The top story hutch is for resting and the below-caged one is for playing in the daytime.  You can use this hutch for all kinds of small animals like birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks, a small puppies. 

There are four doors that enable you to access the hutch pretty easily. It also comes with a removable tray that makes it easier for you to clean the hutch and lastly, it is very simple to install.

  • Easy installation.
  • High-quality.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comes with a good space.
  • List Element
  • It Doesn’t last very long.

9. Aivituvin Indoor And Outdoor Rabbit Hutch: Best Hutch With Wires

Aivituvin Indoor And Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Technical Features

  • Material: Wood
  • Wire netting: PVC
  • Roof Type: Asphalt Waterproof and UV-protected
  • Number of Levels: 2
  • Number of doors: 3
  • Number of concave slats: 2
  • Accessories: Pull-out tray, chewing toy
  • Dimensions: 53.4 L x 23.6 W x 38.1 H (inches)

This is an extremely impressive rabbit hutch, it looks really amazing. If you have a high decorated garden, this would be the best suit for that. It has a bottom wire netting which is removable and there is a PVC layer as well that is super easy to clean. You also get a pull-out tray which also adds to the easy cleaning. There are metal feeders and chewing toys that will reduce the rabbit’s boredom.

The roof is completely waterproof and that provides safety from the sun ray as well. There are two front doors that make accessing the hutch very easy. And lastly, this hutch is suitable for other small pets as well.

  • Installation is simple.
  • Suitable for small pets.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It offers a good space.
  • Cannot withstand extreme weather.

10. Aivituvin Indoor And Outdoor Bunny Cage On Wheels: Best Big Hutch With Wheels

Aivituvin Indoor And Outdoor Bunny Cage On Wheels

Technical Features

  • Material: Fir Wood
  • Number of Levels: 2
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Number of Wheels: 6
  • Roof Type: Waterproof Asphalt
  • Sleeping Area: Yes
  • Run Area: Yes
  • Walls: Wire Mesh
  • Accessories: Metal Feeder, Chewing toy, 2 Deep Trays
  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 19.7 x 42.1 (inches)

This Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch and the previously reviewed Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch outdoor and indoor Bunny cage is almost the same. The only difference between these two is, this one comes with four wheels which makes it easy for the users to move the cage to different places and the previous one didn’t have it. 

Moreover, with this rabbit hutch, you get three removable trays from all of the compartments that make cleaning very easier for you. Water-resistant and eco-friendly paint makes this hutch worth investing.

  • Effortless to move.
  • Good space and protection.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It can withstand little rain.
  • Not long-lasting.

11. Aivituvin Rabbit Extension Design Hutch: Best Hutch For Extension Design

Aivituvin Rabbit Extension Design Hutch

Technical Features

  • Material: 100% Fir Wood
  • Combination ways: 2
  • Number of levels: 2
  • Accessories: Pull-out Tray
  • Number of doors: 2 (Detachable)
  • Roof Type: Asphalt Waterproof
  • Latches: Predator-Resistant
  • Pre-Drilled Holes: Yes
  • Dimensions: 57 x 21 x33

So, we’re reviewing another bunny-friendly hutch from Aivituvin and this time it has got a very minimalistic design. But don’t worry it has got durability and high-end features as well. You don’t judge it just by its minimal aesthetic. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Unlike anything else in the marketplace, this rabbit hutch comes in 2 combination ways. If you think it’s too small for your bunny, you can buy 2 more cages and attach them with this hutch. Voila! That’s going to increase the size of the rabbit cage and you’ll be able to store more rabbits in it. See? Told you ‘You can’t judge it.’

Like the ‘Hoo-mans’, bunnies deserve to stay in apartment-like cages as well. Aivituvin comes with a 2 storied design. You can keep your bunny on both apartments with no worries at all. If you think there’s a chance of predators attacking, you can simply use the 1st floor.

Getting inside the rabbit cage, let it be for you or your bunny will be easy-peasy from now on.  The rabbit house has got not just one but as many 2 side doors in it. And guess what? They’re completely detachable.

One of the best parts about this cage is, you can use it both indoor and outdoor. Thanks to the waterproof asphalt roof it shows off, the rabbit cage can survive the toughest rainy conditions like a boss.

Don’t frown your eyebrows when we said ‘you can use the cage outdoor’. Unlike the typical junks, the rabbit hatch from Aivituvin comes with predator-resistance latches. So even if you leave your bunny inside it while the cage stays outdoor, it will stay safe and sound.

There’s no need for you to bring out your drilling machine to drill holes. The hatch has got pre-drilled holes in it already. All you need to do is set it up within minutes.  As for extras, it has got a pull-out tray, so it will be easy for you to get it cleaned.

  • You’ll be able to get access to it easily.
  • Can extend the small hatch to a big one.
  • Friendly to weather, especially rainy days.
  • Prevents the threats of predators.
  • Can be assembled within minutes.
  • Needs to be more durable.

12. Pawhut Deluxe Wooden Hatch: Best Good-Looking Small Hutch

Pawhut Deluxe Wooden Hatch

Technical Features

  • Material: Fir Wood
  • Number of Levels: 2
  • Number of Doors: 2
  • Lockable Top Door: Yes
  • Living Space: Separated
  • Bottom Run: Slide-out
  • Accessories: Pull-out tray
  • Dimensions: 40L x 25.5 W x 39.5 H (Inches)

Remember how we started the review? It’s with Pawhut. If you didn’t like the ones we’ve reviewed before, this one may fill your cup. With great aesthetic, mind-boggling colors, our wooden hatch right here talks richness, unlike no one. Let’s jump into the features a bit.

We won’t say it’s the most durable one, but it surely can survive a beating. The hatch is made out of solid Fir Wood material. It’s pretty heavy-duty and can withstand any kind of tough impact unless you just hammer it down.

Let’s not ignore that the spacing it comes with is made of tight steel wire. This is not only tough but also it saves your cage from the attack of predators.

Ideal for the indoor, this hatch can be taken outside as well. No, there’s no way you need to worry about bad weather conditions. The whole Firwood is resistant to weather. The asphalt roof, on the other hand, is resistant to water, which surely is a cherry on top.

Getting inside the hatch is easy as a pie. The multiple doors will help you through. And yes, there’s a wire window through which you can check on your bunnies too.

You wouldn’t like it if your living room, bedroom, bathroom, everything were in a tight space, would you? Well, your bunnies don’t either. That’s why the makers of this cage kept separate living spaces.

There’s the main room and you’ll also find a bottom slide-out run. Both of the spaces are connected by a ramp. In a nutshell, you’re getting a large living room along with separate playing rooms.

  • Looks great with the unique design.
  • You can get easy access to it
  • The living space is very convenient
  • Allows your bunny to have a fun time
  • You can clean it easily within minutes
  • Not ideal for big bunnies

How to choose the best outdoor rabbit hutches?

Imperishability: The First and foremost thing a user should consider is the long-lasting power of the hutch; either you choose wood or steel must concern the durability. Since you are paying a good amount of money, it is crucial to concern about durability.

Most of the time the durability measures along with weather adaptability, therefore the suggestion for the user is to evaluate the durability.

Weatherproof: As the US weather is 4 seasoned, so the hutch should have the ability to endure the seasonal side effect. Chiefly, the health of the rabbit is like a baby so the care must be higher than any other animal.

For that reason, criteria selection is important For example if you want to buy steal based hutch then ensure rust protection. On the other hand, if you want to purchase a wooden hutch with wire coated door, then consider the wood endurance and wire resistance. Then you will be able to buy a proper hutch like Lovupet 40″ Wooden Rabbit Hutch. 

Materials: Other considering facts are materials, over which, our previously explained topics are highly independent. Because of the comfort, security, rabbit playing space, and relaxing area, in a nutshell, everything regarding rabbit flexibility collectively depends.

For your convenience, our team mentioned some criteria they are: Doors, wire, wood, litter tray, these must be perfect and galvanized to resist corrosion.

Security: Usually, a hutch is bought to keep the bunnies safe and secure, and so it is clear how important the safety issue is. For safeguarding rabbits from unexpected attacks the hutch must be made with firmed material. It is not only about unwanted visitors but also regarding poison and chemical contamination which may lead to death. In that consequence, healthy material should be another concern.

Size and budget: After security, an owner should check the size according to their rabbit breed and their behavior. So decide what type of hutch your rabbit needs is a precious factor before buying. Next, to the budget allocation, it depends on your capability. But our have found that wooden item is best within budget.

Maintenance and portability: Enough space of repairing and upgrading is another most crucial issue as the cleaning procedure becomes within reach. In the end, you need to consider the space as well as the portability for unavoidable circumstances that may create a positive advantage for rabbit welfare so this should be in the consideration list.

What Do You Put Under a Rabbit Hutch?

Accommodation is crucial when adopting a rabbit in your home. Some families decide that a rabbit should be allowed to roam freely at all times. It’ll be fun for the rabbit, although it has a few drawbacks. 

It’s safer to keep your rabbit in a hutch. However, each hutch requires some customization for your pets’ comfort. Check out everything you’ll need to put under a rabbit hutch.

Soft Surfaces

The floor covering for rabbit cages is something that is really not typically thought about. It’ll be unpleasant if your rabbit’s hutch has a rough, wired floor. This could eventually result in open sores in your companion’s feet, a blunder indeed.

Your rabbit may usually be well with a plentiful supply of straw. However, there must be plenty of hay. The feet of your rabbit should not contact the ground. Because this straw will be consumed during the day, the supplies will be depleted. Rabbits often burrow or dig.

Consider using vinyl for your bunny’s hutch if you ever want soft flooring rather than hardwood or wire. This will make it comfier. It’s important to remember that rabbits may eat through the vinyl. You may have to restore the flooring regularly.

A Litter Tray or a Litter Box

Rabbits are tidy creatures. You’ll indeed be ready to litter train your rabbit, which is highly recommended. However, don’t undertake this training until your rabbit has been spayed or neutered. Your bunny will use his waste to designate territory before this surgery.

Require a big litter box with you. It’ll be fun for your pet to spread out inside it. This may appear to be an unusual habit, but bunnies like it. It’s not a concern as long, even though there is no evidence of scalding urine.

Start with a small amount of new hay until you’re able to fill the litter box. Add some trash after that. Prevent clay litter and then use a rabbit-specific product. Clay can cause respiratory difficulties in rabbits.

Fill the litter box with a little additional hay. Many rabbits enjoy eating and pooping at the same time. Add some filthy grass or paper at the end. The odor will alert your pet to the fact that here is where they should defecate.

A litter box won’t prevent hutch elimination. It’ll, however, considerably lessen it. As a result, you’ll have to clean your pet’s hutch less frequently. It also minimizes the likelihood of hay becoming moldy as a result of rabbit urine.

Water and Food

Food and water must be constantly available for your rabbit. Rabbits can’t survive for long periods without food. Allowing your pet to skip a meal is never a good idea. There’re three types of rabbit food.

Hay is essential. Fill enough pretty fresh and new grass as you can into your rabbit’s enclosure. Rabbits can consume more than they want. It’s calorie-free and a good source of fiber. It also helps a rabbit’s teeth to be filed down.

Adult rabbits can choose whether or not to eat pellets. Restrict your rabbit’s accessibility to pellets after he or she reaches the age of 6 months. This food has a high-calorie content. Pellets, on the other hand, do give nutrients.

Fresh fruits and vegetables make excellent rabbit treats. Most of these meals are also high in nutrients and vitamins. Just don’t overdo it. Keep an eye on your rabbit’s body weight.

Rabbits require regular access to freshwater. That can transform in the form of a bowl or perhaps a bottle. Many rabbits prefer a bowl since it is easier to drink from.

However, some rabbits are using their bowls as a toy. It’ll either fall over or be stuffed with hay and bedding. Put a bottle inside the rabbit’s hutch in these cases.

Entertainment and Toys

You’ll have to fill your bunny’s hutch with things to do. Rabbits are inquisitive creatures who are constantly seeking intellectual stimulation. Without a variety of toys, no rabbits will be content.

  • Putting paper inside a box, including a phone book. This is something your rabbit may tear apart but burrow in.
  • Small, robust cat toys are strewn about the hutch. These will be thrown around by your rabbit. 
  • Allow your rabbit to pursue and nudge tiny balls as well as similar toys around the hutch.
  • Bury snacks in the rabbit’s hay for him to find. Just make sure they don’t go moldy.
  • Rabbits require chewing. It keeps their teeth from getting too long. As a result, supplying sturdy, tiny plastic toys, such as keys, is a good idea. These will satisfy your rabbit’s chewing urges. It’ll also prevent your pet from gnawing on the wires of a hutch doorway.

A Sleeping Space 

Every rabbit requires a sleeping quarter. When putting together a hutch, make sure it’s in a peaceful area. Cover it with bedding, so the rabbit understands it’s a sleeping area. This will make your pet content.

A simple inverted cardboard box may serve like a rabbit’s bedroom. To allow your rabbits to enter and depart the box simply cut holes in it. Put it in a particular corner of such hutch, preferably on a bottom elevation. This is where your rabbit will quickly start to sleep.

Many rabbits would be content to sleep under hay. However, you might opt to invest in blankets. Rabbit bedding or blankets will be available in pet stores. You may even get your cat a bed frame.

Those blankets will be fun for your rabbit to tear apart and arrange. Creating a nest will also provide your pet with entertainment. This is essential for a rabbit’s mental health.

Adding Light to a Hutch Outside

Another factor to consider regarding outdoor bunnies is adequate lighting. Your rabbits will back to their own hutch while you’re in bed. However, your pet will probably get drowsy. Before sleeping, your rabbit will entertain herself.

Although, rabbits aren’t scared of the dark by nature. The eyes of rabbits are designed to work efficiently at dawn and night. Lagomorphs, on the other hand, really aren’t nocturnal. In complete darkness, they are unable to see.

Your rabbit may become concerned as a result of this. Nothing will be visible to your pet. Rabbits, on the other hand, can hear sounds and can smell predators. This can make for a scary night.

How Many Rabbits Should be in a Hutch?

A hutch capacity of at least one sq meter (approximately 12 sq ft) is required for one to two medium-sized rabbits, in addition to a play space of at least 2.5 sq m (27 square feet). 

At the very least, the biggest battle of the hutch and cage ought to be big enough to accommodate two rabbits sleeping end-to-end.

If indeed the bunnies have developed a strong attachment during the day. This may be able to maintain each pet together overnight. At the same time, the housing must ideally be novel to both bunnies. 

If you must use the old hutch with a run, properly clean it and relocate it to a different grass plot.

And Finally…

Buying the best outdoor rabbit hutch can be a hectic task, but that happens when you don’t know which hutch should you get your hands on. Sizes matter a lot, but then again, you’ll need portability as well.

Besides, getting something durable is a must. So, if you know which factors you need to consider before buying the right hutch, we think doing the brainstorming isn’t a tough thing.

All you need to do is keep notes, set your priorities and fix your price range. If everything solves the puzzle, you can get the perfect hutch right away.