Best Large Rabbit Cage Review- 5 Largest Pick

Best Large Rabbit Cage

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Rabbits are social pets, and they love to stay with you as your family member. They are highly intelligent, too, and with their playfulness, they will make your life comfortable.

Unfortunately, many myths are out there about the rabbit’s lifestyle, and people think twice before giving them a place in their bedroom. I will bust these myths at the end of the article.

But the fact is, rabbits deserve to take their place in your bedroom.

Well, to give them a place in your bedroom, a large rabbit cage will be the most suitable.

Are you thinking, why large?

That is for providing excess room for your bunny.

Needless to say, a large indoor rabbit cage will make your lives easier.

To make your searching effortless for the best large bunny cage, let’s explore the top 5 large cages for the rabbit from below.

Top 5 Best Large Rabbit Cage

All the reviewed cages will provide you every necessary accessories so that you can safely house your rabbit. After looking at dozens of extra-large rabbit cages, I have prepared this list.

Do you own more than 1 rabbit? This will be the best solution if your answer is yes. The Krolik XXL rabbit cage is designed in such a way so that you can keep 1 – 2 rabbits in the cage. There is no doubt your rabbit will feel comfortable in the cage. Moreover, it is made of wire to ensure durability.

It comes with an innovative design with its wire-made construction. No flare is available at the bottom so that your cute rabbit can get extra-large space. Besides, to let the litter take place in the base, the base comes with a great and large option.

Moreover, you will give thank you to the opening front doors that will allow you to do maintenance without any hassle.

The cage comes with full accessories to let your pet feel comfortable inside the cage.

Available accessories with the cage are large water bottles (2pcs), hay feeders (2pcs), feeding bowl, and elevated feeding area.

You can easily hook the 600cc water bottle in the wire net. Additionally, the water bottle has an indicator so that you can understand the water level and anti-drop steel valves.

Besides, the cage is partitioned with a useful step where the large top shelf has enough space to keep the feeding bowl. Additionally, the partition also can be used to separate the male rabbit from the babies or to prevent any injured rabbits from other rabbits.

The dimension of the cage is 63.8 x 23.62 x 19.68 (LXWXH), and without thinking twice, you can easily keep your 2 rabbits or 3 guinea pigs. The cage comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Extra-large rabbit cage.
  • Ideal large cage for 2 rabbits or 3-guinea pigs.
  • Includes all necessary accessories for your pet.


  • Assembling is quite challenging.

It will be an injustice if I don’t keep the Living world deluxe habitat cage in the top 3 positions in this list. It features nearly everything that a rabbit cage required. Also, the design of the cage is one of the flawless designs in the market.

You will love the measurement of the cage 37.8” X 22.4” X 22” (LXWXH) is exclusively large. The insides of the cage remain safe from spattering out with its deep base feature. It is a perfect extra-large indoor cage with a clump of other characteristics.

Shopping for other accessories is unnecessary. Simply unbox the package, and you will have all other accessories with it a sleeping balcony, a feeding bowl, a hay guard, along with a bottle for water. The assembling will not take much time. Within a minute, you can set up the cage.

The feeding bowl and bottle will not tip from the cage as they are secured with cage wire using a hook.

One of the best features of this cage is, following many ways you can modify the cage. It means you can take away the balcony and can make the cage more spacious. The wires are much durable that you will get a prolonged year of service from the cage.

Furthermore, if you feel the sliding entrance door might be dangerous for your bunny to jump over you, you can add a ramp over there so that your bunny can easily depart from the cage. Possibilities of customizing the Living world deluxe habitat cage is endless.


  • Easy tool-free set up process within a minute.
  • Purchasing any necessary accessories are unnecessary.
  • Multiple access doors that make the cage comfortable for maintenance.


  • Not suitable for chewing animals.

The MidWest Deluxe Rabbit Home Kit is an extra-large rabbit cage that will meet all you and your bunny’s requirement, undoubtedly. You can use this cage not only for your rabbit but also as a chinchilla cage. This large rabbit cage ensures additional comfort to your rabbit with its impressive size.

47.24 inches (L) X 23.62 inches (W) X 19.44 (H) is the dimension of the cage that is large enough to let you rabbit hop, stretch, and stand. Besides, its deep 5.5” base is preventing the rabbit’s urine from splattering over the cage. Also, the deep base is allowing the cage to contain litter and comfortable top or side door access.

Assembling the cage is pretty quick and straightforward and doesn’t require any tool. It is available with all ready-to-go equipment, a detachable hay feeder, a bottle for water, and a bowl for feeding. The raised up feeding area creates a place of privacy at the bottom, and the static feeding bowl reduces the spread during meals.

The top of the durable powder-coated wire has a 1-inch mesh gap for optimum ventilation and visibility. The width of the home will expand fully with the large top door and two side doors. This way, a pet parent will be able to feed, clean, and play with the bunny comfortably.

To give you peace of mind, it is available with a 1-year warranty.

Overall, the cage is constructed to provide you long time service and easy maintenance. The manufacturer Midwest never compromises on the quality of the pet products, and this cage is an example of a quality product.


  • All in 1 cage.
  • Secure, accessible options in the top and side doors.
  • Comfortable living space for your bunny.


  • Poor packaging that few customers claimed they received broken parts.

Kaytee is a top brand in the pet industry, and they have introduced Kaytee My first home 2 level pet habitat cage for your small pets. It is an ideal sized habitat for 2 adult-sized bunnies. Although it is our 4th pick in the list, it has all the characteristics to compete with the top 3 products on this list.

You will find a hay buffet inside the cage to let your bunny take the meal without creating a mess and spreading meals all over the cage. A leak-proof water bottle and a food dish have also made their place inside the cage. Both of the items are standard in size and take their place quite nicely so that you don’t face any problem while cleaning the cage.

The side door in the My First 2 Level Pet Habitat is extra-large that you can resist yourself to love the feature. If you open the door, it will plop down and work as a ramp. With the help of this feature, your small pets can easily get in and get out of the cage. Another top access door is also there for hosing the cage.

The top-level, which doubles as a resting area, makes it comfortable for the rabbit to rest separately, which is like a rule for a bunny. With the help curving entrance ramp, your bunny can play around in the cage. The design of this ramp is unique that you will not find in any other cage of another manufacturer.

Last feature but not the least, Kaytee My First Home 2 Level Pet Habitat contains 4 wheels that will allow you to move the cage without any issue while cleaning it.


  • Large rabbit cage that can be used for 2 adult sized rabbits.
  • Easy moving with caster wheels.
  • Comfortable access door.


  • Flimsy construction.

From your small pet’s basic needs to a rich environment, the AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat with Accessories has covered everything. The balcony of the cage will allow your pet to watch the world from the top, and the space under it is suitable for hiding and resting.

Thanks to AmazonBasics for this durably built pet cage. The cage comes with a rectangle shape. Its base and border at the bottom are made of plastic. And the top frame is made of iron. As a result, the cage is correctly ventilated. Also, you can see your best friend all the time without any problem.

For easy access, it has a large open hatch at the top and front of the cage. This open hatch will let you clean, play, and feed with your little fur. The openings are generously sized that makes it comfortable.

Within 1 minute, you set the cage up without taking any help from any tool. Your pet will be able to play around pretty nicely since the dimension is 31.7” X 21.8” X 18.1” (L X W X H). The weight is only 11.37lbs that will not create any problem if you need to dry it under the sun after a heavy wash.

You will also get a balcony with access ramp, tip-proof food bowl, leak-free water bottle and hay guard. Interestingly, you will get 1-year of warranty too.


  • Easy to assemble within a minute.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Resting space underneath the balcony.


  • Small food bowl.

Buying Guide For Best Large Rabbit Cage

Searching for the good rabbit cage will always be a daunting task since a lot of options are available.

It is significantly important to provide your pet with the best habitat. Because if your pets can’t take rest comfortably, they will not remain active.

So, keep the below considerations in your mind while purchasing the best large rabbit cage.

  • The foremost thing for the indoor rabbit cage is, the cage has to be large enough from the comfortability of your pet. Also, know where you need to place the cage. Is there enough space or not? Because enough room is required so that you can access it from the top and side.
  • Learn how much pet you are going to put in a single cage. Based on that, you will understand the dimension of the cage.
  • In recent times, all the rabbit cages come with all necessary accessories like water bottle, balcony, food bowl, hay guard, and few others. Make sure; your selected cage contains all these accessories.
  • Look for a portable large rabbit cage. In case if you need to change the cage location, a portable option will assist you.

Myth Busting

  • You can place a rabbit cage at any part of your home. And if you clean it regularly, the cage will not get stinky.
  • All-day long, rabbits can’t stay in the cage. They need outdooring to enjoy their time.
  • Rabbits are intelligent as well as social.

Final Thought

That is all folks today.

Whether you are going to purchase a large rabbit cage for the first time or replacing or planning to upgrade the existing pet house, it is always important to keep the considerations in mind.

Additionally, while purchasing, avoid products which have sharp edges and inferior in quality.

All the very best!