Top 12 Best Indoor Rabbit Cage- Your Pet’s Cozy Zone

So your rabbit stays indoors all the time? It means you have an indoor rabbit cage inside your home, right? If your answer is no, you’re making a wrong move.

Like humans, animals feel the importance of having a different place to stay in when the atmosphere is different. Even if you have a cage for your rabbit outdoor, you need to get it a separate place to live in even when it’s inside your home.

Now, finding the best indoor rabbit cage can be quite hectic. The marketplace is full of typical ones. The ones that are good can cost you quite a fortune. Well, that’s where we play our role. We’re here with the top ten indoor rabbit cages.

You can take a look at all of these cages and pick the one that suits you. However, if you want us to pick something for you, you can roll your eyes on the indoor rabbit cage from Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation.

Top Pick
MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation
MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation
  • Anti-leak pan
  • Full-width double doors
  • Critter-Proof Dual Locking Door
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Editor Choice
Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Indoor and Outdoor
Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Indoor and Outdoor
  • Easy to move
  • Better metal quality
  • Large double-floor
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Best For Outdoor
Aivituvin Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Removable Wire Floor Grid
Aivituvin Wooden Rabbit Hutch with Removable Wire Floor Grid
  • Unique design quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily moveable 
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Best for easy clean
Rabbit Cage Indoor Rabbit Hutch Bunny Hutch Outdoor Cages
Rabbit Cage Indoor Rabbit Hutch Bunny Hutch Outdoor Cages
  • Easily assemblable
  • Made of natural wood 
  • Eco friendly design 
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Best for design
YAHEETECH 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage with 3 Front Doors
YAHEETECH 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage with 3 Front Doors
  • Durable design
  • Safe for pet 
  • Convenient to move 
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How We Write?

So, our team has done all the research on the products. We’ve been looking through 18 articles and studied for at least 36 hours. When we saw that there were similar products and there’s this ‘win-win’ situation, we did all the possible comparisons. Besides, we’ve gone through 86 buyers’ opinion and their reviews on the cages from Amazon.

30 Second Quick Summary

No doubt you want to get your hands on the best indoor rabbit cages. However, if you think reading all the reviews will kill your time, here’s something that will save your time. Read a 30 second quick summary of our products.

Best Overall: Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

If you judge by the price and overall features, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation will win. It has got enough space for rabbits and it’s durable as well for the price.

Best for Accessibility: Ferplarst Rabbit Cage

This cage has got multiple doors which will give enough accessibility to your pets and thus you as well.

Best Double-Floor Cage: Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

Better known for its double floor, the rabbit hutch from Aivituvin stands out completely when it comes to the quality of the apartments.

Best for Easy Cleaning: Petsfit Rabbit Hutch

Our top pick when it comes to cleaning is the rabbit hutch from Petsfit.  With the removal floor in the rig, you can clean it within a snap.

Best Wide Room Cage: Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

This beast right here comes with 1 level but it’s too wide. Now, if you think you won’t have a problem carrying a wide cage, this is it for you. The space in it will satisfy you.

Best Sturdy Base Rabbit Cage:  Amazon Basics Rabbit Cage

A good-quality base is important. Amazon Basics knows about it. If you want a cage with a heavy-duty base, you can try this one.

Best Rabbit Cage to Avoid Standing on Poop: Aivituvin Wooden Rabit Hutch

You don’t want your rabbit to stand on its poop, do you? Thanks to the removable wire the Aivituvin wooden rabbit hutch comes with, the place that stores the debris will stay under the cage itself.

Best Rabbit Cage for Indoor and Outdoor use: Gutinneen Rabbit Cage

Durable and sturdy for indoor use, the rabbit cage from Gutinneen comes with a weather-proof attribute. It stays protected from both rain and UV radiation, which makes it perfect for outdoor use as well.

Best Small Rabbit Cage: Petsfit Indoor Wooden Cage

Simplicity at its best, the wooden rabbit cage from Petsfit is a perfect bet if you want a small cage for your rabbit. It’s portable and light in weight.

Best Cage for Multiple Rabbits: Yaheetech 6 level Metal Critter Cage

Even though it’s not the most durable one, but it surely can accommodate the most number of rabbits in it. It has got as many as 6 levels inside which is perfect for keeping multiple rabbits.

Best Cage With Deeper Leakproof Tray: Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Cage

The Aivituvin wooden bunny cage is better for indoor uses but it’s better known for its leakproof tray which has got upgraded metal wire pan.

best indoor rabbit cage for 2 rabbits: Good Life Two Floor Wooden Bunny Cage

The two-floor wooden bunny cage from Good Life is better known for its rich outlooks. If you want a fashionable and unique design, you should get your hands on this one.

Is It Fair To Buy The Cage By Trusting Us?

Well, the decision is yours, but we can assure you that, our research teammates have been working as rabbit farmers for eight years.

And they are still guiding newbies to construct a comfortable rabbit living environment. As a result, they have become one of the successful pet rabbit owners.

Also, they are providing consultancy to other rabbit pet owners to buy & set up a perfect rabbit cage through online and offline. Thus, we can say that, if you choose from our best picks, definitely you will win at the end.

Top 12 Best Indoor Rabbit Cages Reviews

Finally, the research team has succeeded to find the top 10 best bunny cage, according to their rabbit adopting experience. Even these are ultimately budget and user-friendly. How? Let’s see then:

1. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation: Best Overall

Highlighted Features

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation
  • Material: Wire
  • Shelf: Adjustable
  • Accessories: Free pan, plastic ramp
  • Locking Wheel Casters: 4
  • Door: Full-width double door
  • Wire spacing: 0.6 inches square, ½ inches horizontal
  • Measurement: 36 L x 24 W x 39 W (inches)

A successful project from Midwest Homes for Pet. They have constructed the cage by evaluating small animal comfort zone which can be noticed apparently in their architecture. For instance:

Offer: They are offering two different types of pet rabbit cages; one is a Single story Single critter nation, another two-story. The single-story has one cage where a bunny can comfortably live again; the two-story has two separate rooms for two bunnies.

The common thing in both cages: Both of the cages have an easily removable and fixable shelf which will give you easy cleaning convenience, as well as has two-door systems. Apart from that, there is a single pan and adaptable self and adjustable wheel caster in 4 sides.

Pan condition: High-quality pan they have made for your rabbit so that it can easily play there, to make that more dynamic also added ramp cover and used leak-protected technology in the pan.

Wire spacing: Since this rabbit’s cage is built with wire, the gap of wire is crucial for rabbit entertainment. And they made sure 1/2 horizontal gaping also there is a 0.6-inch tube in every corner.

Total dimension: The cage Length width and height is 36,25, 63. Which is a proper double rabbit to live.

  • Enough rabbit playing space.
  • Ramp cover.
  • Best for single and double rabbit.
  • Anti-leak pan.
  • Casters can be locked.
  • Completely safe for rabbits.
  • Not sure about rust protection.
  • There is no color variation.

2. Ferplas 2 Storyt Rabbit Cage: Best For Accessibility 

Ferplas 2 Storyt Rabbit Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Water bottle: Yes
  • Feeding bowl: Yes
  • Hay feeder: Yes
  • Feeding Area: Elevated
  • Living space: Large two-story
  • Measurement: 39L x 20.3 W x 36.2 H inches
  • Number of bases: 2
  • Base Material: Plastic Bases
  • Doors: Front door and side door

Our second pick has come from 63 years old company Ferplast who has built some tiny and cute cages within your budget. So what inside the package let’s see:

Offer: They offer 3 different colored cages Grey, Green, and Burgundy. Except for the gray color rest of the cages are single floored, and the Grey one is double floored.

Common thing: Enough houseroom for rabbits so that it can easily play as well as the door system is very wide and flexible for performing the upkeep. And the three products are made with plastic.

The package comes in: With the package, you will get a hay pan, a water bottle for your rabbit, and a bowl.

Measurement: Since there are various sizes, so the measurement differs. For your convenience, we are providing the grey color product dimension: 39, 20.3, 36.2 inches.

Assembly and wire: You can easily assemble the cage due to its easy setup. And the wires are entirely varnished with net architecture.

More facilities: In a double floored cage your rabbit can enjoy comfortable sleep because of the upper portion and lower portion are designed with user-friendly materials. Also, there is a large plastic footing option to collect the dirt.

  • Easy assembly.
  • Proper space for rabbit plating.
  • The cage provide extra accessories.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Since it is plastic, it will not last long.

See More: Rabbit cage accessories Idea

3. Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch: Best Double-Floor Cage

Aivituvin Rabbit Hutch

Highlighted Features

  • Floor: Double-floor cage
  • Door type: Trap door
  • Number of rabbits can accommodate: 2-3
  • Number of wheels: 4
  • Brakes: Yes
  • Accessories: Pull-out tray, Wooden feeder
  • Number of front doors: 4
  • Cage: Waterproof
  • Latches: Metal
  • Roof type: Waterproof

For people who are in search of an extremely durable rabbit hutch, the Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch 47″ Outdoor Bunny Cage is for them. From heavy-duty construction to impressive design, you get everything with this very bunny hutch. However, go below we have reviewed it deeply.

Offer: There are a bunch of things that this indoor rabbit hutch offers, let me get into one by one. The first thing which is impressive is, you can use this hutch both indoors and outdoors. Worried about carrying? Please, don’t! It comes with four smooth-rolling wheels and two of them come with a brake, making sure you don’t get irritated when transferring the hutch.

Moreover, a ramp inside since it is a two-story hutch. And on the top floor, there is a wooden feeder along with chewing toys for the rabbits, which aid to their boredom. This hutch looks really good. But durability? In the next section!

Durability and Weather Adaptability: This is extremely durable and can withstand heavy weather conditions as well. Moreover, with this very model, you get a no-leak slide-out tray. The tray has a barrier is all sides so the hays and bedding wouldn’t be spilled.

Construction material: This entire rabbit hutch is heavily constructed by wood and the nets are made of steel. The wood used in the construction is top-quality wood and they are heavy. Though the heaviness shouldn’t be a problem since there are four wheels for easy movement of the hutch.

Measurement and doors: The total measurement of this hutch is 47-inches in length, 19-inches in width, and 41-inches in height. It has three doors, two on the ground floor and one in the top. The doors are big enough to take them out or put them in easily.

  • Classy design.
  • Enough space for a couple.
  • Durable construction.
  • Four wheels for movement.
  • For both indoor and outdoor.
  • Pre-drilled holes don’t work.

4. Petsfit Rabbit Cage: Best For Easy Cleaning

Petsfit Rabbit Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Measurement: 38L x 19.5 w x 34 H
  • Number of rabbits can get in 1-2 rabbits
  • Accessories: Plastic pull-out tray
  • Leakproof: Yes
  • Roof type: Gast strut hinge
  • Floorboards: Removable
  • Construction: 100% Finish spruce panels
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

The fourth in our list has come for its unique design and flexibility at indoor placement. And especially for anti-leak options. To know more about here we described that:

Offers: This petsfit wood rabbit cage offers vast space for 1 or 2 rabbits and can take unlimited weight as well as there is a removable option for the pan that sits underneath the cage. Also, the pan is leak-protected.

Weather friendly: The wood is perfect for your internal environment cause it is specially made to adapt to an indoor environment. Now you might have questions about wood quality, right? To ensure about the wood, we checked the wood, and this hutch is created with iron wire and cedarwood.

Paint and dimension: This water-based paint jobbed cage has a perfect dimension which is 38.2, 19.6, 33.8 (Length, width, height)

Doors and installation: It has three different doors with different uses. For instance: there are two doors above the wood cage and wire cage also a front door. These options will make your cleaning and maintenance work easy. 

For installation, you don’t have to bother because it is way higher than the floor it’s almost 7 inches upper from the floor.

  • Two room for rabbits.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Leak protection.
  • Perfect for indoor environment.
  • Unlimited weight.
  • Easy-moving.
  • Wire spacing is 0.98 to 3.9 inch.
  • Not perfect for outdoor.
  • Rain resistance is poor.

5. Ferplast One Story Rabbit Cage: Best Wide Room Cage

Ferplast One Story Rabbit Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Size: XXL
  • Measurement: 63.8 L x 23.62 W x 19.68 H
  • Wire extension: Separated
  • Number of rabbits it can hold: 1-2 rabbits
  • Water bottles: 2 large water bottles
  • Number of hay feeders: 2
  • Base: 5.5 inches deep
  • Doors: Multiple doors for access
  • Number of levels: 1

We placed Ferplast another product in the fifth position because of attaching a fantastic touch. This one-story cage can be enlarged with an extra cage, fantastic right? Let know more detail: 

Offer: It gives you many things in one package such as an extra cage attaching option, big spaces for your rabbit, two water bottles, two hay jars, easy movement options, quick maintenance.

Package includes Feeder hay feeder, water bottle, and food bowl; these are firmly attached with measurement mark; as a result, you don’t need to bother for food and water measurement.

Measurement and extra cage option: They provide an extra cage with a grill removal option so that you can keep it separate for additional care or can extend your rabbit space for playing. And the dimension of the cage is 63.78, 23.62 19.62, 19.68.

More facilities: Since it is made with plastic so the weight is less and can be carried easily also the cage has the disassembling option so that anytime, anywhere it can be assembled.

Furthermore, it has ample space on the surface to place the litter box and other comfortable ramps to make the cage more pleasant. One more thing, it has only one door which situates in front, but the door is wide and made with a strong wire net.

  • Extra cage facilities.
  • Comes in enough accessories.
  • Water tube has a measurement option.
  • Easy to move.
  • Enough room for rabbit entertainment.
  • Since the darts are stays in plastic, there is a massive chance of getting the surface slippery.

6. Amazonbasics Pet Habitat: Best Sturdy Base Rabbit Cage

Amazonbasics Pet Habitat

Highlighted Features

  • Construction: Iron wire upper frame
  • Base: PP Plastic
  • Measurement: 48.6 x 26.6 x 20.6 (inches)
  • Accessibility: Large top and front openings
  • Accessories: Non-drip water bottle, hay guard, tip-proof food dish
  • Balcony: Yes
  • Hideout: Yes

There is the reason behind keeping this in the sixth, position, especially, for its cute and jumbo look. And most importantly, we prefer this best indoor rabbit habitat for those who want a low budget range. In short, your kid will love this. So what will make him fall in love?

Offer: It offers a huge living space with some essential rabbit frills as well as a quick assembly option and rabbit relaxing space beneath the porch.

Package includes: With the package, they provide a feeder, a water bottle that avoids the unwanted drop, a porch with a stair hay protector.

Assembly and doors: You can assemble the cage very easily without any tool help, and there are the large spaced front door and upper door for performing ailments in the cage.

Measurement and material: The measurement of the cage is 48.6, 26.6, 20.6. Also, there is used pp plastic floor and iron wire on the top frame. This means a perfect space for a rabbit playing. To take the comfort zone into the next level, they have attached a balcony inside the cage, so that he can easily take sweet sleep, or enjoy his holiday.

  • Jumbo size cage provide enough place.
  • Water bottles are programmed to resist unwanted drop.
  • Balcony option with stair gives shade to sleep peacefully.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Simple movement facility.
  • As we earlier said: plastic makes the place slippery due to the lack of dirt drainage facility.

7. Aivituvin Wooden Rabbit Cage: best indoor rabbit cage for large rabbit

Aivituvin Wooden Rabbit Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Removable Floor: Metal Wire
  • Lockable Wheels: 4
  • Accessories: Pull-Out Tray, Lip, Rabbit chewing toy, Metal Feeder
  • Roof: Open
  • Side window: Yes
  • Number of Front doors: 2
  • Measurement: 40.4L x 23.6W x 28.3 H
  • Number of rabbits can fit in: 1-2 small bunny

Color and multi-options constrain us to keep this one in 7th position. There are also some more features our team analyzed during the time of use. So here we go according to our researcher’s recommendation.

Offers: It offers a good architecture wooden cage and gives you the option of self painting. As well as there are huge space and hassle-free maintenance.

Gifts and doors: Aivituvin provides a steel feeder with a wooden chewer for your rabbit so that your rabbits are safe from overgrown teeth problems.

It has four doors: two doors are in front of another two doors are over the roof. The reason behind providing this facility is to avoid cleaning hassle.

Self painting options and removable tray: The cage can be painted with two more coats if the user wants, cause Aivituvin believes that the customer has their own freedom to paint; that’s why they keep the options.

For waste drainage, they installed a removable plastic tray which is totally leak-proof, and the dirt can be cleared easily.

Weather friendly and robust architecture: AS it is made with fir wood and waterproof gild rain and wet weather will not harm the cage even the wire mesh are constructed thickly for long-lasting benefit. There are also 4 plastic hoofs to make the internal environment cozy.

  • Two specific room.
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor.
  • Chewable toy.
  • Quick assembly.
  • Blacktop roof will make the environment warm.
  • Since it is made of wood, the weight is a bit of stout.

8. Gutinneen Rabbit Cage: Best Cage For Indoor And Outdoor

Gutinneen Rabbit Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Construction: Firwood frame
  • Paint: Eco-friendly
  • Wire netting: Removable
  • Layer: PVC
  • Accessories: Pull-out tray, metal feeder, chewing toy
  • Coating: Water-proof, UV-proof
  • Doors: 3 entry doors
  • Number of rabbits can fit in 2-3 rabbits

In number 8 position we have found a large indoor rabbit cage for those who love totally wooden material, and finally, our researcher has found it. So let’s see what things are included there:

Offer: This cage is so far the best indoor rabbit enclosure for its outstanding design and facilities such as the melded shingle roof which can be open and close for maintenance as well as it keeps the environment proper for the rabbit.

Durability and Weather adaptability: There is no question of durability since it is made with pure fir timber also can endure any weather.

Measurement and doors: The measurement of the cage is 36, 18 28 with three different doors one is made with wire and the second one is made with wood. Next, the third door which situates above the blacktop roof.

Construction material: The cage is constructed with waterproof paint job also the roof is slightly curvy as a result there is no chance of water accumulation. Another factor an indoor for rabbit cage is dirt drainage system which every buyer considers before buying. And that’s why the wooden tray of this cage played a vital role. It can remove and reconstruct easily after cleaning.

  • The great-quality paint job looks stunning.
  • You can remove the wire netting.
  • Protects the bunnies from rain and UV-rays.
  • Allows you to get access inside easily.
  • Could be more sturdy

9. Petsfit 31″ Lx20 Wx20 H Indoor Wooden Pet House.

Petsfit 31" Lx20 Wx20 H Indoor Wooden Pet House.

Highlighted Features

  • Measurement: 31L x 20 W x 20 H (inches)
  • Door: Wire door
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Holes: Pre-drilled
  • Top part: Flat
  • Feet: Raised 2 inches above the ground

This is a very basic pet hutch and not only for rabbits, this hutch is suitable for different pets such as pigeon, small puppy, duck, rabbit, guinea pig, small cat, etc. It is a small indoor hutch, looks pretty decent. And offers decent durability as well.

Offer: It doesn’t have much to offer but all it has is enough. It is not painted, comes in raw wood color, so if you want to paint your preferred color, you are on! It is not heavy and both sides have space as carrying handle, very easy to carry, no doubt on that. If we talk about space, that isn’t much. You cannot put two adult bunnies in it, small two will be fine. So make sure you pick it only for baby rabbits.

Durability and weather adaptability: This rabbit hutch is durable, the wood used in the construction is great but that being said it cannot withstand extreme weather conditions. It was designed for only indoor use, so make sure you keep it indoors.

Construction Material: As mentioned before, it is constructed with high-quality wood so that it offers decent durability. If maintained well, this hutch will serve you for years.

Measurement and doors: It comes with only one door but it has the entire top-opening. The top-opening allows you to put the pet inside pretty easily. The measurement of this hutch is 29-inches in length and 19-inches in width. And the height is 20-inches. It is a small hutch.

  • Highly lightweight hutch.
  • Suitable for different small pets.
  • Large top-opening.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It offers decent durability.
  • Very small hutch.

10. Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage

Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Construction: Powder-coated metal
  • Number of Levels: 6
  • Tubes and wires: Yes
  • Paint: Safe hammertone paint
  • Resistant: Rust and Corrosion
  • Wheels: 4 heavy-duty casters
  • Bar spacing: 0.9 inches
  • Number of doors: 3
  • Types of doors: Arched doors
  • Accessories: Slide-out tray, metal mesh, wall-mounted water bottle, pet bowl.

So far this best indoor rabbit cages our team has ever discovered yet. Because of, the height flexibility and accessibility. So what feature curbed us to say best?

Offer: The height and the space size is pretty much huge where you can keep at least 4 rabbits by providing proper food service.

Cage construction: The construction of the cage is 3 storied with five non-slippery ramps, and it is covered with iron wire also the pan is made with Hammerton structure which situates at the bottom of the cage.

Security and doors: Each and every part of the cage is secured even yaheetech took exceptional care at the time of making the ramp. To make the security more strong they placed three iron wired doors with 0.9 spacing. So that, any unwanted attack can be avoided.

Maintenance and dimension: As we mentioned earlier about the door but did not talk about size, to know the size we need to know the total dimension so the measurement is: 25.2, 26.9. 51.6. It means that the door sizes are enough to perform maintenance. For dirt removal, there is a tray underneath the cage which covered anti-leak facilities.

Package includes: The package includes 5 different shelves water bottles and a hay feeder.

  • Enough space for 4 rabbits.
  • It can be moved easily for 360-degree wheel turning facility.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Secured for rabbit.
  • Cleaning of the cage is effortless.
  • They need to add at least two bottles and hay feeder.

11. Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Cage: Best Deeper Leakproof Tray

Aivituvin Wooden Bunny Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Measurement: 35.8 x 18.1 x 28 inches
  • Construction: Fir wood material
  • Bar: Metal bars
  • Number of doors: 2 access door
  • The number of bunnies can fit in: 1-2 small bunnies
  • Pan: Metal Wire
  • Accessories: Big food feeder, leak-proof slide-out tray
  • Feet: High-foot design

Guess what? We’ve got another one from Aivituvin right here. Can’t help it; the brand is that good. And this time we have this wooden cage that has made some upgrades on the metal wire pan. Let’s take a look at the features a bit.

Material: Fir wood, that’s what the makers have used to build this son of a gun. If you take a look at the build quality, you’ll spill the wow out of your mouth. It’s robust and sturdy and can withstand all the toughest challenges. Besides, the metal bars make sure your pet stays safe and sound from the harm of predators 24/7.

High-Foot Design: Unlike anything else in the market, this bad boy comes with a very unique high-food design. You can simply have a look at it and get your mind boggled. The feet of this cage keep it elevated from the ground while keeping a satisfying distance.

Metal Wire Pan: As we’ve said earlier, there’s an upgrade here. This cage comes with a metal wire pan which you’ll find above the tray. So, whenever your bunny will go for poop, it won’t stand on it anymore. Besides, as you take the tray off, you won’t have to take out your rabbit as well. That’s such a convenience, isn’t it?

Big-Sized Food Feeder: Say goodbye to small food feeders once and for all. The food feeder this cage from Aivituvin comes with can fill the cup of your rabbit.  It’s so big, you can keep more food in it, let it be hay or anything.

Deeper Leak-Proof Tray: This time the cage comes with a deeper tray. Not to forget that it’s completely leak-proof.  So, there’s no need for you to get your hands on a new tray anytime soon. Just slide it out, clean it quickly and you’re done.

  • The Fir wood material and metal bars talk sturdiness.
  • You can get access inside it from 2 doors.
  • Metal wire pan makes sure your bunny doesn’t stand on the poop.
  • You can keep more foods inside the feeder.
  • The feet keep the cage elevated from the ground.
  • You can clean the tray within minutes.
  • Not weatherproof.

12. Good Life Two Floor Wooden Bunny Cage: best indoor rabbit cage for 2 rabbits

Good Life Two Floor Wooden Bunny Cage

If you want the taste of richness, this cage should be your pick. Yep, as the last product of our list, we have the two-floor wooden cage from Good Life. The most amazing feature of this cage is its outlook. But that’s not the endgame though. Here’s what you can get more.

Construction: So it has got two floors, yeah? Well, both of them are made of solid wood. The doors in it are made of wood as well.  With robust construction and solidness, you won’t have to think about durability anymore. Besides, the fact that it’s completely non-toxic is a cherry on top.

The bars are made of durable metal which is enough to protect your rabbits from any kind of pitfalls.  The floors, on the other hand, are removable, so you can keep them clean easily.

Raised Legs: Elevated cages are safer than non-elevated ones and Good Life knows this. That’s why the makers have kept the cage elevated from the ground. For which, there’s no chance of pests or small rats getting inside the cage to destroy the fun time of your bunny.

Asphalt Shingled Roof: Even though this cage is an indoor one, you can take it outdoor as well. No, you don’t have to worry about the rain anymore. Thanks to the asphalt shingled roof, it keeps the cage completely waterproof and safe from bad weather conditions.


As for extras, you’ll find it quite spacious with 48 L x 19.7 W x 40 H (inches) overall dimensions. There are 2 doors on each level. Meaning, you’re getting 4 doors altogether.

  • Comes with a rich and unique outlook.
  • Overall construction is up to the mark.
  • You can get access to it from multiple doors.
  • Keeps pests and rats away from your pet.
  • Saves the cage from bad weather-conditions.
  • Needs a lot of time to assemble.

Buying Guide For Choosing Best Indoor Bunny Cage

best indoor rabbit cage

Size of the cage: We had to research the various types of audiences and their size demand. So it’s important to select your desired cage size. 

Based on our research we noticed that; pet owners preferred Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation.

Choice: There are three types of the cage they are: fully wired, fully wooden, wooden, and wired. Among the three of them which one do you need. Since we had to do the review for the various audiences, our researcher had covered three of those items.

Your budget: How much money can you spend for your rabbit? Is the big question, cause there is various price range cage. And the facility depends on price largely. So budget allocation is another factor. If you are still confused, Ferplast Rabbit Cage can help you to get an idea.

Placement: To place your cage indoors, how much space do you need at your home? This is another crucial question. Therefore take the measurement of your indoor place where you want to place the cage, and then proceed for that.

Type of hutch: We have discussed one-story, two-story, and three-story hutch. So the question is what type of hutch you prefer? Decide it then go for it.

Protection and comfort zone: Since it’s all about the rabbit, the most important thing you should keep in mind is their protection and comfort zone.

If the criteria as mentioned earlier are followed before buying a rabbit cage, then one can easily purchase the best bunny cage without any doubt. 

Benefits Of An Indoor Rabbit Cages

Why do you need to purchase an indoor rabbit cage? Is an outdoor cage not enough?

Well, different reasons are there.

Provides Safety

Different types of predators like dogs, hawks, or cats and to name a few are out there who can attack your bunny frequently.

The best indoor rabbit house is confirming your bunny is well-secured. Also, you can keep monitoring them continuously.

Additionally, an indoor cage ensures your bunny is safe from different unpleasant weather.

Bunnies are Toilet Trained

Generally, the indoor cage is not large, and it is designed specially to let the bunny sleep during their resting time.

The good news is, you can train your bunnies for littering, and this characteristic of bunnies makes them an excellent indoor pet.

Assisting in Building Trust with the Bunny

With an indoor bunny cage, you can spend more time with your bunny. You can give much attention and thus easily trust is built. The more you see your bunny, the more you will learn about the bunny’s personality.

This way, more interaction will happen, and your bunny will remain healthy too.

What makes a Good Indoor Bunny Cage?

Are you planning to upgrade or replace the existing accommodation of your bunny? Then you might look at the below options.


The responsibility of a bunny cage is to provide safety and security. Apart from this, comfort is another priority that you should not miss while purchasing a bunny cage.

Based on the size of bunnies, every cage is constructed.

The best bunny cages are those which has enough space so that the bunny can move freely. Also, there should not be any disturbance while the bunny is resting in the cage. Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage is the best example for comfort.


Many people think only the outdoor rabbit cage should come with the best quality because of the weather. But that can’t be the fact. Indoor rabbit cages also need to be best in quality. Because the poor-quality cage will not give you an extended period of service.

If you have decided to go with a wood finish design like Aivituvin Indoor Rabbit Hutch 47″ Outdoor Bunny Cage, make sure those cages are non-toxic.

Segregation Room

What will you do if one of your bunnies gets sick? Or, unfortunately, any of the bunnies fall out? At this point, you need to give special care to them. And to provide extraordinary care, you need to have an isolated area in the bunny cage.

Some Of The Important FAQ

Got some questions about the cages for rabbits? We’re here with the most frequently asked questions here. Let’s see if it answers all your questions.

Is there any large rabbit cage for 4 to five rabbits?

Yes, there are a lot of large cages, but we will prefer to take a look at Yaheetech. We believe it will help you. 

Does every cage come in assembled?

Depends, but the maximum cage can easily be reassembled at home.

Are these cages durable?

It depends. To be honest, all of these cages over here are great when it comes to durability. But while there are some that are more durable, there are few ones that are less durable. You need to decide which one to go for.

Are these cages environment-friendly?

Yes, all of these cages are friendly to the environment. However, if you’re using a cage in a muddy area, see if it’s waterproof or not.

Is water enough to rinse the tray?

Sure, while there’s a tray that’s the easiest to clean, all the trays over here will just simply need a rinse of water to get cleaned.

Will the bars bend if the rabbits bite them?

No, these cages have got very hard bars. But if you want to be on the safe side, you’ll need to get a chew-proof cage.


Although your little bunnies need recreation outside, it’s the cage that is known as their home. And when it comes to the indoor cages, you need to be more concerned than ever as the interior is much more confining than the outdoor ones. We hope the cages we have reviewed will lead you to find the best indoor rabbit cage for your little pal. Make sure you have shortlisted your choices!