Top 10+ Best Hamster Wheel In 2021 | Review & Recommendation

Best hamster wheel

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As a pet owner, you love your hamster like your own children. Naturally, you want to see it happy, sporty, and always engaged in delightful activities.

You know, hamsters being a nocturnal animal, it has a wild instinct of running for hours. And if it can’t get scopes to meet its demand in the cage, you won’t be able to see its energetic movement. Rather it’ll get depressed and will start to do self-destructive behavior.

Now, the best way to give your furry friend a source of fun and exercise is a hamster wheel. It can literally run for hours and hours on the wheel.

But are you going to just pick a random wheel and give it to your delicate pet? No, you should give the best hamster wheel. And we’re going to help you in that regard.

Importance of Exercise For Pet

As a pet owner, you must be known with the fact that hamsters are really active, energetic animals. They need physical exercise to stay fit both physically and mentally. Otherwise, they will get stressed and bored which will ultimately make both of you disappointed.

Now the importance of exercise in hamster’s life is immense. It keeps your pet happier and jolly than that of others who don’t get the equipment to exercise. Now you don’t want to make your furry friend look like a fatty piece of meatball, do you? Well, exercise can help your hammy to maintain body weight to a great extent. Not only that, but it’ll also make the bones and muscles stronger.

Our Top 11 Best Hamster Wheel Review

We asked the pet experts along with the pet owners about different hamster wheels. Then we grabbed plenty of models to check their advantages and downside. We left no stones unturned to get our top models that both pet owners and pets crave for. So let’s check out them.


  • 9-inch wheel
  • Closed off design
  • Axle free
  • Textured running tracks
  • Dual ball bearings

Along with providing your hammy with refreshment, you should also ensure its safety. Well, check the Silent Runner Exercise Wheel from Exotic Nutrition and it’ll take care of your pets’ safety properly.

It’s a roomy 9-inch exercise wheel that comes with the closed-off design. The design has a bean-shaped opening and a solid black back wall makes sure that your furry friend does not fling out while running at high speed.

Plus, it doesn’t include any axle thereby your furry friend won’t need to arch while enjoying the exercise. Besides, the hamster or whatever pet you have will get a good grip at the time of running on this wheel, thanks to its well-textured running tracks.

Most importantly, this is a silent hamster wheel that incorporates dual ball bearings made of stainless steel. Thus it doesn't make any sort of squeaky noise.

 Nonetheless, you can install it pretty easily by the included stand and cage attachment. And you can clean it in the dishwasher. Relax! it won’t hide any feces inside at the time of deep cleaning.


  • Ensures safety
  • Promotes good posture.
  • Saves from slipping.
  • Completely noiseless.


  • A bit tricky to clean.


  • 15-inch.
  • Heavy duty materials.
  • Ball bearing system.
  • Mounting hardware.

Searching for a big sized exercise wheel for your pet? Then get your hands on the Spin Safe Animal Wheel from Felix & Fido, it’ll cover as much as space your hamster need.

Since we’re talking about size, this wheel has a 15-inch diameter which is ample enough to run multiple small animals. So, your pet will have a roomy and comfy space to run. But make sure to measure your cage to make sure whether it’ll fit or not properly.

Now, though it's for the delicate animal it’s not feeble; rather it’s made of heavy-duty materials of all wood parts and metal. As a result, it assists your hammy to take on the marathon for a long time.

However, the Safe Spin wheel from Felix & Fido eliminates any sorts of wood edges or plastic parts so that your friend can’t chew on. In consequence, the hamster will stay safe.

Plus, you may doze off while gazing its delightful playing on wheel with the peace of mind. Because, there’ll be no spinning sound to annoy you, thanks to its ball bearing instruction.

On top of that, you’ll get all the mounting hardware to mount this wheel on any wire cage just like that.


  • Provides wide space.
  • Durable.
  • Silent wheel.
  • Easy to setup.


  • A little bit wonky.


  • 7-inch.
  • Chew proof steel.
  • Powder coated metal.
  • Pet tread.

Your pet needs to get refreshment and it’s on you to provide him that luxury. Well, the Metal Pet Tread Exercise Wheel from Ware Manufacturing will assist you to do that.

You know hamsters can’t run in stiffed space, it’s painful. No worries, this wheel has a dimension of 7-inch which is quite enough to run freely for animals like hamsters, chinchillas, hedgehogs and rats.

Plus, it has a very durable construction made of chew-proof steel. Not only that this hamster exercise wheel from Ware Manufacturing also has powder-coated metal. Both of the materials ensure durability and safety regarding your furry friend.

Unlike other metal cages that trap the tail or feet, it has pet tread that’ll protect your friend from any kind of bad injuries. Such convenience will surely promote a happy and long life.

Besides, you can set it into the cage or outside the cage to give your pet a different view from time to time.


  • Good space.
  • Enduring.
  • Ensures safety.
  • Encourages sporty life.


  • May make some noise.


  • 11-inch
  • Plastic materials
  • Closed design
  • Tail shield

As the name of this Running Wheel from Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent seems fun, your pet will also have fun running on it. Don’t believe it? Then take a look at what it’s got!

First and foremost, it’s an 11-inch running wheel that delivers broad space so that your hamster doesn’t have arched back during exercise. It’ll definitely promote your friends’ health.

Plus, this is made of high-quality plastic materials to make sure that your hammy can rock on it for a prolonged time.

Most importantly, this wheel from Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent boasts a closed design. Your pet can easily get through the opening but will safely run inside it without being thrown outside.

As it stands, it integrates tail shields which wall-to-wall. You might be wondering what it does? Well, it covers the axle completely to safeguard the hamster from tail-axle injuries.

Besides, it comes with a solid base to eliminate risky pinch area. As it stands, you can attach this noiseless wheel to the metal cage without any hassle.


  • Suitable for large hamsters.
  • Strong.
  • Contains safely.
  • Protects from injuries.
  • Quiet.


  • Difficult to assemble and disassemble.


  • 12-inch.
  • Plastic materials.
  • Heavy duty wire stand.
  • Tail safe.

Looking for a large exercise wheel to incorporate sporty activity in your hamsters’ life? Then check out the Comfort Wheel from Kaytee.

An arched back is a terrible posture that often happens if the wheel is small. No worries, as it comes with an extended 12-inch diameter, your pet a will get comfort running zone.

As such, this Comfort Wheel from Kaytee is made of strong plastic materials so that the hammy can run on it forever. It’s a sure way to promote physical activity.

But as we trip over during running due to lack of good grip, the same thing goes for your little friend. That’s why this wheel has a solid running surface to provide well grip thereby it won’t fling out of the wheel.

An important aspect of this wheel is that you can use it by its own heavy-duty wire stand. Otherwise, there’s a two-way incorporation clip by which you can either attach it to the cage or just keep it free-standing.

To top it off, it comes with a tail safe design that will protect your furry friend's tail as well as feet to get tingled or injured. What’s more, it doesn’t even make a noise when spinning.


  • Well running space
  • Long-lasting.
  • Good balance.
  • Offers versatility.
  • Protects tail and feet.


  • Shakes at fast speed.


  • 12-inch
  • High-quality plastic
  • Ball bearing technology
  • Snap-on design
  • Four colors

If you’re not convinced by the previous product, try out this Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel from Kaytee.

This one has a spacious 12-inch diameter that will allow your pet to run very comfortably. Thus, it will promote healthy activity to keep the hamster fit and active.

Plus, it is made of high quality plastic and solid running surface to keep the delicate feet safe from getting caught. So, you can have the peace of mind that it is durable and safe.

Besides, the name “Silent Spinner” of this exercise wheel from Kaytee has achieved owing to making less to no sound, thanks to its ball bearing construction.

Further, it has a Snap-On design to let you attach it easily into cages. Likewise, if your cage is lacking space, you can install it outside as it offers a wire stand.

You, therefore, don’t need to worry and search about its fixing place.

Interestingly, you will get four color options to choose from. They are purple, green, blue, and violet. Thus, you can surprise your little furry friend with a different color at different times.


  • Comfy space.
  • Safe and enduring.
  • Noiseless.
  • Easy to setup.


  • Could be built in much high quality.


  • 7.5-inch
  • Pet safe materials
  • Running track
  • Odor resistant

Why not give some colorful and funky yet comfy exercise wheel to your pet? In that case, get the Quiet Hamster Exercise Wheel from Petzilla.

This wheel comes with a unique attractive sunflower design and has a 7.5-inch diameter. As a result, your furry friend will find it a very enjoyable place to run.

Besides, the materials that have been used to form this wheel completely pet safe. Along with that wood is also used to make this awesome structure. In consequence, you can have the peace of mind that your hammy is safe.

As you can guess by the name of this wheel from Petzilla that it is quiet. It doesn’t make any kind of squeaky or screeching sound while spinning. Neither of you nor the furry will get disturbed.

Plus, it has a running track that will provide a brilliant grip. Also, the soft and delicate paw will stay safe owing to its solid running surface. Thus the pet can run for hours without getting hurt.

You know that friend of yours doesn’t like the repugnant smells, rather they get irritated. That’s why this wheel has been made with the power of resisting odor so that no smell can displease your friend.


  • Good size.
  • Solid built.
  • Completely quiet.
  • Doesn’t hurt.
  • Doesn’t smell.


  • Needs to tighten from time to time.


  • 6.75-inch
  • Bubble wave fun-nel design
  • Waste collector cup
  • Universally connectable

Not every pet needs the big one, some need small. Now if you have a small pet that needs to have a playful exercise wheel, consider the Snap-On Comfort Wheel from Kaytee.

It’s a 6.75-inch exercise wheel that will give your small friend a delightful place to run and enjoy. Thus it will be able to gain a healthy happy life.

Unlike mainstream design, this wheel comes with an exclusive bubble wave fun-nel design. The idea behind such uniqueness is to give your furry friends paw a comfort and safe grip.

Aside from that, the Snap-on Comfort Wheel from Kaytee runs very quietly. You can literally sleep next to it and won’t even feel that its spinning let alone hear it.

Now it's obvious that the hammy will pass urine and feces between the time of running. And you need to keep it clean to keep the wheel hygiene. No worries, this exercise wheel has a waste collection cup that stores the excrete so that you can sanitize it easily.

Nonetheless, you can attach it to all the CritterTrail habitats, gratitude to Kaytee for making it universally connectable.


  • Good space for small pet.
  • Offers comfortableness.
  • Doesn’t make noise.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Effortless to attach.


  • Difficult to detach. 


  • 8-inch.
  • Wire mesh.
  • Metal materials.
  • Hanging stand.

You don’t want to see your pet friend living in agony from injuries, right? You want it to be happy and joyful. Well, the SPV90014 Wheel Toy from Prevue can help you in providing the joy yet with safety.

Do you know that if you give your furry a small wheel, it’ll try to adjust its shape according to the size of the wheel? Now that’ll end up giving it arched back. Well, with this wheel, the hammy can run freely with good posture, thanks to its 8-inch diameter.

It’s a uniquely designed wire mesh wheel toy that ensures to protect the tail and feet of your furry friends’ from getting trapped. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that it's safe. One more thing, such mesh design will also help you during cleaning it up.

Most importantly this SPV90014 Wheel Toy from Prevue is made of sturdy metal. As a result, your naughty boy won’t be able to chew on and eat it.

Besides, you can attach it to the side of the cage by using the stand’s hook. Likewise, you can place it either inside or outside from time to time to give your pet a versatile scenery for enjoyment.


  • Enough space.
  • Provides safety.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Ensures durability.
  • Easy to attach.


  • Makes little squeaky noise.


  • 7 ¼ -inch
  • Plastic construction
  • Solid running surface
  • Circular design

If you got dwarf hammies, how about you pick a different designed wheel that will promote their physical exercise? Well, get your hands on the Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel from Ware Manufacturing.

Now, this wheel owns a 7 ¼-inch diameter that will give your small-sized hammy ample space to run and be entertained. With this thing, you can now wave away the boredom of your pet far away. 

As it stands, it has a very sturdy construction made of high-quality plastic. And the surface is solid thereby your furry friend will get a good running track without getting their fragile tail and paw being pinched.

An important feature of this wheel from Ware Manufacturing is its circular design. Unlike others, it is kept diagonal on its stand. As a result, there won’t any kind of bent over the spine problem of the pet. Owing to such design, you’ll also get the convenience of cleaning it at ease.

Now uniqueness is in its DNA, because when most of the exercise wheel comes in a design to be attached at the side of the mesh or inside; you can place it on the bottom of the cage. From now on, your dwarf will hop onto it and will make you laugh with its activity.


  • Encourages physical activity.
  • Long-standing.
  • Purely safe.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Loosen up as it gets old.


  • 6.5-inch
  • Plastic materials
  • Two-toned running surface
  • Ball bearing mechanism

Before we end our review, we’re presenting you with the smallest Silent Spinner Exercise Wheel from Kaytee.

Whether you are the owner of rat or chinchilla, this wheel has your back. It’s a 6.5-inch wheel that will allow your small pets to get into easily and run without an arched back.

As it stands, it has been made from rugged plastic to ensure that your pet can do exercise for a long time. Despite solid, its ventilated without any kind of wire spacing so that your furry friend’s tiny tail and feet can stay safe.

Your pet going to love this exercise wheel from Kaytee as it offers outstanding comfort level, thanks to its two-toned running surface.

Now if you’re wondering why it’s named as Silent Spinner, then know that it integrates ball bearing mechanism. Due to such a mechanism, it spins without creating any sort of annoying squeaky sound.

Nonetheless, you can either attach it into the cage or just allow it to keep in standing position. The choice is yours.


  • Suits small animals.
  • Robust.
  • Sports healthy exercise.
  • Quiet.


  • Not suitable for large hamster.

Buying Guide For Best Hamster Cage 

Providing a good medium of physical activity to your furry is essential. Assuming you’ve learned about the products aforementioned, we’re going to discuss some of the most important factors that you should check in a hamster exercise wheel. If these factors are present in a product, then you can rest assured that you got the best.


You don’t want to give your pet a source of exercise and enjoyment that can turn pleasure into pain, do you? That’s why you should check the size of the wheel you prefer. Because of the small size of the wheel, your hamster will have an arched back which will lead it to having painful back. So go for the large one that mimics its ground in the wild.

Basically, an 8-inch wheel is recommended for the large hamster. Well, you can get our top pick the Silent Runner Exercise Wheel. It comes with a decent 9-inch diameter.


In old times, the exercise wheels used to be totally open at the front. But nowadays most manufacturers are making wheels with partial opening and solid back. The idea is to keep the hammy safe from flung out of the wheel at high speed. Now you don’t want to see your pet flying open in the air and get smashed, right?

So, get a large wheel with a closed-off design as like as Silent Runner Exercise Wheel and Suncoast Sugar Gliders Wodent Running Wheel for Small Pets.

Running Surface

Have you heard the term “bumblefoot”? Nope? Well, it’s a grievous foot infection that your pet can suffer from if the wheel doesn’t have a solid running surface. Because, the fragile tail and feet can get pinched, trapped and God knows what not if the surface is not solid.

No worries all the wheels we mentioned have a solid running surface to protect your pet from injuries.


Some exercise wheels come with attachment tools so that you can attach them to the cage easily. By doing that you just make sure stability of the wheel. There some other wheels that are supplied with 2-way attachments as well as a stand to use both inside and outside.

The whole choice relies upon you on how you want to surprise your pet.


What is the size of the wheel I should pick for the Syrian hamster?

You know size varies between species as well as sex. Now, for Syrian hamster, you should pick a wheel that has 8 to 12-inches diameter. And if the hamster is female you should get a bigger wheel than that.

Can I remove the hamster wheel at night due to the fear of annoying noise?

Yes, you can but that won’t be the wisest thing to do. As a pet owner, you should know that hamster is a nocturnal animal which translates that they are active mostly at night. So don’t remove the wheel at night just because of the fear of noise, rather get a wheel that doesn’t make noise.

Is there any possibility of the death of the hamster without a wheel?

Yes, there are certain possibilities. Because hamsters get bored and stressed if they can’t run since it's their natural instinct. They just need a hamster wheel to let out the stress as well as utilize its energy.

How long can a hamster run on the wheel?

Well, a hamster can run up to 9 miles in its wild nature. However, when it comes to the wheel, on a single night a hamster can run six miles.


Hamsters are an active and energetic being. It is on you to provide your little friend with the best hamster wheel. We have included large, silent hamster exercise wheels so that you can incorporate physical activity into your pets’ life. Each of our product ensures comfortableness, safety as well as security. So get the one that suits your pet right now.