Top 10 Best Hamster Toys | Find The Best Partner For Your Hamster

Whether hamsters are bred in a lab or raised in a domestic environment, the wildness exists in their DNA. So, as a pet owner it’s on your shoulder to give your hamster a cheerful and playful habitat to fulfill their instinct.

Here makes the entry of hamster toys. These toys overwhelm your pet by engaging them in different playful activities.

However, if you are having a race against time then the Kaytee Hamster Mini Exercise Ball is going to make a good partner to your pet.

Our Top 10 Best Hamster Toys Review

We have gone through almost all the hamster toys, then shredded the average ones and ranked the top ones in this review. Every product has been checked and tested from top to bottom for your hamsters’ pleasure and safety.

Plus, to save you from standing at sixes and sevens, we tagged a buying guide so that you can make a clear-cut purchase. At the same time, our FAQ will help you to answer your most concerning question regarding the hamster and their fluffy life.

So, without any further ado. Let’s jump in.

1. Kaytee Hamster Mini Exercise Ball

Kaytee Hamster Mini Exercise Ball

Highlighted Features:

  • Interactive exercise ball.
  • High-quality plastic.
  • The diameter of 5 inches.
  • Temporary store.

Introduce your hammy with this little yet interactive Run-About exercise ball. Since this ball is predestined for playing with your hamster, it is made of durable plastic in perfect size of 5-inch diameter.

Regardless of banging and slamming the ball by your hamster, the lid remains stick to the ball. Moreover, this mini exercise ball comes with a great opportunity for your pet to explore other rooms while engaging in exercise.

Besides, it lets the rodent to maneuver with ease during playful activity. Plus, this Mini Run-About ball also works as a great holding area to hoard the rodent at the time of cleaning the cage.

However, it is recommended by the manufacturer to let your furry friend play with this ball for 10/15 minutes at once. Then get the hammy back to the cage for taking a rest.

  • Durable ball.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fun to play.
  • Light in weight.
  • Difficult to lock the lid.

2. Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play

Ware Manufacturing Fun Tunnels Play

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless plastic body.
  • Accordion design.
  • Flexible.
  • It comes in two sizes.

If you are thinking about giving your pet a simple and versatile medium to play, then the Fun Tunnels Play is going to be an ideal choice.

To your amazement, it comes with a stainless plastic body for ease of cleaning. So, wave off your worry of cleaning, and let your fur friend walk, run and crawl to its desire.

Being made of plastic, the Fun Tunnel Play comes in a super flexible state. So, you can set the tube in a versatile position persistently. Thus, your little pet will remain charged and active by having fun in plentiful ways.

Moreover, it comes in two sizes – medium and large. The large one stretches to 30-inch for giving your adult hammy a spacious place to run and hide. As a result, this tube encourages your pet’s active playtime to rejoice.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Stain-resistant body.
  • Easy to install in different positions.
  • Durable.
  • Not chew proof.

3. Kaytee Comfort Wheel

Kaytee Comfort Wheel

Highlighted Features:

  • Sturdy plastic body.
  • Compact running surface.
  • Traditional shape.
  • 8.5-inch in diameter.

Give your hamster the pleasure of running and playing on a noise-free wheel from the Kaytee Comfort Wheel. It works silently without crushing the gear for long. Plus, you can set this wheel in the hamster cage or keep it freestanding

No matter how much your hammy jigs and jogs onto this wheel, it will digest them all. Thanks to its sturdy plastic body.

Plus, the comfort wheel from Kaytee has made its running surface solid and smooth, shielding your pet from stuck and tangle. Therefore, it is soundly safe for your pets’ thin tails and tiny feet while running and playing.

Though the shape of the wheel being traditional is not so tantalizing, it will surely help your rodent to get in and out easily. As a result, your hammy hops onto the wheel and starts to run and play without any inconvenience.

In order to please all hammy, gerbil, and rats, the Kaytee Comfort Wheel comes in three different sizes – small, large, and giant. The large wheel being 8.5-inch in diameter suits for adult hamster comfortably.

  • PROS
  • Durable wheel.
  • Paw and tail safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Smooth entry and exit.
  • Various shape.
  • Little noisy.

4. Zhu Zhu Pets House Play

Zhu Zhu Pets House Play

Highlighted Features:

  • Action-oriented playset.
  • Winkie hamster.
  • Large space.
  • Ideal for other Zhu Zhu pets.

A perfect playset for people who are a big fan of Zhu Zhu and always cherished the desire of owning Zhu Zhu hamsters.

This playset comes with a very interactive design consisting of a room, spiral slide, tunnel. But how all these going to pleas you? Well, this toy set comes with a pleasant surprise for you; a Winkie hamster.

It’s true as day and night that fostering a real live hamster is a pretty responsible task. Whereas, this Winkie hamster comes with stunning purple fur with electric blue hair as a tuft to fulfill your desire of being a pet owner. Make it scurrying by gently pressing the button on her back.

Nevertheless, zhu zhu adores to zhip and zhoom. So, place her inside the hamster house play and instantly it will start to scurry all the way up to the tunnel and whizz down the slide.

Moreover, you can place a couple of zhu along with the Winkie inside this playset as it comes with plenty of space. So, intensify this playset with excitement and happiness by placing a handful of hamsters.

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Playful Winkie.
  • Can house more hamsters.
  • Poor quality.

5. Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Highlighted Features:

  • Unique design.
  • Smooth solid running surface.
  • Sturdy plastic body.
  • Encourage playful activity.
  • 7 ¼-inch in diameter.

Want to give your pet an exceptional yet engaging exercise wheel apart from typical wheels? Then, nab the Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel from Ware Manufacturing to please your little furry friend. The wheel is designed soothingly so that your hammy can run for hours and get rid of the boredom.

Plus, the surface of the exercise wheel is really smooth and solid. There is not left a single loophole where your pets’ tiny feet and tail can get stuck or tangled. Therefore, be at ease while enjoying your pet running and playing on this wheel.

Tranquility is another name you can title this wheel as it moves in no sound at all while whirling.

Moreover, the Flying Saucer Wheel is made of sturdy plastic to ensure that it goes long without giving you any hard time cleaning.

In addition to being strong and durable, this wheel promotes playful activity to keep your friend as fit as a fiddle.  

Along with coming in 7 ¼-inch diameter that suits for maximum adult hamsters, it also comes in a smaller size for small pets.

  • Eye-catching design.
  • Paw and tail safe.
  • Noise freewheel.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Very durable.
  • Little smaller wheel.

6. WINOMO Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy

WINOMO Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy

Highlighted Features:

  • 2-in-1 toy.
  • Soft fabrics material.
  • High-quality chain.
  • It encourages healthy activity.

It is often seen that the hamsters end up chewing toys, leading them to serious health issues. Plus, they also throw the toys here and there. So, how about giving them a toy that resembles a home to some extent.

The Hammock Hamster Hanging Toy is a 2-in-1 toy for enchanting your pets’ life. This toy is made of soft fabric materials and stitched up so that your rodent can get a cozy and warm place to rest. Plus, there is a hole in this Hammock to give the hamster a sense of peeking.

Moreover, there are 4 durable and first-rated clip chains attached to this toy for hanging anywhere easily. Besides, they are rust-proof as well as corrosion-resistant so that you feel relax while watching your pet enjoying the hammock.

Well, as a pet owner you know that hamster has a natural instinct for climbing. So, hang this hammock hamster toy from WINOMO at a higher place to give it a sporty kick.

  • A comfortable place to rest.
  • Portable.
  • Safe to hang.
  • Very durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not suitable for guinea pig and chinchilla.

7. Kaytee Igloo Hideaway

Highlighted Features:

  • One-piece infrastructure.
  • Sturdy plastic body.
  • Nest like structure.
  • Transparent hideaway.

Let your hammy have an adventurous trip out of the cage in your home by the Igloo Hideaway from Kaytee. It comes in a simple one-piece construction. As a result, you can place it anywhere at any time in your home to let your furry friend explore different places.

However, this one-piece hideaway takes less effort to clean. Just take a damp cloth and wipe it out. You can also give a soapy water wash if it becomes extremely messy.

Plus, this hideaway comes with a sturdy plastic body to make it durable and chew-resistant. Bonus, the Igloo Hideaway is completely odorless. Therefore, your little pet can stroll around it without facing any health issues.

Hamsters carry the wild instincts of burrowing, nesting, and hiding no matter in which environment they are kept. The Igloo Hideaway is built in such a unique design to encourage your pet to fulfill their instinct of nesting. So, along with providing your pet a safe hideaway it enhances playful activity.

Moreover, enjoy the fickleness of your hammy through the hideaway as it is clear-cut to see through.

  • PROS
  • Easy to clean.
  • Effortless to set-up.
  • Very durable.
  • Develops playful activity.
  • Easy to see through.
  • Very lightweight.

8. Kaytee 3 Count Chew Toy

Kaytee 3 Count Chew Toy

Highlighted Features:

  • One carrot made of wood.
  • Second carrot made of sisal.
  • A loofa.

Along with giving the hamsters all the traditional wheels, hideaways to play, a chew toy can do a great deal for their incisors. The hamster’s instinct is to chew whatever they get their hands on. Thus, serve your hammy the 3 Count Chew Toy from Kaytee for grinding.

Since the name mentions that it comes with 3 toys, each one is made unique from each other. The first carrot being made of wood is a hard surface to chew with pleasure. Therefore, a perfect toy for the hamsters’ ever-growing incisors to gnaw.

It’s obvious that you will find the toy all covered up with spit and mucus after the chewing. That’s why the second carrot is made of sisal fiber with a great fine texture for convenient cleaning.

Moreover, foods get stuck between the hamster teeth after every meal, and certainly, you can just brush their teeth, right? So, the third toy from Kaytee is here to help your hamster by flossing. This toy is a loofah and it makes sure that your pet doesn’t develop plaque.

  • Good to chew.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Prevents plaque.
  • Small in size.
  • Reportedly found hot glue material.

9. Expansion Kit 2

Expansion Kit 2

Highlighted Features:

  • Colorful tunnel.
  • Bubble wave design
  • Translucent.
  • Loop-d-loop accessories.

Let’s give a bit of zing to your hamster home by creating a different design of colorful tunnels with the Expansion Kit 2 from the Kaytee. This kit comes in attractive versatile color to enlighten your pets’ habitat.

Plus, this connection kit won’t give you any heebie-jeebies about sticking your pets tiny tails and thin. Thanks to its bubble wave design which allows the hamster to explore freely within the tunnels.

In addition to being colorful, the tunnels come in a crystal-clear structure. Therefore, feast your eyes by watching the relentless and playful activities of your pet friend.

Moreover, you can connect the CritterTrail Loop-d-Loop Accessory Kit from Kaytee to any CritterTrail habitat. So, hone your imagination with this versatile expansion kit to create adventurous habitat for your rodent.

  • Easy to create habitat.
  • Smooth to move.
  • Easy to watch.
  • Effortless cleaning.
  • Expandable.
  • Unstable parts.
  • Not leakproof.

10. Pevor 5 Hamster Chew Toys

Pevor 5 Hamster Chew Toys

Highlighted Features:

  • It contains 5 toys.
  • Made of wood.
  • Appealing shape.
  • Enhance playful activity.

In order to spice up the chewing and gnawing habit of your short-living hamster, the Hamster Chew Toys from Pevor is a stroke of genius. By the name, you already guesswork that it comes with 5 chew toys that are magnificent in shape and design.

Plus, these toys are made of natural pine wood. So that you get the peace of mind that your little pet is chewing on safe toys that won’t harm in any possible way.

Moreover, Pevor has crafted these chewable toys in a very lovely and interactive shape. As a result, your hammy can chew and gnaw to grind their teeth for enjoying a happy and healthy life.

In addition to being chewable toys, it encourages the hamster to engage in playful and healthy activities. Furthermore, thanks to the different shaped toys being suitable for every kind of pet from a hamster to a big Russian dwarf.

Therefore, if you own multiple pets, this set of toys is more than enough to make each one’s life happy and comfortable.

  • Suitable to grind.
  • Harmless toys.
  • It helps to remain active.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Best for larger pets.

Best Hamster Toys Buying Tips For Pet Owner 

As a pet parent, it’s on you to choose safe pet toys for your hamster. Though you have walked through the details of the product, still some features need to exist in ideal toys. So, we have outlined some of the most important features to look for in hamster toys before you buy them.


When you are talking about the hamster toy, you need to be very careful about the materials of the toy. You can’t just throw any toy to your pet as they have natural chewing habits. Some toys are made of plastics, wood, and fibers.

Now, if the materials are not chew-proof or somewhat toxic, then certainly your pet will fall in grave danger. Considering the safety of your hammy, we suggest you go for the Kaytee 3 Count Chew Toy.


Toys like wheels are meant to enhance the hamsters’ life by engaging them in a playful activity. But, if your pet stumbles and is thrown off while running and playing, then it surely will impact the health and body of the pet.

That is why, while buying a toy particularly an exercising wheel, stretch for the wheel of solid smooth surface. Thus, the hamsters’ feet and tails won’t tangle and are stuck whenever running and playing. However, the Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel and Kaytee Comfort Wheel make sure that your hammy gets a stable ground to play.


What kind of toys should I give to my hamster?

Answer: Traditionally hamsters toys include exercising wheels, balls to promote them in full of fun activities. However, a unique set of toys is recently included in the hamster toy’s territory. The Pevor 5 Hamster Chew Toys, Expansion Kit 2 from Kaytee comes with versatile playing options.

Why hamster love to run so much?

Answer: Since the hamsters are always chewing and gnawing, the toys remain wet all the time. Moreover, frequent chewing rips them to no longer chew anymore.

At the same time, the toys are likely to become unhygienic due to repeated grinding. So, they may turn into a harmful element rather than improving your pets’ life. However, it is recommended to change the chewing toy at regular intervals according to your convenience.

When to change the chewing toys?

Answer: Simply, running is hamsters’ natural instinct. They can run even 9km per night! However, hamsters love to run because they stay active and cheerful by engaging themselves in running, burrowing, and nesting.

What if I do not give any toy to my hamster?

Answer: Though you might not realize the importance of a wheel, ball, toys play a crucial role in keeping the hamster energized.

If you do not provide them with playful toys along with larger habitat, they may become paralyzed. And that’s the last thing you want to see your hamster in a painful state.

Wrapping Up!

Undoubtedly you want your hammy to stay fit and healthy enjoying a blissful life. For that reason, we have covered all the best hamster toys that you can rely on. So, go for the toys that will improve your furry friends’ life by fulfilling their natural wild desire.