Top 10+ Best Hamster Food- Increase Your Hamster Digestive Power.

How joyous you were when watching your hamster playing and running! But for a few days, it ain’t as jubilant, energetic as it used to be.

Well, probably it’s because your pet isn’t getting proper nutrition as much as it needs. A complete balanced diet literally can make a world of a difference in your pets’ life which you have realized by now.

But, Whoa! There are so many foods for hamsters in the market, which gonna be suitable? No worries, keep reading our best hamster food and you’ll get the right one indeed.

We also included a Buying Guide to make it further easier for you to make the final decision as well as the FAQ section to answer some essential questions.

However, if you wanna make the purchase real quick; opt for the Kaytee Supreme Treats. Go through the review and you’ll learn more about this amazing food.

Type Of Hamsters Food

Since there are types of hamsters, foods vary from one breed to another. That’s why hamster’s food comes in various forms.


Hamster food that contains a variety of seed mixes can be lustful and healthy. Though it is treated as seed food, it contains vegetables, wheat, grasses, oats; thereby ensuring balanced nutrition.

However, there are some picky eaters that may choose to eat only their preferable items. If you counter such practice, don’t give another meal until all the foods have been consumed. Otherwise, the hamster will eventually suffer from malnutrition.


Despite the similarity between pelleted hamster food to seed food, it makes a huge difference in terms of providing nutrition.

Every pellet comes with rich in vitamins and minerals so that your cheeky picky hamster gets proper nutrition in every bite. If you are a pet owner who wants to keep your fur baby fit and healthy, go for the pelleted hamster foods.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

This type of food serves well due to the fact that fruits, vegetables along with supplying vitamins and minerals also provide water. As a matter of fact, hamsters love to gulp down on any veggies and fruits such as pumpkin, tomato, spinach, celery, bananas, and carrots, etc.

However, before serving them with such foods be sure to clean rinse them with water thoroughly to remove any kind of chemical coating or preservatives. Plus, slice the fruits into as tiny pieces as possible for making digestion easy for your pets.

Heads up! These treats should be given only two to three times a week to control the weight as some of them are high in calory.

Timothy hay

It is a unique yet beneficial food item to provide your pet. Timothy hay contains fiber that has a sweet aroma to promote the foraging instinct of the hamsters. But keep in mind to feed only twice or thrice a week max.

Anyway, many manufacturers are now including this item with their food ingredients.

Seed Hamster Food vs. Pelleted Hamster Food

There isn’t a lot of difference between seed and pelleted hamster food. Still, some subtle factors exist in each of them that make them separate from each other.

Regular food makes hamsters bored and gloom resulting in not eating properly. However, seed hamster food boasts varieties of ingredients that promote foraging. As a result, your pet gets balanced nutrition to live a healthy and sporty life.

On the other hand, pelleted foods lack the quality of varied food items. All the foods look alike in regard to colors, shape, and size though they are fortified with nutrition. And with the same foods in the bowl hamsters get bored within a few meals.

But if your pet is in a requirement of specific dietary, then mixing foods won’t be such a good idea. One more thing, don’t make haste change of foods too often which may ultimately cause harm to your pets’ health.

Top 16 Best Hamster Food Reviews

We did the brainstorm by going through lots of reviews, asked authentic buyers and pet owners to get a clear picture of the best foods for hamsters. After that, we outlined the products below for you. We hope that you along with your pet won’t be disheartened if you opt to choose any of our selected food.

1. Kaytee Supreme Treats

Kaytee Supreme Treats

Highlighted Features:

  • Organic seeds for proper nutrition.
  • No added artificial flavor for safe.
  • High-grade ingredients to provide vitamins.
  • A complete diet to enrich healthy life.

It’s not only food that can flourish your pet’s life, sometimes you need more that will make a hamster fall in love. Well, its the Oxbow Hamster and Gerbil food that you need.

This fortified food comes with enchanting blend oats, timothy hay, and barley. See, how can the hamster resist loving this food?

Meanwhile, proportionate feed is inevitable to maintain weight, nutrition, etc. No worries, this food from Oxbow Health Animal Hamster has been balanced to cover that work for you.

One major problem this tiny pet face is disturbed digest function. Since this stabilized food boasts a high fiber level, food digestion will be a breeze.

Besides, while providing such health benefits to the rodent, it ensures safety by preventing high-sugar fruits or preservatives. Therefore, you can snug as a bug in a rug.

2. Oxbow Hamster And Gerbil Fortified Food

Oxbow Hamster And Gerbil Fortified Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Lovely food blend to deliver nutrition.
  • Balanced food to provide vital elements.
  • Boosts digest flexibility by high fiber level.
  • Healthy food due to the absence of sugar fruits.

It’s not only food that can flourish your pet’s life, sometimes you need more that will make a hamster fall in love. Well, it’s the Oxbow Hamster and Gerbil food that you need.

This fortified food comes with enchanting blend oats, timothy hay, and barley. See, how can the hamster resist loving this food?

Meanwhile, proportionate feed is inevitable to maintain weight, nutrition, etc. No worries, this food from Oxbow Health Animal Hamster has been balanced to cover that work for you.

One major problem this tiny pet face is disturbed digest function. Since this stabilized food boasts a high fiber level, food digestion will be a breeze.

Besides, while providing such health benefits to the rodent, it ensures safety by preventing high-sugar fruits or preservatives. Therefore, you can snug as a bug in a rug.

3. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Hamsters

Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Hamsters

Highlighted Features:

  • Ecstatic food blend to deliver good nutrition.
  • A formulated mixture to supply minerals.
  • Encourage foraging by mimicking the natural habitat.
  • Convenient feeding with the flip-top container.

Spice up the sweet moments of hamster feeding with joy and contentment with the Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet.

It testifies its worth with its ecstatic blend of ingredients such as bite-sized fruits, crunchy nuts, grains, delicious seeds, and wholesome vegetables. Therefore, a good supply of nutrition along with splendid taste.

Besides, this advanced food recipe is evaluated in such a manner that the rodent gets all the necessary vitamins, fibers, minerals. Thus, living a strong and healthy life.

Moreover, as a pet parent, it’s on you to give a food habitat that’ll resemble natural. That’s why various ingredients have been added in the Wild Harvest Diet for Hamsters food to encourage hamsters in foraging behavior. Therefore, your rodent will live a sporty fit life.

With ensuring all the healthy privilege, this food comes in a flip-top bucket to give you ease at the time of feeding. This can also keep the food fresh and crisp throughout time.

4. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster And Gerbil

Oxbow Animal Health Hamster And Gerbil

Highlighted Features:

  • Oat and Barley to supply extreme energy.
  • High fiber food to ease gastrointestinal function.
  • Rich in antioxidants to flourish health.
  • A balanced diet for overall nutrition supply.

Assuming, you are looking for the best food for hamsters. Grab the food from Oxbow Animal Health and embolden your little rodents’ life.

Since we are talking about energizing the hamster, this food recipe has oat and barley which are renowned for a high source of energy. Yeah, your pet is going to be always juiced up and grin.

Along with the energetic food elements, it includes timothy hay that is rich in high-fiber. These fibers make sure that all foods are digested bit by bit to get the expected healthy results.

It’s worth of mention that it contains carbohydrate food materials i.e. fruits, seeds. But, leaving any artificial sugar and/or preservatives out entirely.

This food also maintains nutritional value by holding 15% crude protein along with a crude fat of 4.5%.

Nevertheless, to reduce the chances of gaining weight this Timothy-hay based food has been worked out and balanced precisely. As a result, it will maintain weight, nutrition even dental health of your pet to keep fit and good.

5. Sunseed 36070 Dwarf Hamster Food

Sunseed 36070 Dwarf Hamster Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Diversified diet for supporting the nutritional need.
  • Probiotics and Omega-3S for health enhancement.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals to keep in good shape.
  • Lovely diet owing to Oat-Grain based formula.
  • Bioavailability for good absorption of food.

Are you tired of searching for the best dwarf hamster food? Guess what, put an end to the quest with the Sunseed Dwarf Hamster Food.

This food boasts high diversity foods which include grains, a tasty blend of oats, vegetables. These all elements translate in providing all the nutritional needs to keep fit as a fiddle.

Plus, it has been integrated with a probiotic-powerful microorganism that improves heart and mental health conditions. This hamster food also combats depression and enhances eyesight by using Omega-3S fatty acid. Therefore, boost up your furballs’ poor diets with this.

The Sunseed 36070 Dwarf Hamster Food promises to keep your pet fit and tight. How? It contains abundant necessary vitamins and minerals to live up to its promise.

Besides, unlike other food that hamsters refuse or get bored, the Sunseed food for Hamsters will sweep off your pets’ feet. Can’t believe it? Well, it is composed of Oat-Grain based formula which makes it tantalizing.

However, all these foods and proteins can do their magic only if the hamster can absorb them properly. That’s why it introduces bioavailability which will help your pet’s body to absorb the food efficiently, thereby, long term hale and hearty body.

6. Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Formula 6 Pound

Sunseed Vita Prima Sunscription Dwarf Formula 6 Pound

Highlighted Features:

  • Supply nutrition by an array of ingredients.
  • Vitamin A, D, E to support good health.
  • DHA and Omega 3S for enhancement.
  • Rich in fermented products for health development.

Another family member of Sunseed Dwarf Hamster food with a twist of food amount and packaging. It comes in 3 packs with 2 pounds of food containing in each pack. So, you’re getting a lot of food for your furball for a long time.

All the packs contain an array of ingredients namely Oats, Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Soybean Hulls, Steam-Rolled Barley, White Millet, and a lot. Thus, ensuring that your pet gets the most and best nutrient it needs.

Additionally, it consists of multivitamins some of noteworthy are vitamin A, D, and E. These vitamins ceaselessly work for enhancing the organs of the little rodent, thereby, fit and sturdy.

Besides, the Sunseed Vita Prime Sunscription fortified itself by adding DHA and Omega 3s. These fatty acids remarkably help in building healthy gums, reducing inflammation, improving eye health, and so on. As a result, a long-term healthy life is confirmed.

This food goes one step ahead with its brilliant mixture of fermented products. For instance, Dried Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product, Dried Lactobacillus Casei Fermentation Product, etc. They contain immense probiotics that boost digestibility for overall health improvement.View More Info On Amazon

7. Henry’s Hamster Food

Henry's Hamster Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Baked fresh to order for making a delicious food.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals to supply nutrition.
  • Vitamin B6, B12 to improve the immune system.
  • Low of the glycemic load to control sugar level.

Do you like freshly baked foods? Yeah, right? Well, the same thing goes for hamsters. The Henry’s Hamster Food steps in with that view to provide foo that will sweep off your pets’ feet.

It is delicious food that has been baked and made wow-to-eat from exact raw ingredients. Some of them are veggies, fresh nuts, whole eggs, whole grains. So, you get the point, right? Your fur pet is getting lovely food with enriched vitamins, as baking tends to retain the vitamins.

Now when we are talking about vitamins, it boasts vitamins as well as minerals such as vitamins A, K, D, E, and HCL. As a result, the hamster is guaranteed to get all the nutrition needed for better health and life.

The Henry’s Hamster Food is also filled with vitamin B6 and B12 to improve red blood cells’ function along with the immune system.

However, when filling up the tummy with such heavy vitamins and minerals there are chances of increased sugar level. No worries, this food has been manufactured with a tiny glycemic load. Therefore, the little pet is completely safe from getting diabetic.

8. Higgins Vita Garden Hamster & Gerbil Food

8. Higgins Vita Garden Hamster & Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Fiber-biotic pellets to improve digestion.
  • Gluten-free for preventing celiac disease.
  • Fatty acids to support internal body function.
  • Healthy food with no synthetic or colors.

If you are looking for the best hamster pellet, the Higgins Vita Garden Hamster food is here to end your search. It contains 15% of crude protein, at least 6% of crude fat as well as 0.4% fatty acids.

It contains nutritionally balanced fiber-biotic pellets. So, the gastrointestinal problem cannot come in the way of digestion.

Besides, while digesting such formulated multi-fiber, inflammation can make a big deal because of celiac disease. No worries, these multi-blend pellets are made gluten-free to manage celiac disease improving the intestinal tract.

Plus, the Higgins Vita Garden Hamster and Dwarf Food consist of influential DHA and Omega 3s fatty acids. They contribute to the skin, eye, and brain development without the chance of zero damage.

More importantly, all these food pellets come with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives that have the potential of hindering the health of your pet. Therefore, you can feed it with peace of mind.

9. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Hamster Food

Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Hamster Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Blend of nutritious items to support good health.
  • Bio-availability ingredients for easy digestion.
  • Omega 6s and 3s for healthy skin.
  • An abundance of minerals, vitamins for the overall development.

Well, another candidate in the list of pellet foods that will impress you along with your pet is the Vitakraft Menu Vitamin.

Veggies, fruits, grains, seeds, pellets, and nuts have been mashed-up together to make this awesome hamster food. Such a varied diet will essentially provide very stout health.

Besides, this blend of food boasts bio-availability ingredients which do a critical job of easing the absorption of the food. So, your furball comes to have all the nutrition for staying blissful.

The Vitakraft Menu Vitamin also comes with Omega 6s and 3s to enhance the shine and takes care of the skin and coat health of your pet.

In addition, with this food in your rodent’s body, the hamster will always be sporty and fit. Because it provides all the vitally-important minerals and vitamins for comprehensive growth development.

10. Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food For Hamsters And Gerbils

Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food For Hamsters And Gerbils

Highlighted Features:

  • Garden ingredients to give a natural foraging taste.
  • Made completely safe by the non-GMO formula.
  • Blend of organic materials for proper nutrition.
  • Advanced meal via using Grass hays of three varieties .
  • Bountifulness of vitamins to keep fit.

What can be more enjoyable and soothing for the hamsters than a natural feel, right? Well, present your pet the Oxbow Garden Select Fortified food to fulfill the natural instinct.

Various garden ingredients with organic fresh aroma have been picked and placed in this food to mimic the natural environment of your furry friend. As a result, it will give the wildness of foraging to the gerbils and the hamsters.

Noteworthy, foraging improves dental health to a large extent which ultimately improves the digestion of foods.

However, the Oxbow Garden Food for hamsters has avoided using any kind of non-GMO formula during the manufacturing process. So, nothing harmful is present in it that can damage your pet.

Plus, this food is the result of a mixture of organic materials like tomato, spinach, rosemary, carrot, and banana. Therefore, it will provide your pet with all the nutrients to keep active via fresh natural food. It also added 3 varieties of hays for meal enrichment.

Alon with the hays, this food has an immense amount of vitamin A of 10000 IU/kg, vitamin D3, and E about 900 IU/kg and 190 IU/kg respectively. As a matter of fact, it’s enough to build and improve the overall body.

11. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food

Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Promising textured food to improve dental health.
  • Diverse foods for added enrichment.
  • Supports digestive health via Pre- and Pro-biotics.
  • Plentiful antioxidants to support the immune system.

Keeping joyous is as important as feeding. Try out the Kaytee Fiesta Hamster and Gerbil Food to invigorate your pets’ life with happiness.

Being made out in stunning shape and texture, this food encourages chewing activity while improving dental health.

During food processing, ingredients lose their essential nutrients. However, it has assorted varied vegetables and fruits after the process to back the nutrients up. As a result, your pet will stay healthy as sure as eggs.

Plus, the Kaytee Fiesta Hamster food comes with prebiotics as well as probiotics. These enzymes will help the digestion process easier for your pet, thereby, gaining the best out of the food.

Besides, the key factor of keeping a pet happy is to keep it healthy; and without a proper immune system that’s like a daydream. However, this food from Kaytee boasts an abundance of antioxidants to enhance the immune system to combat diseases.

On top of that, the food is preserved in a resealable bag to keep it fresh and crisp throughout the feeding time.

12. Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food

Highlighted Features:

  • Big sized foods to promote natural chewing.
  • Flourish digestive system with prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Fatty acids to improve heart, brain.
  • Yucca extract for preventing offensive odors.
  • Supports overall health owing to antioxidants abundance.

Everyone from human to even the tiniest animal loves food that not only looks yummy but tastes fantastic. So, try out the Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health to cheer up your pets’ life.

Its large and crunchy pieces of food literally make it the best hamster treats. These larges pieces also encourage natural chewing which translates to strong dental health.

Along with amplifying the teeth, the Kaytee brings in pre- and pro-biotics. These microorganisms flourish your pets’ digestive system to accumulate proper nutrition into the body.

Besides, this food has allowed the existence of DHA and Omega-3s fatty acids to improve eyesight, brain, heart. However, the yucca extract a rare yet powerful solution is added in the food to deter offensive odors.

It contains crude protein of 13.5% as well as fatty acids of 0.4%. Also, moisture and crude fiber of 12% and 10% respectively.

Plus, it is a complete nutritionally diet for providing essential nutrients as well as developing the immune system. Therefore, your fur baby gets a long-term healthy and blissful life.\

13. Supreme Tiny Friends Hamster Tasty Mix

Supreme Tiny Friends Hamster Tasty Mix

Highlighted Features:

  • Nutritionally balanced food for all breeds.
  • Shaped and sized to promote foraging.
  • Extensive body development via vitamins and minerals.
  • No added sugar to control weight.

If you are looking for a healthy balanced diet for your pet, consider the Supreme Tiny Friends Hamster food.

Regardless of breeds and ages of hamsters, this food will be enough as it has been formulated in a nutritionally balanced way. It consists nutrition value of Protein 18.0%, Fat content 6.0%, Crude fiber 6.0%, Phosphorus 0.6%, Inorganic matter 5.0%, Calcium 0.8%.

This food also looks after the dental health of your fur baby by encouraging natural chewing activity, thanks to perfect shape and size.

Plus, the Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Hazel makes sure the proper development of the body with added vitamins and minerals.

Besides, when devouring these foods at a daily basis your pet tends to gain weight. That’s why no sugar has been added in this food to control the weight as well as preventing tooth decay.

14. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix Hamsters & Gerbils

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix Hamsters & Gerbils

Highlighted Features:

  • Dried fruit blends for easy digestion.
  • Amino acid and vitamins for vitality.
  • Supports skin via Omega 3s and DHA.
  • Provides healthy digestive system through probiotics.

If you’re a multi-pet owner, this Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix will definitely please your pets.

This food has been prepared by mashing-up dried fruits, seeds, legumes, and grains to make it easy for your pet for digestion. Plus, all the ingredients have gone through the air wash to get rid of the dust.

As a pet owner, you know that hamsters and gerbils enjoy to run and jump and hide. As a result, their muscles go through rigorous movements.

That’s why the Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food has included amino acids along with vitamins to embolden muscles and tissues.

Besides, your pets’ immune system, skin, and coating are taken care of by the fatty acids like Omega 3s and DHA. So, it can spend a disease-free happy life with you for a long time.

For all these things to happen inside your pet’s body, a well-functioning digestive system is compulsory. No worries, the probiotics present in this hamster food efficiently supports the digestive system to function properly.

15. Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Hamster Food

Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Hamster Food

Highlighted Features:

  • A balanced diet for supporting a good health.
  • Ensures wellbeing with the minerals.
  • Vitamin A and C for comprehensive development.
  • Omegas and probiotics to fortify body function.

If you want the best hamster food that qualifies as a complete balanced diet, consider feeding the Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified food.

Being fortified with the mixture of pellets, fruits, seeds, grains it completes itself as a nutritionally balanced diet for your pet.

It also comes with lots of minerals to ensure that the hamster grows in a healthy shape with strong bones. Therefore, your pet remains sporty and cheerful all the time.

Along with the minerals, Vitakraft’s Unique Care Complex comprises of vitamins A and C. These vitamins play a vital role when it comes to keeping your furballs vision, immune system, blood vessel strong and healthy.

Plus, the omegas are present in the food to fortify the brain development as well as enhancing skin and coat. It also boasts probiotics for maintaining a healthy digestive system.

16. Kaytee FortiDiet ProHealth

Kaytee FortiDiet ProHealth

Highlighted Features:

  • A mixture of natural ingredients to make a complete diet.
  • Aids digestive health by pre- and probiotics.
  • Amino and fatty acids for entire body development.
  • Preserved naturally for fresh feeding.

Are you in need of food that will provide nutrition to even the smallest size of a pet? Check out the Kaytee FortiDiet ProHealth food, it will make a whole of difference in your pets’ life.

It proves to be a complete diet by mixing up natural ingredients like sunflower seed, wheat, corn, and millet. As a result, your fur baby will be getting all essential nutrition for a healthy life.

Your pet might face difficulty during dissolving the food and it’s natural. That’s why this food has been fortified with prebiotics and probiotics for ensuring a good digestive system.

Besides, to embolden the muscle growth of the hamsters the Kaytee FortiDiet Food has been filled with high amino acids.

It also contains fatty acids and omegas to keep the tender skin of your pet smooth and soft. On top of that, it has been preserved in complete natural touch to avoid any kind of damage to the little rodent of yours.

Major Consideration Before Buying Best Hamster Food

So, now you are embarking on the journey of buying the best hamster food. But, along with the product review, you need to look for some important factors in the food. Otherwise, you will end up with austerity, and the worst unhealthy even dead hamster.

Nutritional Value

Being a pet owner, hamster depends on you to provide nutrition at the best and balanced level. Experts suggest supplying a mix of food that contains 15% protein and around 3-6% fat but these amounts might increase in case of pregnant hamsters.

Plus, the food should also be filled abundantly with carbohydrates. The reason is that hamsters burn through carbs. Well, Oxbow Animal Health Hamster and Gerbil and Higgins Vita Garden Hamster & Gerbil Food boast with such nutritional count.


Hamster has inherited the instinct of licking rock for gaining salts. As a result, they should be given foods that contain the proper amount of salt. In fact, salts are really essential for dental, and overall health.

Dental Health

It’s essential to provide the hamsters with the food they can chew on. Or else, their teeth won’t stay at proper length along with a weak jaw. Again, too soft food ain’t gonna do any good as it doesn’t work out for jaws and teeth.

We recommend you to go for Kaytee Forti Diet Pro Health Hamster Food since it promotes chewing habit for developing dental health.


A very crucial and fatal factor of hamsters’ food is sugar. You should completely make sure that the hamsters’ food doesn’t contain sugar as much as possible. Because it highly impacts on gaining weight as well as creating tooth decay. Remember sugar is a slow poison that can turn into a reason for your pets’ unfortunate death.

Henry’s Hamster Food and Oxbow Hamster and Gerbil Fortified Food entirely remove the presence of sugar in their food for your peace of mind.

Foods You Should Avoid For Your Hamster

As a human can you eat all kinds of food? No, not everything can be eaten. Hamsters are the same in manners of food. There are many foods that can be listed to avoid for your hamster.

First of all, avoid any kind of junk food along with candy or any high-sugar item. Because hamsters don’t get along with sugar pretty good. Also, there are fruits like pineapples, peaches, and apricots that should not be given.

And of course, no citrus food that might trigger burning sensation on the skin, dry skin even itching. Plus, always wipe out the hamsters’ hoard stash to prevent the settlement of mold as well as bacteria and bugs.


Can you feed a hamster rabbit food?

Well, you can but you shouldn’t since the rabbit food pellets, muesli is specialized. Basically, different foods are made depending on the requirements of different pets. So, no pet should be fed with other pets food.

How long can a hamster go without eating?

Basically, it depends on the health condition of a hamster. Long answer, in short, a healthy hamster can go for 3-4 days without food.

How often should I feed my hamster?

Well, in a small bowl placing a small amount of dry food once a day is good enough to feed your pet. However, you can feed veggies, and food in a very scarce amount and remove any uneaten food on the very exact day.

How much food should I feed my hamster?

While a Syrian hamster within 24 hours eats little more than 1 to 2 tablespoons full of food, dwarf hamster devours less. But you can take for granted that 1 to 2 tablespoons of food are eaten by hamsters every 24 hours.

Wrapping UP!

We know how much you love your pet, that’s why we provided all the best hamster food for its well-being. A nutritionally rich food not only boost your pets’ life but also keep sporty and happy.

Now the ball is in your court. And you have to make the decision.