Top 14 Best Hamster Cages- The House Your Pet Deserves

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So your hamster isn’t being all playful at all and you’re just scratching your head and thinking what’s wrong with it. Food….check. Health? You visited the vet already. Toys…..check.  What can possibly go wrong?

You play Sherlock Holmes and try to figure out the problem. Wait a minute…..Why does the cage looks so small? It was a big few months back.

Well mate, the cage didn’t get smaller; your hamster just grew up and it needs a new place to suit itself. Want to get your hands on the best hamster cage? We’re here to help you up. We’re reviewing the top 10 hamster cages available in the market.

Just in case you want us to recommend something for you, you can take the Prevue Hendryx deluxe hamster cage into account. It’s robust, it’s comfortable and most importantly, it’s perfect for your little friend.

1 min Quick Summary 

If you're short on time, then this section is for you. We get straight to the point and give you a quick rundown of the best cages you can buy for your hamster.

Best Overall: Favola Hamster Cage

"A simple and yet effective cage that gives you all the necessary features like a food bowl, water bottle and lots of burrowing space. That's why this is the best overall"

Best for Easy Cleaning: Prevue Hendryx Deluxe

"The easy to remove latch makes cleaning this one an absolute breeze. You can just snap the base off without too much effort"

Best Arcade Cage: Midwest Critterville Arcade Cage

"This one is filled with fun little features for your hamster to play with. That makes this one the best arcade cage to keep your pet engaged" 

Best Three Level Cage - Mcage Three-Level Cage

"A large spacious three-level cage that gives your hamster enough space to run around and climb on different levels" 

Best Cage for Easy Mobility: VIVOHOME 4 Levels Animal Cage

"If three levels aren’t enough, how about a 4 level one? This one is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a sturdy frame with wheels for easier mobility"

Best Large Cage: Mcage Wrought Iron 4 Level Cage

"Another quality Mcage product and is one of the largest ones on this list. If you want to give your pets the most space to roam around, this one is an easy choice" 

Best Small Cage: Rosewood Hamster Small Cage

"For smaller hamsters. This one is a great option. It's small but still does not skimp on features like a water bottle and food bowl"

Best Feature Packed Cage: Ferplast Hamster Cage

"Jam-packed with features to keep your hamster occupied, this one is hard to beat as the most feature-rich cage. There are tunnels, platforms and more" 

Best DIY Cage: GNB PET DIY Cage

"If you like getting hands-on, this one is a no-brainer. Lots of pieces you can assemble and put together which makes it the perfect cage for DIY lovers"

Best Cage with Included Accessories: Savic Heaven Metro

"Those who need a cage that comes with all the accessories like a water bottle, exercise wheel and more, this is the one to get. Plus, it’s well-built and has a large base"

Best Universal Cage: Prevue Pet Products 528

"If you want a cage fit for all sorts of little critters then get this one. The dimension of this cage makes it perfect for all sorts of animals"

Best Premium Cage: Ferplast HAMSTERVILLE Cage

"This wooden piece of art is the best premium cage you can buy. The build is solid thanks to the construction material and it also looks super luxurious" 

Best Designed Cage: Prevue Three-Story Cage

"While we have seen three-level cages in this list, the simplicity and the rich blue color finish of this one easily make it one of the best-designed cages you can get" 

Best Cage for Kid’s Room: Kaytee Critter Home Deluxe 42X18

"Bright and colorful color finish with a playful design just screams kid’s room. If you’re planning to keep the cage in your kid’s room, this one should fit the bill" 

Best Traditional Cage: Savic Mickey Hamster Cage

"For those who don’t want too much fuss and would rather have a cage that just works and makes it easy, look no further than this one. It’s well built and has all the important features" 

Top 10 Best Hamster Cage Reviews

Below are the hamster cages we’ve chosen for you after a long research. Get to the reviews and see which one suits you and your little friend.

1.Favola Hamster CageBest Overall

Highlighted Features

  • Two-level structured cage.
  • Rustproof wire cage.
  • 340 square inch basement.
  • 4.75 square inches bedding.
  • Anti-drip steel spout.
  • 5.5 inch exercise wheel.
  • Rust-proof cage.

Looking for big hamster cages? Here is the Favola hamster cage, a two-level structure with 340sq inch of basement to provide your furry rodent a healthy and sporty life.

The top-level holds the water bottle and the food tray without hampering your hamster's free stroll space. Plus, a well-designed hideaway to give your pet a cozy place to take rest.

Whereas, the large basement of 4.75inches delivers your hamster huge bedding. Since the hamster has burrowing impulse by born, this bedding will certainly satisfy your pets crave of burrowing.

The water bottle has an anti-drip steel spout. So after your pet quenches its thirst, water doesn’t ooze and wet the floor. The bottle was fitted specially for this awesome hamster wire mesh.

Besides, the food dish provided by the Ferplast hamster cage will be a stress reliever for you. Having a deep space within, it can hold enough food for your pet without bothering you to refill again and again in a short time.

With the thought of giving your hamster a fun and sporty time, Favola hamster cage has included a 5.5-inch exercise wheel. The wheel is placed perfectly between the two floors of the cage. Of course, you will be able to add a large wheel, which you will have to purchase separately.

The horizontal bar of 1/4 is used to hold your furry pet inside the cage. Plus, the wire mesh of the cage has a rustproof coating of black color.

A sturdy high-quality plastic floor has been placed in between the transparent base and wire portion for easy maintenance. Just pull the latch side clips to separate them for cleaning. Plus, you can access inside the cage with a small door placed on the top of the cage.


  • Durable strong body.
  • Tube entry to add another cage.
  • Easy to dissemble.
  • Anti-leak pan.
  • Chew proof cage bars.


  • Too small water bottle.
  • Scanty mouth door at the top.

2. Prevue Hendryx Deluxe: Best for Easy Cleaning

Highlighted Features

  • 2 Hideaways.
  • Bi-level structure.
  • Front gate.
  • Snap-off base mechanism.

Give a comfy and spacious cage to your hamster. With a structure of two-story house, this cage provides enough space for your hamster to ramble around. Plus, 2 well designed hideaways where your pet will happily hide and take rest.

For easy access into the cage, there is a door on the front. So placing the food bowl for your pet, placing the water bottle inside the cage won't be terrifying.

Cleaning is easy with the Prevue Hendryx deluxe hamster cage since it comes with a snap-off base mechanism. Detach the base from the cage in short order for cleaning the messes.

Hamsters are mostly known for their enthusiastic activities. So unless they are provided with kinds of stuff to cheer up them they will feel dull and sad. To give your little wild pet ways to engage in cheerful activities, there is an exercise wheel in the cage and a plastic made ladder.

Plus, to satisfy your pet's natural essence; the house platform has been elevated from the ground level.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • Easy to place a food bowl and water bottle.
  • Entertaining wheel.
  • Satisfies natural instinct.


  • No water bottle spot.

Highlighted Features

  • Multi-level home platform.
  • Vertical play space for entertainment.
  • ½ Bar gaps.
  • Comfortable plastic wheel.
  • Transparent cage.

The Midwest brings you a very user-friendly good hamster cage. This cage has been shaped with a modular design to give your pet pleasant living space. It is a multi-level home with vertical play space.

Your pet needs a comfortable place to hide and rest. Bearing that in mind, the Crittervile arcade hamster cage has included a circular cubby for your pet along with other useful accessories.

Plus, a food bowl, a transparent water bottle. There are play tubes inside the cage so that the little rodent can freely move from bottom to top level into the cool Vertical PlaySpace.

Besides, there is an eye-catching yet comfortable plastic wheel inside the vertical box to keep your pet excited and thrilled.

For avoiding accidental drop while moving up and down, the PlaySpace ramps have been angled appropriately. Not only that, but the ramps are also given light ridges that draw the pet toward without hurting their feet.

The Critterville arcade hamster cage has a transparent base with deep space. As it can contain huge messes, this will certainly fulfill your pet's demand for burrowing. Plus, 1/2-inch bar spacing of the wire top supply proper ventilation to your pet.

Midwest knows that watching the hamster playing and hopping is always amusing. That’s why they gave a transparent plastic cover onto the Vertical PlaySpace. Remove the cover and clean the space effortlessly.


  • Stunning modular design.
  • Easy to clean the vertical playbox.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Adequate ventilation.
  • Deep base for enough bedding.


  • Very poor durability.
  • Noisy squeaking wheel.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 levels hamster cage.
  • 3/8-inch square area.
  • ½ inches floor grates.
  • Two front doors.
  • Sliding bottom pan.

The 3 levels ferret hamster cage has an area of 384 sq. inch. Undoubtedly, this large hamster cage will win your heart if you desire to keep multi-pet in a cage. 

So keep various small pets in the cage without squashing them. Besides, the wire cage is completely pawing safe.

There is a possibility of creating chaos when you are thinking of keeping more pets in a cage. The resulting risks are; the cage shall break. And the pets will escape. So, to put you at ease, the 3 levels ferret hamster cage comes with a 3/8-inch tight wire cage.

Though this is a large hamster cage, you will be able to carry it anywhere easily by holding the attached carry handles. And surprisingly this cage is foldable.

In addition, there are two removable front doors along with 1/2 inch tightly wired floor grates. For convenient cleaning, there is an epoxy coated finish all over the cage. Thus, making it more durable and tough.


  • Easy to carry with handles.
  • Comparatively cheap.
  • Very sturdy and durable cage.
  • Foldable cage.


  • Wheel and bedding not included.
  • Fragile wire on the doors.

5. VIVOHOME Small Animal CageBest Cage for Easy Mobility

Highlighted Features

  • 408 square inches area.
  • Rolling stand.
  • 4 levels structure.
  • 4 Floors and 3 ramps.
  • 360 degree rotating wheel.

Every pet owner's first concern is their pets’ safety. With this regard, the VIVOHOME small animal cage has been beaten into shape. Wires are placed after 1-inch consecutively.

So that small pets like rats, ferrets can easily climb, hop, jump without hurting themselves. By choosing this cage for your pets, you are in safe hands.

This is a surprisingly big hamster cage with 408 sq. inch area and elongated 37-inch height. Plus, it is made of premium low-carbon steel forming it more durable and sturdy.

Your furry rodent pet is completely safe in this rust and corrosion-free awesome hamster cage. Moreover, it consists of 4 floors and 3 ramps for easy climbing chances.

The Vivohome small animal cage has 360 degree rotating wheel rolling stand. Therefore, move it like a breeze wherever you want; indoor or outdoor. Furthermore, two front doors for easy entry and exit the cage as your pet like.

Feeding pets is important. Likewise, the quality of the food tray should never be overlooked. The food tray that comes with this cage is made of high-quality pp plastic. Bonus, it is removable. Helping you to clean the food tray effortlessly.


  • Comprehensive space for multi-pets.
  • Easy to move anywhere.
  • Removable food tray.
  • Durable and strong body.
  • Large water bottle.


  • Installation difficulty.
  • Food tray a bit large to slide in and out.

Highlighted Features

  • 240 sq. inch area.
  • Modular design cage.
  • Non-toxic plastic base.

The GNB pet hamster cage brings to you a colorful yet creative opportunity to create the dream cage for your little buddy. This cage provides several tubes to attach inside the cage. So, flourish your imagination for delivering your pet a cute living home.

Plus, the tubes are divided into various sections. There are breathing tubes as well as inferior climbing grain for your furry friends’ safety.

The cage is built in different kinds of attractive colors. It has enough roomy space to structure the tubes. These tubes are meant to be structured to replicate burrows. In order to fulfill your pet's desire for burrowing. Thus, the pet won’t get bored rather this DIY habitat will animate the life of your lovely pets.

With a decent entrance gate on the front of the cage, it will be easy for you to refill food, water. Again sudden cleaning or fixing tubes errors would be a lot easier.

The wire mesh of the GNB pet hamster cage has been made robust by applying rust power-coating. Besides, the plastic base is absolutely harmless as it is made of non-toxic materials for your buddy's safety. Making it easy to clean and remove.


  • Wide gate for easy entrance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to clean the cage.
  • Depp basin for bedding.
  • Rust-proof.


  • Without proper instruction on how to add the tunnels.
  • Fiddling plastic parts.
  • Tunnels not included.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 resting house.
  • 589 sq. inch area.
  • 0.3-inch bar gaps.
  • Connected tunnels for strolling.

The Savic hamster cage is manufactured in Belgium. With the hope of giving extra comfort to your pet, they have included a penthouse along with the two resting houses inside the cage.

Moreover, it comes with helpful accessories like tunnels to give your pet extra space to flit around and a water bottle, exercise wheel, etc.

With an area of 589 square inches, it has taken its place in the list of the extra-large hamster cage. And cage bars were placed at 9.5 mm intervals so that the air and light can ventilate properly.

The cage comes with several tunnels and deep base at the bottom. Let your pet get lost itself in dallying and playing. Plus, the large gate helps you to get access to the cage swiftly.

This cage can be easily moved with the help of the two holding bars attached to the top of the cage. So, to keep your pet free from boredom, place the cage at different places at consecutive times.


  • Spacious cage.
  • Effortless disassemble and assemble.
  • Tunnels for strolling.
  • Easy to move anywhere.
  • Enough room for bedding.


  • Poor quality water bottle.
  • Risky sharp edges of the penthouse.
  • Flimsy wires.

Highlighted Features

  • 608 sq. inches’ area.
  • ½ inch bar gaps.
  • 4 caster wheels rolling stand.
  • 60-inches height.
  • Non-toxic paint.
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

The name describes itself. The biggest hamster cage with an area of 608 sq. inches. And stands high with an extended 60-inch height. You can easily place multiple rats, chinchillas or ferrets in this cage and you will not have to huddle them.

Inside the cage, there are cross shelves and ladders for pets’ movement. The wires have been squeezed and tightened by 1/2 inch so that pets paw do not get harmed during movement.

Swing-out door with an advanced metal safety lock is attached to the front. Importantly, a non-toxic painting is given over the cage to prevent rust and corrosion.

The Mcage manufacturer of this hamster cage has put in it a removable tray and grate. Thus, it will be easy for you to clean the mess after feeding your pet.

Additionally, move the cage without putting extra strength with the help of four heavy casters. There's a shelve under the rolling stand in case you fall in need of extra space.


  • Extra large hamster cage.
  • Sturdy metal body.
  • Easy installation.
  • Cleaning is very easy.
  • Moves easily with the removal rolling stand.


  • Paint chips off.
  • Bars are weak.
  • Gets rusty after a few washes.

Highlighted Features

  • Modular design.
  • Multi-level home.
  • 266 sq. inch area.
  • Plastic base and lock.’

The lovely looking Pico XL hamster cage from Rosewood pet is perfect for your adorable syrian hamster or rat. This cage comes with an average space of 266sq inch which is enough for a male rat or small-sized hamster.

There is a door on the top of the cage made of high-quality plastic it’s kind of a loft. Your pet gets into the cage bypassing the loft. The loft has a plain lock that prevents your pet from getting out of the cage.

The transparent water bottle is set in the middle of the cage on the top side. Plus, it is easy to detach from the cage. So, it will be easy for you to monitor the water level and refill the bottle when the water level gets low.

The Pico XL cage is designed with a contemporary look. It is a multi-level home system with well-furnished ramps connecting each floor. So, your pet doesn't fall while roaming.

At the bottom of the cage, there is a deep bedding space. There, your pet can fulfill the desire of burrowing and play comfortably. Plus, a circular cubby hideaway where your pet can take rest and sleep with peace.

The cage is attached to the plastic base by side plastic locks. So, easily detach the cage and clean the messes whenever you feel to.


  • Good quality cage.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Enough space for your pet's enjoyment.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Loft lock doesn't work often.
  • Poor water bottle quality.
  • Plastic pieces break after a few months.

10. Ferplast Hamster CageBest Feature Packed Cage 

Highlighted Features

  • 0.5 wire gaps.
  • 3.25-inch-deep plastic base.
  • 210 sq. inch area.
  • Wire mesh.

Laura hamster cage, a colorful and spacious cage for your hamster. It has two wide entrance gates - one on the top and one at the front. So whether you go for food refilling or cleaning the cage, it will be a cinch.

Fun tubes along with the exercise wheel are added to the cage to give your hamster a frisky and healthy life. Roomy space inside the tube helps your pet to move freely.

The wire cage and the plastic base are attached with side latches. Easily open the top by unlocking the latch to replace the litter. And they are really easy-peasy to unlock.

This Ferplast hamster cage has a bedding of 3.25 inch deep. It’s made of quality plastic. There, you can dump litter for satisfying your pet's burrowing desire. Moreover, the base can be removed easily to clean at regular intervals.

The wire mesh is tightened with 0.5W perfect gaps for ventilation. In addition, a plastic shelf is fixed to the second floor and there is a standard hide-out for your pet to relax and sleep.


  • Very easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Roomier tubes.
  • Wide cage doors for easy access into the cage.
  • Secured side latches.
  • Comfy home.


  • Too small water bottle.
  • Poor tube design with holes on the top and bottom.

11. Ferplast HAMSTERVILLE CageBest Premium Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Luxurious wood build quality
  • Fine metal mesh
  • .04-gallon water bottle
  • Easy front and top door access
  • Large and removable base
  • Wooden platforms with ladders

So, now we’ve got the Hamsterville cage from Ferplast. Its beautiful wooden build gives it a touch of class and makes it look super-premium. One thing is for sure, hamster cages don't get much better than this. Let’s check the features.

Out of all the ones we saw in this review today, this one has the construction which uses wood. And let us tell you, it looks just as fantastic as you would imagine it would.

The natural wood is sturdy and gives the cage a lot of rigidity which means this cage will last for a long time to come. The wire net structure it uses to prevent your hamster from escaping is also top-notch. The fact that it’s liquid-resistant is a cherry on top.

Besides, the conveniently placed easy access doors easily lift to give you immediate access to your pet. You can bring them out of their cage to play with them whenever you want.  Also, whenever you feel like getting access to it, you can do that too within a snap.

You’ll love the fact that the bottom plastic base can be removed easily for cleaning and dumping out litter. Add to that the fact that the top allows easy access, going in and cleaning it becomes as easy as pie then. For the wires though, we suggest you use a gentle hamster-safe detergent.

The best part? Unlike anything else, the makers have included few things for the convenience of your pet as a bonus. You get everything from a .04-gallon plastic water bottle, exercise wheels, food dish and also a cute little hideout.

There are platforms and ladders your little critter can use to climb too. Your hamster will never be bored in this cage. That’s for sure.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Looks very premium.
  • Has all necessary accessories.
  • Large and spacious.


  • A bit heavy.

12. Prevue Three-Story CageBest Premium Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Metal mesh and plastic build
  • Removable grille
  • Easy pull-out tray
  • Three-story cage
  • The rooftop door opens up
  • Vibrant blue color finish

Three Storey cage? Yep, Prevue brings you something like that. We love to reside in high-rise buildings with all the luxurious amenities. Why deprive your hamster of that?

At first, glance, since it's a bit tall, the cage may look unstable. Some would even say it might be flimsy.

But that’s not something you need to worry about since this one is perhaps one of the most durable and well-built cages you can buy right now. The mesh is made from metal and the base is plastic and they join hands together to confirm ultimate durability.

Adding to the overall value are the included accessories. There are an exercise wheel and a cute little house. Honestly, the house is adorable. These will give your pet some fun opportunities to play around and be creative.

The house makes for great shelter and the wheel will give them enough exercise to keep them healthy. Since it’s a three-story cage, your hamster can use the ladders to climb the two platforms as well.

As for getting the cage cleaned, you knew what you got yourself into when you bought a hamster. Yes, to no surprise to anyone, hamsters do poop a lot. Don't worry about it though. Thanks to the removable grill, this cage is super easy to clean. Besides, you can remove the pull-out tray whenever you want to make you feel comfortable.  

When it comes to getting access in it, the top of the cage seamlessly opens up and gives you complete access inside. This is great if you need to pull your little buddy out or clean the cage.

Some cages in the market come with surprisingly bad designs. They're restricted and also make it a chore to access inside. Prevue knows what they're doing judging by the design of this one.

And guess what? It’s a large cage with ample space for your hamster to run around. A perk of it being three-story is, of course, it's inherently quite big. They can explore the stories and have a grand time overall. It measures 22” high, 14-1/2” long and 11-1/4” wide.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Sturdy build
  • Large space


  • A three-story cage needs relatively more vertical space

13. Kaytee Critter Home Deluxe 42X18Best Cage for Kid’s Room

Highlighted Features

  • Colorful plastic and durable mesh wire construction
  • 16 oz water bottle
  • Food dish and ramp included
  • Assembly completely tools less
  • Z-lock for added safety

If the previous was a tad bit on the taller side, this cage switches things up. It’s large and is quite wide as well. That might be a small issue if you’re short on space but if you can fit it, this is one luxurious home for your hamster.

This is perhaps one of the best cages you can buy for your hamster if you want them to have enough space to run around and be free. With a cage too small, hamsters can become miserable since they will feel restricted all the time.

You can be relieved of anything like that happening with this one. It's big, very big. The measurements are 42" x 18" if we are talking specifics. For which, there’s no way your hamsters will feel tight.

The base and the roof are made from plastic. But wait, it’s a bright colorful plastic and looks quite cool too with the wire mesh around it. The build is fantastic with tone and will surely last for a long time.

A benefit of the design is it will fit perfectly in your kids’ room too. That’s just a bonus at this point. One thing we need to point out is, out of the box you will need to assemble it.

That won’t be a hassle though since it’s completely toolless and super easy. So, if you aren’t a particularly handy person, you can still do it in just minutes.

Since it is quiet, you naturally get a lot of space to work with. It includes cool little things like a safety ramp and also a comfort shelf.

This means your precious pet can run around and play in it and have the time of their lives. Need to make sure they aren’t thirsty? How about a 16 oz water bottle that’s easy to drink from.

The water bottle has a dispensing straw which makes it easy for your hamster to drink water from it without too much effort.  


  • Easy to clean
  • Large space for hamsters
  • Secure and pet safe
  • Quick and easy to set up


  • No exercise wheels

14. Savic Mickey Hamster CageBest Traditional Cage

Highlighted Features

  • Premium plastic and mesh build
  • Spacious design for extra legroom
  • Includes water bottle, food bowl and exercise wheels
  • Large handles make it easy to move
  • Simple and effective design
  • Lots of recreational options for hamster

This one from the guys over at Savic is a more traditional cage that does all the basics right and we love it for that very reason. Right now, the Mickey Hamster Cage is the Hot Topic.

Simplicity has its place in the world. And turns out this cage embodies that fact quite nicely. The design of this one isn’t too exciting.

It's quite simple even. Here is the thing though, that isn’t a knock on it. Quite the contrary. It’s a sturdy construction with a plastic build and mesh at the top. And yes, without a doubt, we love the built quality of this one.

And since it’s so simple, maintenance won’t be too much of a bummer either. There aren't too many things that can break down can cause a headache for you and a bad day for your hamster. And hamster's peace of mind is priceless, isn't it?

Speaking of hamster peace of mind, the large open space will give your little buddy enough legroom. They can run around, play and have fun all day long. It measures 31.5” x 20” x 15” if you’re wondering.  That’s something you don’t see every day at this price range.

The good thing about having this much space is you can fit a lot of cool accessories inside. That’s exactly what Savic has done. There is a water bottle to quench your pet’s thirst. The best part? You get to have exercise wheels so that your hamsters can use them to stay in shape.

There is even a sputnik house at the top of it where your hamster can have some solitary time when it just doesn’t feel like it wants to come out. Hey, hamsters need their 'me time' too.

All these will keep your hamster engaged and proactive as well. Oh, and of course there is a food bowl and tunnels! The tunnels are just adorable.

As for moving the cage, the two large handles on the side will make it a breeze. They are attached to the cage firmly and you can pick the cage up and gently place it somewhere else without disturbing the precious life inside it.

Add on top of that, it’s easy to clean and maintain, you have yourself a winner right here.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Will keep hamster occupied
  • Durable build


  • The latch is a bit tough to secure

Buying Guide For Best Hamster Cage-Major Consideration

Best hamster cage 2020

A pet owner must look for certain facilities in a hamster cage before getting one for him/her. We have inquired and reached out to huge numbers of pet owners about the necessary features of a hamster cage. In the end, we have summed up all those precious opinions and made this buying guide.

In this buying guide, we have showcased the mandatory aspects of an ideal hamster cage to protect your money from going down the drain.


The first and foremost aspect when you are thinking of buying the best hamster cage is a perfect size. Not every pet finds its comfort zone in a similar area. A single Syrian hamster is recommended to prove 360 square inches, whereas a dwarf needs 288 square inches.

But the required area doubles up if you intend to put a pair into the cage. In that case, Vivohome small animal cage will be ideal for housing small or medium-sized animal as it comes with 408sq. inch area.

So, always do some simple math of measurement before buying an enclosure to give their right share of comfort.

Bar Gaps

Most of the hamster cages are made of the wire net. At first glance, they look very pleasing and safe which they are. But if the gaps between the bars are somewhat large, then there are fears of losing your loving pet.

It is preferable to buy a cage that has half of an inch of gaps between the bars. This moderate gap helps to flow air in and out the cage however larger gaps aren’t going to be safe bets.

Otherwise, your furry rodent buddies might surprise you by their disappearance.

You will find the New Large Wrought Iron 4 Levels Ferret Hamster Cage, Midwest Critterville Arcade Hamster Cage with well-ventilated gaps.


You will find cages mostly made of entirely either plastic or metal. There are also hamster cages with a bottom made of plastic and rest is metal.

Though plastics are convenient, they come with a lack of chew-proof features. Risks are that any naughty hammy might chew the plastic and fall into a serious risk of health problems.

On contrast, metal wire made cages are chew proof. And due to the materials, they tend to last longer than plastic cages.


Fresh air and proper light are compulsory for any living being to exist. As we have mentioned earlier that wire cages with standard gaps provide enough ventilation. It does not mean that you can just put the cage in any corner of your home.

Well, it doesn’t emphasize that you leave the cage outside at scorching daylight or freezing night. Rather the cage should be placed near the window so that air can pass in and out.


Hygiene is one of the top factors if you want to give your hamster a healthy happy life. Though a proper cleaning always entails to a total disassemble of the cage.

But you can save yourself by choosing a metal cage as it comes with a removable bottom. So easy cleaning and time-efficient which makes it a real easy clean hamster cage. Contrariwise, plastic cages might make you pull your hairs. These types of cages come with lots of parts and tubes which are a real pain in the head.

Frrquently Asked Questions

Which cages are better, wire or plastic?

Normally, plastic hamster cages are better in terms of easy cleaning. But, wire cages beat the plastic with their long-lasting life and smooth ventilation features. Though you will get plastic made cages with the wire cage on the top.

How to clean a hamster cage?

Answer: Cleaning of a hamster cage can differ depending on the owner. But it is good to give a quick clean inside the cage after 2/3 days. Whereas a decent clean should be given after each week by disassembling all the parts and clean them with soap, water or pet-safe disinfect.

What do hamsters need in their cages?

Answer: To turn a cage into a home, the first necessity is deep bedding at the bottom. So that the hamsters can burrow and hide them there, please. Plus, adding ramps, houses, the water bottle will enliven the hamsters’ habitat.

Are modular designed hamster cages good?

Answer: If you view from the hamster perspective then modular designed cages are good. Because they come with platforms, several tunnels, ramps, and ladders to give your pet an adventurous environment to live in. But bear in mind that cleaning all these parts will be more or less painful.

 Sum up!

Buying the best hamster cage isn't difficult. That is once you know what to look for and which ones out of the thousands of bad options to pay attention to. All the ones we mentioned in this review are some of the top cages you can get each with its unique benefits.

Keep in mind that your cage needs to be durable but if it’s too small it isn’t healthy for your hamster. And also having cool accessories like a water bottle, food bowl and exercise wheels are also very important.

If you know your priorities and know what kind of cage you want exactly, picking one from our list will be a complete breeze.