Best Hamster Bedding Of 2021- Ultimate Guide for Pet Owner

Best Hamster Bedding

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The hamsters are very cheerful small animals to keep as a pet. It is no doubt that every pet parent desires to give a comfortable and delightful habitat to the pet.

To keep the hamster up on the run, they must be provided with a fresh, clean, and comfy habitat. Depending on the type of hamster, you have to create an artificial habitat that will resemble much closer to their natural habitat. But the critical issue of making a suitable habitat is perfect bedding.

Unfortunately, maximum times picking the best hamster bedding is a tough row to hoe. That’s why we have narrated some of the safest, comfortable, and reliable hamster bedding to minimize your hassle. We also have included a complete buying guide so that you can decide which features to go for.

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Best Hamster Bedding Review

After going through a lot of trusted pet owners and reviews, we have picked and placed the Best bedding for hamsters in this review. So, prove yourself a genuine pet loving parent by going through the review to buy the perfect bedding.

Key Features

  • Dust-free.
  • Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Baking Soda Free.
  • Odor control.

The fresh world strength crumbles bedding will help you to confine the bloodcurdling smell of pee and poop of your pet. As this crumble bedding has a spectacular 3 times moisture lock which helps to control odor up-to 14 days, there will be fresh breathing for your pet all the time.

The Vitakraft crumble bedding has been made from 100% recycled paper with a soft texture. So that your pet can have a cozy and peaceful resting place. Correspondingly, this bedding is completely bleaching and baking soda free to safeguard your pets' sleazy furry skin from irritation.

This bedding is made biodegradable additionally by helping your pet to live in a tranquil life; Thus after ending its life in the cage it will contribute in nature to preserve nutrients and improve water.

Most importantly, the Vitakraft paper bedding is completely dust-free. Therefore, it is bedding safe for all the hamsters to breathe in and out without harming their lungs. Plus, the bedding is a breeze to clean.


  • Expand 3times to lock moisture.
  • Confine odors up-to 14days.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compostable to help the environment.
  • Free of dust.


  • Not completely mask odors after a few days.

Key Features

  • High volume.
  • Soft bedding.
  • Safe natural bedding.
  • Dust-free

Refilling the bedding of hamsters is rather unwanted but a compulsory task for a pet owner. And they can cost you a good amount of money in the long run also. Save on refills by using the Small Pet Natural Paper bedding which expands up 3 times in volume.

Besides, the bedding has been made from completely toxic-free papers. The papers which have not been printed, written, and used. Though this safe paper bedding is surely artificial, it will satisfy their desire for wildlife burrowing.

All the harmful bleaching chemicals have been removed to secure your pet's gentle skin. So, give yourself a break from the worry of your pet health damage.

A proper functioning respiratory organ is a must to have a healthy life. To protect the breathing organ and give a healthy life this bedding has been made fully dust-free.

Hamsters are well known for their clean living. But since they can’t be provided a toilet for nature's call, they slip their deposits into the bedding. Thanks to the Small Pet paper bedding for hiding the pees and poops until the new refill as the paper bedding can stay dry for a long time.


  • Long-last bedding.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pretty soft to live.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Environmental friendly.


  • Lack of odor control.
  • Inconsistent quality of the bedding.

Key Features

  • Dry bedding.
  • Smell control.
  • Multicolor.
  • Ultra-soft bedding.
  • If you color-loving pet owner, then the Carefresh small pet bedding is a classic for you. It comes with 4 different colors to enlighten your pet’s habitat. They are blue, confetti, natural, and purple. So, give your buddy dazzling and vibrant bedding for a cheerful life. Bonus, the color of the bedding does not fade away.

    This bed is an exception in the case of building materials, as it is made of cellulose fiber. These fibers help your pet to swing and stroll without tangling their feet. So you see, in addition to displaying colorful habitat, this safe hamster bedding makes the habitat of your pet very comfortable.

    It is really painful and tiresome to refill the stinky and messy bedding frequently. So to save your time and energy this bedding comes with 9 days of odor control capacity. Therefore, please your pet with the Carefresh small dry yet soft bedding.

    Additionally, the fibers are completely dust-free. As a result, your pet will get a breathable and tranquil life to rest, play, and sleep.


    • Extra cozy bedding.
    • Control smells up to 9 days.
    • Good absorbent bedding.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Eco-friendly bedding materials.


    • Smells funky sometimes.
    • Reportedly dust particles found in some products.

    Key Features

  • Liquid absorbance.
  • Extra soft bedding.
  • 2 flavor scents.
  • 4 color bedding.
  • Thinking about getting the Best bedding for hamsters? Then The Kaytee Clean & Cozy white bedding is the right one for you due to its super-soft bedding. It is made of fibers that have been recycled for a long time to provide a malleable place for playing and resting.

    Amazingly, it can absorb 2 times more liquid than other wood shavings. So, this bedding provides both a dry yet cozy place for nesting and burrowing indeed.

    Say goodbye to the stinky urinate smell by The Kaytee Clean & Cozy bedding. It comes with 2 fragrances – Lavender and Summer storm while safeguarding the sensitive small nose of your pet. So, the chances fall to zero in ruining both the hamster and your clean life by the horrific smell.

    With 4 different colors to choose from namely blue, natural, camo and purple, give your small pet an exciting and colorful habitat.


    • Fresh smell habitat.
    • Dry bedding.
    • It provides vibrant bedding.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Fluffy cushy bedding.


    • Not suitable for rabbits.
    • Inconsistent texture.
    • Somewhat dusty.

    Key Features

    • Natural paper bedding.
    • Odor controls up-to 10 days,
    • Liquid absorption 2 times.
    • Fluffy bedding.

    The Carefresh Small Pet bedding is replacing 60L bedding with this 56L while maintaining the same value. This bedding comes in 4 bags of 14L so that it becomes easy for you to handle and store them.

    The hamsters are very sensitive animals. So to protect your small friend's nose from harmful and irritating materials, this bedding is made from dust-free materials to provide a cleaner home.

    When you are talking about Best hamster bedding for odor control, this bedding shoo-in with its 10 days’ odor control capacity. Therefore, keep your hamster blissfully happy with a clean and fresh habitat by setting this bedding.

    Making it completely from scratch, this natural paper bedding offers pillow-y cushy bedding for your pet friends. Along with the softness, it can absorb liquids twice than typical wood shavings. As a result, your pet will be getting moist free bedding with comfy fluff habitat.


    • Easy to clean.
    • Extra absorptive.
    • Soft and comfy habitat.
    • Odorless bedding.
    • Dust-free bedding materials.


    • Reportedly found rocks inside the bag.
    • Smell unusual.

    Key Features

  • Natural Wood Shavings.
  • High liquid absorbent.
  • Expands up to 4 times.
  • Hypoallergenic shavings.
  • 1200 cubic inch expanded volume.
  • As a pet parent, you want to give your pet a safe hamster bedding completely free of harmful scents and flavor. Then the Living World Wood Aspen Shavings is going to meet up your needs.

    Due to the fact of natural wood-shaving materials, it can expand 4 times meaning extra absorb capacity. It also makes cleaning easy for you since the bedding remains dry.

    The living world wood shavings are made smell-less and do not contain any kind of pungent oil. As a result, your furry friend won’t be irritated or stimulated while living on them.

    Additionally, there are no materials left in them, that will trigger an allergic reaction in your pet. Therefore, these shavings will go easy on your pet’s little lung over time. This is mainly because they have been made hypoallergenic and as less as possible dust free.


    • Easy to clean.
    • Healthy breathing.
    • Inexpensive to buy.
    • Odorless bedding.
    • Holds smell and waste.


    • Might found large wood pieces.
    • Reportedly dusty.

    Key Features

  • Wood shavings.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Absorbs liquid.
  • Dust-free.
  • The Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding is made of all-natural wood shavings. Though they are made hard in comparison to other super-soft shavings, all the sharp and harmful wood debris have been eliminated by the lengthy process.

    Since they are made of all-natural wood shavings, naturally they inherit the liquid absorbent quality. Thus by absorbing more liquids, they give a dry yet comfortable habitat to your pet friend.

    Most of the time, small animals especially the hamsters develop breathing problems over time. To give the pet an enchanting fresh breathing environment; dust has been eliminated at a maximum level.

    Most importantly, no aromatic oils or scents have been used in these shavings to avoid any kind of allergic reaction. Therefore, your pet will face irritation when a pig fly.

    While providing a comfortable living habitat, these wood shavings also take part to benefit the environment. Thanks to the easily decomposable characteristics of the Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding.


    • Eco-friendly.
    • Odorless bedding.
    • Dry and clean habitat.
    • Favorable to breathe.
    • Easy decomposable.


    • Chunky materials in the shavings.
    • Not well packed.

    Key Features

    • Recyclable bedding.
    • Soft and Comfortable.
    • Standard rectangular CritterTrail fitting.
    • Absorbent bedding.

    What if you get the best hamster bedding with cozy and easy fitting? Surprisingly the Kaytee CritterTrail Habitat Bedding Trays comes with a lot along with both of them.

    They come with 3 rectangular fitting trays which are already loaded with super soft and cozy bedding. Plus, the trays are easy to move which will help you to clean the cage effortlessly. Just dispose of the used tray and replace it with a new one.

    Besides, the cozy and fine paper beddings can wonderfully absorb liquids. As a result, your pet will be enjoying a dry comfy territory to feed their bedding and nesting desires.

    The Kaytee CritterTrail Habitat Bedding Trays does a neat work, by making it dust-free to go easy on your pet's respiratory organ. Since these shavings have outstanding 2 times more absorption capacity, it doesn’t allow filthy odors to ruin up the habitat of your little friend.


    • Easy to place and clean.
    • Perfect for burrowing.
    • Peaceful breathing habitat.
    • Dry and fluffy bedding.
    • Easy decomposable.


    • A little expensive.
    • Inconsistent quality.

    Key Features

  • Odor control for up to 14 days.
  • Super soft bedding.
  • 6 times liquid absorbing power.
  • Free of dust.
  • Every pet parent desires to bestow their pet a fresh breathing residence. Well, hats off to the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Odor Control, as they can hold up the odor for 14 consecutive days.

    Also, these shavings can hold the wastes and liquids 6 times comparing to the other shavings in the market. Meaning, less liquidity equals dry bedding. So, give them the right to living a healthy life.

    Along with giving your friend a dry and healthy life. They will spare you with off days to company the furry rodent rather than refilling the litter frequently.

    As a pet owner, you already know that the hamsters love to burrow and nest in their wildlife. To fulfill their natural desire, these shaving comes with clean and cozy bedding. Thus, your pet will get their place of burrowing and nesting just like they do in their natural habitat.

    Of course, for avoiding any kind of respiratory issue for your pet; the Kaytee Clean & Cozy bedding has terminated harmful specks of dust. Therefore, the fluffy pet of yours can rest, play, and doze off peacefully.


    • Odorless habitat.
    • Longer clean and dry bedding.
    • Cozy bedding for burrowing.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Value for money.


    • Reportedly cannot mask odor for a full 14 days.
    • Reportedly liquid absorb weakens after a while.

    Key Features

  • Absorbs 3 times liquid.
  • Soft cushy bedding.
  • About full dustless.
  • Odor confinement.
  • The Healthy Pet Natural Bedding provides ultra-soft wood pulp beddings to keep the small pets delightfully busy inside the cage. There, your pet will find the absolute joy of burrowing and nesting like they do in the wild.

    Moreover, these shavings can surprisingly absorb liquids 3 times more than its weight. Meaning, whether water or urinate slips into the bedding, your pet will still have a dry habitat for long enough.

    To back up the respiratory organ of your little friend, the Healthy Pet Bedding has confirmed 99.9% dust-free shavings. Therefore, the hamsters do not develop a breathing issue or worsen the existing problem.

    The hamsters may small in size but they have good sensitive tiny noses. Any kind of bad odors might fall them in an awful state of living. To give them an odorless habitat, these shavings have been processed to control odor for a long time.

    For your convenience, these shavings have been packed in a 12L package. But surprisingly they can expand up to 30L.


    • Warm and dry bedding.
    • Fresh habitat.
    • Cushy burrowing plot.
    • Effortless cleaning.
    • Clean air to breathe.
    • Easy decomposable.


    • A bit hard materials.
    • Reportedly smelly.

    Buying Guide: Major Consideration Before Buying Best Hamster Bedding

    best hamster bedding

    Since you have gained the product details by now, you still need to know some of the fundamental aspects of a hamster bedding to buy the best one. We have outlined those aspects below for your convenience.

    Absorbing Capacity

    The hamsters along with all small pet animals need a dry habitat to live a healthy and blissful life. Indeed, there are certain chances of liquid spills like urinate, water into the bedding. The shavings should have the capacity of soaking up the liquids as much as possible, otherwise, your pet will be in real frustrating wet life.

    Regarding the assurance of high absorbing capacity, the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control will be the best performing bedding.


    The hamsters have a very delicate tiny nose. Without a doubt, any stinky and filthy smell shall make their life unimaginably terrible. So lookout for the bedding that holds odor to a satisfactory level. Our recommendation for maximum odor control is the Carefresh Small Pet Bedding 30L as well as the Kaytee Clean & Cozy Extreme Odor Control.

    Comfortable and Gentle

    The hamster bedding comes in paper shaving and wood-shaving more or less. It is preferable to give them paper shaving bedding rather than wood. Because their tiny feet might get tangled in the hard and sharp wood materials while strolling and rolling inside the cage.

    In contrast, some of the paper bedding materials split apart, trapping the tiny feet of the hamsters inside them. But overall, a paper shaving hamster bedding would be a wise choice. The Carefresh Small Pet Bedding 30L should be the one you go for.

    What materials to avoid for hamster bedding?

    Apart from searching the noticeable features before buying hamster bedding. There are also certain materials to watch out for hamster bedding. Such as:

    Printed papers

    Papers that have been used, written, and printed should never be used as hamster bedding. Because most of the times harmful and toxic materials are used to make glossy and colorful printing on the page. If by any chance the hamsters eat them, they will surely face constipation, dehydration and far worse they may die.

    Cat litter

    Cat litter is often made by small rounded pellets that almost resemble the food of the hamsters. As a result, they tend to eat the pellets and eventually develop a digestive issue. So cat litter should not be a wise pick for the hamster bedding.


    The word dust narrates itself. The hamsters are likely to react rapidly by dust. So avoiding bedding that contains dust should be of high priority.

    Wood shavings

    Though many might vote on the wood shavings for being a comfortable habitat for the hamsters. But they can play a totally opposite role in terms of the pet’s safety. Because most of the time during the making process there remain sharp wood pieces that will definitely cause serious injury to the hamsters.


    What is hamster bedding?

    Answer: A hamster bedding is placed at the bottom of the hamster cage to provide a cozy, healthy, and blissful life.

    Does the hamster eat bedding?

    Answer: Unfortunately, yes. The hamster often ends up eating their bedding. That’s why all-natural bedding should be given to the hamster for keeping them safe and sound.

    What should I do if hamster eat bedding?

    Answer: As soon as you notice unusual behavior from your pet, rush to the nearby pet-veteran to save your adoring soft friend.

    How often should I change hamster bedding?

    Answer: It depends on the quality of the bedding. Most of the time cheap bedding need to be changed on a daily basis as they have poor odor control and absorbing capacity. As a result, filthy smell spread in and out of the cage.

    Whereas a bit expensive yet good brand hands you some off days with their high absorbing capacity and odor control. Some of them last even for 2 weeks.

    Does the hamster bedding help to control smell?

    Answer: More or less yes. The hamster bedding help to control odor depending on their quality. Some of the bedding come with embedded fragrance. Whereas some of them have high odor control power.


    We have done our level best to present you with the best hamster bedding that pet-owners are craving for. Now that you’ve come this far; stop waffling and make a good call.