Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Toys (2021 Review and Complete Buying Guide)

Guinea pigs may be little in size, but the playfulness of your tiny friend may come as a surprise to you. While it is true that guinea pigs love to relax and chill out inside their cages for hours, they still can get addicted to certain toys when they are in the right mood.

Although you may think toys are just for fun, it can actually improve a guinea pig’s physical condition, and remove boredom. Of course, selecting the best guinea pig toys does play the most important role. Not all toys can play a double part of entertainment and physical improvement.

If you are assuming that the toys guinea pigs play with are as little as they are, you are quite wrong. Toys for these pets come in different shapes and sizes, some even surprise you big time. Take the Mkno Natural Seagrass Mat Hideawya Hut Toy for example. It’s a flat-out mat and a box at the same time for your guinea pig to hide inside! Ever thought of such a thing?

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 10 best guinea pig toys with a detailed buying guide and FAQ at the end. Keep reading till the end to find out everything you need to know about the best toys for your guinea pig.

Top 10 Best Guinea Pig Toys Review

Without spending any more minutes, let’s explore the best guinea pig toys that are available in the market. Do not skip any of the detail, lest you miss out the best one for your little guinea. So here are the top 10 best guinea pig toys that improve your pet’s mental and physical strength, that too, with great entertainment!

1. Mkono Natural Seagrass Mat Hideaway Hut Toy

Mkono Natural Seagrass Mat Hideaway Hut Toy

Little guinea pigs love to chew. They chew anything they can get their cute teeth on. If you let them play around, your valuable things inside your house may be a victim of their chewing battle.

The Mkono Natural Seagrass Mat Hideaway Hut Toy is ideal for dealing with such issues. The grass house is made of lots of fibre, and it’s all-natural.

No matter how long or how hard your guinea pig will chew it, it is never going to get damaged. On the plus side, your pet’s teeth will be prevented from wearing down and dental diseases.

The house is specially made for your pet to explore. We all know how ‘dig-holic’ a guinea pig can be! This house being 100% hand-woven and toxin-free, your pet surely can’t resist the temptation to explore it in and out.

You can easily fold the house and make it a flat mat. Your pet can also move around on it being a comfortable flat surface.

It can also be used as a great treasure-hunting castle for your pet. Try placing small objects inside the house and let your pet find it out. Your guinea pig will surely love it!

  • 100% handwoven grass house.
  • Fibre-made anti-chew materials.
  • 12 inch length, 8 inch width, 8 inch high – a perfect dimension.
  • Made from 100% natural materials.
  • Can be used as hiding-nest, treasure hunting nest for your pet.

2. Prevue Hendryx 1097 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy

Prevue Hendryx 1097 Nature's Hideaway Grass Hut Toy

Playing hide and seek is not only your child’s play. With a great hideaway hut, like Prevue Hendryx Grass Hut, your guinea pig can come out with a pick-a-boo any time!

The prevue Hendryx hideaway grass hut toy is a hand-woven grass activity center for your pet. It is made from 100% all-natural grass materials. It will make your pet feel like it’s roaming around in completely a natural environment.

Playing inside the hut can increase the thirst of your pet to explore and burrow. Natural sisal tassel will make it feel home.

If your guinea pig has a chewing tooth and you are fed up with its chewing habit, you are in luck. Get this hut and invite it inside. The natural grass will take care of his teeth and soothe their chewing urge.

At best two small-sized guinea pigs can fit inside the cavity of this 9-inch wide and 6-inch high hut. If your little pal is a large-sized animal, only he alone can have a hide-out inside.

The bottom-less design makes it very convenient. You don’t need to worry about the surface of the hut being ruined by poop or urine. Just show your piggy that it can hop in, and off you go to see it having a chillaxing time!

  • Fully hand-woven product.
  • Made from natural materials.
  • Ingredients combination is: Sisal Tassel 98%, Plant Cane 0.75%, Bamboo 0.75%, and Sisal Rope 0.5%.
  • Product dimension is 11 x 6 x 9 inches.
  • Chew-friendly design.

3. PeSandy Bunny Chew Toys For Teeth

PeSandy Bunny Chew Toys For Teeth

Guinea pigs have front teeth that don’t have any roots. That means the front teeth of your pet is constantly growing, all the time. To keep it short and in shape, it naturally tries to chew into anything it gets.

The PeSandy Bunny Chew Toy is a perfect solution for your piggy’s chewing habit.  This toy is a combination of two types of tree parts – timothy hay and applewood molar stick. It has seven pieces of applewood sticks and eight pieces of Timothy hay round-shaped part.

These wood and hay materials are grown organically, rich in a high fiber, and of course; non-toxic. Your pet can easily chew on this and feel like chewing actual wood part.

It has some health benefits as well. It can help your pet grow a good digestion system, relieve it from mild pain, and promote gastrointestinal motility.

You can find a metal hook on the top of the toy. It will allow the toy to be attached and mounted on the cage of your pet. If your pet doesn’t show interest on it at the beginning, mounting it on the cage can help it get comfortable and familiar with it.

  • Made from Natural wood and hay-like applewood and timothy hay.
  • Non-toxic and rich-fibre material.
  • Beneficial for the digestion system of the pet.
  • Manual trimming, no industrial pollution.

4. MAIYUAN Apple Sticks Pet Snacks Chew Toys

MAIYUAN Apple Sticks Pet Snacks Chew Toys

The Maiyuan Apple Sticks are something your pet guinea pig is going to fall for. It is too simple to be called a toy. It’s a combination of some pure natural applewood sticks that your guinea pig will chew in.

This is extremely helpful for your pet’s teeth. The sticks have a sweet taste. With a 100% organically grown feature, your pet will have a great appetite while chewing the sticks.

Sticks are purely hand-made. The all-natural materials help your piggy to keep its teeth healthy and in shape. It also indirectly promotes healthiness in your pet.

If you are worried about the size, then worry not. The size of these sticks is nothing more than 10 mm thick and 7-8 inch long. Perfect size for your pet to get its teeth on.

These are easy to maintain, save and keep dry. Your pet will never have to chew into some wet-feeling sticks anymore.

When you go out, leave these sticks with your guinea pig at its cage. You can rest assured that they will spend quite a quality time just by chewing the bark off the sticks the entire time!

  • 100% natural apple sticks.
  • Organically produced, no pesticides used.
  • Sweet flavor.
  • Fully hand-made.

5. WINNIGUINEAPOO Rabbit Toys Activity Mat

WINNIGUINEAPOO Rabbit Toys Activity Mat

Winniguineapoo Activity Mat is a perfect toy for your guinea pig to engage in different activities and reduce its boredom. It is a natural toy that your piggy will surely love.

As guinea pigs love chewing, an activity mat that has lots of textures with the option for it to be chewed on for hours – it is indeed something you can bet on.

This activity mat is made of Seagrass, Pet Safe Sisal, Organic Coconut Fiber Rope, Wood, Cane Spring, Palm Flower, Twisted Paper, Loofa. The all-natural materials will make sure your guinea doesn’t chew in anything toxic. All the materials used in this product are 100% pet safe. You do not need to worry about your pet’s heath a bit.

The texture will provoke your piggy to explore the mat and spend a lot of time with it — a perfect entertainment toy for using or even gifting a pet owner. Your pet will chew it and play with it at the same time.

The hand-craft design is so elegant that anyone would fall for this, not to mention a guinea pig. While playing with it, your guinea can get rid of stress, and improve its physical activity.

  • Chew-friendly design.
  • Made from multiple natural wood sources.
  • Great texture to boost the activity of guinea pigs.
  • Relieves stress and boredom.

6. Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table 

Small Pet Select Wonderland Play Table

A great playing table for your pet guinea. The small pet select table from wonderland is a great fun time pal to your piggy.

The table is a cage-shaped wooden structure with several rope waves on the bottom surface. The guinea pig can easily get inside the table and wander around.

This table has four legs that are made of birch wood and hence chewable. So you can often see your guinea chewing the legs at a hilarious position.

Your guinea will have a great time chewing the digging ropes on the surface as the rope is made of sisal materials.

Additionally, the base and top of the table are made from untreated soft pine. The 13-inch height of the table makes it easy for your piggy to climb up the top and have a look around if it wants to.

The hay mobile that is attached to the table is helpful when it comes to playing for hours. If the hey mobile is finished, replacing those isn’t an issue at all.

Besides the well-crafted design, it can easily take the weight of any small guinea pig. What you do need to remember is that your piggy shouldn’t weigh over 15 pounds.

  • Made from natural wood material.
  • Almost every part of it can be chewed.
  • Dimension is 10 x 12 x 13 inches and weighs around 6 pounds.

7. Living World Teach N Treat Toy  

Living World Teach N Treat Toy

The living world ‘teach n treat’ toy is as exciting as it sounds. It’s a special interactive play toy for your guinea so that it can learn how to earn.

That means, your piggy will be able to get its treat by earning it. The toy has some small pots for treats to be placed and small plugs will cover those pots. What your piggy will do, after observing for a while of course; is it will take off the plugs and eat the treat beneath.

The half an inch deep and banana slice-sized holes are very easy for the pet to get its mouth into and collect the treat placed in it.

This interactive toy will help your piggy to learn how to be observant and alert. It teaches it to find food by observing, listening and learning. Its rewarding nature is an intelligence simulator for your guinea.

Your pet will become more active, smarter, and healthy. The game can be played in three levels to achieve optimum learning.

  • Interactive learning tool helps the brain development of the pet.
  • Rewarding nature simulates learning.
  • Boosts activity.
  • Promotes effort to achieve anything through performance.

8. WINNIGUINEAPOO Rabbit Activity Zone

WINNIGUINEAPOO Rabbit Activity Zone

The Winniguineapoo Activity zone is a perfect match for your ever-active piggy. The total production is done with natural organic materials like seagrass, coconut fibre rope, loofa, woven palm, and apple sticks.

Your guinea will have a lot of things to chew on. Every single thing that is on this activity mat is 100% chewable, and your piggy is going to love it.

All the toys that are attached to this mat are of various lengths. This makes it more challenging for the piggy, hence keeping it more active.

Everything that is tied is actually tied with coconut fiber rope. Two apple sticks are woven into the mat.

Little guinea pigs will love to play with it, chew it, and play activity games with it. The mat has multiple areas where you can place some treats as well so that your guinea pig will have much more exploration to do.

The all-natural materials make sure your guinea won’t fall into chewing any risky ingredient.

  • Interactive learning tools simulate activity.
  • Completely made from natural materials.
  • Option to place treats.
  • Healthy and toxin-free materials

9. Niteangel Twig Tunnel Small Animal Hideout With Timothy Club Mat

Niteangel Twig Tunnel Small Animal Hideout With Timothy Club Mat

Does your guinea pig love to play hide and seek? Well, what can be the best choice for it to play with except for Niteangel Twig Tunnel Hideout?

It’s a perfect natural tunnel-hideout toy for your guinea. It is made from all-natural materials like handwoven willow. This willow can easily be chewed.

The 8-inch width, 10-inch depth, and 7-inch height produce a perfect hiding place for your fun-loving guinea pig. It will love to hide and nest in it. A sense of complete security and safety is all that your guinea will need – it can find it right here.

The materials include apple sticks that are 100% natural and chew-able. The organically grown, environment-friendly apple sticks ensure nothing to worry about when your piggy is chewing it. The mat is made from timothy hay accessories and hand-woven to get the best shape out of it.

Large-sized woven grass ball and small hyacinth ball can be some source of endless playing sessions for your guinea pig. It can even chew it.

Materials like loofah don’t have any dyes, preservatives, or added unnatural colour. Put the treat you want to give to your pet inside the opening holes and see what your funny pet does to grab it!

  • All-Natural Materials.
  • 100% chewable.
  • Option to place treats.
  • Healthy and toxin-free ingredients.

10. Timothy Grass Grinding Small Animal Activity Play Chew Toys

Timothy Grass Grinding Small Animal Activity Play Chew Toys

Timothy grass grinding play chew toys are some of the best toys you can find out in the market for your pet guinea pig. This ball-shaped toy can be the best ever.

The ball is all-natural and made of 100% of timothy grass: no artificial fiber, no artificial ingredients.

All the timothy grass are tied together with twine and completely hand-woven to give it a ball shape.  The balls are very light in weight and chewable. This will keep your pet busy for hours without any complaints. 

It reduces stress and boredom from your pet. The base is extra deep so that the pet can tunnel burrow. Your guinea will toss the ball, nudge it, chew it, and continuously play with it for a long time for sure. Its 3X3X3 inch shape makes it a perfect choice even for smaller guinea pigs as well.

The all-natural ingredients make sure your piggy doesn’t get any health issues due to chewing. It’s safe and sound. The colour will change according to the weather, so that gives you a good hint for it to be natural.

  • 100% natural materials.
  • No issue for chewing.
  • Healthy and toxin-free ingredients.

Best Guinea Pig Toys Buying Guide

You sure are now well-equipped with every single contender for the best guinea pig toys in the market. Before deciding to get your hands on one, read this guideline carefully. Guinea pig toys are of different types and genres. Selecting the best one for your loving pet needs attention to some details and a few considerations should be done. Follow these basic yet important tips while buying toys for your guinea pig.

Made for guinea pigs: Not all the toys out there are ‘guinea pig friendly’. Some toys can be toxic to them. Make sure you are buying toys that are meant to be for guinea pigs. Some toys can be swallowed easily by your guinea pig; some can be emitting toxic chemicals. Plastic or wood products with poor quality paint can seriously harm your piggy.

Quality Materials: Your guinea pig will inevitably chew on whatever you give it to play with. Find out the toy that is built with non-harming materials that don’t damage your little one’s teeth or health. You can easily get your idea about the materials used in a toy by reading the description thoroughly either on the toy packaging or on the internet.

All-Natural Ingredient: If you are going to buy toys that are meant to be chewed, or help your guinea shape and strengthen its teeth, you must make sure the toy is made of all-natural materials. Sticks, activity mats etc. should be of natural wood substances that don’t harm its teeth or digestion system.

Right Size: Getting the right-sized toy is one of the most important factors to consider. A Guinea pig is a small animal. A regular-sized product may appear too large for them to play with. That will make him ignore the toy. On the other hand, too small toys like marbles or something may cause danger if it tries to swallow the toy and choke. Make sure you are buying something that is perfectly shaped and sized for your small friend.

Introduce Variety: Well, this one is pretty basic. Don’t just stick to similar types of toys. While most of the toys may focus on the chewing nature of your little pal, you should consider other types of toys as well. Yes, chewing toys should be there to make its teeth and health strong, but toys that increase a guinea pigs’ mental strength, attentiveness, intelligence, etc. are also very crucial for its well-being and removing boredom as well.

To sum up. Remember to keep these points in mind before you add any toys to your cart for your furry friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of guinea pig toys?

Guinea pig toys can be of a different and wide variety, like chewing toys, hideout houses, tunnels to go through, balls, hammocks, etc

What toys can I give my guinea pig?

You should consider a mixture of different types of toys. Chewing toys are absolutely necessary for them to keep their teeth healthy. Also, gift it some toys that are based on activity and intelligence like rewarding toys. These will improve their behavior.

Can a guinea pig play with a toilet paper roll?

Yes, you can. A guinea pig loves to play with toilet paper rolls. It’s safe to cut through the roll a bit so that it doesn’t get stuck inside it.


Remember, your furry little friend is a fragile one and meant to be kept under the utmost care of human beings. While it is a survival issue to keep it healthy with great food, giving it toys to play with can also prove to be vital for its overall well-being.

We have thoroughly discussed the best guinea pig toys and how to find the best one for your guinea pig. We hope the answers to some frequently asked questions also helped you reshape your understanding of your guinea pig’s toys.

So which one are you planning to gift your guinea pig? Let us know below! Share your experience and tell us how your toothy-little-friend felt with it. We will love to hear 🙂

Have a great fun time with your little piggy!