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best Guinea Pig food

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A survey has found that: American guinea pig owners spend $252 per month for their pet welfare, which amounts to $3024 per year and the major portion of that money is spending behind commercial pet foods. Thus, the study pops up a question in our mind: are they buying the best guinea pig food?

To find the answer, we had to conduct market analysis, understand people's perspectives. And those two points showed us that: the majority of the people could not buy the right product for the lack of proper information.

Then we decided to structure an informational guideline, by combining basic nutrition and product information, in order to assist the community for choosing the appropiate guinea pig food. To share the guideline, we want to have your precious time and promise that this time there won’t be a loss project at all since upcoming topics are highly concerned about your pet welfare. 

Major Nutritional Requirements of Guinea Pig:

First, this session will give a precise idea of the basic food value that a guinea pig needs per day. And they are:


It has essential nutritional values like vitamin A, C, B, and D, Phosphorous, minerals, biotin, calcium, fat, sugar and other elements. These ingredients help to develop the immune system and muscle.

Grass hays:

Doctors advise to keep a major portion of grass hay in guinea pig regular diet chart. Since it has enough fiber for keeping the digestive system running.

Timothy Hay:

This is a very essential low-fiber hay that helps to fill up protein demand and a high amount of protein lies inside second cutting timothy hay.


This should be served 24 hours a day on-demand since it is a great source of potassium, sodium, magnesium and keeps the digestive system running.


Fresh vegetables are a great source of nutrition because it keeps the intestine fit and healthy.

Best Commercial Pet Food For Guinea Pig

We have adorned the next section with top ten guinea pig commercial food, after analyzing market demand and expert recommendation. So what’s inside? Let’s see then:

We have placed this product in the first position for retaining their quality for five consecutive generations and most importantly, for balancing vitamin C. It is very important for guinea pig skin. Besides that, we considered these following things, like:

  • This food is free from corn.
  • It has high fiber.
  • The manufacturer did not use any artificial color.
  • It's free from animal fat.
  • Even there is no chemical for preservation.
  • And it has a low amount of protein.
  • It also has balanced calcium and calories.
  • It is made with handpicked timothy hay.
  • The packaging of the product has done in an eco-friendly way.

What do people have to say about the product?

People had complained about low quantity, low amounts of vitamin C, and molasses. Apart from that, this product gained a good response.

Our expert opinion

Our experts have analyzed the complaint before placing an opinion and figured an explanation, which is: for sustaining product quality, the manufacturer had to balance between vitamin C and molasses, as they concern rabbit health.

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In the second position, we have placed a British pet expert developed product, which fulfills the needs of the guinea pig diet. It has the most compact ingredients for your pet. So what makes it compact? Let us see then:

  • A proper balance of Vitamin C and fiber are ensured here.
  • Injected all the organic flavors in it.
  • Keeps the pet teeth safe from overgrowing.
  • The 36 % fiber confirms a healthy digestive system.
  • Stable minerals and vitamins of this product keep the pet skin, coat and eyes safe.
  • This food saves your pet from selective feeding.

What did people say about the product?

Since it has been enlisted as a new product so the reaction from the people has not been found yet, but some YouTuber reviewed it. And complained about vague product description and doubted on product- ingredients.

Our expert opinion

Professionals of our team applied this to their guinea pig, and did not find any confusing ingredients that may harm guinea pig health but found vague product description. For ensuring community safety. They placed the complaint on behalf of the user.

The third position is for Supreme Pet Food, as it layers the most balanced protection on guinea pigs digestive system and tooth, even secures the vitamin lacking. Along with that, the food provides a multi-nutritional ingredient for building pet muscle. Besides these things, there are a lot more things we have found about this product, which are:

  • There is no added sugar for reducing overeating and obesity.
  • This food has no artificial color.
  • The ingredient of the product is handpicked.
  • The manufacturer did not apply any preservative formula.
  • It is made of alfalfa hay.
  • Ingredients like Fennel and Dandelion are used.
  • The food is full of fiber.
  • It also contains Omega 3.

What do people have to say about the product?

Most of the people loved the product and expressed the satisfaction on it but some user did not prefer this for adult guinea pig as it has alfalfa hay.

Our expert opinion

After experimenting, the user complains, our expert suggested giving this adult in low volume, means once a weak. In this way, the balance of regular adult diet will be in line.

For all in one feature, this product has gained fourth position, and the term. “All in one” means: this product is suitable for rabbit, guinea pigs, and the chinchilla. So if you have those three pets then feel free to give this to them. Besides these features, the product has more unique features, such as:

  • This product is totally based on timothy hay
  • And the hay contains protein, fiber, and fat
  • It also contains calcium
  • As the manufacturer produce, a small batch of product, therefore, the quality of the product is high.
  • In that high-quality product, vitamins and minerals are balanced well.
  • The reason behind the proper balance of vitamin and mineral is for second cut hay.

What do people have to say about the product?

People are highly satisfied with the quality of food, but some of them whined for the bad batch product as well as having dull, yell, and brown pieces.

Our expert opinion

The expert team has found a good improvement to the product, after placing the consumer complaint. Even at present, Small Pet Company has become one of the most chosen brands.

With some special healthy features, this product has picked the fifth position. Moreover, this specific characteristic has won millions of guinea pig owner heart, which reflected on the review site very well. For your convenience, here we have attached the special features:

  • This product helps to develop the digestive system and immune system.
  • The inherent DHA and Omega 3 helps to develop brain health and coat.
  • Fatty acids of this product build a smooth skin as well as protect heart and eyesight.
  • To keep the pet nourished this product has the natural formula.
  • And the natural formula sources are: vegetable, fruits, hay, oat, timothy, and pellet
  • Alfalfa hay, carrots, wheat, and carob are also used in this product
  • Concisely, it is a compact product.

What do people have to say about the product?

The majority of the users kept this at their bucket at first glance for well-balanced nutrition. Yet, some of the users complained about extra sugar and price fluctuation issue.

Our expert opinion

Our expert did not face the price issue but faced extra sugar problem. To solve the issue, they went for the lab test and figured out by giving this twice a week. And it results in a good response at last.

In the sixth position, we have found a unique brand for its diversified gourmet foods. The food not only secures supplementary needs but also improve health. To ensure healthy development, the manufacturer included seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, and pepper. There are more features lies in the product such as:

  • Vitamin and essential supplements increase the immune system.
  • Rich fiber helps to improve the digestive system.
  • Biscuits like Zoo Vital saves the pet from overgrowing teeth problem.
  • Comes with Vitamin C engraved in dried food.

What did people say about the product?

The pet owners surprisingly did not complain of the product rather said: “their pet are choosy”. Apart from that, some user moaned for overpricing.

Our expert opinion

Since the product has a huge amount of different mixers, it becomes tough for the guinea pig to choose which one it should eat. This why they refuse to eat. If you want to feed the gourmet still then eliminate refused food.

Probiotic and prebiotic helps to boost up the immune system. Hence, we placed a “fighter” pellet in the seventh position. This supplement benefits furthermore, To learn that, a well-structured list of features has been described below:

  • DHA and Omega 3 helps to improve brain and fur.
  • The fiber in it assists in improving the immune system of the body.
  • Yucca removes the bad smell as a result, the pets, motivate to eat.
  • Natural ingredients like timothy hay, vegetable and fruit gist are used.
  • The manufacturer did not use any preservative and artificial color.
  • Improves dental health.

What do people  have to say about the product?

Well, most of the pet owner complained about proper mixing, packaging issues, and suggested solving the problems.

Our expert opinion

The professionals of our team detected the same problem but the good thing is: if your rabbit picks the specific ingredient then it is she/he is going to get proper nutrition. However, our team reached the owners to develop the mixture.

In the eighth position, we have enlisted a “total solution” for the picky pet. Because this food blends the entire favorite, ingredients of guinea pig. Moreover, it will help the owner to improve their pet health. To know more about the benefit, here are some common features that are included:

  • Secure vitamin C issues.
  • As it contains dried fruit, vitamin, vegetable, so the risk of malnutrition reduced.
  • Prebiotic and probiotic enhances the immune system.
  • Vitamin, mineral, and other important elements are injected into it.
  • No artificial color is used.
  • It is preserved in a natural way.
  • Tested by a professional vet.

What do people have to say about the product?

People only complained about improper packaging; most of those products were crushed.

Our expert opinion

While people complained about the packaging, our expert found inappropriate mixing. To improve that, they reached out to the customer service agent and ensured for better output-, from next batch.

Very simple but effective food, we have picked for number nine position, the food is none other than, a second cut timothy hay. This food has all the natural with proper balance. Moreover, there are some thing to know about the product, such as:

  • It can ensure long term health for guinea pig.
  • And low protein and calcium develops the muscle.
  • Fresh green leaf secures dental health from various dental diseases.
  • The food is always fresh as it was carefully handpicked.
  • Preserved in a natural way to confirm the best quality.

What do people have to say about the product?

People are highly satisfied with the product but complained about too many treats, dust, inside the box.

Our expert opinion

According to our expert, the complaint has been solved recently, and the team received a fresh batch, which is flawless.

Our final product is multi-nutrition gourmet food, which has almost 30 different types of ingredients and it helps to develop taste and health. But one thing to remember before giving it to your pet, that is, give it twice a week or break the ingredients and serve it through a schedule. Then, it will work. Now what else this food offers? Let us see then:

  • Since it comes in a container, preserved well.
  • The product of that container is chemical-free.
  • It is made from vegetables, seeds, fruit, and hay.
  • For that reason, it has balanced nutrition.
  • Vitamins and minerals are also balanced well.

What do people have to say about the product?

The response for the food is not that much good, the reason for that was for improper packaging and mixing

Our expert opinion

Our Experts have tested the product on their pet only once in a week and their cute little friend liked that, though they avoid some mix. To solve that issue, they separated the rejected elements from the container and again served to the guinea pig. Therefore, the result was fantastic.

Buying Guide For Best Guinea Pig Food

best guinea pig food

While you were reading the earlier product descriptions, probably noticed: how thorough it was, right? To make that detail, we had to consider many things. For your convenience, turning the things into a guideline below:


The first thing we considered was nutrition. Because an owner will buy a commercial product for covering up the guinea pig nutrition.  So, the recommendation is: look for the nutrition fact.

Artificial color and preservation:

Since the product is made in a batch, therefore, the manufacturer can use a preservative chemical to keep it fresh. For detecting the preservative chemical, you have to see the quality of the product then it will be easy to guess.

Another is artificial color, which largely used on pellets and gourmet food. Usually, the quality instantly falls for using artificial color. That’s why we recommend you to smell the dried pellet and food.

In a nutshell, we checked the discussed product according to that.

Prebiotic and Probiotic:

These two things work as fertilizer in guinea pig body and the fertilizer makes the helpful bacteria powerful, enough to fight with the various disease. For ensuring the ingredients, we read the instruction manual of each product.

Vitamin and mineral:

These are very essential elements for the guinea pig body, these elements help to run the digestive system properly. Moreover, building muscle, brain development, skincare is highly dependent on vitamins and minerals.

Dental health:

As the rabbit and guinea pig has teeth overgrowing disease, so protecting them from that lethal threat is essential. This is why we had to consider chew friendly feature. So the recommendation is: check to chew friendly features.


To keep the guinea pig digestive system up, fiber is essential. For assuring balanced fiber, we applied two different methods. Number one, used for choosing timothy hay: to choose decent timothy hay our focus stays on the second cut leaf.  The second method we applied for choosing pellet. This method is quite easy because the package indicates: what type of hay is used.

Expert review:

Since we have our own expert, it was easy to detect quality food but for you: the recommendation is to check various review sites.

Quantity and quality:

To check the quality we will recommend you to see the product review and forum discussion. Again, for choosing the quantity, check the product manual on the package. That is all.


Usually, people do not think about the budget for this product since all of them fluctuates between two digits.


How large is the commercial pet food industry? 

Why are commercial foods given?

Can commercial guinea pig food assure the demand?

The solution

This piece took birth from a question and that is: are the pet owners buying the best guinea pig food?  To answer the quest, we discussed the major nutritional requirement for guinea pigs because commercial foods are made from major nutritional gist.

And the reason behind illustrating the basic nutrition was to give an idea about commercial food production structure, so that you could understand, on which base we decided to enlist those ten products.

Then the product review section came to firm your understanding, right? In that section, we clarified each product on the user and an expert perspective, in order to help you, for choosing the right product.

To make your product buying decision stronger later we added a buying guide. The reason behind making a buying guide was to create the skill of choosing any sort of commercial food.

Lastly, we talked about the question that helped us to answer the mother question, through this piece. Now, we want to ask a question to you and that is: have we answered the question?


We will be waiting for your answer. We believe that the guideline will help you to choose the best guinea pig food. If it so then let us know through comment. We will be glad to hear from you. Take care.