10 Best Gerbil Food Reviews- Gerbil Diet Friendly Food List From Vet

Gerbil-owners know it very well how playful and joyful a Gerbil is. The amount of entertainment a Gerbil brings is priceless. You must know that a Gerbil’s overall performance depends entirely on its sound health and energy. A well-planned and nutritious diet is all it needs to ensure a healthy life. 

Most Gerbil-owners tend to feed fresh fruits and vegetables to their pets – which is great, no doubt. But your pet must get every single nutrient it needs from a balanced food plan. Being in a confined environment, the need for such a food package is obvious. If your pet gets fresh food along with food solutions like Oxbow Animal Health Gerbil Fortified Food, you will notice how energetic it will become. 

If you are wondering what the best Gerbil food in the market is, we are here to save your time. We have reviewed the 10 best food for a Gerbil to stay healthy and energetic. Read till the end to find our buying guide and FAQ!

Best Gerbil Food Reviews

It’s easy if you depend on natural food to feed your little pal. The fact is, it’s not enough. The nutrition and vitamins that your Gerbil needs can’t be found in fruits and veggies alone. That’s why packed Gerbil food comes into play.

These foods are rich in proper nutrients and vitamins that will support your Gerbils growth, health, and life. We know it’s tough to decide which food is the best for your pet. 

That’s why we took out our time to review the 10 best Gerbil food available in the market. 

Let’s find out!

1. Oxbow Animal Health Hamster And Gerbil Fortified Food

Oxbow Animal Health Hamster And Gerbil Fortified Food

Highlighted Features

  • A blended mixture of Oats, Barley, and Timothy. 
  • Excludes artificial ingredients
  • Comes in different sizes.
  • Fiber-rich ingredients.

Made from a mixture of Timothy, Barley, and Oats – The Oxbow Animal Health Gerbil Fortified food is one of the best food for your pet. It is tasty, soft, and nutritious at the same time – giving your Gerbil a  great appetite with great health. 

If you have a hamster as well, you are in luck. You can feed this food to both types of pets without any problem. 

One of the best parts of the Oxbow Gerbil Fortified Food is its perfectly balanced nutrients. A great formula of necessary healthy ingredients ensures your Gerbil’s natural growth and sound health. The solution is perfect for the digestive system of your Gerbil. Don’t worry; it won’t upset its stomach all of a sudden! 

Gerbils are small animals with a less complicated digestive system. Thanks to the high level of fiber that is used in this food solution, it supports the overall digestion process quite effectively. 

It’s a sigh of relief that the food doesn’t include any type of artificial ingredients, colors, or anything that is rich in sugar.

  • Supports the digestive system of the pet.
  • Made from natural items.
  • No high-sugar or processed components.
  • Not suitable for pregnant female Gerbils.

2. Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix For Gerbils

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix For Gerbils

Highlighted Feature

  • Mixed seeds containing wheat, oat, and grain.
  • Includes vegetable and fruit extracts.
  • DHA-Enriched food.
  • Colored with natural food color.

The Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix for Hamsters & Gerbil is a mixture of seeds that are completely natural and healthy. Although it is not organic in nature, it’s definitely all-natural. It is preserved through a natural process and packed in a way for better preservation. 

It doesn’t contain any artificial food color or any non-natural ingredients to accelerate the appetite of your pet. It is an excellent mix of wheat, oat, and grain – which is prepared to provide your pet with better health. 

The food mixture also contains vegetable items and fruits that work as great nutrient sources and appetizers as well. 

As your Gerbil needs greater vision and a better functioning brain, the Higgin Sunburst Food Mix comes with DHA enriched ingredients. The DHA, also known as Docosahexaenoic acid, is an omega-3 fatty acid that improves your pet’s brain function and vision. It also supports better digestion, healthy gum, and it helps reduce inflammation.

You get naturally colored food that your Gerbil will love at the very first sight. It’s tasty, healthy, and rich in nutrients – a great choice you can make for your pet.

  • All-natural items.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Helps increase brain and vision functions.
  • Supports better digestion.
  • Not organically produced.

3. Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food

Kaytee Fiesta Hamster And Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features

  • Different shapes and Textures.
  • Dental and chewing support.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants.
  • Blended Prebiotics and Probiotics.

Third, on our list is Kaytee Fiesta Gerbil Food. This excellent food solution for your pet comes with different shapes and textures that will keep your pet busy all the time it eats. Exploring the different textures will make them even happier. Eating had never been this fun, right? 

With a perfect availability of prebiotics and probiotics, the Kaytee Fiesta provides all the required fibers to develop the micro-organism in your pet’s body. To keep it going with great health, these are essentials you can’t ignore. 

To add to the taste, Kaytee Fiesta is blended with assorted fruit and vegetable ingredients. Not only this brilliant mixture helps your pet to have a sound healthy life, but it also increases its appetite to a higher level. 

Anti-oxidants of the Kayte Fiesta Gerbil Food help improve the growth, weight, and overall immune system of your pet. A true life-saver! 

The solid shapes of the food accelerate the dental condition of your pet. It also supports the natural chewing habit of the Gerbil. Dental and Gum health is not the thing you need to put your attention on anymore!

  • Great for Dental health.
  • Improves Digestive system.
  • Helps improve the immune system.
  • Chew support.
  • Uses added color.

4. Vitakraft 2 Pack Vita Smart Rat/Mouse Food

Vitakraft 2 Pack Vita Smart Rat/Mouse Food

Highlighted Features

  • A blend of seeds, veggies, and grains.
  • Contains antioxidants.
  • Rich with vitamins.
  • Food ingredients include omega-3 fatty acid.

Although the Vitakraft 2 Pack Vita Smart Rat/Mouse Food sounds like food reserved for the Rats, it’s actually a great option of food for your Gerbil as well. The nutritious and healthy benefit you get from it is beneficial for your pet. 

This USA-made Vitakraft food is a full blend of tasty ingredients. The mix includes pallets, seeds, veggies, and all the grains that your pet will fall in love with the moment it puts its mouth in the bowl! 

The Vitakraft Vita Smart Food is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and omega-3s. That means you need to stop worrying about your pet’s digestive, brain growth, and immune system. These ingredients will help the growth of your pet’s overall health, vision, retinal performance, digestion, and immune system. 

What’s really important to consider is the skincare of your pet. The amount of natural oil, fatty acid, and flax you get with this food solution is just perfect for your pet’s skin and coat. It provides great skin and fur for your Gerbil nourishing from inside.

  • Great mixture of vegetables, pallets, and seeds for appetite.
  • Very healthy food for brain and vision development.
  • Antioxidants and vitamins help improve the immune system.
  • Contains additives.

5. F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster-Gerbil Food

F.M. Brown's Tropical Carnival Natural Hamster-Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features

  • Added good bacteria for better digestions.
  • Mixed with seeds, veggies, and fruits.
  • Features zoo-vital biscuits for gums.
  • Antioxidants for the sound immune system.

The F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Gerbil Food is just the perfect mixture of food you can ask for. It has a mixture of vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds that serves as a superb appetizer and a healthy solution for your pet. Your pet can’t ignore the variety of ingredients embedded with a great taste. 

It is specially formulated and fortified with vitamins and nutrients to support the regular dietary need of your pet. Daily intake of this food will ensure the growth you need your pet to get. 

The vegetable parts of the food contain fresh out-of-farm veggies that provide a necessary amount of antioxidants that keep your pet’s immune system fully functioning. 

One interesting fact is the F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Gerbil Food has bacteria in it! Wait, don’t get worried! These are good bacterias that stimulate a good digestive process for your pet. 

You can notice the zoo-vital biscuits in the food packages that are very helpful for your pet’s dental care and healthy teeth. Gums and gum muscles are vital for Gerbil’s mouth, and this zoo-vital biscuit takes care of it perfectly.

  • Vitamin-nutrient-fortified solution for a better food experience.
  • Good for teeth and oral care.
  • Rich in ingredients that accelerate immune system development.
  • A variety of seeds to explore.
  • Can contain filler seeds that Gerbils won’t like.

6. Oxbow Fortified Nutrition

Oxbow Fortified Nutrition

Highlighted Features

  • Made from Non-GMO Formula.
  • Three types of hay for mix appetite.
  • High-quality garden ingredients.
  • Uniform and balanced formula.

We have another Oxbow product on our list! This time it’s Oxbow Fortified Nutrition. The best part of the Oxbow Fortified Nutrition is that it’s made from the non-GMO formula that ensures your pet gets an all-natural diet. It’s very commonly known that Gerbil food does contain a bit of genetically modified organisms. Finding a food solution that doesn’t contain any GMO is one less thing to worry about! 

The Oxbow Fortified Nutrition food solution has tomato, yellow pea, thyme, and rosemary in it – giving a perfectly nutritious meal to your pet. The mixture of different tastes will leave your little furry friend in immense pleasure, and eating sessions will be its favorite part of the day, for sure. 

Three different types of hand-selected hays are blended optimally for your little friend to take in a great amount of fiber it needs. 

Many Gerbil-owners complain that their pets opt out of some of the ingredients from the food bowl as the ingredients are served in selectable pieces. The Oxbow Fortified Nutrition comes in pellets, preventing your little pal from leaving anything it doesn’t like. It will have to intake every nutrient in the food and keep itself healthy and energetic.

  • Served in pellet for optimal nutrition.
  • All-natural ingredients.
  • A mixture of a variety of veggies.
  • Comes in smaller packages.

7. Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Gerbils

wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet For Gerbils

Highlighted Features

  • Flip-Flop container packaging.
  • A mixture of food stimulating natural habitat.
  • Comes with required nutrients.
  • Encourages natural instincts of food intake.

The first thing you notice in the Wild Harvest Advanced Nutrition Diet is its impressive packaging. The flip-flop container itself is super cute and hard to ignore. Just open the lid on the top and pour the food out for your Gerbil. A super-convenient way to feed your pet even from outside the Gerbil cage

Wild Harvest has made this particular version of Gerbil food, concentrating on a unique blend of food that tried to replicate the food found in the natural habitat of Gerbils. This way, your pet can relate the food taste and appetite with its natural instincts and will have a less hard time adjusting to it. 

The food ingredients are mixed up in a unique way to encourage the foraging behaviors of your pet. It will love to explore the variety of ingredients inside the bowl! 

As long as we have the Wild Harvest brand name on it, you can rest assured that the food will contain the best nutritious food. This very mixture will ensure that your Gerbil gets the essential fiber, vitamins protein, and minerals for a sturdy and healthy physique.

  • Easy to handle compared to bags.
  • Convenient to store and provide food.
  • Includes all the essential food ingredients.
  • Encourages foraging.
  • Contains seeds that are likely to be avoided by the pet.

8. Supreme Gerri Premium Gerbil Food

Supreme Gerri Premium Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features

  • Complete and balanced nutrients.
  • Consist of 11 essential ingredients.
  • Natural foraging behavior are encouraged.
  • Contains all necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

The supreme Gerri Premium Gerbil is one of the favorite Gerbil food options for many Gerbil owners. It contains plenty of high-quality ingredients that are beneficial for your pet. With a combination of raisin, pumpkin seeds, or alfalfa in the food – it is almost impossible to count it out! Just put it in front of your Gerbi, and see the way it reacts! 

But wait! Don’t overfeed it to your Gerbil! The seeds from sunflower and pumpkin are rich in fiber and fat. Regularly feeding it to your pet can lead it to become fat and gain unnecessary weight. Nobody wants that for their pet. 

It includes more than 10 nutrients perfectly blended in a balanced amount. With the serving in a pellet and being small in size, you can make sure your little buddy doesn’t ignore any essential ingredients.

  • Helpful for trimming teeth.
  • Replicating wild food stimulates natural feeding habit.
  • Gerbils naturally get interested in this food.
  • Provide all essential micro and macronutrients.
  • Contains a high level of corns that may not be best suited for Gerbils.

9. Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food

Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features

  • A Tasty mixture and well-balanced in nutrients.
  • Encourages natural foraging habit.
  • No sugar added.
  • Included linseed for skin-care.

The Supreme Petfood Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food is one of our best favorites. With more than 25 types of ingredients mashed up, this pet food is something you can rely on for your pet’s nutrition. 

Not only it is nutritionally balanced; it contains a wonderful taste for the tiny appetite of your pet. Your Gerbil will be very happy and excited as soon as it starts to taste it. The way the food is mixed up and prepared, Gerbils will relate it to their natural feeding habit. Foraging the food will be one of the exciting things you will notice from your pet when it dives into the food! 

It adds linseed to improve the skin and coating of your pet. The linseed accelerates the smoothness of the skin and helps fur shine. 

Adding taste doesn’t mean using sugar. Supreme Petfood avoids all types of artificial sugar to promote taste. A great concern, we must say!

  • Great taste and very nutritious.
  • Improves the skin smoothness
  • A perfect blend of the highest number of useful ingredients.
  • Suitable for all types of Gerbil breed.
  • Too much corn can irritate the Gerbil and may refuse to eat.

10. Kaytee Forti Diet Prohealth Hamster/Gerbil Food

Kaytee Forti Diet Prohealth Hamster/Gerbil Food

Highlighted Features

  • Fortified with fatty acid Omega-3.
  • Includes prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Covers all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

The Kaytee Forti Diet Prohealth Food is prepared and fortified as a natural daily diet for your Gerbil. It provides all the necessary nutrients that your pet will need for better health and weight.

The antioxidants found in the mixture triggers improvement of health condition and the immune system of your pet.

It contains all the important prebiotics and probiotics for the better digestive system of your tiny friend. The Omega-3 fatty acid will activate health functions that develop the brain and retinal function. Not to mention, the improvement of the skin and outer coat depends on it as well.

The size and texture of the servings aid the dental health and trimming of your pet’s teeth. That’s a great plus point to soothe your pet’s natural chewing and biting habit. 

  • Improves Brain development.
  • Helps dental and gum improvement.
  • Aids in skin smoothness and coat shining.
  • A great number of healthy ingredients.
  • The packaging is not very well.

Complete Buying Guide For Best Gerbil Food

By this time, you already have a better idea of what can be the Best brand of gerbil food. Without a doubt, there are numerous Gerbil food is out there in the market, and you may get confused about which one to buy. If you are someone who relies on his own judgment to figure out the best food out, here are some tips for you. Consider these following factors while buying food for your pet. You surely won’t end up buying anything useless. 

Let’s go!

Avoid anything artificial

Gerbils are a lot like hamsters; they totally grow up naturally. Feed them anything natural, and you will find them growing up like a healthy baby! While it’s alluring for some to feed them artificial food that may accelerate their growth, but it won’t be very helpful in the future. Buying non-artificial products like Oxbow Animal Health Hamster and Gerbil Fortified Food, you can ensure your pet’s sound health. 

Be careful of sugar!

Regular consumption of sugar is very harmful to little pets like Gerbil. It’s okay if you are feeding your Gerbil as a treat, something that contains sugar. That’s once in a while, isn’t it? Yet, regularly feeding your pet with sugar-rich food can harm its health in the long run. It’s safe to go for no-sugar products like Supreme Petfoods Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Food for a better diet. 

Look for a nutrient-rich product

While shopping for commercially produced Gerbil food, it is essential that you look for the nutrients in it. Just turn around the package and you can see a list of nutrients that can be found in the food. A combination of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, etc. can be proven to be very helpful for your Gerbil’s natural growth. 

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Help your pet’s chewing habit!

No matter how many times the earth goes around the sun, a Gerbil will always keep itself busy with chewing. The chewing habit is essential for its dental health. Choose food that is crunchy and chewy, for example, Kaytee Fiesta Hamster and Gerbil Food. This chew-supporting serving can take care of its chewing habit, as well. 

Frequently Asked Question

Can Gerbil-Food get rotten? 

Yes, if you are feeding your pet vegetables and fruits, make sure you take out the leftovers. As leftover fruits and veggies will attract bacteria, and it will eventually harm your pet’s health.

Does a Gerbil eat human food?

Surprisingly, yes. As Gerbils are omnivorous, they do have a taste for human food as well. Apart from fruits and vegetables, you can feed a Gerbil some Yogurt, cooked egg, and cheese.

How much should I feed my Gerbil?

Well, it depends on your Gerbil’s appetite and hunger. You can always look at the labels of the food package for the optimum serving units. Besides that, a Gerbil needs an average of 10 grams of food a day. You can either serve it once or multiple times, as well.

Final Words

As a pet owner, food is one of the most crucial elements for your pet. Nothing is as risky as feeding something to an animal that can’t talk! We understand that concern. To ease the pressure of searching for the best food out there, we have reviewed the top 10 best Gerbil food options. Now you can now easily choose and pick the one that best suits your pet. 

Don’t forget to follow our detailed buying guide! It will definitely help you find out the best food that supports your pet’s natural growth and health.