9 Best Food For Cockatiel | Review & Recommendation For 2021

Best food for Cockatiel

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A cockatiel is one of the most famous companions, outgoing and comical birds that everyone can admire to keep. The yellow crest emanating from the top of its head is essential for emotional displays. It is the smallest member of the family of cockatoo but still extensive than other pet birds. Since birds have a complex dietary requirement, it is the responsibility of bird owners to purchase the best food for cockatiels.

It doesn’t matter what kind of diet you select, but we have researched and gathered a list of best cockatiel food for you to make the appropriate decision. The Millet spray for birds is our top choice for birders looking for a nutritious and inexpensive diet.

Nine Best Food For Cockatiels Review

The research on the best food for birds took a long period before assembling the appropriate diet that is easily affordable by people from different class levels. Feeding birds with the right meal is the only way of ensuring care and good health for them. Our research concentrates on not only their affordability but also food ingredients such as vegetables and fruits with a mix of textures and flavors.

Are you still in any predicament on making the right decision? Our guideline constitutes significant factors to consider while looking to purchase the best meal. Besides, our FAQs are also part of the most critical aspects for our customers to minimize their fatigue of making inquiry questions from the manufacturers. To reduce our customers’ exhaustion, we have reviewed the best types of food for cockatiel for the right decision.

Hightighted Features:

  • Product dimensions: 10’’ x 14.5’’ x2.’’
  • Item weight: 4 pounds.

Other features: Natural ingredients such as minerals and vitamins as well as nitrogen for freshness.

The sweet Harvest is one of the best cockatiel food available on the market. It constitutes all the natural ingredients used in promoting healthy skin and bright feathers for the cockatiel. Accordingly, the sunflower seeds make natural ingredients in the cockatiel food used for building the immune system.

Sweet Harvest’s bird food is a mixture of different ingredients, including canary seed, safflower, and oat groats. The standard mix is free of filters and crucial for promoting bright feathers and skin healthy. Besides, the food is easily digestible and very clean for consumption by the cockatiels. Indeed, the food help in keeping pets active by stimulating the instincts and offering nutritional benefits that pet birds can acquire from foraging habits.


  • It has a complete diet for the health of cockatiels.
  • Does not contain a lot of wastes since they are fillers-free.
  • Triple cleaned for the finest quality.
  • Has a nitrogen barrier bag to ensure fresh mixture.
  • Comes with top-quality ingredients for healthy skin and bright feathers.
  • Has prior hulled ingredients for longevity healthier life.
  • Highly portable due to its lightweight construction.


  • Some pet birds do not eat sweet Harvest’s food.

Hightighted Features:

  • Item weight: 4.5 pounds.
  • Product dimensions: 9.75’’ x 8.5’’ x 5.’’
  • Security period: 45 days.

Other features: Omega 3’s, probiotics, prebiotics, and naturally preserved.

The Fiesta for Parakeet is a naturally fortified diet from Kaytee constituting a premium blend of vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. The constituent components provide maximum variety, nutrition, and fun pet birds. Accordingly, the composition of this diet includes probiotics and prebiotics that are important for supporting digestives health and formulated with the cockatiel species in mind.

The Fiesta food not only provides your pet birds with an enjoyable life but also very enriching. Food manufacturers show love by ensuring the provision of the best nutrition for longevity and healthy life. Accordingly, the food is rich in Omega-3 for the excellent health of the eye and heart. The mixture of grains and seeds are affordable and can provide your pets with the nutrients required daily.


  • Lightweight construction for its portability.
  • It comes with 45 days of usability.
  • Has probiotics and prebiotics for digestive health support.
  • Constitutes omega 3’s for heart health and brain support.
  • It comes with various ingredients for nutritional variety.
  • Preserved naturally for freshness perfectness.


  • It is slightly expensive hence not easily affordable.

Hightighted Features:

  • Item weight: 6.08 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 2’’ x 6.25’’ x 12.5.’’

Other features: It is lightweight for portability increase.

The Millet spray for birds is one of the most favorite diet available on the market for cockatiel birds. Naturally, this food comes on a stem and is perfect for weaning and depended by birds for good health and immunity support. Accordingly, the spray millet is favorite for juveniles, fledglings, and fully developed birds.

The feeding instruction includes hanging a millet spray in a holder near the accessible location and replacing it regularly to avoid the manifestation of diseases. Keeping the millet spray off the bottom of the cockatiel structure is essential to prevent it from becoming contaminated. Notably, birds should feed with the spray constituting a variety of diets for nutritional and health improvement.


  • Its treatment is highly palatable.
  • It encourages weaning and consumption by birds.
  • It contributes to the nutritional variety of the cockatiel’s diet.
  • Perfect for playtime and bonding.
  • Natural without flavors or colors.


  • Its packaging requires improvement. 

Hightighted Features:

  • Item weight: 2lbs
  • Product dimensions: 6’’ x 3’’ x 11.’’

Other features: mineral, 21 vitamins, and preserved naturally.

Zupreem Fruitblend Flavor Pellets Bird is among the best products enriching with a variety of diet for the bird’s nutritional requirements and play encouragement. Accordingly, this food constitutes a precise mixture of fruits, seeds, smart pellets, and vegetables that offers balanced nutrition and the pet’s experience enrichment.

The food product comes with the essential minerals and vitamins used for completing and balancing nutrition. It is exciting, fun, and uniquely formulated cockatiel birds. Accordingly, the ZuPreem Fruitblend contains oranges, bananas, grapes, and wheat germ, which form the favorite fruit food for cockatiel. Besides, this food is simple to eat and easy to eat.


  • Has a large variety of textures and flavors for activity and enrichment.
  • Highly portable due to lightweight building.
  • It is highly nutritious and boosts health fats.
  • Comes with a healthy balanced diet.


  • It can get spoilt if it gets wet.

Hightighted Features:

  • Dimensions:  6.5’’x4.25.’’
  • Product weight: 2.65 pounds
  • Age range all: stages
  • Size: 3 pounds.

Other features: Naturally preserved, no colors and flavors, contains high-quality ingredients.

Do you need a product that combines the highest known ingredients to ensure your pet's healthy living? Then look no other than Kaytee exact natural optimal nutrition diet for cockatiels. The product comes naturally preserved without added colors and flavors. Additionally, it is a perfect blend of both quality and affordability.

It comes in the form of enticing crunchy nuggets ensuring proper working of the bird's beak. The model's design offers balanced nutrition, which supports growth, breeding, and molting. Accordingly, it constitutes omega three, which helps the brain, heart, and visual functions.

Additionally, the manufacturers included l carnitine, which ensures improved metabolism. It does not include seed hulls or shells, making it 100 percent consumable. Furthermore, it has probiotics and prebiotics which support digestive health.

Each nugget has exact nutrients ensuring that the birds receive the right nutrition. Additionally, it supports healthy plumage and your pet's brighter colors, enhancing skin growth and vibrant feather. Surprisingly, the food doesn't cause stomach upsets making it safe for both aging birds and mothers.


  • It has less mess since no shells and hulls present.
  • The model contains varied ingredients
  • Easy to feed to your cocktails.
  • It can be mixed with other food quickly making it a perfect brand
  • Each bite has exact nutrition for your pet.
  • Recommended by veterinarians..


  • The food spoils if it gets wet.

Hightighted Features:

  • Size: 4 pounds.
  • Dimension: 4’’x7’’ x10.’’
  • Age range: Adult.
  • Breed recommendation: Small.

Other features: it comes naturally fortified, veterinary recommended, and nutritionally enhanced.

Kaytee Forti diet pro health parakeet food is another best bird food and reliable cockatiel food preferred by most homeowners for feeding their birds. It contains quality ingredients that you should feed your cockatiel for healthy living.

Furthermore, the cockatiel diet meets quality standards as it’s veterinarian recommended and naturally fortified, making it ideal for your pet. Additionally, the food comes with exact nutrition that produces better and bright colors and feathers. Notably, the cockatiel food constitutes omega 3 for supporting the brain, heart, and visual function.

The product is rich in antioxidants, which ensure immune support and general health. Let's not forget that the food has prebiotics and probiotics supporting digestive health. Accordingly, the best bird food comes reloaded with veggies to provide added nutrients to your bird. Additionally, the food has vitamins and minerals that are essential for the health of your cockatiel.


  • Recommended by the veterinarians.
  • The food has added vitamins and minerals that ensure pets heath.
  • Contains nutritionally enhanced nutrients.


  • The food may come in an imperfect package.

Hightighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 3.75’’ x8.5’’x9.5.’’
  • Weight: 5pounds
  • Age range: Adult
  • Recommendation: small

Other features: nutritionally formulated, naturally preserved.

The Kaytee Forti diet pro health cockatiel food is among the best food for cockatiel. It contains the best ingredients such as a rich blend of grains, seeds and other healthy ingredients including sunflower seed, white millet, canary grass seed, flax seed, ground rice, soybean oil, wheat jam meal, safflower seed, corn gluten meal, vitamin b12 supplement, coconut oil, chlorine chloride among others.

It comes with omega 3, minerals, and vitamins, supporting heart and brain health, making it the best bird food to purchase. Additionally, the diet ensures proper maintenance of your pet's skin, feather. Besides, the cockatiel food comes nutritionally formulated, making it among the best bird food.

Accordingly, it comes naturally preserved, ensuring ideal freshness. The cockatiels food constitutes probiotics and prebiotics which support its digestive health. Notably, the cockatiel food contains antioxidants to give your pet’s proper health and immune support. Accordingly, it has the same nutrition to ensure better, brighter colors, feathering, and healthier skin for your birds.


  • Supplemented to ensure balanced nutrition.
  • Formulated uniquely for cockatiels.
  • The cockatiel meal comes in a ziplock bag, which guarantees ideal freshness.


  • Sometimes it may contain big pieces for the cockatiel to swallow.

Hightighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 9.75’’x 8.5’’ x5.’’
  • Weight: 5pounds
  • Age range:  Adult
  • Breed recommendation: small.

Other features: naturally preserved, has omega-three, and has eggs for high-quality proteins.

Are you looking for a diet that will provide your pets with essential minerals, amino acids, and quality proteins? Then Kaytee Forti diet pro health healthy support diet for parakeets is among the best food for cockatiels you need to purchase.

 The product contains real eggs that provide high-quality proteins, fatty acids, and essential nutrients. Additionally, it comes with omega 3 to support heart and brain health. The cockatiel food comes preserved naturally for ideal freshness. Also, the manufacturers use real eggs and honey, giving your birds a great test. Accordingly, the cockatiel's food enhances both your pet's skin and feather health.


  • The food comes naturally preserved.
  • Cockatiel food has quality proteins and essential nutrients.
  • It gives your pet enhanced skin and feathers.


  • Sometimes, the egg ingredients have a nasty smell.

Hightighted Features:

  • Dimensions:  0.02’’ x 0.02’’ x0.02’’
  • Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Age range: All stages.
  • Breed recommendation: All breed sizes.
  • Color: white and tans.

Other features use natural seeds, no artificial colors, and flavors and use high-quality ingredients.

Kaytee maximum bird food size is the next model with the best food for cockatiels prepared from wholesome food with natural proteins, oils, fiber, and nutrients. The cockatiel food uses natural seed and grains fortified to ensure a well-balanced, healthy blend for your cockatiels.  Notably, the food comes in a resealable barrier proof bag to ensure your pet food's extreme freshness.

Additionally, the best bird food contains vitamins for general health and enrichment. The manufacturers insisted on the use of natural substances in making cockatiel foods. It lacks artificial colors and flavors. Furthermore, the cockatiels diet comes naturally preserved to guarantee ideal freshness making the food ideal for feeding the cocktails daily.

The product mixes high-quality ingredients including white millet, oat groats, canary grass seed, calcium carbonate, wheat middling, corn gluten meal, wheat jam meal and vitamin supplements enriched with fiber and nutrition from whole grains. They are making it one of the best bird foods.


  • The cocktail diet provides a balanced diet for your pets.
  • It doesn't contain added flavors and colors.
  • Cockatiel food has high-quality ingredients.
  • The cockatiel diet comes naturally preserved.


  • It comes in a poorly packaged bag which can easily mess up if you are not careful while opening it.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Cockatiel Food

Like any other birds, cockatiels need proper feeding to receive nutrients required by their bodies. However, it is essential to note that each species of bird requires different feeding and food. There are several factors that customers need to consider before purchasing the best bird food that will keep the pets healthy.

If you are still confused about making the best choice, this part will help you choose your best. Here is a list of factors to consider before purchasing cockatiel food, including ingredients, diet, among others, to ensure you select the best food for cockatiels.

Check the Ingredients

Ingredients are essential elements in determining the quality of cockatiel food. You should know the right food, pellets, and veggies for feeding your birds.

Additionally, you should identify the unsafe food ingredients for your birds, such as mushrooms, artificial products, and organic foods. Moreover, check the vitamins and mineral components in the ingredients list.

Therefore, we recommend Kaytee exact natural optimal nutrition diet to our customers as its nutritionally complete, giving your cockatiel all the required nutrients in a single meal.

Consider fresh and clean foods

Like other animals, cockatiels love clean and fresh foods. Spoiled foods are unhealthy for your birds. Ensure that the bag you purchase an adequately sealed pack before buying and serving the food to your cockatiels.

You should avoid Dusty foods as they are not suitable for birds. Therefore consider buying clean and fresh cockatiel foods for your birds to be healthy. Zupreem Fruitblend Flavor Pellets Bird is our selection with a blend of vegetables giving your healthy pet nutrition and added flavors and textures.


The diet of a cockatiel is another essential factor to keep in mind as you purchase their foods. Generally, your pet's diet should include 60-70% of specialized pellets, alongside vegetables and fruits and fortified seeds. Therefore, it is essential to know that cockatiels choose what they most like and dislike. As you buy their food, don't buy food to force them to eat something they don't like.

We recommend Kaytee exact natural optimal nutrition diet for cockatiels to our customers as it's a nutritionally complete product that your cockatiels will eat everything.

Avoid chemicals and dyes

Some bird foods include added artificial coloring to the food. Chemicals and dyes may affect the health of your birds. Therefore you should go for natural nutrition to minimize your pet's chemical intakes. Consequently, we recommend Millet Spray for Birds as our best choice. It's 100 percent original without added colors and flavors.


How much food do cockatiel eat?

It depends on factors such as size and age. However, you should prepare 2 tablespoons of seeds every day and feed it to your cockatiel.

What is the best treatment for the cockatiel?

If you are looking for restorative treatment for your cockatiel, it is vital to treat them using apple, mango, melon, or banana. Other treatment options include fresh and dehydrated and seeds.

Wrapping Up

Lovebirds must see the cockatiel growing healthy and strong and a dream for everyone to stay with them as long as they can. Food is one of the relevant factors to ensure proper care and maintenance of cockatiel. Millet Spray for Birds is one of the best food for Cockatiels since it comes with a complete nutritional diet. It is also available at a low price on the market hence easily affordable by many customers keeping cockatiels.