Choose the best ferret toys for your cute barney-Can I have some time?

best ferret toys

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Parenting a ferret is like raising a human tummy. And mommies are good at this role because they know their babies' body language. This means daily activities. For example, a mommy knows when her baby is hungry, depressed, or alone. Based on the situation, she takes the step.

So, as a ferret mom, you know what your ferrets need the most, right? I am sure you are thinking about entertainment right now. That is why you are here!

Entertainment is the best way to keep your baby active and charming. Now, how do you keep your baby ferret entertained! Since there are plenty of best ferret toys.

By choosing the right toy, you can keep your baby entertained. I know it's tough to pick the right one. So, here I have picked some of the best toys for ferrets. Take a look over my recommendation; I am sure it will work.

However, if you are in a hurry, check this amazing toy Marshall Pet Products Pop-N-Play Toy.

Let's get back to the business.

Top 10 Best Ferrets toys Reviews

I have listed ten toy ideas based on my experience. All of these have tested on my baby barney. Based on my Barney’s playing experience, you will get key features and an overview of every product.

Key Features:

  • A rewarding toy.
  • Three levels of playing
  • Keeps your pet active.
  • It develops the brain muscle.
  • Recovers from depression.
  • Educational and stimulating.
  • Perfect for the ferret playground.

Toys are made to make your pet smarter. So this statement goes for the "living world". They have designed an interactive and stimulating toy. The toy has three different levels.

All these levels will stretch up the pet's brain muscle. This means the ferrets or rabbits will train up to search for their treat better.

Not only will they get smarter, but also they will stay active. This is a crucial factor for a healthy pet. A healthy pet represents a happy mom.

Key Features:

  • Attractive carrot design.
  • Harmless.
  • Easy to play.
  • Perfect for mental and physical exercise.
  • It is designed to roll and push.

Feeding through playing. 

This is the motto of this great treat ball. It has a lucrative design to attract your pet for mental and physical exercise.

Your pet will consume nutrition through playing. How? Well, this treat ball has a customizable hole. It can be resized in small to large sizes.

You just need to cut the food into small pieces and shove inside the ball. Then, train the pet to search for food gradually. Boom! You are done.

Key Features:

  • Three stories with different balls.
  • Keeps your pet busy and active.
  • Mental stimulating
  • Easy to set up.
  • Chew friendly
  • Safe and germ-free.
  • Durable plastic.

This toy is made for cats' entertainment, but recent experiments showed that: this toy worked fine on small mammals. These species have a prey instinct. So, toys like petstage develop their prey skill and brain muscle.

It is also a chew-friendly toy. That's why the manufacturer ensures a safe and germless ferret chew toys. Now, how does this toy work?

It has three stories. Each stage has a unique ball that spins when your pet touches. As your pet starts to play with it, he/she becomes engaging both physically and mentally.

Key Features:

  • 15ft long tube.
  • Ingredients: plastic and metal.
  • Safe for playing.
  • Adjustable with any toy.
  • Entertaining.

How do you feel when you see your ferrets are playing hide and seek? Isn't it heartwarming? Yes, it is. It becomes more adorable when they play with a tunnel.

That is why I am introducing you to an amazing tube tunnel. This tunnel is built with plastic and metal. Since it is made from plastic and metal, there is a question about safety.

Trust me! This is safe. You need to wrap up the entering and to escape hole with tape. That's all. Why am I giving this solution? Well, sometimes metal parts fall apart for rigorous playing. This is why the solution.

Key Features:

  • Easy to fold and set up.
  • One product consists of 35 balls.
  • Compatible with other marshal toys
  • Materials are safe.
  • Chew-friendly.
  • Color variations.
  • Two holes for adjusting the tunnels.

I will rate this product as a genius invention. It covered all the essentials for small mammals. For example, the materials and balls are super interactive. These make the ferret playground engaging.

As a result, your ferret will stay active psychologically and physically. This means a perfect alternative to recover lonesome. So, try this toy for your cute baby.

I am sure she/he will enjoy this new toy. To spice up her/his tempt, you can attach a tube tunnel with it. It will work, trust me.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable hammock.
  • Plastic straps
  • Easy to hang.
  • Enough absorbance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.

Sometimes your ferret needs a vacation. Since the Covid19 stopped the strolling chance, you can use this hammock for a sweet holiday.

Just hang this pirate ship in your ferret playground. That's all. Mr. Johnny Depp will enjoy his vacation during this quarantine.

To give your role character a nice vacation, this pirate ship ensures a comfy place. It is made from foam and has four plastic straps.

These straps are sturdy enough to handle the vacation because the strap joiner is made from stainless steel.

Plus, the ultimate absorbance will take away the discomfort if your pet accidentally pee. So, don't think twice, just go and order this.

Key Features:

  • Plastic funnel,
  • Eight feet long
  • Ring connector for attaching extra toys
  • Long-lasting plastic.
  • Chew friendly,
  • Clinically proved.
  • Transparent with a color variant.

Like I said, a healthy pet means a happy mom. A happy mom always cares about her cute baby. As a part of their caring, they sometimes let their pet play hide and seek.

This game helps the pet to stay happy and active. To keep them active, moms can use this funnel. This funnel is easy to set up and absolutely germ-free.

So, dear moms; just connect it with a pirate ship or pop n play toy. See the result after this. I am sure your smile will last longer than you thought.

Key Features:

  • A fluffy duck with a hanging strap.
  • The strap is strong
  • Perfect for ferret cage
  • Chewable
  • Germ-free.
  • Elastic strap for flexible use.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.

Understanding ferret psychology is a great achievement for any pet toy manufacturer. I think Marshall has achieved that. How? They know that: ferrets love to prey on chicken and duck.

By using this common behavior, they created an amazing bungee toy. This toy stimulates the pet to stay active both physically and mentally.

In a recent experiment, many pet mommies found a significant change after using this toy. So, try this toy on your pet.

Key Features:

  • 12 packs in each packet.
  • No artificial color.
  • Crunchy sound.
  • Keeps your baby active.
  • It helps you to understand the color variation.

My concern about this product was: is it chew friendly? Or, What if my baby swallowed it accidentally? I am sure all the mom has the same question. So, here is the answer.

This product is chew-friendly. It has no harmful color or injurious elements. So, let your baby play with it. But don't let her/him swallow it.

My vet suggested that: if you are not in front of your pet, don't let them play with it. Other than that, this product is good to go.

Key Features:

  • Strong plastic board.
  • 7 lid to develop brain muscle.
  • Fits with a ferret cage.
  • Keeps your ferret entertained.
  • Materials are clinically tested.
  • Perfect for physical and brain activity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Chew-friendly.

A perfect board to feed your skinny ferret. It has seven different lids, and all these are chewable. You just hide the treat under this lid then let the ferret find its treat.

This way, you can keep them active and engaged with mental and physical activity. In a word, this product keeps your pet charmed and entertained. So, don't be late. Just order it now.

Things to consider before buying ferret toys:

Choosing the right ferret toy is challenging for any pet-parent. Now the question is: How did I overcome this challenge? Through analysis and tests. And here, I am going to reveal my analyzing factors.


This is the first factor to be considered. Remember, small mammals have an instinct for chewing. It is essential to check the toy material because harmful germ can cause intestinal infection. So, read the ingredients and check the health recommendations.


The second concern was effectiveness. This means: how will this toy help my baby barney? It includes all psychological and physical care. For example, I wanted to develop my ferret brain-muscle. To develop this instinct, I choose stimulating toys. These toys later boost up his immune system.


Is the toy right for my ferret? Or, Will, my ferret like this toy? These questions were my third factors. To solve the query, I scrolled numerous reviews from Amazon, Youtube, and Reddit.

The community for those platforms shared the picture, footages of their babies. By scrutinizing all the reviews, I tried the listed toys for my ferret.


My last consideration was budget because, as a single mom, it's tough to handle everything in one hand. So, I had to be concerned about my cash. Within my limited budget, I think my list is good enough to make your ferret active.

Tips for keeping your ferret happy

Deciding the best toys does not depend only on buying guides and questions. There are a lot more things that are interrelated with this. For example, toys are made to keep your pet entertained and engaging. Now the question is: is buying a toy can make your ferret happy?

No! Toys are assistants. These are made to incorporate these following things to keep your pet happy. So, here are the "following things" i am mentioning as tips: 

  • Provide healthy ferret food to your pet.
  • Keep their cage clean. This will fit them mentally and physically.
  • Change the litter box every day.
  • Try to ensure a comfortable temperature for your ferret.
  • Consult with vet.
  • Spend enough time with them.
  • Understand their body language.
  • Make sure to have a healthy environment.
  • Groom them regularly with ferret shampoo.
  • Bring a mate for them.


Here are some of the common questions I am going to answer for new moms. This will help you to choose the right toys for your baby.

Can a ferret get depressed?

Yes. A ferret can get depressed. And there is plenty of evidence that: a ferret can die for depression. This depression can be caused by losing a mate, owner, or its cage. However, ferret depression can be overcome. Distracting their attention is a good way. For that, you can use different stimulating toys, and spend enough time with your baby.

How to know if my ferret is happy or not?

Finding out your ferret is not tough. It just needs a deep observation. Here are the things you can observe to find -if your ferret is happy or not.

  • Pawing on the ground is a good sign of a happy ferret.
  • Dancing ferret means she/he is happy.
  • If your ferret lunges at you, give them enough time. They want to share their best moment with you.
  • Concentrate on their barking, chirping, and body language. This means they are happy now.
  • Tail wagging is a common trait for all happy ferrets.
  • Don't miss their alligator roll. This is a simple sign of understanding the happy sign.

Do ferrets know their names?

Yes, ferrets can understand their name through proper train up. Did this information surprise you? Well, there is more exciting news like this. For example, you can train them for litter boxes. You even teach them to contact sign language. They love to interact with you.

How do you calm a ferret down?

Like human beings, ferrets' moods also swing. At that time, it's essential to calm them down. Cuddling is a good therapy to keep them calm. Just adore your baby with some sweet talks. They can understand this. Do it for a while. It will calm down your pet fast.

What do ferrets like to play with?

Ferrets are playful animals. They love to play different games. For example, hide and seek, finding out the treat, burrowing, playing tag, Towel game, and more. There are no fixed lists of ferrets like or dislike.

It depends on their mood. Parents need to find out the need and make their baby happy. Here are some tips: 

  • Spend enough time with your ferret by playing with them.
  • Buy interactive and stimulating toys for them. They love to play with it.
  • Play music with them.
  • Ferret loves to dance.
  • Cuddle them to reduce their boredom.

Do ferrets like playing in the water?

Ferrets love to play with water. They love to snorkel, splash, or dig with the water. This type of activity makes them happy, but there are risks of skin damage. So, vets advise avoiding this activity. Why? Well, playing with water removes their natural oil. This oil keeps their skin shiny and healthy. This is why it's wise to avoid playing with water. You can give toys instead.

What human food can Ferrets eat?

Ferrets cannot eat all human food. They can eat vegetables and fruits. In this case, there are some differences. For instance, mincemeat, turkey neck, and chicken wings can a ferret eat. So, follow the food chart that is specially made for ferrets. Don't give foods like -marshmallows, ice cream, and peanut butter to your pet.


So, thank you, dear moms, for giving your time to read this best ferret toys article. Being a mom of three ferrets, I know: how it feels when my pets are not well entertained. I am sure you feel the same. This is why I wrote this long article.

The outcome of this article is a recommendation of best ferret toys, tips for caring for your ferrets, and common answers for new ferret moms. I am sure this will assist you in ramping up your ferret mood better. Let me know your opinion, and don't forget to share it with other moms. Who knows? Maybe this article can save their time and pet!!