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Best ferret cage

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F Ferrets, wild stuff. Crazy…. but cute when you’re going to tame one. What, you have a pet ferret already? You deserve a salute, my friend. Ferrets are not easy to tame. The hardest stuff? You need to set up a good place for your ferret to stay in.

Speaking of which, since you’re here, you already know by now that we’re going to talk about ferret cages. We know that getting the best ferret cage can be quite hectic. But hey, we’re going to make it a piece of cake for you.

Just read our reviews as we talk about the top 10 ferret cages. What! You don’t have the time to read all this stuff. How about we recommend a cage for you then. You can check out the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage. It’s sturdy, it’s durable and most importantly, it’s quite spacious. But if you do have the time to read the reviews, let’s dive in.

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Best Ferret Cage Reviews

We know that it’s a tough job to find a home for your pet. Most of the new pet-owners fall in confusion while finding the best cage for their pets. To help you out, we have listed down 10 of the best ferret cages and arrange a complete buying guide. Here are the top 10 ferret cages that you can buy right now!  

Highlighted Features

  • Rolling-casters for quick and fast mobility.
  • Two large-sized front doors.
  • 4 staged cage with 2 platforms.
  • Storage shelf.
  • Waste collecting tray.

Our first pick is Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage. If durability is what your concerned about, you should definitely give it a try. The whole metal body is wrought-iron made, and it is completely coated with powder for a hammertone finish.

It has 4 separate floors for the ferret to move around and spend its time. Out of these 4 floors, 2 are plastic made platforms with access to those through well-designed ramps. The three ramps from bottom to top add to the beauty of the cage quite noticeably.

To open up the cage, you get two wide doors on the front. You can easily interact with your ferret through the doors.  

You can stop worrying about the wastes you ferrets make as the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage comes with a debris collector tray on the bottom. You can pull it out and clean elsewhere and keep the cage hygienic.

Ferrets love to play a lot. You must have some toys for it. You can store those toys and other useful items on the storage shelf just above the debris tray.


  • Wide and spacious cage.
  • Comes with a relaxing hammock.
  • Movable cage with castors attached.
  • Easy to clean up and maintain.


  • Hard plastic ramps can be difficult for the ferret to walk on.

Highlighted Features

  • Full-width wide dual doors
  • ‘Happy Feet’ secured and perfectly angled ramps
  • Movable casters with lock-system
  • Removable shelves
  • Adjustable levels for different heights

The next contender is the Midwest Deluxe Ferret cage. It has a couple of double unit front doors that can be wide opened. When you open the doors, the front side of the cage gets fully exposed. The cage has two platforms and two levels. The shelves can be adjusted according to your preferred height - a bit of flexibility that we all need.

One of the main reasons we love it is its ‘Happy feet’ ramps. The ramps are specially built to protect the feet of your ferret. It provides enough tractions and prevents your ferret from slipping from it.

The shelves are easily removable and totally leak-proof. This gives the whole cage sturdiness and durability.

You can lock the doors with the improved dual-locking door latches to secure your pet. The bar space is narrow enough, and the lock is strong enough to make the cage an escape-proof one.

If you need to move the cage from one place to another, just push it with the movable casters beneath the cage. You can even lock the casters for a strong placement.


  • Easy to move from place to place.
  • The wide opening of doors allows more interactions with pets.
  • Escape-proof cage bars and locks.
  • Cage bar finished with quartz hammertone finish.
  • Safe ramps for pets


  • A few misalignments will appear while assembling that need a bit of hammering.

 Highlighted Features

  • Safety ramps for the pet
  • Playing accessories included
  • 1-inch narrow bar space
  • Vibrant color for attraction
  • Movable cage with castors

We all know color brings joy to our lives. The same goes for the lives of ferrets. When you first see the Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Ferret Cage, all you do is get mesmerized by the color-combination it has. It comes with a safety ramp, a spiral slide, a hammock, a ferret funnel, and 3 well-placed platforms. All these parts are separately colored to give the cage a vibrant look.

It is the perfect cage for your ferret to have some fun. It will love the sliding through the spiral side of the funnel inside. If it gets tired, it can rest either on the platforms or on the chilling hammock. Life’s good for a ferret in a Kayte My First Home Multi-Level Ferret Cage!

The security and safety of your pet may not be a matter of worry for you as the cage is built with a bar-spacing of 1-inch high. It’s not easy for your pet to fall off through it.

The base tray is there to collect all the wastes your pet produces, and it comes out easily out of the cage. Take it out, clean it, and replace it again without any effort spent!


  • Very attractive and well-designed for ferrets.
  • Easy to clean up the wastes.
  • Promotes activities of the ferret.
  • Chew-proof coated wires.
  • Stain-resistant plastic parts for durability.


  • A bit time-consuming for assembling it.

Highlighted Features

  • Powder-coated square tube metal and wire made cage
  • Coated with non-toxic hammertone paint
  • Heavy-duty castor for carrying
  • Two-door design
  • Slide-out waste tray

The Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage is brilliantly designed with an excellent choice of square tube metals and wires. The smart shape of the cage will add to the beauty of your house without a doubt. On top of it, the cage is painted with hammertone non-toxic paint that keeps your pet healthy and safe from any contamination.

With four perfectly placed platforms connected by three walk-friendly ramps allow your pet to spend relaxing times resting on the flat surfaces.

With latches attached for secured locks, Yaheetech Metal Ferret Cage has two wide doors to feed and interact with your ferrets.

The slide-out tray of the cage serves perfectly to collect wastes. A metal grill between the tray and the bottom part of the cage makes sure that your ferret doesn’t come into contact with its own waste. The pull out tray is easy to clean with water and push in again in the cage.

Four universal ball-shaped wheels beneath the cage can absorb all the weight of the cage without any problem. These wheels carry the whole cage in multiple directions with just some effortless push.


  • Easy to clean up.
  • Extra-large space for playing.
  • Comfortable ramps for walking and running.
  • Non-toxic metal body for better health.


  • The direction to assemble is not clear.

Highlighted Features

  • Narrow 3/8 inch bar space for protection.
  • All metal chew free cage.
  • Two front doors.
  • Removable waste-collecting tray.
  • Foldable cage and carrying handle attached.

If simplicity met usefulness and compact design, the 3 Level Ferret Animal Cage would come out as the winner. The simple, yet the grand design of this cage can create the best home for a ferret.

The all-metal cage is around two-feet high and 16-inch wide. This gives the ferret a perfect space to wander around and have a great cage-time. As the ferrets love to chew on anything they find, the metal wire cage is quite suitable for their cravings. The metal body is chew-friendly and non-toxic.

A 3/8 inch bar space makes sure that your ferret doesn’t fall off or escape while you are not around. It’s narrow enough to keep your pet safe and sound inside.

Two shelves connected by two ladders are two of the most attractive features of this cage. The ladders and the racks are paw safe, meaning your pet will not feel discomfort very much while walking and running on the metal floor.

The bottom tray can be removed from the cage for easy cleanup. You just need to detach it from the actual frame and wash it with water.

It’s a big advantage that you can easily fold the cage and carry it around with you. If you are traveling with your pet and you don’t feel like leaving the cage behind, this folding option can be of great help.


  • Easy to assemble without any tools.
  • Very comfortable for ferrets.
  • Easy to carry while traveling.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • Epoxy coated healthy bottom tray.


  • Need to open the entire cage for a deep clean.

Highlighted Features

  • Around 4 feet of height.
  • A couple of shelves and platforms attached.
  • Playing glider inside.
  • Two front doors and one top door.
  • Secured lock system.

This 44-inch high ferret cage is an absolute beauty to look at. It impressed us with its brilliant top door, which is an excellent way to have access inside. You can easily put food, or take your ferret in and out through this top door. Besides, there are two front opening doors, as well, giving you the utmost freedom to mingle with your pet quite flexibly.

The doors can be locked with an adjustable tab lock and latches. It’s almost impossible for your naughtiest pet to run outside the cage out of your sight.

Two shelves with enough distance are placed in the cage, including a couple of resting platforms. Your pet can reach these shelves and platforms through the ladder-like ramps that don’t hurt your little buddy’s tiny feet.

To meet your pet’s playful demand, a spiral glider is connected between the bottom platform and the shelf. If your pet is feeling lazy to walk down through the ramp, it can glide itself down, as well.

This spacious cage is home to enough light and air and can be moved with the help of four moving casters.


  • A very spacious and wide hollow area.
  • Escape-proof and secure cage.
  • Improve playfulness and activities.
  • Paw-care ramps.
  • Mobility for movement demand.


  • Not very easy to clean.

Highlighted Features

  • Cage Height of 54 inches
  • Narrow bar spaces
  • Two front doors with locks
  • A couple of shelves with three platforms and ramps
  • Circular casters for mobility

When the height of the cage is a deciding factor, Marshall Pet Products Folding Ferret Mansion is just the one we are talking about. Its 54-inch height makes it more than a home for any ferret. It can be heavy, but it takes no time or tool to assemble it and convert it to a masterpiece show-case of your living room.

The stunning dark design will grab the attention of anyone within seconds. The narrow bar spaces provide tight security for the ferrets and two front doors with secured lock add to that security. The front doors are wide enough to interact with your pet quite easily.

This high cage could demand a few shelves, but the designers decided to limit the number of shelves to two. To makeup, we have three platforms in it. Supported by three long paw-friendly ramps, the platforms are wide enough for your ferrets to rest on.

The bottom tray can be removed for waste management and placed back through a slide-out and push-in system. That’s one less worry you got there.

To give the cage true mobility, Marshall has attached four universal ball-shaped wheels on the bottom. These wheels absorb the weight of the cage and keep the cage moving, as well.


  • Attractive design for home use.
  • Easy to clean up and manage wastes.
  • Can be pushed and transported between places.
  • Front doors open wide enough to place both hands inside.
  • Limited shelves provide wider spaces inside.


  • Wheels are made of plastics which are not sturdy enough. 

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Wheel casters for mobility
  • Easy to access through three doors
  • Detachable waste-pans

If you have more than one ferret to pet and all of them are very playful in nature, this is the cage you need for them. The Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage comes with a 64-inch height that surprised us, honestly.

It is basically designed to be a two-storied cage separated by a pan in the middle. Apart from that, another pan is placed at the bottom of the cage. These pans are wide and large enough to hold wastes and debris inside. Both the pans can be removed from the cage easily for the cleaning up process.

The cage has two front doors with a top door on top of it. The doors are secured with locks.

We absolutely loved the fact that it comes with an array of free accessories and toys for ferrets. The cage is loaded with a water bottle, a litter pan, a nice little food dish, two play tubes that can be adjusted, and a relaxing hammock. Aren’t these the best ferret toys!


  • Easy to interact with your pet.
  • Very spacious cage.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Movable cage.
  • Incredible height.


  • Hard to assemble for the first time.

Highlighted Features

  • Fleece liner covers for shelves, platforms, and ramps
  • Comes in two versions
  • Castor wheels for mobility
  • Adjustable platforms

The Piggy BedSpreads Fleece Liners for Ferrets provides a nice bedding system for your ferret. There are two shelves and a couple of platforms in the cage. For easy maneuver, the platforms are connected to three different ramps.

All the shelves, ramps, and platforms are covered with the fleece liners that provide comfort and warmth to your pet.

The cage comes with two designs – a single shelf and dual shelves. Featuring two wide-open doors, this is one of the most comfortable homes or your pet.


  • Very comfortable for the pet.
  • Easy to move.
  • Wide-open doors for better access inside.
  • Storage shelf included.


  • No waste-pan below.

Highlighted Feature

  • Three platforms and one shelf
  • Feeding and hiding zones
  • Maneuvering tubes
  • Movable wheels

Last but not least, we have the Marchioro Sara 82 C3 cage. This is a marvellously designed cage that can leave anyone pretty surprised by its awesomeness. It has three platforms and one shelf on the top. To move among platforms and shelves, the cage includes transparent tubes. This can trigger your pet’s playfulness to its fullest!

It is very tall in height, almost 56 inches. A bottom waste pan is attached that can be removed for cleaning purpose.

If you need to move the cage elsewhere just push the cage, as you have got four wheels under the cage.


  • Promotes playfulness.
  • A Very spacious area inside.
  • Two-front doors with wide openings.
  • Easy to clean.


  • The tubes are made of plastic, thus vulnerable to damage.

The Best Ferret Cage Buying Guide

best Ferret Cage

As you have reached this part of the reviews, you already have a nice idea of how the best ferret cage looks like. If you haven’t made up your mid from our top 10 picks yet, let us share some tips on how to find the perfect cage for your pet in no time.

Size Matters

It is a general know idea that ferrets are very restless and playful. All they need is a good enough space for movement and play. When you are providing it with a home, make sure the cage has enough space for its movement. Take the Ferplast Ferret Tower Two-Story Ferret Cage, for example. Its 5-feet height allows your pet to move around like a king!

Frame and the bar-spacing factor

Whether you are selecting a wrought-iron made frame or stainless steel one, all you need to focus on the bar space of the cage. The less space, the better it is. Try to find a cage that has at least one inch of bar space for better security.

Accessibility is important

Wide-open doors are the best options for you to have the freedom to access inside the cage. The access is essential as feeding your ferret, cleaning, and interacting with your pet is done through the doors. Try to get wide opening-enabled cages like Midwest Deluxe Ferret cage. You won’t regret it.

Multiple levels are very crucial

Along with a good amount of space, a cage with multiple shelves and platforms can directly improve your pet’s mental and physical conditions. It will be triggered to play and move around inside when it gets access to different levels.

The same goes for accessories. The more accessories the cage can provide, the better it is for your pet. Find a cage that has multiple levels and accessories options like Kaytee My First Home Multi-Level Ferret Cage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best ferret cage? 

Answer: To answer in short, the best ferret cage will be spacious enough, designed will multiple levels of shelves and accessories. It will be easy to clean and will have wide enough doors to interact with your pet.

2. How much is a ferret cage? 

Answer: A good-quality ferret cage may cost you around 100 USD. If you are willing to go for better ones, you need to count that number higher.

3. Do ferrets need cages? 

Answer: Unless you are petting a wild ferret, yes they do. The domesticated ferrets do need cages as their home. They spend most of their times inside the cage.

4. Can you use a rabbit cage for a ferret?

Answer: It depends on how you pet a ferret. Usually, a rabbit cage is much larger than a ferret cage. But if your ferret spends more time in the home out of their cage, or if the room is a ferret-proof one, then you can consider keeping it in a rabbit cage.

Final Words

We hope our best ferret cage reviews have helped you in finding out the perfect cage for your pet. We know, it is hard to decide with hundreds of different cages available in the market. We want to save you precious time. We took our time to list out the top 10 best cages for a ferret. If you are not satisfied with the cages listed, you can always refer to our buying guide so that you never end up buying anything useless.

Happy petting!